Pokémon Platinum: Random video game review (Random Pokémon Marathon #4)

I have been waiting SO LONG FOR THIS!
Oh you have no idea!
I wanted to do this review since ages, mainly because of mylove for the 4th generation of Pokémon, I mean.IT'S MY FAVORITE!

So what did this generation added? Wellnot much except for three things!
First they improved the interface by using the touchscreen of the DS. A change I personally really like!
Second they added GTS and WLAN, but because I never play online, except for a few fighting games, I cannot tell much.
Also they added a psychic/physic split. A CHANGE THAT MAKES F$#*ING SENSE! If you were hit by a Fire attack before the 4th gen, it was psychic, even Firepunch!

Again the new Pokémon are pretty awesome! Even if not as great as the third generation, it is solid and sure has some great gems. Like Garchomp, Gallade, Lucario, Giratina, Electivire, Magmortar, Empoleon, Infernape and my all-time favorite Pokémon:
Darkrai! They really created something fantastic here!

Sinnoh is my favorite region EVER! They put much effort into this, because the REGION LOOKS GORGEUS! Every place looks different from each other and is great to look at!

Gamefreak now tried to make a good story and the kinda succeded a bit. There's this new organization Team Galaxy. Then there's the leader Cyrus, who as it turns out, wants to destroy the universe! Geeh, I never heard that before! Still it puts it together to a pretty good story for a Pokémon game.

Now the soundtrack of Platinum is fantastic. It has a great variety of tracks, not one being terrible or bland and all fitting into their situation. It is my favorite soundtrack in the series so far

The graphics were often critizised for failing at their 3D effect. To be honest it was'nt good, but it's a DS, what do you expect! On the DS levels they made a good job overall and could pull off some neat graphics already.

Now my main critic point of gen 3 was it was too easy. Platinum made it perfectly right. The game always presented me a challenge, but never did I felt like I had to grind to much! Also the Battle Frontier came back. The gen 3 version was in my opinion more enjoyable and fear inducing, but it is still a load of extra content!

So even though it is my favorite Pokémon game ever, I had to decide a final rating and I gave it a
9/10 with the adjective "awesome"
The game again has a lot going for it, like battles, Pokémon and more. It is a truly great game for the introduction of Pokémon to the DS and I can highly recommend it to anybody!


I like this game! Pokemon Platinum is like improvement of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. - Delgia2k

Psychic/physic? Don't you mean the physical/special split. That was introduced in Diamond and Pearl. - MrQuaz680