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1 Powerslave

Songs like Aces high and 2 Minutes to Midnight just prove that you can have 2 legendary tracks on one album and still not be done with a great track, the rest of it is still top notch like the Rime of the Ancient mariner, I just love it so much

One of the albums where all songs are of equal high quality. Amazing vocal performances in Aces High, Flash of the Blade and Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and then there's of course the incredible guitar play throughout the album.

This album is perfection personified. Aces High is an album opener second only to Moonchild. 2 Minutes to Midnight is a metal anthem that rallies any crowd as Judas Priest's Electric Eye does. Losfer Words is a strangely titled, yet amazing instrumental. Flash of the Blade, The Duellists, and Back in the Village are highly underrated tracks. Powerslave is the master title track with Maiden's greatest guitar solo in history. Rime of the Ancient Mariner is not only their first fully fledged epic, but their best. Up the Irons! - CaptDeadeye

Not just the best Maiden album, but the best album I've ever heard.

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2 The Number of the Beast

1. Invaders 10/10
2. Children of the Damned 10/10
3. The Prisoner 9/10
4.22 Acacia Avenue 10/10
5. The Number of the Beast 11/10
6. Run To the Hills 11/10
7. Gangland 7/10
8. Hallowed be thy Name 12/10 - RedHotChiliPeppers7

Total Eclipse is only on the remastered release, not the actual album, so no there are not 9 songs - dubsinthetubs

The definitive Iron Maiden Album. I would actually say that Power slave is better to listen to but tracks "Number of the Beast" and "Run to the hills" are all time classics and were so important for metal and Maiden at the time. "Hallowed be thy Name" is an absolutely fantastic track also. If you want to get into Iron Maiden, get this and Power slave and you will be hooked. Guaranteed.

Best album of metal

All songs here are perfect. I don't understand why this is number 2. Probably because it has some anti Christian stuff but it's good all round.

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3 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

One of Metals Best albums. Every song is original and very well played.
1) Moonchild 10/10
2) Infinite Dreams 10/10
3) Can I Play With Madness 10/10
4) The Evil That Men Do 100/10
5) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 10/10
6) The Prophecy 8/10
7) The Clairvoyant 10/10
8) Only The Good Die Young 10/10

Just a superb Album from a Superb Band Up the Irons from the UK

A masterpiece of energetic progressive metal.

Best album from Iron Maiden PERIOD!
1#Monnchild(best opening song from any maiden album 10/10)
2#Infinite Dreams(so beautiful and melodic song 10/10
3#Can I Play With Madness(very good and catchy song 10/10
4#The Evil That Men Do(awesome SONG 10/10)
5#Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son( IT'S THE BEST IRON MAIDEN SONG!
6#Prophecy(Very underrated song 10/10)
7#The Clairvoyant(awesome bass intro and the whole song is just pure ORGASM! 10/10)
8#Only The Good Die Young(Perfect way to end a perfect album 10/10)

This is the finest Iron Maiden's album

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4 Somewhere in Time

Easily the most consistently great album. Not a single song that isn't fantastic. Seventh Son is in general, so unappealing to hear and the choruses and synths and guitars just don't mix well. The Number Of The Beast has 4 amazing songs; the title track, which isn't even that amazing, it's pretty overrated but still great; Run To The Hills, which is rightfully considered to be a great metal classic, 22 Acacia Avenue, an extremely underrated and incredibly epic tune, and of course Hallowed Be Thy Name. Powerslave is a solid, great metal album, as well as Killers.
1) Somewhere In Time
2) Powerslave
3) Killers

This is Adrian's album. Every solo, every song is amazing. Maiden experimented with synth guitars, and they succeed.
Bruce's lyrics are absolutely great specially on the closing track Alexander The Great. This album also has the more-mainstream track ever "Wasted Years" which happens to be my favourite. This is definitely Maiden moving forward from the early 80's straight forward rocker anthems onto something more progresive. 1 step closer to the magnum opus 7th Son of a 7th Son.

1. Caught Somewhere In Time 10/10
2. Wasted Years 10/10
3. Sea Of Madness 8/10
4. Heaven Can Wait 10/10
5. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner 7/10
6. Stranger In A Strange Land 9/10
7. Deja-Vu 10/10
8. Alexander The Great 11/10

I actually kinda forgot about this album until I saw a used copy at my local record store. With so many great albums in their catolog this one often gets over looked. While I'm not crazy about the synth. sound it certainly works on this release (but not on JP Turbo, that's just awful). I do like the flow of the record and the song writing better than Seventh Son. For me, this album marked the end of the classic maiden we all came to love.

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5 Piece of Mind

A very well-rounded and constant punch in the face along with fantastic music arrangement and lyrics. Powerful.

