Top 10 Best Kinds of Cake

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1 Chocolate

Best thing ever. I could live even if its just a cake on my side. Its really amazing in taste and you can really see the difference.

None can beat chocolate you know.

Chocolate cake is super yummy

You can't beat a good old slice of chocolate cake

2 Cheese

This is the best food every donkey! It's way better than chocolate cake donkey! Ok donkey! Cheesecake donkey!

Not only do I love regular cheesecake, but I also love the Japanese kind as well

I love cheese"... That's why I vote it"... And I want to get more cheese recipe... Its very mouth watering...

Cheese cakes are creamy and soft, little bit of sugar and salty cheese, with sweet fruit or chocolate, or cream, taste so good! This is the best

3 Red Velvet

Red velvet is amazing and I totally love it so it is absolutely perfect

Never to be confused with the South Korean pop group of the same name...

Who doesn't like red velvet? So good with cream cheese frosting!

One of my favorite cakes ever. Definitely beats melon, who would eat melon cake?

4 Ice Cream Cake

A cake made mostly/completely out of Ice cream is better than any other cake!

Ice cream cake is so delicious especially if it's vanilla with vanilla yum.

The two best desserts in ONE! Who wouldn't like that?

I love ice cream cake

5 Vanilla

Who doesn't like vanilla because if they don't vanilla is a God I can't even explain how sweet vanilla is for that creamy vanilla everything is vanilla everything should be vanilla I love Vanilla I love I love vanilla so much. If I can't live without vanilla cake say with me I cannot I cannot live without vanilla cake pledge to that.

Vanilla cake and chocolate icing together - The best. #1

Go with the classic

I love this cake.

6 Coffee

Amazing. Shouldn't even be called coffee cake. Coffee sucks, but this cake sure doesn't

Oh my gosh so darn delicious in my opinion/

The crumble is even better than frosting!


7 Carrot

You ever wondered what perfection tastes like? You want to feel alive for the first time ever? You want to know why just a bite transforms most people into level two super sayans?

No? Then avoid this cake, whose amazing taste also makes it extremely addictive, once you had a bite you just can't go back to all that "disgusting things I loved moments ago" ever again...

...Nothing for you I am sure, I mean why would you want to eat love, heaven perfection and awesome things you did not even know existed and you desired?

Not just the carrots. The frosting and somewhat crunchy texture make it no1 in my opinion

As somebody who doesn't really care for Vegetables, I really darn love carrot cake in my opinion!

This deserves more votes!

8 Strawberry

Looks heavenly!

My personal favorite!


9 Pound Cake

I love pound cake it's my favorite. It's simple without all the frosting and cream yet it still taste sweet!

Delicious, especially dipped in hot chocolate.

Yay I added this and it made it to 23 :D

10 Victoria Sponge

So low on this list should be number 1

HOW IS THIS 17?!?!?!

so good

Aww I love this cake! it should at least be in top two.

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11 Cookie Cake

Forgot Birthday Cake by Rihanna. Hey it didn't say anything had to be edible

Amazing taste I love every birthday!

This is awesome

12 Coconut
13 Marble

Really no marble? It's like a mix of chocolate and vanilla in one!

14 Devil's Food Cake

And marshmallow icing!

The bomb!

15 Cinnamon

This cake is legit underrated

16 German Chocolate

Milk cake is higher!? Seriously

17 Sponge
18 Fruit
19 Banana Walnut
20 Milk
21 Caramel

Caramel cake is delicious and sweet!

22 Tiramisu

I just had some tiramisu a few days ago and I loved It!

It almost made me throw up one time, I got dizzy and felt really bad. That was one time though - fwed

23 Lemon

Super underrated cake, it's absolutely delicious

24 Cherry Chip
25 White Cake
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