Best Characters From Young Adult Fiction Books

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1 Percy Jackson - Percy Jackson and the Olympians Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Although Percy Jackson and the Olympians is not the best young adult fiction ever written, the son of Poseidon is probably the most heroic teenage character ever portrayed in this genre. He is brave, bold, loyal, sarcastic, open minded, non-angsty, funny. Even though he has done amazing deeds Percy Jackson is not at all arrogant. He is the epitome of an easy going normal kid. I think people never properly realized what a great person Percy Jackson is because all the first books are told from his own narrative. If we could read them from someone else's perspective than I think our love for the hero of Olympus would only rise more.

Percy is such a loyal, lovable character, it is impossible not to fall in love with him. He is charismatic, funny and overall the perfect guy. He set my standards so high with guys it is ridiculous. He has everything; courage, humour, dorkiness, loyalty, sarcasm, selflessness, sweetness, and so many other amazing traits. His narrative throughout the books is what draws readers in, and I'm proud to say he was and still is my first ever book crush. The Percy Jackson and Olympian novels introduced me to YA literature in the best way possible. He evolves though the books and becomes, I guess, a part of you, as the reader. You learn from, admire him. He definitely deserves number 1!

Slayer of Kronos, bane of Giants, survivor of all, jokester unparalleled, loyal to all, "Part of their problem was Percy. He fought like a demon"
"You can fight? "
'Piper wished he hadn't sounded so incredulous. Dyonisis snarled. His Diet Pepsi transformed into a five-foot staff wreathed in ivy, topped with a pinecone' this over all, is the bravest hero of all time, facing off even the Wine Dude, Kronos, and karpoi, (evil cupids of grain), drinking green tea from a goddes... (Bold move) and making every reader who ever hath faced him, laugh and laugh, over all? Best book character ever made, and if he was real... Well, the laughing wouldn't end, ever...

Percy's the funniest character ever. He killed the Minotaur when he was 12 and held up the sky. He fell into Tartarus with Annabeth, just to be with her. He gives everyone a second chance. He controls water and can talk to horses. He turned down immortality for Annabeth. Let Ethan live. Killed Kronos. Found the golden fleece. Survived the Labyrinth. Got an Achilles heel. Told Annabeth his Achilles heel. His nosebleed awoke Gaea (although that was a bad thing, but the point is even his blood is powerful).

He did so much more but I already wrote too much.

Percy will live on forever in our hearts.

2 Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation franchise.

Katniss could of lived by the Capitals rules, and lived happily ever after, but she didn't she fought for the ones she loves and for the future, to see something bright when it was full of darkness. She fought, sacrificed herself to defend everyone, and took risk for simply things that would change their generation for the better. And if that isn't bravery, courage, sacrifice and all the worlds focusing on strength then what is? I think courage, initiative, sacrifice and bravery should have katniss written as the definition.

Why is Katniss second on all these lists? She deserves better. Katniss is the best and I'm sorry but I hate Percy Jackson, the character and the series. I just don't get why it's supposed to be good, the Hunger Games is what I call a great book series, or Warrior Cats, but not some prance-about little boy who likes going around pretending he's the greatest and likes saving the world.

She is such a boring, bland, stiff and one-dimensional character! She has like no personality and it is hard to feel a connection with her, I am not a harry potter fan and I have never watched the movies but I still think harry potter should be higher, just saying.

Katniss only cares about protecting her family and best friend Gale. When her sister, Prim, is faced with almost certain death, Katniss volunteers to go instead. She is loving, vengeful, and protective. Katniss all the way!

3 Annabeth Chase - Percy Jackson & the Olympians Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Does anyone else realize how similar Hermione and Annabeth are? I mean, if we're being honest, they would both be Gryffindors, they're both intellectual geniuses, they would both sacrifice more than I can say for those they love, they are both needed in their respective series or else everyone else would be dead, and they both had to fight and work harder than most to get to the places they were in series. They are both amazing characters, and I don't understand how Annabeth can be ranked over 10 places behind Hermione.

I think of Hermione erasing her parents' memory and Annabeth falling into Tartarus and I want to cry.

Annabeth is the smartest book character ever, probably even more then Hermione. She always has an answer and has the best plan in life and death situations, which is all the time. She never left Percy's side, and turned down immortality for him at Circe's island. She found the Athena Parthenon even though people have been looking for it for thousands of years. She survived Tartarus. She also held up the sky.