From the moment I heard this album I fell in love with it! From the awesome drum intro of Where Eagles Dare (what a fantastic baptism of fire for Nicko! ) Right through to the last strains of To Tame A Land it's a masterpiece throughout! I also have to add that this is my favourite production of any Maiden album! The levels are perfect, everything can be heard clearly and the guitars just chime throughout! Also this album contains my favourite Maiden song EVER in Revelations!

Wow a bit underrated but what a timeless classic.

Iron Maiden doesn't make a bad album. Mabey No Prayer for the Dying, but still it is better than St. Anger and Lulu from Metallica.

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6 Brave New World

Amazing album from start to finish. Wicker man is the best opening track on any Maiden offering other then maybe Aces High. Additionally, this CD is full of some of Iron Maiden's greatest songs of all time including Ghost of the Navigator (my personal favorite), Brave New World and Blood Brothers. There is not a weak track on the whole CD.

Second favourite :P only Killers in front of it

From beginning to end a fantastic album. One of those albums where you never need to hit the "track forward" button. Dickinson's voice on "Brave New World" alone is worth the album cost

Brave new world (the song) is better than all of these albums apart from the number of the beast which has my all time favorite iron maiden song run to the hills which is about the white men coming to wipe out the Indians but also the picture of brave new world is astonishing people would love to hear brave new world.
The chorus is "our brave new world... In a brave new world.

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7 Iron Maiden

The Di'anno era was amazing, and this album is a perfect example of such. It has great songs such as Prowler, Charlotte the Harlot, and also, the most popular song on this album, Phantom of the Opera. It also contains Transylvania, a wonderful instrumental. Oh, and not to forget the band's signiture song: Iron Maiden. Overall, an outstanding album.

If an album is judged by the amount of good songs, then this is their best. Every song off of the debut album is amazing. - CaptDeadeye

By far the best

I mean: Charlotte the harlot, Prowler, Running free, Remember tomorrow, Iron maiden, Phantom of the opera...
I love this great album... Should be no.1!

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8 Killers

Definitely better than Brave new world

Deserves the top 3 spot. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

1 Killers
2 iron Maiden
3 Seventh son
4 piece of mind
5 somewhere in time
6 no prayer for the dying
7 Brave new world
8 Powerslave
9 fear of the dark
10 the x factor
11 the Number of the beast
12 dance of death
13 book of souls
14 the final Frontier
15 a Matter of Life and death
16 virtual 11

Killers is a real classic. Songs like wrathchild, Murders in the Rue Morgue are very good songs

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9 The Book of Souls

The book of Souls has to be voted by many people next month is released, because is maybe not the best, but one of the best Iron Maiden albums of all time, deserves to be in the top 5 at least, amazing album, If Eternity Should Fail, best opener since Moonchild, The Great Unknown is amazing!, the Red and the Black one of the best epics since Bruce and Adrian returned, same with The Book of Souls, one of the most incredible songs Janick and Harris have written, Death and Glory a good quick song with powerful singing, Shadow of the valley is also amazing, Tears of a Clown, a really good tribute to Robbin Williams, I love the solos of that song, The Man of Sorrows is one of the best contribution of Dave Murray to the band, really different but a lot of amazing melodies combined together, and of course, one of the best epics... If not the best Iron Maiden epic, Empire of The Clouds written by Bruce, oooh man, what an incredible journey is that 18 minutes song, the melodies of the piano ...more

I have listened to many an Iron Maiden album, and like any album by any band, there are songs on each that I don't care for (ironically, most of them tend to be the title track). In fact, most Iron Maiden albums net me three, maybe four songs that I listen to again and again. I love 'em, but they're not perfect.
That being said, Book of Souls is the closest thing to perfect they've ever made. EVERY song I enjoy to some degree. EVERY track has a reason to be here. While The Book of Souls may not necessarily contain the BEST songs Iron Maiden has written, it contains no bad ones. Even the big ones like Number of the Beast or Somewhere in Time have at least one track that I can't stand to listen to. The only complaint I can bring against Book of Souls is that some of the songs go on a bit too long. Yes, my one and only gripe is that Book of Souls contains TOO MUCH Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden returns after 5 years with an incredible 92 minutes masterpiece. They push their progressive elements even further and after over 30 years of making heavy metal music they are still able to make interesting and great compositions. In my opinion it's definitely the album of the year. Personal favorites are "The Book Of Souls", "The Man Of Sorrows" and of course "Empire Of The Clouds. You can't miss out on this album. It doesn't matter if you're an Iron Maiden fan or just fan of heavy metal music. You have to get this album.

