Best Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

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1 Once More With Feeling

I love this episode it's my favorite!

saw it 3 times in a row and "let me rest in peace" by James Masterns is in my YouTube list

This started me watching Buffy again after years of not watching. Brilliant! - tarot_contralto

Never watched it but I have heard of the series. Even though I never watched the series or episode, this is good yet decent. - DynastiNoble

2 Hush

No other villain in the show's history rivals the creepiness factor that The Gentlemen bring. Smart, funny, and scary... This episode had all the ingredients to become a classic for any Buffy fan and casual viewer.

Hush is an icredibly clever and inspiring episode, creepy and funny in the same time. A great masterpiece! It will scare you to hell, but these unforgettable 45 minutes will stay with you forever.

3 The Body

I love Hush and The Gift, but this episode was worlds apart from anything I'd ever seen. Phenomenal acting, writing and camera work all throughout.

The most heartfelt and relatable 40 minutes you'll ever see. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emma Caulfield are both perfect in this episode.

Once, More With Feeling and Hush are two incredible and groundbreaking episodes. Truly some of television's finest hours. Though, The Body holds a special place in my heart. One of the most realistic protrayels of how someone deals with a loved one's death. Superbly acted, written, and directed. Not to mention totally different vibe from other Buffy episodes. Not fastpaced and no music.

This one makes me sad but one of my favorites

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4 Becoming Part 2

Not only the best series finale of the show, but also the best episode of the entire show.

Angel died with a soul heart wrenching

Angle died yay

I cried

5 The Gift

The showdown between buffy and glory is perfection

Love this one I have watched it so many times

Sad yet amazing episode

6 Halloween

Great episode. I'm really happy that this is on the list. One of the most underrated episodes.

I liked it when Willow became a ghost. - DynastiNoble

7 Chosen

Done with perfection but did anya and spike have to die?

8 Fear Itself
9 Prohecy Girl
10 Restless

The Contenders

11 Graduation Day (1 & 2)

The gang at their best.

12 Passion

This is where the good stuff begins. "And Angelus was born"

Damn I hate the fans of this show... Vote actual good episodes like this jeez...

13 Becoming Part 1

And this...12th get lost.

14 School Hard
15 Nightmares
16 Tabula Rasa

Funniest episode by far - RileyHollyoaks

17 Fool for Love

A brilliant look into what shaped Spike's personality and character as a vampire. Hugely entertaining, and with one of the best monologues in the whole show. - kiarawoods

18 Something Blue
19 Doppelgangland
20 Primeval
21 Amends

One of my favorites.

22 The WIsh
23 Conversations With Dead People

The best episode ever, it was written wonderfully and it's so beautiful how all the plot lines advance together and end in perfect symmetry

24 Innocence

1%...come on... I hate you all

25 Villains

I love Dark Willow, and Warren's death was amazingly shot. Also, Tara.

26 Seeing Red
27 Normal Again
28 Spiral
29 Selfless
30 Earshot Earshot Earshot is an American hard rock/alternative metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band has released three albums: Letting Go, Two, The Silver Lining, and have most recently announced plans to release their 4th studio album, a 5 song Mini-LP entitled "Aftermath" on April 16th 2015.

One of the comic episodes. Gotta love it.

31 Gingerbread
32 Angel

So many episodes to add.. Its not worth bothering... I hate you people. Get some taste

33 Beer Bad
34 Where The Wild Things Are
35 The Zeppo
36 Phases
37 Crush

Spuffy feels

38 Beauty and the Beasts
39 Wild at Heart
40 Hell's Bells
41 The Dark Ages
42 Buffy vs. Dracula
43 Inca Mummy Girl
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1. Becoming Part 2
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3. Once More With Feeling

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