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21 Watership Down - Richard Adams

This book is great and deserves to be higher. This is a book you should read before you die. - TailchaserFan10

Watership Down is simply an amazing book. Everything was described beautifully and I loved the characters.

An incredible story of an incredible journey, Something here for everyone!

One of the greatest books with the infamous movie adaptation.

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22 Moby Dick - Herman Melville

I have always loved this tale and will always love it, it has a way of making you pick all side at all times. you want all to win, such a great tale

It's such a good book - Puppytart

23 The Maze Runner - James Dashner

This is a review based on the BOOKS only. The movie, in my opinion, was nothing compared to the power of the book.
It's a story filled with unique characters, each with flaws and strengths. They're all relatable, and people could spend hours debating their thoughts, motives, etc: not unlike Harry Potter. The storyline is strong, with action and suspense, and although it's not written as well as say LOTR or Harry Potter, it's still relatively good compared to a lot of YA Fiction.
Also, I wanted to point out to the person who commented that it is a Hunger Games rip-off...I really, aside from the fact it's teens trying to survive, see no similarities. I think it compares more to Lost or Lord of the Flies in terms of plot.
To each their own opinion, but I think this should be higher on the list. - booklover

This book should be in the top ten. It is one of the best books I have ever read and that is no exaggeration. It's a must read.

How ever, like all the new hunger games rip off's like Divergent, the first book is the best, and by the third book you pretty much only ever want to read the first one, because no one can ever have the third one be the least painful to read.

What, this was way better than divergent. The movies were as good as the books in my opinion, or at least the scorch trials was.

This book needs more votes. I started this book and IMMEDIATELY was sucked into the story. The characters are unique with flaws and great development. There are great ships. And Thomas Brodie Sangster. Never forget Thomas Brodie Sangster.

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24 Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

It was extremely hard to choose since the other two books are also there in the list. I would definitely like to vote for the other two books too.

Its just... wow. I honestly have no words for its brilliance. Except the 11 ones I just typed... wow way to disprove myself.

This book is terrible. Get this off the list and put it on the top tens worst list. I would have changed tons of things about this book. Some examples would be prim and oh of course Finnick who is my favorite character lived, and the number 1 thing is I would have liked katniss to have killed president snow.

I love this book.Life is always not a piece of cake. It's just like this with different experiences and perspectives.If you want to learn to survive throughout your life against all odds,this book would be a great chance. You also experience about how time heals the wounds in your heart and mind.Peeta and Katniss are together forever.And only pure love would make a person who doesn't know himself make him lead the way to know the other. This book is amazing.Real or Not Real? Hell Yeah.It's "always" "real".

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25 Looking for Alaska - John Green

You can tell that this list was created by a bunch of 15 year old girls. Divergent does not qualify as fine literature. At least this has a point, which is why it is better that a whole lot of the books on this list.

Not new, not a blockbuster, but still, on of the bests out there. It's actually something you can only red while paying full attention. John Green's thoughts in a book form... worth a shot

Just read it, and tears will shed down your eyes.

This is the only book I’ve read that has made me cry and with that my point is made

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26 The Stand - Stephen King

If you're one of those people who voted on diary of a wimpy kid, shame on you. I'm not saying that it's a bad book, there is just much better books in the world such as this masterpiece. Stephen King is my favorite author and this is one of his books at King's finest. Also, to everybody who has and hasn't read this book, I recommend IT. Though it will give you the chills at some times, its an amazing read. Those are by far the 2 best King novels.

There is an infestation of teenagers here. Divergent? Maze Runner? Hunger Games? These people don't understand what real literature is. Though it is long, The Stand is an amazing book, a must read for anyone.

Indeed, so many teenagers who just read that crap and have terrible tastes - DatRabidSlushie

MY FAVORITE BOOK (tied with it) The fact that the hunger games, and diary of a wimpy kid are higher blows my mind

Wonderful book. Characters that are mourned and well remembered when you regretfully turn the last page.

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27 The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

Beautiful book...

Duh it's so good

I have enjoyed John Steinback's references to the suffering of those who needed help from poverty and from themselves. This is why this book is great!

The sheer amount of things is book achives is astounding. it humanizes a group of people that would otherwise have been forgoten, both with well devolped and memorable characters and chapters that chronicle the much bigger jounrneys, trobles, and experences of the okies during the great depression. it stands up for the poor and helps us understand how human society works on a basic level. the writing itself is astounding, far better than any of the books above it - RecklessGreed

28 The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - Kate Dicamillo

This book was pretty good. - MontyPython

This book was just fantastic

Um what is this

I remember reading this in grade was so touching I was in tears. I want a stuffed bunny now

29 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling

Goblet of Fire should be way higher. Sure, it might not be as awesome as Deathly Hallows but it should be in the top ten. It is better than Prisoner of Azkaban and Philosophers stone so I voted for it because I thought it deserved to be higher.

