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1 Rolling in the Deep

Awesome Song!
Nicely sung by Adele, especially in the high pitch parts! and awesome lyrics too!

Ok great song my fave but if I get 10 positive on this comment I will sing this at my school and at my local store and Adele is so inspiring did anyone see her on the Jonathon Ross Show? I did! I think I talk too much...

Need I explain? Its just AWESOME and I LOVE it. The song is the first I heard by adele and it will always be her best song in my opinion. It's WOW, can't describe it properly. It just gets to you. LOVE it

The best. That's it.

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2 Someone Like You

It's just awesome... That song is so sweet and lovely. Its one of my favorites ones. Pretty good. Gotta hear it!

I love it, it's so powerful yet sweet, how did that girl think of it, I can't stop thinking about it. Wow

Shapes out the feeling that your love for him is forever. And that you mean it all the more by setting him free... A song you'll connect to!

#Adele the lady who live in my all songs of her but specially some one like you...this songs I like most because it reminds me someone..

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3 Set Fire to the Rain

Heart touching song and its beautifully sung by adele. Its emotional and she is amazing especially at the high pitch part. Just awesome... Period.

I can totally relate to all of adele's songs. This one I particularly like because it has such a strong force to it. My favorite song by adele by far...

This song is very emotional, it means that love does not work out and sometimes it does, SET FIRE TO THE RAIN is a very powerful, touching song

BEST SONG EVER! It is SO empowering, and Adele sings it beautifully.

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4 Skyfall

This the my most favorite song of adele.. It is so inspiring..! I am rather shocked that it is not in the top 10.. But I believe it will be soon. Adele has the most soulful and astonishing voive. And I have no words to describe the lyrics.

Every time I listen to this song, it gets me very obssessed with it. I think this song gets a complete different feeling from the rest of the songs since this is a James Bond theme song and I like how she says in the song "Where you go I go, where you see I see... " This song expresses great emotion. I was really glad when Adele also got the oscar for best original song. Keep up the good work Adele!

... I know I'll never be me without the security, of your loving arms, keeping me from harm... - PetSounds

The most amazing song ever by adele!.. It just touches a part inside your soul! So inspiring and beautiful...

No word I just listen and listen - shohag8000

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5 Rumour Has It

This song has attitude in it...
and that's the factor that makes me wanna hear again and again and again and one more time...
like is said, the lyrics has an attitude and this attitude can oly be executed by Adele's voice!

This should be the number 1. Well sung and awesome lyrics..

This is the greatest Adele song of all time it's so amazing if I listen to it once I just have to listen to it again and it's great to sing along with

This song's great, Soemone Like You is a legend, her tigers songs are meh

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6 Turning Tables

It's one of the best songs ever... It has such great piece of piano in the start... I guess almost everyone can recognize with it

This song is the most amazing and empowering song that you can listen to that will give you the strength to face another day.

Amazing! I think this song was well written and fantastically sung I think Adele is a genius!
she is beautiful and so is this song! I personally think this song is her best it has a fab tune!

This is a very amazing song. It has a lot of beauty and emotion in it. It just sounds and feels perfect.

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7 Hello

This should definitely be in the top 2 not number 11... Since this song is number eleven it got me mad. This is the best song by her because it has amazing vocals, awesome lyrics, and it gives me goosebumps...

1.This broke the vevo record. 2.This is the best comeback song ever! 3. Awesome Vocals and Lyrics. 4. Let's be real, THIS IS ADELE!

This is the best song that Adele has ever sang in my opinion. I love all of Adele's songs but this one is truly beautiful. The way she hits all of those high notes is really amazing. This is Adele's best comeback song ever and I cannot believe that it is number 12. I love her so much, but this song should defiantly be in the top 3. AWESOME SONG! Love it!

Should be number 1

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8 Chasing Pavements

This song is amazing, I love it! But why 'someone like you' and 'set fire to the rain' are not in the list? :o These songs are yet so beautiful!

