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1 Michael Scott Michael Gary Scott is a fictional character on NBC's The Office, portrayed by Steve Carell and based on David Brent from the original British version of the program.

Hands down the funniest, yet also most complex character on the show

Dwight is awesome, but Michael Scott is the most loveable character in the entire series. The show lost it's spark after he left in my opinion.

He is simply the best part of the show, carrying it along. Dwight may be funny but his character wouldn't flourish without Michael- a more normal boss probably wouldn't endorse his weird behaviors like Michael does.

Michael Scott is really mean, but hilarious at the same time. No doubt about it, he's my favorite!

2 Dwight Schrute

Definitely dwight because of how he overreacts on everything he is very funny

Dwight is definitely is best character on the office! By far! Jim is only awesome because of Dwight. His attitude makes it possible for Jim to do all that stuff to him. Dwight has so many quotes it's impossible for him to not be your favorite.

Dwight is arguably the funniest character in the office. His overreaction to everything mixed with his condescending responses and attitude as well as his rugged, farmer mentality make him a definite favorite in this show.

He is a majestic beauty that can be described in only four words:
Battlestar Galactica.

3 Jim Halpert James Duncan Halpert is a fictional character in the U.S. version of the television sitcom The Office, portrayed by John Krasinski.

Jim definitely deserves to be higher up than #3. He should be #1.
Here's my list:

1. Jim Halpert
2. Pam Beasly
3. Creed Bratton
4. Karen Filippelli

I hated Michael, in my opinion Jim was the best character. Jim was the funniest character. He was also smart and quick. And just look at his face in the picture. It really defines him.

Jim is by far the best character. The way he looks into the camera when he does something to Dwight is hilarious.

I LOVE Jim! Watching him mess with Dwight is what made me like the show in the first place. He is the perfect combination of funny and sweet..

Jim is my favorite character because of his pranks and relationship with Pam

4 Creed Bratton

Of all the characters he has made me laugh the most, even with his little screen time

I thought Creed was pretty funny. One of the funniest things about him was the mystery of what he does, and we know that he's done some illegal stuff.
Here's my list:

1. Jim Halpert
2. Pam Beasly
3. Creed Bratton
4. Karen Filippelli

One of the most wonderfully bizarre characters to ever appear on television.

The only character I would gravitate towards in that office. Man's obviously got history!

5 Pam Beasly

I really loved the progression of Pam's character, and she kind of reminds me of myself; shy, quiet, artistic, and ambitious. She started off as this shy receptionist who let everyone walk all over her; letting others put her down. When she got with Jim, she began to stand her own ground, and everyone watched her progress into a strong businesswoman and artist.

I bonded the most with Pam over the show, I absolutely don't understand the criticism towards her here. Maybe more down to Earth than Jim, Pam sees some of the greatest development throughout the show.

To sum it up I'll just quote Michael;
"I would never say this to her face, but she's a wonderful person and a gifted artist."

And that's coming from the guy at number one. So many memorable moments with her; her rant at beach day, talking back and forth with Jim when they were out of sync, her not wanting to have the baby because she was scared, her animating the ending of the Dunder Mifflin ad, the beloved romantic development she had with Jim, the incentive she gave to watch the show early on, when Michael hugged her at the art gallery, the panning to her drawing at the end of the show which is enough to make a man cry... all of this wouldn't be possible without Pam.

Michael cherished her, Dwight said she was his best friend, and Jim literally loved ...more

I liked her a lot at first, but in the last few seasons, she got really weird.

My favorite BY FAR! She is so amazing and my idol! (Next to Remus Lupin, ofc)

6 Andy Bernard

I was trying to think of my favorite Office character before settling on Andy Bernard. They turned him into a complete jerk in season 9, but looking past that (and pretending that season 9 never happened in this case), he truly had one of the more heartwarming arcs. He started out as a bit of a jerk, but then became a new man, and a funnier man. He then turned into a very likeable character when he fell in love with Erin, which was one of the better The Office relationships. And, then when Michael left, he became a great boss. Then, after that, everything kind of fell apart, to be honest.

Andy's easily one of the most likable characters after Michael leaves. Jim is great, but Andy's much more of a complex character in the show. The writers had put so much effort into Andy and everything that happened to him as a whole. Andy and Erin's relationship was great, and the office was at a turnover once he became regional manager. He's like a mixture of Michael, Dwight, AND Jim all at once! He's great and in my opinion the best character.

Up until season 9 easily had the best character arc of the show.

I can never forgive the office for what they did to Andy in season 9 but he was easily my favorite character and I still can't believe after all that time they spent building up Andy and Erin's relationship was wasted in the end, Andy was a fun, talented and heartfelt person in the office but at least Andy got a job at Cornell when it was all said and done

7 Kevin Malone

"I will quit! With God as my witness, I will quit if this is not fixed! "

(crying about long walk to the office) XD

I cannot go to prison, Oscar. I am not like you. have you not heard about it? you would definitely love prison.

Kevin is by far the funniest character in the entire show. His facial expressions never fail to make me fall out of my chair laughing; and the fact that he has no filter and just says whatever is on his mind results in some extremely funny moments. One of the best moments of the entire show might have been when he dropped the chili in season 5. Kevin is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen in any T.V. show, and he deserves to be WAY higher on this list than #7!