She's much better then Hermione. She should be in the top 10.

How the hell is Annabeth #15?! She was one of my biggest influences growing up. She's strong, incredibly smart, ridiculously badass, and one of the best characters I've ever come across. She's been through so much but she doesn't let that stop her; she deserves to be ranked right behind Hermione.

She should be higher up! She held the sky, stabbed a cyclops at 7, ran away at the same age, went on many horrific quests, was kidnapped, faught in the labrynth... and more! She lost her love for nearly a year, went on a solo quest, fell into Tartarus and survived.

She is my inspiration, and she taught me to never give up and appreciate wisdom and family and friends.

4 Harry Potter - Harry Potter Series Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.

Harry Potter wasn't the smartest, or the most powerful wizard of his age. He had his faults, and that is what makes him a hero. He was human, he made mistakes. Yes he could of been more educated, perhaps tried harder, but couldn't we then also? Harry was a child like so many of us were, someone in which we grew up with. He was part of a complete other world than which he was raised in, a foretold hero. One who had suffered before he was aware of the circumstance, of the reason why. He may have not had the worst of childhoods compared to other heroines and heros, but to us he did. To witniss his friendships and watch him mature and grow at our side is perhaps Rowling's greatest gift.

Why the hell is Harry below Katniss? I like Katniss, but she's kind of boring. I like Percy but he is a Gary Stu. Harry is THE most complex, multi-faceted main characters I have ever read! Most main characters tend to be stereotypical Mary Sues and Gary Stues. Not Harry. He's badass, he's snarky, brave, intelligent, kind, and overall incredible character! I am shocked that he's not number one. He's practically an icon, a role model! Percy Jackson was a fun character to read about, but hardly as iconic as Harry ' Potter! Come on, people!

Harry Potter is brave, loyal, determined, forgiving and above all the best friend anyone can ask for. He has never annoyed me once. He is so genuine and relatable even if you haven't fought voldemort to the death, even if you haven't lost your parents. He gave us a story that will stay with us forever. That's why Harry Potter should be number one. So thank you J.K Rowling for bringing us the story of Harry Potter, boy wizard.

How is Harry not no. 1? He is awesome and totally badass. He has got to be THE most realistic character ever created in YA books. He is so believable and relatable and who wouldn't want Harry to be their BFF? I absolutely adore him! Katniss is cool also, but a bit too antisocial. Percy is awesome, but a bit of a Mary Sue perfect character. Harry is the most interesting and the best and I love him!

5 Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Series

In the movies she was obviously cool but she had so much more characterization in the books. She was the leader and the bravest and most relatable more often than Harry himself. While I like Katniss and Percy honestly they were kinda boring at times. They were so generic, while Hermoine was incredibly interesting. She was annoying at times but always put helping people who needed it first SPEW, she led most of the quest for the horcruxes, she created Dumbledore's Army to help teach the other students. She was the leader the whole time, and Harry was the more famous and talented one who always ended up being the one everything major happened to. In other series Anabeth and Tris were interesting but still not as diverse as Hermoine and almost no one on this list grew as a character over the course of the books like she did. Percy and Harry and Katniss are the poster-childs of their series but they were honestly just not as interesting. Maybe Harry. I'm sorry I'm a big HP fan so this may ...more

Hermione has influenced me so much as I've grown up. She is such a strong, smart and independent female character. She doesn't put up with other people's rubbish and she stands up for herself and those she loves.

I'm not one to bring down other characters to try and boost my favourite on this list, but Hannah Baker is #4 on this list, whereas Hermione is 9... '

Go Hermione! She's strong and smart and people don't value that but they should and she's a role model to everyone not just girls. We should all thank Ms.Rowling for letting us know Hermione. Strong Heroine roles like Hermione should have bigger roles in YA, not all that annoying blah people write about.

She so smart but sassy at the same time. She won't let anyone get away with anything. She is a strong, determined person who fights as hard as she can and never gives up.

6 Hannah Baker - 13 Reasons Why

The thing that I admire about Hannah Baker is that she's real. She has a story that doesn't involve magic or powers or weapons, but a powerful and heartbreaking story all the same. And moreover, a story that applies to so many lives at least as much as any of the other books on here. No, her story was not a happy one. She did end up living happily ever after with the boy she was meant to be with, but that's reality. It doesn't always happen and while I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, etc., I am very happy that this book is so far up on the list. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend it, times 1000.