A very unique and BEAUTIFUL song! She has a wonderful voice! This song just makes me cry :'( So powerful and beautiful... Speechless...

Rolling In the Deep, Someone Like You, and Set Fire to the Rain are all great songs but they pale in comparison to her first big hit. Chasing Pavements is a powerful, moving song that will be sung by people for years to come.

I expected this to be higher honestly. This is just so beautiful! - TheFourthWorld

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9 Don't You Remember

Any listener that has been through heartbreak can relate with this country-feel ballad's mellow verses and heartfelt chorus - wondermulls

I love this song like all of Adele's songs. She has an amazing voice and her lyrics are meaningful. Almost anyone can relate to this song.

The song is beautiful, it reminds me of ma past and gives me strength for ma future..

The best ever.

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10 When We Were Young

It's amazing. The lyrics really get me hard. It's beautiful and Adele's voice is amazing making it sound even more amazing. BEAUTIFUL!...

This is the saddest and best song of's is heartbreaking, nostalgic, and engaging, the best to come out this 2015, her voice is awesome and I would like to hear this in graduation or something...

I Love it! My class sang this for exhibition and won! The entire audience got up and sang with us! I just am happy that people voted this song but it should be higher. a lot hough this list is tough because it is full of great songs by Adele. I know more people like this song so show some love. You will look back in the future and say when we were young I loved this song.

I say best song by Adele. amazing song I just can't discribe this song just so amazing

ps everyone have a great day :D

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11 Make You Feel My Love

Some what like papa roach and slipknot but I think the quality of the base is hyper drums and tenacious

LOVE this song! Definitely one of the best adele songs... Her voice is just breathtaking.

We are singing this 4 our talent show! Sounds Great!
It is a really superb song and really tugs at the heartstrings. I love adele

Definitely her best, voice is excellent

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12 Hometown Glory

Her best lyrics ever usually she talks about a break up or how much she loves someone but you can really see how good of a song writer she is with hometown glory. When I listen to this all my hometown memories and thoughts come to my mind.

What? 10 on the list I don't get this, this song is so beautiful it deserves to be higher. To be honest all of Adeles songs are fab!

This song is so beautiful to be honest it deserves to be in the top 5

This is arguably one of her best wrotten songs. The lyrics are reminiscent of a time in many of our lives in which we leave to continue our lives and leave behind those we've known well.

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13 One and Only

So romantic and beautiful song! Adele is one of the bests young artists and voices the world will ever have. SHE DESERVES IT ALL!

Adele's voice is amazing in this song, her pitches's are amazing. This song has powerful raw emotions that reach deep in your soul. I'm an elderly person and Adele's song "run" through my soul.

It is a very nice song. Good lyrics. I will choose this song to play over and over again. I love you Adele! You're one of the best! You deserve it all"

The most amazing ballad

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14 All I Ask

In my opinion, this is the best song in 25. Beautiful song.

Amazing song and as usual astounding voice and emotions. On repeat in my playlist. Has to be in top 10

In my opinion, this song is #3 behind Rolling In the Deep and Someone Like You. It is a really emotional and beautiful song.

Best Adele song

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15 Lovesong

I love this song so much. This song must be in the top 10 List. Adele is such a fantastic singer and she sang it so well I can't explain in words. Please vote for this song.

Thanks to God of Music that Adele produced a great cover of Lovesong after geniuses Cure came up with it and 311 brought it to the next level. Awesome song!

Short and sweet lyrics; with good piece if mild music

That guitar with adele's voice is just Beautiful! - abhash

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16 I'll Be Waiting

Adele was born on 5 May 1988. And was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2008 in an annual BBC

I love this song it is amazing and very catchy

Aamazing! Honestly, so relatable and her truly best song... Sometimes I think she wrote it for me, like, seriously!

great song

17 He Won't Go

There will be times, we'll try and give it up,
Bursting at the seams, no doubt,
We'll almost fall apart, then burn to pieces,

So watch them turn to dust,
But nothing will ever taint us,

I won't go,
I can't do it on my own,
If this ain't love, then what is?
I'm willing to take the risk,
I won't go,
I can't do it on my own,
If this ain't love, then what is?
I am willing to take the risk,

This music may not have those high level instruments such as rolling in the deep or ill be waiting, but its her damn good voice which makes up for everything and more!

