Top 10 Best Franz Ferdinand Songs 

Franz Ferdinand, the Scottish indie rock band named after an Austro-Hungarian Archduke, has graced the music scene with their unique blend of post-punk revival and dance-punk since the early 2000s. They've amassed a collection of head-bopping, foot-tapping tunes that have become essential fixtures in the indie rock landscape.

The way they blend that angular guitar work with danceable beats and those clever lyrics, it's like they've found a magical formula to ignite the senses. From energizing anthems that make you want to jump around your room, to slower, introspective tracks that allow you to lose yourself in the rhythm and lyrics, there's a Franz Ferdinand song for every mood.
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1 Take Me Out

Enough said really. This song is too epic, and the beat is unbelievably infectious.

It's also in The Rolling Stones' top 500 songs of all time. Need I say any more?

This is the unquestioned number one for Franz Ferdinand. An epic beginning leads to an equally epic core. This is what makes indie music special. Great stuff!

This track is exactly where it should be! Nothing comes close. No You Girls should be second though!

2 Ulysses
3 No You Girls

This song is hot and sexy, but with a dash of class and maturity. I say this was a great achievement. They managed to make it sexy, but in a very classy way.

Addictive, sexy, and smart. Sounds dreamy, right? I could literally create a whole dance routine to this song.

Oh, kiss me. Flick your cigarette and then kiss me. Kiss me where your eye won't meet me.

4 The Dark of the Matinee

Simple song and not the deepest, but it's still great. Catchy and awesome!

I think it's better than No You Girls. That's why I voted for this. It deserves third place.

5 The Fallen

I absolutely love this song. When I heard it, I just couldn't stop listening!

6 This Fire
7 Walk Away
8 Do You Want To

I loved this song in the anime Paradise Kiss. It is awesome! Franz Ferdinand is one of the best bands ever!

Anyone who doesn't love them is simply missing out.

9 Stand on the Horizon

Amazing transition from the intro into the song. Gets you dancing. Great song overall.

10 Jacqueline

This should be first. It's their best song.

The Contenders
11 This Boy
12 Right Action

Great song! It should definitely be higher.

13 Lucid Dreams

This song is amazing, and I listened to it for literally seven hours straight. His voice sounds unique and amazing!

14 Outsiders

The way it closes out "You Could Have It So Much Better"... Wow! Just an amazing song by Franz Ferdinand.

This song is really awesome. The guitar is perfect. All of Franz Ferdinand's material is just as good. It's impossible to pick favorites, but this one might just be the best.

15 Michael

Come on, this song is catchy and hilarious!

16 You Could Have It So Much Better
17 Love Illumination

This song makes me very, very happy! Top 5 of Franz Ferdinand without a doubt!

My favorite. Definitely top 10 at least.

18 What She Came For

The electronic music and lyrics make it a great song.

19 40 Ft

This song is my all-time favorite. I don't know why. I just love their band and the quality of their music.

Also, if you care, I think the lyrics to this song are about Icarus and Daedalus.

I don't know why this isn't higher on the list. I would rank it equal to the likes of No You Girls and Ulysses. It certainly stands out to me as one of their better songs.

20 Evil Eye

Should definitely be higher, amazing song!

So good. I have no idea why it's not first!

21 Darts of Pleasure

Such a fun song, and kind of naughty! It should be in the top 10 for sure and is probably my third favorite, eclipsed by No You Girls and The Dark of the Matinee.

22 Come on Home

A beautiful song from this gem of a band. It is very different from their usual style but sounds fantastic.

Most underrated song by them. Excellent chorus line with Alex Kapranos's falsetto vocals.

23 Auf Achse
24 You're the Reason I'm Leaving

This is just the perfect mix of riffs.

25 Bullet

I can never get this song out of my head now!

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