Hannah, even though she killed herself, was a great character. She helped me be strong and has inspired me to never give up and to never feel hopeless.

Hannah is a character that is relatable, and even if I don't have a ton of like or respect for her, I get it. Even if I think she took the coward's way out. I highly recommend this book,

She was a really great character, even though she committed suicide. She inspired me to never give up and to not feel hopeless.

7 Augustus Waters - The Fault in Our Stars

He is the most adorable, lovely character I have ever read the story of and you un
able to fail to fall in love with him. No other boy can compare to Augustus Waters!

I love the way he smiles. I love the way he talks. I love the way he loves hazel. I love the way he says, Hazel Grace Lancaster.

You just fall in love with Augustus immediately. It's inevitable. Just like oblivion.

You fall in love with Gus like falling asleep, slowly, then all at once!

8 Jace Lightwood - Mortal Instruments

#23? Really, people? How can you not love Jace? He's funny, sarcastic, arrogant, and badass, but also has this secret vulnerability to him that he hates people to see, and he only reveals his true self to Clary. He's totally brave and nearly fearless, which I really admire in a character. But he's secretly really selfless, which is a quality I think should be in everyone, but unfortunately, is not, because some people feel that they should put themselves first, but Jace doesn't think that. Sure, he's a bit rude and full of himself a lot of the time, but he would never let anything bad happen to the people he loves. He's a very entertaining character to read about, there'll never be a dull moment if he's there. He will always be my favorite fictional character.

"I am a man and men do not consume pink beverages. Get the gone, woman, and bring me something brown! "


"The boy never cried again and never forgot what he'd learned: that to love is to distroy, and to be loved is to be destroyed."

Basically sum Jace up. He is a sassy, sarcastic person who hides a damaged and loving interior.
He can be stubborn and rude but he is very selfless and will do anything to protect his family, even if it could end in his death.
Essentially, there are 7 versions of Jace:
Sassy Jace
Protective Jace
Brave Jace
Mocking Jace
Arrogant Jace
In love Jace
And damaged Jace

He should be in the top 3 and is soon much better than Harry Potter

I Love Jace...and I don't believe that he is ranked 10? He just so cool and funny even a moment with full of tension could turn your face up in a smile if he is there in it...he has this habit of taking responsibilities for everything which makes me feel so bad for him...nobody knows who the true Jace is except from Clary and Alec and Isabelle to some extent...He is So good looking...arrogant and has killed more demons than anyone else his age...he has an attitude and he is gold all over..
What more do you ask for

Jace Lightwood is bloody awesome. He's all smart and sarcastic and you really want to slap him sometimes but then when he's around Clary you can see how much he loves her and cares for her. By being afraid to lose her, he shows how truly vulnerable he really is instead of the shell he puts up around other people.

9 Celaena Sardothien - Throne of Glass

Celaena is definitely one of the strongest characters ever. She can knock your lights out without a problem, but she also loves to read, puppies, shopping, and chocolate. Which I think is amazing! I feel like most young adult books have characters that either really stupid and have no helpfulness, and are your stereotypical girly-girl, or they are a stereotypical tomboy and hate all things remotely girly. Well most people aren't like that, and Celaena isn't either. And even though she is the most successful and feared assassin in the kingdom, she is sarcastic, sassy, badass, and just a tad bit girly. She also is totally confident in herself and doesn't need a man to tell her she is beautiful or protect her. Celaena also shows true character development unlike most YA characters (I love you Percy, but looking at you). She goes through many relationships, which is way more realistic than having two dashing suitors decide from and ending up marrying the one you pick.

Celena Sardothien (Aelin) is one of the most amazing, empowered, and witty characters I have ever met! Like in what book have you read about a girl in midevil times who doesn't need a man to help her and is able to be a total badass and is able to show others the right way, all while being an assassin? If you have not read Throne of Glass, or any other Sarah J Maas books, I encourage you to pick one up right now. I was the first of my friends to read this series, but by the end of the year, half of my class was reading it. It is one of the best series because of its characters! Like, who wouldn't want a witty, joke-cracking assassin who loves to prove people wrong at every turn?! Or a prince who just can't follow what his father tells him to. What about a Captain of the Royal Guard who can not stand this assassin, but teams up with her and the prince to take down the greater evil-- The king! The Throne of Glass series is a perfect action packed book that has mystery, joy, suffering, ...more

Celaena is strong, smart, a total badass and somehow manages to be an assassin with morals. She is so complex that I could really imagine seeing her walk down the street with a pissed off look on her face until she sees a puppy and erupts into giggles. She's got some serious flaws and shows that even a person as powerful and capable as she is can be deeply afraid. Of failure or mortal danger. And she manages to take control of her own identity as a woman in all senses of the word.

