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1 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

When I read this it was so entertaining like the plot was good and there were unexpected parts. It was the first book with no pictures I enjoyed

This book series is the best. Best part about harry potter is that every person can read the book. A child will be fascinated by the magical school, teenager will love the couples and a matured adult will notice the small life lessons, little details, depth of each character. This book is for all ages. Percy Jackson is great too, Rick Riordan did a great job in blending mythology with reality. But unlike Harry Potter, these books will be relatable for teenagers only. So this is nowhere close to Harry Potter

Rowling when I read the first page of the first book I couldn't stop these books have changed my perspective of live and what it means. I understand now what the world means to all of us and what family means to all of us. I hope you now understand that I'm saying is that you have wrote a series that I know will inspire children of all kinds. and for that I thank you.

2 Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

These books is like Harry Potter, but also completely different. Whilst special children go to a school of magic in Harry Potter, special children in Percy Jackson go to a camp for demigods, children of the greek gods. The action is fast-paced and amazing. I suggest reading these before Harry Potter if you want to be an advanced reader. Either way, best books of all time!

Percy Jackson and all of Rick Riordan's books are the best! The characters are awesome and the books are always exciting and never repetitive. Furthermore it also gives the modern generation knowledge of ancient history. If you read any of the Percy Jackson books you will fall in love. I rest my case.

These books are so amazing and I love them so much. I have read these books so many times and it never gets old. Rick really does an amazing job with the characters and making the story enjoyable. I love greek mythology and I love the way he portrayed the characters from mythology. It never gets boring. I'm such a fangirl and I wish this universe was real.

3 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Some people say that this book is 'not appropriate' for children. Stop being so condescending! I am 12, and I read the series when I was roughly 10. Depriving a child of a surprisingly mature age (like 10) is pretty much taking away a brilliant modern classic. Like saying 'you are to young to read this. Read the books I tell you to read.'

Anyway, I do like the books, but it is a bit disappointing... I loved the fact that Katniss was a physically strong female character, but emotionally? No... she spent most of her time debating whether she loved Gale or Peeta more... Peeta was whiny in the movies, not like the charming and able person in the books.

OK just stop for a moment. We have Little house on the prairie, Junie B Jones, Romona and Beatrice and so many more and THE HUNGER GAMES, the violent book about murder, children killing one another and poison, traps and violent fights to the death is better then those?!?! Listen, adults and teens that are voting. This is the list for CHILDREN. I'm sure they're is a BEST TEENS LIST were this would be appropriate. But is this violent book really better then the real CHILDREN's book? This is not for children. And no. I have not read it but my sisters gave me a really in-depth re told story of it to explain what they were talking about. I'm 13 years old and under stand this can't happen!

4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

These books are not good for children at all! As a child, I hate these books and would way rather read Harry Potter and begin reading Percy Jackson. These books encourage kids to become worse readers, and the books never give you any important details about what's going on. Honestly, it's harder to understand than Harry Potter! Greg is a terrible character, along with his mom, brothers, dad, and Rowley. They aren't the least bit funny and encourage kids to slack off. Perhaps this is making kids dumber?

The people who say diary of a wimpy kid isn't a good book for children because he isn't a good person don't get it. What makes it good is the fact that he isn't a very good person. It shows that people aren't perfect and that people don't change very easily. It is certainly more relatable than either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson.

I only like 2 types of books. Diary of a wimpy kid and anything by rick riordan. I hate Harry Potter it's so boring. Do you think a 7 year old kid is going to read a 800 page book. Yeah... great for kids.

5 The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

These awesome book series are a wonderful must read , also I love the Choronicles of Narnia , I always dreamed there was magical closet and go out for an adventure in Narnia and become queen just like Lucy and her sister Susan that would have been a dream come true .

I love The Chronicles of Narnia. Specially Aslan. I wish I would be as lucky as Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter to step foot in Narnia (Eustace and Jill too). I like HarryPotter series too.

I love this story, literally, it's awesome!

