Top 10 Best Iron Maiden Album Covers

Iron Maiden album covers are a fascinating blend of art and music that has become a defining element of the band's identity. With their adrenaline-pumping imagery and intricate details, these covers are a testament to the band's relentless creative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries.

When it comes to Iron Maiden album covers, it's not just about the hauntingly charismatic mascot Eddie. It's about the stories these covers tell, the emotions they evoke, and the anticipation they build for the musical journey that lies within. Each album cover is a piece of art that stands on its own, but together, they create a universe that mirrors the energy, imagination, and audacity of the band's music.
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1 Somewhere In Time

The most perfect album art, in terms of detail, dimensions, and nostalgia references to stuff related to maiden.

Defnitely the best cover and the best album. Eddie the robot rocks beats the mummy by miles.

Derek Riggs is a genius. It's a shame the band didn't hold on to him.

2 Number of the Beast

The most iconic Iron maiden album covers are from The Number of The Beast, Powerslave, Fear of the Dark, Killers and Piece of Mind.

The best cover for the very best Iron Maiden album. Love it to death!

3 Powerslave

The details are very neat and predominant on this album, and there are a few hidden images/references to previous albums. Granted, Somewhere in Time has way more references, but I find that distracting. This cover is clean and classy!

The Egyptian theme makes Maiden's best album also their best album cover. This cover actually made me think of To Tame a Land when I first saw it (you know the whole desert thing)

This is the definitive image of the best Iron Maiden album, this image passes the power of what you're going to listen.

4 Killers

Wow. This is a great album cover. It is very creative. I like it a lot and it looks great. Why hasn't anyone commented it's so great!

The most remembered Iron Maiden cover of all time..

Is this Eddie female?

5 Piece of Mind

Piece of Mind should be much higher. Although it is a very simple cover, it has so many details and I for one love it. UP THE IRONS!

An album cover that one, quite simply, cannot forgot.

6 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

A simple yet beautiful album cover and my most favorite Iron Maiden album cover

7 Fear of the Dark

Imagine you're walking in the forest at midnight. You look up and you see Eddie as a tree monster. That's unsettling.

8 The Final Frontier

Best album cover for the best album!

This album cover is so cool.

9 A Matter Of Life And Death

Favorite album and favorite album cover!

10 Brave New World

Just imagine looking up and seeing that on the sky this cover is my favorite by far

The Contenders
11 Iron Maiden

Something about this eddie is so much more disturbing and striking than the rest.

12 Live After Death

Why is this one getting overlooked? Because there's no thumbnail and you forgot? My personal favourite.

I'm not sure if people know that this album exist, that maybe why they haven't vote for it.

Come on...look at this!

13 The Trooper (Single)

There's a huge painting of this on a wall near where I live.

14 Virtual XI

Most people can't see the awesomeness in this album cover. It's not the best, but not bad either.

15 No Prayer for the Dying
16 The Book of Souls

It's simple but I love the presentation of Eddie here.

17 Stranger In a Strange Land
18 The X Factor

Scariest cover ever

19 Aces High (Single)

How is Dance of Death above this? Come on! The Dance of death album cover is terrible. No Derek Riggs painting should ever fall below that monstrosity!

20 Running Free (Single)
21 Dance of Death

Great music, but crummy album art by Maiden standards...

The cover has many errors but it looks good!

22 From the Fear to Eternity
23 Edward the Great
24 Senjutsu
25 Run to the Hills
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