She was the first book character to teach me that a girl can be the most dangerous person in any room she steps into. Aelin is a complete badass on a quest to reclaim her throne and restore peace to the continent, but she can be whiny and she's glued to Rowan. But Celaena is an independent badass who doesn't need fae powers to beat the crap out of someone. She does what she wants and doesn't mind the consequences.

10 Alaska Young - Looking for Alaska

She is smart but not only in the way that she reads a lot of books but also that she thinks in ways people often don't think unless she shows them. You just have to read what she said in the books and you will realize that she is a million times smarter than you.
She is a feminist and will stand up for women rights no matter what even if she gets on someone's nerves. That maybe just encourages her. She lives her life the way she wants it to be and doesn't care about what other's think about her. Sometimes people think to much for the future and forget that they are living in this moment in this time at this exact second.
She is the person in a group who comes up with the craziest ideas but they are also the ones who make the best memories. You can not meet Alaska and forget her later on because she has a storm that lives inside her that makes her unforgettable.
She seems like a dark secret and then she shines so bright.

"She is a Hurricane"

If people were Rain, we Were drizzles And she was a Hurricane.

She first appears as a typical edgy college hot girl, but overtime the reader realizes how smart she actually is and always stands up for whats right

She's inspired me to be who I want to be.

The Contenders
11 Finnick Odair - The Hunger Games

I'm a little confused. Finnick outranked Katniss in top ten best Hunger Games Characters, but she way outranked him in this. I still vote for Finnick. I don't know how to describe him. He's not an Anti-Hero, he's just a flawed hero. He may seem vain and violent, but deep down he's sweet and a wonderful care-taker. He helps Annie after getting PTSD from the hunger games, and he still loves her even though she isn't like she used to be. He cares about people and he helps them. He's the best person on this list by far!

Finnick was just such a great character. I very rarely get attached to characters, but Finnick is my favorite character out of every single book I've ever read. I sobbed for two hours when he died (which kind of stunk because I was on a field trip and not even supposed to be reading), and I couldn't even watch his death in the movies. I despise those stupid lizard mutts for killing him and I will forever hold a grudge against lizards.

I can't believe no one voted for him. Have any of you seen him in his underwear? Or are you just jealous because he still hasn't offered you a sugar cube?

Hahah, he's hilarious, though. And obsessed with handling bread.

Finnick is my favorite! I love how he's so much more than Katniss thinks he is at first. He's funny, charming, understanding, kind, and brave.

12 Albus Dumbledore - Harry Potter Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
13 Max Ride - Maximum Ride

I love Max, not only is she an incredible leader, but also a great friend. She supports the flock even when she disagrees with them (Nudge). She is sassy and sarcastic and great in a fight. Max also does what she thinks is the right thing, no matter the consequences, a trait many people today lack.

Max. I really can't describe all of her. Max is the one of the best written characters I have ever read about. She is a little dare-devilish. She clearly makes her own desisions and loves her family. She is the one to keep everything together.

I love max. I think she's the awesomest thing ever. I'm being her for Halloween. She's amazingly perfect and she's great for a book like this because she's not just all girly helpless. She's an amazing blonde heroine.

Max is so independent and powerful and she's only 15 she proved she doesn't need anyone to help her or her flock. To me she is way better than Harry or Percy on so many levels. This girl is #1 on my list. P.S. Fax all the way

14 Nico DiAngelo - The Percy Jackson Series Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

He's really scarred and yet stayed so strong. Out of all the characters, I think he had the hardest time. I really hope he finds happiness.

He is often a forgotten chaper in the span of the Percy Jackson books. He is a lead in for many LGBTQ+ kids I know. Nico brings the whole story into our modern times. Thank you for making Nico gay... I know that sounds weird but it really brought the whole series together for me

I am glad to see Nico on this list. He was a character I related to and still do. He is realistic, has his flaws and is a very infesting person. Why is a girl who killed herself above him, the hell?

Nico is so endurant and strong, pushing through all the hardship that he has had to face and at such a young age. He's sweet and wholesome, yet also scary and foreboding at times. Awesome character.

