Top 10 Best Things to Put on Toast

Imagine waking up to the delightful aroma of freshly toasted bread, the warm and comforting scent wafting through your home, signalling the beginning of a new day. The humble toast, a seemingly simple food, becomes a canvas for culinary creativity, ready to be adorned with a plethora of delectable toppings.

Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, craving a savoury bite, or looking for a quick, nutritious snack, there's a toast topping to satisfy your every whim and fancy. From the simplicity of butter and jam to elaborate creations topped with eggs, avocados, or gourmet cheeses - the world of toast toppings is incredibly diverse and continually expanding.
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1 Butter

I don't know why Nutella is so popular. Butter is the king of spreads and the best of them all. Amazing spread!

Just heavenly. Chocolate spread is lovely too, but you can't beat good old butter!

No discussion needed, anything else is superfluous!

2 Cheese

Dairylea is the best if you're looking for a spreadable. Although if you prefer a good strong cheese, then mature cheddar or extra mature cheddar is a favorite. It is so rich and tastes good on any kind of toasted bread.

Anchor Light Cheddar Cheese is the best cheese. Grate it and put it on hot toast, and it will melt into delicious perfection! #Anchor Cheese

3 Nutella

Butter, sorry. Your place on this planet has been stolen by the King of Toppings, Nutella. I absolutely love this. I actually have it for breakfast on plain bread most days. I absolutely love it on toast and everything else too!

I actually don't waste Nutella left in the jar because I turn it into a milkshake! It gives lovely results. Next time you're thinking of throwing your 'finished' Nutella jar away, if there's any brown in the jar, just pour some milk in and shake!

Nutella is magical! It turns a boring slice of toast into an amazing dessert! Nutella should be #1! Those of you who voted for Peanut Butter have probably never tried Nutella!

4 Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is the best on toast. I honestly prefer it on toast than on a bagel.

5 Honey
6 Peanut Butter

I have peanut butter on toast every morning for breakfast. No lie! It always fills me up and tastes great every time.

I love peanut butter toast: nutritious and delicious. Top it with bananas or Nutella, and that's the bomb!

The taste and smell of the smooth peanut butter melting on your toast is one of life's pleasures.

7 Fried Eggs
8 Strawberry Jam
9 Tomato Soup
10 Chocolate Spread

It is chocolate, for God's sake. And butter is just not healthy at all.

It's delicious! In fact, I think I just might go make some right now! Yum. Here I go!

The Contenders
11 Marmite

Marmite is amazing with cheese on toast, absolutely savory.

You either love it or hate it. But I love it.

12 Crunched Up Crackers
13 Cinnamon
14 Spaghetti
15 Berry Jam

I love berry jams. It is the best.

16 Ketchup
17 Mayonnaise
18 Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam is better than Strawberry Jam.

19 Banana

Mashed up on toast makes for a great fruit spread substitute.

20 Scrambled Eggs
21 Caramel
22 Marmalade
23 Vegemite

I think this stuff is disgusting. BUT make sure, friends, if you do vegemite you do it right. Thin layer. Like paper thin. Tastes like salt.

24 Avocado

It's delicious on toast and is mouthwatering, melting in your mouth!

25 Beans
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