The instruments and her performance make this one of the best

Not very good

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18 Water Under the Bridge

So beautiful if you haven't heard it, listen to it now. I'm playing it over and over again.

I wonder if this song will be release as next single from 25? - BeaM456

It touches to my heart. My favourite Adele song.

So underrated

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19 Take It All

In my opinion the most beautiful song Adele has written and that is saying something. This song is by far my favorite by her and I feel like it deserves a bit more attention. The idea that even though things went wrong, everything she did was out of his love for him. Beautifully sung and hits you right in the heart.

Best Adele's song. The feeling and the lyrics are just perfect. A Master Piece created by Adele.

The most beautiful Adele song! NEEDS MORE ATTENTION!

The song touches your heart, very mellow & soothing. I have listened to numereous adele songs but this one truly stands out. MUST listen to it!

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20 Right as Rain

This is one of her earlier songs so it isn't as well known but I think it is one of her best. It's pretty upbeat compared to most of her songs so it's a little different in that sense. This is a great song by Adele and should definitely be voted up.

This was a WONDERFUL song! She really let hm have it in this one! - Daydreamer_Adele

This song is so fun!


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21 Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Amazing! An awesome mix of the Adele that we love and pop that's played all over the radio today! Loving this song!

I love all of your songs. Your voice is amazing keep making music no matter who the haters is out there in the world. Just let them known that Jesus will always have your back in your fan's

I LOVE this song! A axing vocals and inspiring lyrics as always. One of the best choruses in song history and a lovely feel to it - Hater


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22 I Miss You

Should be higher up, the lyrics and music are beautiful

Slay me queen. This song is so good - Aydanadkins

Awesome song!

No it's top 10

23 Cold Shoulder

This song is indicative of her dynamism, vigour, strength and sincerity. Her ability to convey emotion in an epic upbeat sound which would otherwise overwhelm other artists. Loves You Adele!

In this song she really gives it that 'umph' that I love! Its sadder but I love the tune! - Daydreamer_Adele

24 Million Years Ago

This song is the definition of nostalgia. We may only be half way through this decade but I dare say this is probably one of the top compositions of the decade. This needs to be in the top 5.

This song deserves to be in top 10, if not 5. And if it doesn't make it there then I hate you all.

My tears roll down each time I listen to this song,

So nostalgic... Loved this song. This song must be in top 5 list.

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25 Melt My Heart to Stone

Adele was so emotional singing this, she cried so much while trying to sing it in the studio. She really did this well and I love this song too! - Daydreamer_Adele

Such an incredibly powerful song. I've been privileged enough to have heard her sing this song live in a very small venue; it was everything and more. It was my favorite song then and still is now. 19 is still her best album in my opinion. So raw and beautiful. This song just proves that.

This song should in top 10. Listen to the live version. The lyrics and melody is heartwrenching-ly beautiful.

26 Daydreamer

WOW! Not on the list?
Well, that makes sense. This song is not well known. It's from 19, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Her voice sounds so amazing (as it always does) and the lyrics are so well-written. I completely recommend this song.

Beautiful beyond belief. Special.

Very moving and touching song by Adele. This is one of this songs you play on a rainy day and also it is one song where we hear adeles maturity in her voice and her vocals

My god her performance of this song on LaterwithJools should put this one in the top 3 easily.

27 I Can't Make You Love Me

It's the best cover I've ever heard. It's unique and you can easily understand ADELE's feelings.

A very heart wrenching song... I love it, and her voice

28 Tired

This song not in Top 10? This song has mesmerizing lyrics and awesome touch. It makes you feel lost in emotions. It was as if I was floating with my mind witnessing divineness.