The best post-Blaze album yet. Book of Souls is their longest album yet, for those who didn't know, and none of it is filler. Every song works well with the rest of the album, and nothing is left to be desired. It may not have any amazing classics like Number of the Beast or Powerslave, but with The Red and the Black, Speed of Light, Empire of the Clouds, and the title track, this is a masterpiece. Certainly deserves to be higher on the list than Dance of Death, A Matter of Life and Death, and Final Frontier, but I guess that's just because it's so new.

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10 A Matter of Life and Death

Definitely the best post-reunion album by them - no doubt about it. Check it out before voting cause seeing this album below BoS makes me think that people voted for that album just because it's their most recent.

Just heck yes! It will be very difficult for Iron Maiden to top this album. Almost every (all but like 2) songs on this album are 5 star songs in my opinion. The Legacy, For the Greater Good of God and The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg are just so wonderful!

Interesting how people rank this album either 1-5 or 13-15. - Alkadikce

Underrated, deserves to be higher up. Several songs here are 5 star quality. These Colours Don't Run, Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, Out of the Shadows and The Longest Day are in my opinion, some of their best material. Brilliant from start to finish, and those who have never heard it seriously need to check it out. You will not be disappointed. UP THE IRONS!

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11 The Final Frontier

Flawless. More diverse and more consistent than their "classic" albums (which I love to bits mind you) there are so many different soundscapes, from the dark and brooding (mother of mercy, end part of When the wild wind blows) to the exotic (Isle of Avalon, Middle section of The man who would be king) and space (title track and Starblind) but it doesn't feel unfocussed either.

Just wonderfull. It has some of the most original maiden songs, a strange mix of prog metal with classic heavy metal and a touch of psychodelic rock. A song that specially caught my attention was the magnific Isle of Avlon, wich for me is the most progressive and creative maiden song ever.

This is the best album by Iron Maiden! I've been Maiden-fan since 1980 and I still remember the day when Killers came to record store as their latest album. So, I have "some" background. The Final Frontier is an exceptional, quality prog-influenced album from the band that has been able to put well their experince as a musician and as a composer to this record. Really great compositions and arrangements, like masterpiece Isle of Avalon that has great instrumental piece in the middle and like Mother of Mercy that has really dramatic vocal melodies and much much more. As well know, Bruce was influence by Peter Hamill of VDGG and that really shines through. Not a single weak moment in this album.

The title track, El Dorado, Mother of Mercy, Coming Home, The Alchemist, The Talisman and Where the Wild Wind Blows are all among the best Maiden songs ever. And that's over half of the album!

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12 Fear of the Dark

WAY under rated, probably because it had a few off songs in my opinion but it's still really good all around

Should be way higher than this. Fear of the dark's guitar solos are absolutely epic, one of their best songs. Anyway, I can not argue with some albums higher, but 12 is just too low.

Definitely one of my favorite Iron Maiden albums. I think it deserves a higher place on this list for it's brilliant vocals, song structures and guitar riffs. My personal favorites off of this album are Be Quick Or Be Dead, From Here To Eternity, Afraid To Shoot Strangers, Childhood's End and Fear Of The Dark.

This is an incredible album, not THE best but it definitely has to be in top 5. In my opinion the best Maiden song - Fear Of The Dark - is on this one. Also - great cover, Eddie's scarier than ever. Although boogeyman checks his closet for Chuck Norris, Norris ckecks under his bed... For EDDIE - Moonchild

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13 Dance of Death

Past the weird cover art this is absolutely one of the best albums out there.

What's bad with this album? Only the cover art. Other than that, it's one of their most emotional albums. - CaptDeadeye


This has to be in the top 5 and would live to hear this album live, Epic!
Amazing lyrics, melodies, solos structure.

The only album that ends with an acoustic song! Journey man has got to be like the best acoustic song iv ever heard.

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14 The X Factor

It's no real Maiden, that is why this album is so much low, but actually this is their musical masterpiece.

Veru Good Album
The Music In This Album... I Think It's Very Strangier Than The Other Albums
In My Opinion It's The Darkest Album Of Their Discography
Songs Like ''Lord Of Files''Man On The Edge''Judgement Of Heaven''Fortunes Of War''Blood On The Worlds Hands''The Edge Of Darkness''


Awesome album. This is Iron Maiden making exceptional elite music. It surely sounds darker and different than most Maiden albums, but this band's sound is unmistakable and you still recognise the unique Maiden playing. Of course Blaze is a different kind of singer than Bruce, but he does an excellent job here. The album's darker music and production go great with his voice.
Choosing a best Maiden album is too hard for me. In my opinion, this is their best album of the 1990s (yes, even better than Brave New World), and one of their all time best. From the 1980s, their best work is without a doubt Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Picking their best album from the 2000s is harder, as they are all among their best of all time. It's a close pick between AMOLAD and Final Frontier, although Dance of Death is also spectacular. Incredibly, Iron Maiden have overall been more prolific, sound tighter and write better music in the 2000s than any other time in the band's long history.