15 Leo Valdez - Heroes of Olympus Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

He's always there to lighten the mood! Yet, he's also a very deep and moving character, I think a lot of people can relate to keeping a grin plastered to your face even when you don't feel like it...

Ok, don't get me wrong, I love Percy, but he never had to go through what Leo did. Leo is one of the funniest, saddest, loneliest characters ever and I felt so bad for him... When Nemesis said he was the seventh wheel, the one who would never find a place, when Calypso said he was a mistake... Leo had every reason to fall apart and become broken on the inside and out, but instead he put on a brave face and covered everything up with humour. And although at first he was never considered a hero by the demigods the way Jason or Percy were, he did some things they didn't that deserve remembering. He went through fire and death (literally! ) to come back for Calypso, and [SPOILER] ended up being the one to die at the end. He's a genius! Who built the Argo II? Who repaired Festus? Who did the impossible coming back from the Underworld to help Calypso? Leo is the most relatable and lovable seventh wheel for all of us.

Leo is not only a great character to read about but one to be like. He is optimistic and loves others even though he feels like no one loves him ( he hasn't met the fangirls yet though) and always does the best he can do, he is willing to sacrifice himself for people who he thinks think of him as the seventh wheels. He is smart and funny and I am totally team Leo!

Yeah, he should at least be in the Top 15.
1. His mom died when he was super young, his relatives didn't want him, which led to him being shuttled to foster home after foster home.
2. He didn't let that^ make him a terrible person. He's actually super sweet a very funny :)
3. come on, son. Fire powers? Son of Hephaestus, therefore awesome building/mechanical ability?
4. He built the Argo 2.
5. He's a total bad-ass!

16 Connor Lassiter - Unwind Dystology

Connor Lassiter is a funny, mortal, Percy-esque character, although unlike other dystopian characters (I'm looking at you, Tris,) Connor, Risa and all the Unwind characters, aren't rip-offs. I can be satisfied with him being #14, and Risa at #27, but, read the books, they're funny.

17 Gandalf - The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, is a fictional character and one of the protagonists in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He was an Istar, sent by the West in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring more.

The hobbit is a children's book and the lord of the rings is for all ages so not really young adult books. That genre didn't even exist until recently. One of the best characters ever... Just not appropriate for this list

A wizard is never late or early, he arrives exactly when he means to.

Powerful, funny and brave, a great character.

Gandalf is awesome

18 Newt - Maze Runner

Newt is such a great and complex character. He was the kindest, the most lovable person in the entire trilogy. The way he cared for everyone so much, was loyal to his friends, he would do everything for them. Even his nickname "The Glue" portrays how well he could keep everyone together, how people were attached to him. So caring, innocent, sweet, soft and sensitive. In my opinion the movies make his character a little shallower, there is too much missing characteristics from the books but I guess that's how it always is with movies based on books, you can't fit everything, which in this situation really sucks. I believe that he is the best fictional character to ever exists, he just brings so much comfort and warmth. Also, big shout out to Thomas Brodie-Sangster who did such an excellent job to portray him in the movies! Newt will forever be my favorite fictional character, he deserved so much better. Love him always, the best comfort character.

'Great, we're all bloody inspired.'


Newt is the best character in the series by far. He is complex, and can be emotional whilst still being a leader to others. His nickname by WCKD, 'The Glue', is a testimony to his ability to comfort and help others, and how he holds the Gladers together. Whilst his death was necessary, it was heartbreaking in the way that it was done. How he slowly became insane, and the contrast between who he was in TMR and TST to TDC broke my heart. I love Newt, and always will. He's my comfort character for a reason :)

Newt deserved so much better! (Warning, spoilers below). He is to me, and I think to everyone else as well, so much more than a fictional character. He had feelings for everyone, he cared for many people, and he was respected by all of his friends. He was innocent, he had a family that cared for him, and he never got to remember his sister, and he deserved a life as a normal human being just like everyone else, even though he wasn't immune. He was one of, if not the, most real characters I think in the book. He is a great leader, people really looked up to him, and he was a great role model for everyone. He deserved so much more. I think every Newt fan will agree!