So melodious, you don't need any instruments...adele's voice is so angelic

I'm painfully laughing at the position of this mesmerising song.
Its my all time favorite. - skwow

Best Adele Songs (I'n my opinion) :
1. Tired
2. Lovesong
3. Someone like you
4. Cold Shoulder
5. Skyfall

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29 Remedy

Just the emotion felt and the beautiful lyrics make this one of her best. I also feel like the message is that we can always turn to her/her music if the world is cruel and we just want to escape the hell on earth. Just an overall beautiful song.

This song is by far my favorite. I sing and dance to it all the time. It NEEDS to be in the top 5!

So underrated, people seem to be going by singles more which is to be expected

Underrated song!

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30 If It Hadn't Been for Love

Nice song, loved it

31 River Lea

Probably the best Chorus Adele has ever sung.. Listen it, and you can't take it off your Mind.. Absolutely love this one..!

Very deep lyrics (as usual), wonderful, yet simple instrumental and smashing melody.

This song is pretty epic

How come 2 favourite songs from are bottom 3?
You people are crazy!

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32 Lay Me Down

This is a bad song, this song should be on ''Worst Adele Songs'', OK

33 First Love

Great voice Of Adele Adkins.

This is Adele's best song of all time.

So real and heartwrenchingly beautiful at the same time. Wonderful song that everyone can relate to

34 I Found a Boy

Not many knew about this song. Adele's fans should listen to this. It was solely written by Adele and it's super awesome.

I listened to this song 50 times today. Can't get it of my head!

This song has the word boy in it and boys are the best!

One of adeles best songs

35 Sweetest Devotion

The best song on 25. Shows she can do much more than sadness and can do it very well.

36 Love In the Dark

For me someone like you will always be my all time favourite but this one really stood out for me from the new album along with all I ask and million years ago. When she sings:"I'm trying to be brave, stop asking me to stay" I die a little inside.

This song has one of the grandest productions of any Adele song and is undeniably underrated. I'm genuinely baffled and confused as to why this isn't in the top 20.

Best song in the album. Love the Violins.

Her most heartbreaking song.

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37 Why Do You Love Me
38 Best for Last

How is this ranked zoo low? It's amazing!

THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG! I really love the rhythm...
"And you'll say all of the right things without a clue
And you'll be the one for me and me the one for you" ~ Adele (Best for last)

39 My Same

This song is so beautiful. It's about a couple who are so opposite to each other that even their smallest traits differ but they contrast each other other so well, thus the line,
'Walking with each other
Think we'd never match at all
But we do... '

very good

40 I Need You Now
41 Don't Leave Me
42 Can't Let Go

Only available on her Target album (it comes with two other songs). This song is easily one of her best and would be higher up if it wasn't a Target exclusive

Love this song...
Best voice ever...

43 Painting Pictures

Needs to be at least in the top 15... Try this song. Its not her best but still a great song sung by her. Really excited for her New album..

44 Water and a Flame
45 You'll Never See Me Again

Give it a try... No need to tell about it anything because every song of her is great.

Thought I heard it all of adele. Until I discovered this one. Speechless!

The best song by Adele so far similar to set fire to the rain but better

46 Crazy for You

The style of music combined with the lyrics make an amazing song

47 Hiding My Heart

Why is it in 18th place... I love just this song... This song is second after rolling in the deep... Marvelous song... ♥

good - tututu2266

I knw this song is not her best. But it's my story at the moment, my crush is like 4yrs older than me... And he went 2 China 2 study now as he graduated last year. :"( and I kept hiding my heart from him. Adele is amazing. Guess he'll be there in my heart for some time... And this song is what reminds me of him. The worst part is, when I'll graduate, I'll probably go 2 London. and we will be even mor far than this. I don't mind relly, because it's all just a crush rite? The biggest crush I had. <3 I love Adele. and I feel sad 2day. This song consoling me and keeping ne calm.

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