It's ridiculous that the x factor is this low. Steve Harris himself stated that this, along with SSOASS and Piece of mind are his favourite albums. Out of 11 songs there are only 2 of them that don't make you feel chills. Come On! Sing of the cross! Fortunes of war! Lord of the flies! Look for the truth! Judgement of heaven! The edge of darkness! This is heavy metal! Please vote for this epic, dark album

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15 Live After Death

Of all the live metal albums out there this is arguably one the best if not the best. It really captures their live show perfectly. Put this album on your turntable, sit back and close your eyes and enjoy a live performance of one of the best metal bands there ever was.

Perfect Live album... Showing the awesome prowess of the band live... Everybody should own this album, it is a metal pre-requisite!... From the spine chilling churchill's speech to the final curtain call

One of metal's greatest live CDs. From the album artwork, to Churchills speech, Rime of the ancient mariner, all just amazing. Iron maiden rule live, and this album captures that amazing raw energy. One of those bands that have some songs sound better live.

I understand why it doesn't get the same attention as the studio albums (at least these days), but this captures the band at its absolute peak with many of the best songs from my favourite period.

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16 Virtual XI

It may be their worst album, but its not bad. Some songs are trash. But Futureal, The Clansman, and Como Estais Amigos are amazing. - CaptDeadeye

I think it’s funny that a live album is higher than this

Definitely not their best, but FAR from their worst. This is really good. Don't stop yourself from checking this out, just because all the hardcore fans hate this. Listen to Futureal and The Clansman, and you'll see what I'm talking about

As much as I love most Iron Maiden albums, this one takes the prize. While it can be repetitive, it's also very rewarding to listen too; the repetition also can establish a good groove/vibe, such as with 'The Angel and the Gambler'. Blaze's performance is excellent as usual, Steve's bass clicks it's way along the record with straight-up rocking bass lines, and the guitar duo delivers memorable riffs yet again. Oh, and did I mention Nicko's simplistic (not overdone) but always great drumming? Fantastic album. It definitely grows on you and has stood the test of time.

Lastly, don't like Blaze? Check out his solo versions of 'Futureal', 'Sign of the Cross', etc. - Blaze's voice is doing better and he can just go all out, and it sounds awesome.

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17 Flight 666
18 Best of the Beast

Compilation albums should be removed from this list as, although they are made up of songs by the band, they are not in themselves albums which contain new material


Good album! Should be higher because it has all the best songs, pretty much

Compilation album, should be listed... but only for the new songs!
So this album should only be rated for Virus in this list - RockFan2002

19 Rock in Rio

My preferance

SCREAM FOR ME Brazil! Number 1 live album ever!

ROCK IN RIO! Amazing setlist choice and amazing overall performance by the best band in the world. Rock in Rio is their best live album in my opinion and it always will be. Up the irons!

Good yes yes me like

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20 Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980-1989

Pretty good

21 En Vivo!

At the age of 6, I heard Number of the Beast and didn't get it. Next year, I heard the Trooper and gradually became obsessed to where I am today. I know every Iron Maiden song or studio album, but this was my first Maiden CD. I got it for Easter and my dad and I would always drive around listening to the album over and over again. A great album and one with a lot of sentimental value to me. UP THE IRONS!


22 Death on the Road

The best live album that they have done, in my opinion

23 Live at Donington
24 Best of the 'B' Sides
25 Soundhouse Tapes

Awesome EP - DaCow

26 Maiden England
27 No Prayer for the Dying

This is so bad, but so bad that even compilations come before this. But then again, Fear of the Dark came afterwards, which was just flawless.

Underrated! Just listen to "Holy Smoke", "No Prayer for the Dying" and "The Assassin"
And what about "Bring Your Daughter... though the Slaughter"?!


You gotta be kidding

1 Killers
2 iron Maiden
3 seventh son
4 piece of mind
5 somewhere in time
6 no prayer
7 Brave new world
8 Powerslave
9 fear of the dark
10 the Number of the beast
11 dance of death
12 the x factor
13 book of souls
14 the final Frontier
15 Matter of Life and death
16 virtual 11

Jesus Christ, how the hell is this literally the lowest album on the list? Are people so deaf that even the damn compilations and live albums top this? This isn't even remotely bad, and sure it isn't a Powerslave or a Killers but it doesn't deserve any of the thrown at it - dubsinthetubs

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28 From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010

The best songs from Iron Maiden in one album

29 Live in Rio
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