Newt is so much more than a fictional character! He is a boy with a soft heart, he is considerate and kind! He is the Glue that holds all the Gladers together, but also because people always grow attached to him! Like how can you not love Newt? Such a sweet character who cares for everyone but himself! Newt is sensitive and after all, he is not a hero. He has weaknesses like all normal people, that's why we can all relate to him so easily! Newt for me is not a fictional character. He is a person... And the best role model you are looking for in a book. Basically there are no words to describe how amazing he is! Most importantly, Newt will always be there for you. He will always be your friend... No matter what

19 Katsa - Graceling

Katsa carried a girl on her back through a passage not a single hero survived going through for miles on end despite frostbite, exhaustion and fatigue.
Katsa blatantly refuses marriage to a respected nobleman who any girl would die for and rested her case with her opposition to marriage even when she found love.
Katsa stood up against the most powerful man in her kingdom who happened to be her despised uncle who molded her into a killer.
Katsa put a whole troop of guards to sleep by knocking them out in less than a minute when all of her allies told her to kill them, she refused to.
Katsa travelled the world to fight a King who had nothing to do with her for a stranger and his half-dead grandfather.
The list goes on. All of this to say that Katsa is the most brave, selfless and strong character of YA fiction. She shows determination and strength and resilience in situations where no one would and hell she chooses to spend the rest of her life teaching defenseless girls ...more

20 Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games

Many people really miss the essence of Peeta when they read this series. You see someone who is not ordinary and useless, contrary to popular belief. You see a person who takes beatings to feed another kid. Tris is selfless, I will say that, but I personally think Peeta is more. He always wanted Katniss to live even if he didn't not many characters are that selfless. He may not have sacrificed himself like Harry or Tris but he was willing to do so multiple times. I personsally think he should be high ton the list.

Peeta is so kind and thoughtful. Instead of putting himself first, he puts the needs of those he loves in front of his. I just don't understand how anyone can dislike him.

How can you go wrong with a charismatic guy like Peeta? He deals with trauma and is always there in the ways a supporting character should be.

Peeta is lovable, loved, and vulnerable. He isn't afraid to show his emotional side. He does everything he can to protect the ones he loves.

21 Suze Simon - The Mediator

I love Susannah the bad as girl who ain't afraid of no one. And I am hopelessly head over heels in love with Jesse Da Silva

22 Mia Hall - If I Stay; Where She Went

She's a great role model that look up to in both the performing arts and as an older sibling. As an older sibling, I look up to her as she loves her brother so much, cares for him in every way possible and her story is a tragic, beautiful amazing stories that will make you weep buckets and pull at your heartstrings.

Mia Hall is going through hard times, but still manages to excel at her cello playing. I'd love to have a strong friend like her to confide in, to ask for advice, and just hear her play (if she really existed). She really sounds like someone I'd really like.

She's thoughtful, intelligent and I cried bucket loads of tears when I read her story.

23 Finn - Incarceron

Finn is a good guy in his heart of hearts, and was thrown into a hellhole that is perceived as paradise from outside.

24 Edward Cullen - Twilight Saga Edward Cullen is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He is featured in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and their corresponding film adaptations, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun—a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. more.

Edward is a creep who stalks a girl who moves to his town and isolates her from making any friends. And instead of using his immortality to do something beneficial for the human race, like solving world hunger or curing cancer, he goes to high school a billion times and seduces a 17 year old girl, who is, frankly, an idiot too. And, no offense to Stephanie Meyer, I know it's hard to write a book with compelling characters, not to mention a plot, but she tried way to hard to make him appealing. He sparkles, is (who decided this? ) insanely gorgeous (apparently), doesn't eat people, and lives in a beautiful forest (let's face it, he's not a vampire, he's a flipping fairy). He's freezing cold, he's way too old, too overprotective, and he has seemingly no faults. I mean, who wants to relate to someone who is perfect? What makes them relatable?!

Edward's fiercely loyal, protective, funny, caring, and incredibly intelligent. Why is Christian Grey ranked higher than he is?

25 Aaron Warner - Shatter Me Trilogy

In starting, Shatter Me, I was actually rooting for Adam. Then this guy shows up, with his AMAZING personality, his PERFECT lines and did I mention good looks? I like how he developed throughout the trilogy and he makes people believe that everything is not what it seems - there are millions of sides to a certain story. He has jagged edges, but that just makes him even more amazing. He can get angry, he can be selfish, but in the end, we all are. I love how he's so humane, yet somehow seemingly unattainable.


! You don't know how happy I was to see Aaron on this list. I think I fell in love with a book character.

Can someone be sassy, fashionable and stunning so much so that you fall in love through pages? Meet Aaron Warner

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