"phillip, phillip, phillip. it's ALL about phillip. I hate phillip."

8 Stanley Hudson


"And the doctor said, if I can't find a new way to relate positively to my surroundings, I'm going to die"


These lines makes Stanley one of the best characters if the show. He may be bone idle and unenthusiastic, but he sure does give a good laugh whenever he speaks.

"Every day I wake up in a bed that's too small, drive my daughter to a school that's too expensive, and then go work at a job in which I get paid too little. But on pretzel day... well, I like pretzel day." (Possibly the best line on the office)

"Yeah I got a game, It's called workin' hard so my grandkids can go to college"

I bought them a toaster. The wedding was called off, so they gave me back the toaster. I tried to return the toaster, but they no lomger carry that type of toaster. so now my home has 2 toasters.

9 Erin Hannon

Beautiful funny adorable! I love her facial expressions and her reactions always make me crack up! great addition to the show !

I adore her father-daughter relationship with Michael. She is caring and funny! They did need a new receptionist. Pam is great but was getting a bit boring sometimes.

Funny, endearing, genuine, and just all around lovable. Best character of the office by far

She's so lovable. I love her expressions!

10 Darryl Philbin

Remember in the Rabies Awareness episode? They were talking about rabies, and Darryl was feeding that squirrel. ANd Darryl was like
"He's so happy!"
That's why he is my favorite.

Yeah Darryl is great. He may be one of the most "normal" characters in the show, but I think his dexterity and dry sense of humor really balance out the show.

Darryl is great, really deserves to be at least in the top ten.

Belongs to the top ten in my opinion. He perfectly represents that chill, mildly hoggish, slightly egoistic black dude.

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11 Angela Martin

Angela is actually so funny - I find myself dying of laughter every time she says a line. She is so extremely blunt with people, making her hilarious, and every sentence she says is exactly to the point and concise - she is SO funny.

"There is poop raining from the ceiling! Poop! " Angela's sense of humor was different but it was one of the funniest. I loved seeing her relationship with Dwight

I relate to her ha and her relationship with Dwight was the absolute best.

I don't really know why I like her so much, but she is definitely my favorite.

12 Kelly Kapoor

Why is she here?

She should be last she is the worst her voice is so annoying

"Ryan used me as an object" is the best line from The Office ever.

Kelly is just plain annoying and naive.

13 Mose Schrute

I loved when he was the valet for the garden party and floored the car into the cornfield

I like how Mose runs away after he gets caught.

The way he runs and never says much is hilarious. Also the one time he puts Angela in the trunk of his car is funny.

Love Mose, particularly the scene in the background where he hit Andy in the head with the football.

14 Holly Flax

She's truly Michaels soul mate, even if she sometimes tries too hard to be like him, which isn't necessary and sometimes annoying. She seems a little insecure and strange sometimes.

Michael's wife and the best girl out of all the girls Michael's dated

Holly is awesome!

15 David Wallace

After Dwight, Michael and Creed, it should be David.
Jim and Pam are funny because there's Dwight.
Oscar is noticeable because of Kevin.
I'd vote for Karen than Pam anytime.
Andy - awkward character
Erin - extremely dumb to watch.

Should be number one

Suck it

He's neat

16 Oscar Martinez

I love oscar, he's great! He had to most wonderful friendship with angela at the end and I adored his sassy remarks throughout the series.

Oscar is one of my favorite characters, and extremely underrated. I love his friendship with Kevin, his interactions, and his personality. I love that he is smart and I love his snarky remarks. While the character arc with the senator portrayed Oscar in a bad light, I still adore this character. Should be rated higher on this list

Intelligent, kind, funny, handsome and appears to be the hardest-working employee. He would be my friend I hope if I worked in that office ().

Oscar is a queen and a gay icon we stan.

17 Toby Flenderson

The best actor for this job. A great looser with such great dry humor

Everything that is wrong with the paper business

If I had to bullets and I was in a room with hitler, bin laden, and toby, I would shoot toby twice.

If it were up to Michael, I suspect Toby would be at the very bottom.

18 Nellie Bertram

Nellie is hands down the funniest, her sass will cut a bitch

19 Todd Packer


This dude Is hilarious

How does he have such great reviews? He is known for making the show terrible! That’s what he is supposed to do!

This guy goes all out with his little moments in the show. #GreatCharacter

20 Ryan Howard

Ryan should be WAY higher he is so funny. I like him in “the injury


Because Ryan started the fire.

Ryan is that premature acting, hasty, self-evident and conceited prick. lol

21 Deangelo Vickers
22 Prison Mike

Prison Mike reminded me a little bit of Michael Scott. Anybody else?

Best Character by far. He really should've been in the finale.

The worst part about prison were the dementors

"I never got caught neither"

23 Jan Levinson

I found the dinner party hilarious with Jan playing her issues off of the guests and Michael.

Shear genius - plays the straight laced boss brilliantly and then transforms the character into the sex crazed slightly insane dominatrix type partner, bet she had real fun playing the role

24 Nate

Sensible, insecure and pretty weird dude.

"Daryl I will look so handsome for you."

By far the most underrated character

The most underrated character on the show. FYI, he doesn't have a hearing problem...

25 Hidetoshi Hasagawa
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