Top 10 Best Far East Movement Songs

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1 Rocketeer

The BEST SONG from Far East Movement. It takes you to a completely different world and you get totally immersed in the song. The song has a beautiful clarity in it and an equally beautiful beat which makes the song special and worth listening to.

This reminds be of being almost in whole other world! Its incredibly surreal, and that's what everybody loves about this song, I bet. It reminds me about all the beautiful things in this universe.

This song completly made me cry when I heard I for the first time, really cute lyrics, definitely far east movement's best song ever. Like a G6 is catchy and addictive, that's right, but this one is way better. I definitely agree with this top list.

Such a great song! I would say the best of Far East Movement! Also check out Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, and Chester See's "Shed a Tear" which is inspired by this song. It's basically the same melody just different lyrics.

2 Like a G6

Like a G6 is totally the best Far East Movement by far it is extremely addictive just ask anybody it has a tone to it that makes it very catchy and it doesn't have bad lyrics either.

Whoa! This really is addictive. Whenever I think of songs this one comes to my mind. It is the most addictive song I have ever heard

Yeah this song is really, really damn..

I love this song

3 Live My Life

Pretty awesome song... I like this song.

Love this song with Bieber!

Just live your life.

4 Turn Up the Love

This is one of the most epic songs ever made I mean the rapping the chorus everything you rock far east movement!

So awesome love the pianoa and the part when he changes voice totally awesome should be at least in the top 3 I mean its AWESOME! The rapping is amazing far east movement is definitely number one they are the best

I think this song deserves to be ahead of rocketeer! Great song with a great meaning!

I just love the beats and tune of this song!

5 If I Was You (OMG)

Oh wow just listen to this song... It's bits are so amazing... Carry on far east movement... It should be 2nd on the list... So damn catchy song

6 She Owns the Night

Totally awesome songs dunno why its not on the top but it has best lyrics. Far better then rocketeer. Best songs I ever heard.

7 Don't Look Now
8 White Flag
9 Fighting for Air

This song is so damn cool... It's much better than that white flag and If I was You... Listen to it and you would find yourself voting for it

10 The Illest

Amazing song. Way more badass to it then the other milky, boring songs this band has produced of the years. This is raw and catchy. No one makes this style of music. KEEP IT UP FEM!

This song needs way more ears. Do yourself a favorite and download this song. You'd be trippin' over the bass and song. Everything is perfectly balanced!

Cool beat! Thumbs up!

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11 Dirty Bass
12 2Gether
13 Get Up (Rattle)
14 Girls On the Dance Floor

This song is Dirty Good.

15 Lights Out (Go Crazy)
16 If I Die Tomorrow

It surely should be added to the Top 10 List.. No doubt..

17 Lovetron
18 Candy
19 Change Your Life
20 Fly with U
21 Flossy
22 Where the Wild Things Are
23 Bang It to the Curb
24 Dance Like Michael Jackson
25 Ain't Coming Down
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