I know this is probably the most underrated Harry Potter book know to man, but it is still for me the most memorable. The storyline is so interesting and it keeps you hooked to the book. I spent a whole summer reading it and I loved it!

How this book is so low down I will never know, it's just amazing, almost as good as The deathly Hallows.

This is the best one along with half blood prince

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30 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K.Rowling

Honestly and don't be mad I love all Harry Potter books (excluding the recent Cursed Child) and this one is no different. It is my second least favorite of the amazing series (Cursed Child is my new least favorite) because of the introductions. It seems to be the most boring of the series (it is still insanely exciting just compared to the others it Is a little more boring). I still love this book to death like all the others, it is just not as exciting or captivating as the others (Excluding Cursed Child)

The Harry Potter series is amazing, it has to be listed as one of the greatest series of books of all time. You have to ask yourself, how did J.K. Rowling come up with all this stuff? She has such an amazing imagination and is a great writer.

I LOVE all the Harry Potter books. I just picked the first book since it starts off the series.

Just bought. Definitely a less exciting, but I am very enthusiastic to read it. Great book.

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31 Warriors - Erin Hunter

WHAT?!? Warriors does not deserve to be in 35 place. It should be much higher. Some people might just say it's a series about cats in the forest, but it's so much more. Most of the characters are complex, (I'm looking at you Spottedleaf and Silverstream...) and it takes readers hostage, begs them to read more. I remember going through a Warriors phase in fifth grade, and I was obsessed. I started even speaking like a Warrior! Warriors makes young readers think more deeply about what's going through the minds of animals, namely cats.

35 is way to low! These books are INCREDIBLE! The books may be about fighting but it gives you many emotions and makes you wonder what is really happening in the forest. These books really do have a spot in my heart. A great series for male and female, no matter what age. The characters are very life-like and well made. The journeys they go on a amazing. Extraordinary books! A must read! - PaintedWolves

I went through a Warriors phase in third grade... Still fun and entertain to read, and ecstatic that it remained in the second page of best books ever invented!



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32 It - Stephen King

This book is coined to be the scariest book of all time. I didn't believe that, so I read it. Let's just say that whoever reads this book will no doubt be scared of clowns for the rest of their lives.

"They float, Georgie, and when you're down. here with me, you'll float too! "

This is by far the most imaginative, frightening, and the best book ever written. Come on guys, Stephen King is like God. He has been writing things even before half the people in this list were born. This guy deserves it.

Come on guys! Why is this masterpiece so far down the list? IT is King at his finest, with the Stand a close second. Best book ever, let alone best horror book ever. True reading experience. Thank you Stephen King.

Very, very well written and suspenseful. Derry is such a real place with realistic characters.

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33 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain

Jim is probably one of the most annoying characters in fiction!

I appreciate your ability to be so candid, but I was wondering why you thought so. It's true that Jim's speech patterns can be a bit difficult to follow sometimes, and I'm sure he does has his annoying moments (as do most characters, I might add), but I personally thought he was fun and interesting, and I definitely don't think Jim is one of the most annoying characters in fiction (especially considering characters from franchises like Twilight). I was interested to know why you thought he was so annoying, and maybe you could explain it to me to help me better understand your thought process.

34 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Witty, deep, funny, a true science fiction classic but will appeal to anyone!

Comedy books are hard to make, and this is real talent.

Like PG Wodehouse, I open his books to any page when I want an immediate mini-vacation.

Don't Panic

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35 The Lorax - Dr. Seuss

YYEEES! I love it to death.

LET IT GROW! - VideoGamefan5

36 Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

This book was mentioned in the Outsiders - Hspencer

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37 Ulysses - James Joyce

The greatest book of 20th century

Masterpiece misunderstood by many fools.
- Ananya.S - Ananya

38 Dracula - Bram Stoker

This Book Is A Classic Of How An Idea Can Go So Big - 12cc

It leaves you in shock and awe, no more words for its brilliance... - Ananya


39 The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka
40 Wonder - R.J.Palacio

See, now this is one of those modern day books that are so good that it deserves to be somewhere in the top 30s. Maybe even lower. It's a wonderful story that shouldn't be overshadowed by the god dang HUNGER GAMES. Really? You want to read a good story? Drop The Fault in our Stars, and read this.

This book is just perfect, exciting, funny and moving. Stuff Harry Potter (which I somehow find boring respect my opinion) get this book to the top of the list! - KingFab

Read this book and it is amazing. It is probably my favorite book I have ever read. - purplemonkeydishwasher69

awesome! - HaddonJordan

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