Warrior Cats is the Best Series

Warrior Cats has been my favorite series ever since I started reading them. I started two years ago, and it is still my favorite series. I was introduced to the books by my brother, and now I'm the only one left reading them.

I have learned a few lessons while reading Warrior Cats. One is to respect your elders. In Warriors, the cats are taught to obey others who have a higher rank than you. All the cats have to obey the leader. The apprentices need to let the elders and queens eat first, and the warriors will hunt for the queens and elders.

Another lesson I learned is teamwork. When the cats were on the Great Journey, where they all traveled from the forest to the lake, it was tough for them to do. The four Clans needed to help each other along the way. The medicine cats would take care of the sick and the others will hunt for each other. Also, in the final battle, the Clans needed to have teamwork. They had to join forces against the Dark Forest in order to win. The cats with special powers needed to help the others. Many cats died, including Firestar, their leader, but they still won the final battle.

I learned to follow the rules from reading Warrior Cats. In the Clans, there is something called the warrior code. It includes the rules of the cats. There was a cat named Leafpool, who was a medicine cat. Medicine cats weren't allowed to mate with other cats, because they needed to focus on their job. Leafpool fell in love with a cat named Crowfeather, who was from a different Clan. They had kits, and because of their lack of loyalty to the warrior code, they caused many problems. Hollyleaf needed to kill Ashfur to protect the secret of Leafpool and Crowfeather's marriage, and Squirrelflight needed to tell a huge lie. It is important for the cats and also us to follow the rules.

Warrior Cats also has a good plot and is an interesting series to read. The cats need to work together to destroy the evil forces, while taking care of themselves. They also have to survive when humans take over their land.

The cats show a lot of sacrifice in the books. Bluestar, Feathertail, Firestar, and Hollyleaf all risked their lives saving other cats and died while doing so. Ivypool spied in the Dark Forest, which was a very brave thing to do, since she could have died if they figured out.

The authors also use details, so that you can picture the scene in your mind. It is easy to follow along while you're reading because the authors make it simple yet interesting. It is really hard to put down the book once you've started it, since the plot just keeps moving.

Warrior Cats are definitely the best books I have ever read, and I hope you can enjoy it too.