6 Little House On the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Are we forgetting that No matter how good this history themed book is That there were a lot of racist comments and rude things said that makes this lower on the list. Really awesome though!

A heart-warming story with a bit of history thrown in. I still read these over and over.

Who doesn't love this book? It's duh best.

7 A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

If you like mysteries, humor, and creepy books than this is the series for you. This series leaves you on so many cliffhangers and always leaves you wanting to find out more, and in the end the Baudilares don't find out every piece of information they need to know but this story has a very sweet ending. This book always leaves you hanging after a book or a chapter, which always kept me interested and I kept reading on and on in each book wanting to find out more. This book series also shows that even kids can survive on their own and able to do the same adults are capable of doing on their own. The children in this series are great role models for children telling them that even though you are just a child you a can make decisions for yourself and it always okay to not know the answers or be afraid. Children can also learn that you can use your own strengths to solve problems. To all parents I am in college and read this series as a kid it taught me lessons about how to handle situtions that the protaganists faced so if you are a parent try to get your kids to read this series, it is short, fun, and entertaining. I cannot say how many times I faced the same challenges the Baudelaires have faced after reading the series and knowing how to handle them and what to do. So please get your child to read this series because is very sweet and heartwarming.

8 39 Clues by Various Authors.

These book were my CHILDHOOD. It got me into the suspense/action genre, and I'm seriously considering re-reading the series even though I'm much older. The various authors is a bit confusing and it makes it hard to find all the books, but somehow each book has the same style and carries the plot. Even if you don't finish the various series after it, you should at least read the first series. This is a very slept-on series and I think everyone should at least try it.

It gives you information about various events in history, but not in a boring way-it adds adventure, characters, suspense and much, much more. This is something you must read.

Great books, but be warned that it is generally hard to find all of them at one library.

9 Warriors by Erin Hunter

I used to HATE reading then... my friend introduced me to warriors. Warriors changed my life for the better because now I read every day since 4th grade. I started reading warriors at age 10 in 4th grade I'm now 11 in 6th and have read no other book but warriors. Warriors are full of adventure and really lets your imagination wander. Although I LOVE this book there is lots of violence, death, and scenes of cats giving birth so I would not recommended warriors for at least 10+ but otherwise, GREAT BOOK.
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Warriors is the best book I've ever read in my life. My friend introduced me to it. Can't unglue my eyes from it! Right now I'm on dawn of the clans book 4, can't wait for the new series!

Been reading them since 2008, been in love with the books ever since! It's really unlike any other children's book, combining mystery, action, adventure, fantasy, and about.5% comedy. It also features a huge but not complicated story, doing a great job explaining what is going on, likable characters, and is still going strong after nearly 15 years!

10 Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott

A beautiful timeless classic about a dynamic close-knit New England family, the Marches and the struggles and triumphs they encounter in Civil and Post-Civil War America including the daughters forging their own paths: some for love, some for career, some for both, and one on a particularly harrowing journey that unites the whole family. A must read!

Have seen the movie. Very sad 90s movie. Says it was from 1994. Released by Columbia Pictures. Borrowed the VHS from a old friend at Clear Creek High School. Had the DVD version.

Little Woman is a series almost every woman has read. A lovely story about Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy, although very sad when Beth passes. Good Book series. Recommended for 10-16 year old girls

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11 Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork diaries is original, funny, and awesome! It can be dramatic at times but if you like that kind of stuff, check it out!

I love that book! It's original, funny, and awesome! Not many books are like this so if you like drama, check it out!

Yep, yep, yep. This NEEDS to be in at LEAST the top 5. I love the new book, Drama Queen.

12 Goosebumps by R.L.Stine

Very creepy books! I always read them at daytime!

It's not that scary, but they ARE pretty good.

Honestly the BEST childrens series out there! Can't wait for Goosebumps 2:Haunted Halloween!

13 Geronimo Stilton by Geronimo Stilton

I just love Geronimo Stilton more than that stupid Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, which are a waste. My advice to you is to read Geronimo Stilton instead of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. The new series of Geronimo Stilton, "Miceking," is really awesome! I like the magic in Harry Potter, but the story is a waste. The special editions of Geronimo Stilton are so awesome. Even the Scholastic Book Fair in our school mostly sells Geronimo Stilton books, and none of the Harry Potter books were bought by anyone.

Amazing, great for all ages. As a 13 year old, I still crack up reading them. So many puns, but they are super cute.

I have a lot of these books and I like them a lot. They are very unique and can educational at times.

14 Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Think time travel adventure linked to real historical events in a fictional framework with mischievous children and you have this beloved series. Like a Quantum Leap for the written page and a younger audience.

I loved reading these as a kid growing up.

I still read these!

15 Treasure Hunters by James Patterson
16 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

A charming series about Peter and Fudge, that has everyone Laughing Out Loud. Good for 7-12 year olds.

I thought the character's name was Judy Blume!

17 The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

It is great, if you are a boy. I think this is not higher because of little girls distain for the good guy failing to get in a nice pair of pleats.

It was very funny and though I don't exactly read it anymore, I still appreciate it for it's funny moments.

If Sanjay and Craig ever get a book, it would be captain underpants. It's just a bunch of stupid toilet humour in a book

18 The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson
19 The Maze Runner by James Dashner
20 The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon

Along with Nancy Drew, one of the most compelling series ever written for younger audiences, but just like their friend Nancy Drew, the Hardy boys adventures transcend across generational lines. Well- written with just the right amount of suspense in engaging narrative style.

21 Maximum Ride by James Patterson
22 Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan

Okay growing up the books I read went from Magic Tree House as my favorite, then I discovered a new series by Erin Hunter called Warriors that was better so that became my favorite. Then I finally discovered Rangers Apprentice that took reading to a deeper meaning for me. You could connect to the characters and they all were just plain amazing! Will was the main character and while he may not have been my personal favorite he is such a sweet and unique character! Halt was Wills mentor and remember how I said Will wasn't my favorite? That's because Halt is. Halt started out as a grumpy strict mentor for Will but soon became like a father to Will. And don't get me started on Halts backstory! This gruff ranger is actually-okay no spoilers. Horace started out as a bully to Will. Always teasing him and getting into fights with him. But after a life or death experience he had with Will they became best friends. And there are so many more characters that are fantastic that I won't mention because then this would be to long. Already is long but eh who cares? Rangers Apprentice is a book I highly recommend so please go to a nearby book store and get it!

23 Ramona Series by Beverly Cleary

One of my favorite series ever. Ramona is spunky, spirited, curious, mischievous, intelligent, energetic, and her misadventures too countless to remember. Told in an engaging, endearing, and realistic style, these books are beloved serials and we come to believe we belong to the Quimbys as they do to whole generations. These are must haves for any primary/elementary school library and for the child in all of us, too!

I absolutely love this series! So perfect I've read them like 60 times and unlike a lot of the voters I'm an actual pre teen! ;)

24 Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

This is my singular most favorite book series as a 13 yr old. Close behind it are Erin Hunter's Warriors and Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.

Nah, not good and not bad.

25 Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland

This series of books are quite awesome. I learned a lot but reading them to my little sister. They are easy to understand.
But, WARNING (you better take it seriously). According to my personal experiences, these books are sometimes violent. It sort of freaks out little kids. And my sister gets so excited in the "KILLING Queen Scarlet(the big bad villain)PART" that makes me a little uncomfortable.( because I am probably gonna get yelled at for making her "over excited".

These books are amazing. Like warrior cats it deals with real life problems but it's written way better. It deals with topics such as racism (rainwings), war (pretty much the first arch), a villain who is more than just evil and that you can sympathise with (darkstalker), generside (rainwings, icewings), the ideologically of that no one is bad or good (fathom about darkstalker). These books are really amazing and coming from a hardcore warriors fan this is my favourite book series ever.

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