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1 Pokémon Emerald

Generation 3 games have a special place in my heart. It is very hard to pick which Pokemon game is best, but this is the one that I feel the most attachment for. I've been a fan since Gen 1, but this one means so much to me because it came out at a time when Pokemon was losing its status as a worldwide phenomenon and people began shunning it. But I still loved Pokemon. I'm so glad I gave this game a chance and didn't forget about Pokemon like 90% of my friends did at the time. It had a decent story by Pokemon standards and introduced a lot of cool new Pokemon like Metagross, Blaziken, Swampert, Absol, Gardevoir, and of course, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, etc. I wouldn't say it has the best selection of Pokemon available, but it has my favorite overall soundtrack and my favorite region/map design. There are also neat things that you won't see in the other games, like having your own Secret Base. There's also the lengthy and challenging post-game, the Battle Frontier. I cannot wait for the remakes, which have been confirmed today! Hoenn, I'm coming home!

2 Pokémon Platinum

Over my harsh past with Nintendo, I've had some happiness and upsets as well. This was my first game, when I was about 5 or 6. I loved this game for giving me such a powerful bond with the gamer I am today. It was truly a beautiful game, along with being a challenge. I lost all of my DS games due to issues at home when I was 9. Now that I'm almost 14 and have the game back, it just brings tears to my eyes. Of all the Pokemon games, I can honestly say that, not due to favoritism but experience, if you play this you will love this game. Believe in yourself like I did and have an exciting adventure of your very own!

I don't understand how Pokemon FireRed is above this masterpiece simply because of nostalgia. I don't think they rated the game unbiasedly. I will try to rate this without any bias. So to start off, the graphics were amazing. To think that these came after Emerald is just outstanding. Yes, I realize it was on a different console, but still. Second of all, this game had so much more story and other things added to it than Diamond and Pearl. Third, the music was amazing. If you ask anyone, they'll say Cynthia's Champion Battle music is one of the best Pokemon themes out there. Now, I will agree that Team Galactic didn't make much sense sometimes, but they were still a great evil team. And there was so much story. Overall, I think that this game is overshadowed by nostalgia, and I think it's time everyone took off their nostalgia glasses and actually looked at the facts.

3 Pokémon SoulSilver

The first Pokemon game I ever played was Silver, and it was shared among me and my two brothers. We had a blast playing through it. We must have had over 300 hours on it, and eventually, we couldn't save anymore because we had played too much. I eventually got Ruby, FireRed, and eventually Pearl, but nothing was the same experience as this. When the news came out that Gold and Silver were being remade, I was ecstatic. This game has successfully kept everything that was wonderful in Silver - two regions, great Pokemon, awesome story - and made it better by updating it for the DS. It's by far the best game for me, although the original Generation Two games are classic.

This game was my life back when I was around 8 years old. I literally could not get enough of it! I trained three of my Pokemon to level 100 in one day, and then, tragically, I lost it.

SoulSilver and HeartGold are remakes of Silver and Gold, two already very good Pokemon games, and add some extra attributes to them and fix existing problems.

You can also get most of the legendaries with only one copy, which, unfortunately, isn't very common in Pokemon games.

The graphics, especially considering the DS's capabilities, are pretty good, and the battles have never been better!

Overall, I give this game a 10/10. It's absolutely one of, if not THE best Pokemon game out there.

4 Pokémon FireRed

Those of you who are claiming that games like Diamond and Pearl can compete with the original Pokemon games or the remakes of the originals must have joined the Pokemon party late. The original games will forever be a masterpiece and hallmark of gaming. Those games launched a frenzy in their heyday, the likes of which we will never see again. The nostalgia and memories will always make them the top dog.

Pokemon Fire Red was the first Pokemon game I ever played. If you say that the new generation of games (Platinum, HeartGold, and Diamond) are better than the old ones, you probably have never played them. But not every single old Pokemon game is as good as Pokemon Fire Red! I mean, Charizard is the best starter evolution ever! The fire-flying combination and the way it looks is just the best Pokemon ever! I have played over 300 hours of this game on my Game Boy! (That's 12 full days.) And with the emulator, it doesn't give that special feeling to any Pokemon game that you've helped Nintendo by buying their products. It also just doesn't feel like Pokemon anymore.

5 Pokémon HeartGold

The HeartGold and SoulSilver games were the peak of Pokemon games. They really do justice to the Gold and Silver games, and on top of that have beautiful graphics and soundtrack. After these games, Pokemon steadily went downhill, becoming easier and less gratifying, less special.

If you want a game with better aesthetics and soundtrack, but don't want the blandness and simplicity of newer Pokemon games, I suggest HeartGold or SoulSilver.

And as someone whose first Pokemon game was the original Gold version, it makes you feel really nostalgic.

Easily the best Pokemon game ever. There are so many little pieces of extra plot and awesome mini-games that you get addicted to after a while (Pokeathlon, the bug-catching thing above Goldenrod City, the Battle Frontier, and the slot machines in Celadon City). Also, you can go in Johto, my favorite region of all, and Kanto. The storyline is also my favorite, right after Emerald, which I feel is more important than anything else in a Pokemon game. I have clocked in more than 400 hours on this game and I plan on playing one of the 2nd gen games to get more out of the story, which will be hard to do. This is easily the best Pokemon game in my eyes, and everything, and I mean everything, about it is crazy amazing and I just love it so much I am not even able to describe it all. Just thinking about it makes me insane with joy. So many memories. I know it is just a game, but this game influenced my life forever.

6 Pokémon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond is the best. The graphics are good, but they don't overdo it like Black and White. This game has the best Pokemon ever! Giratina and my favorite, Torterra. This was my second game after Fire Red (Game Boy Advance version), so this was the game that actually taught me about Pokemon. It helped me understand Pokemon. I also like this game because it has more Pokemon to catch, the hardest Elite Four, and more legendaries than any other game. Finally, this game was a great adventure because Sinnoh is the largest region. It let me explore and have a great time. I've played this game for 400 hours and I'm not stopping. Any REAL Pokemon fan should have this. And don't bother getting Black and White. It's the easiest game ever!

Honestly, I may be a little biased, for this is my first-ever Pokemon game, but this is, in my opinion, one of the best games. I even loved the anime part of it! The song tracks are beautiful, the graphics are nice and classic and not overdone, and the Pokemon there are awesome! I love the places you can go to as well. I would play this game for hours sometimes, and it is probably the only game I've ever played where I would pay double the price if I could play it again. Playing this game was my favorite part of my youth, as you could say, as now school and homework take over. Thanks, Nintendo, for making this game.

7 Pokémon Black

When this came out in 2010, I bought it for $50 and played it all day and night. My parents were mad at me for playing it when I should have been doing homework. I was 11, and I really enjoyed it when it first came out. All of the anticipation, build-up, and hype were the best parts of my craving for it. I was so excited for it, and I remember how long I played because I had a log for it just so that if my friends said they played longer than me, I could prove them wrong. I played for 56 hours, and 24 of those hours were in one straight day of me on my couch with my DSi, playing and playing. I remember telling my parents, who were mad at me for spending $50 on it, "It's great!" and "I love it so much!" I calmed them down after a bit because they thought I had wasted quite a bit of my allowance. Chores earned me $6 a week, and I had recently made a deal that if I did something extra each week, they would give me an extra $1. The only reason I asked for that deal was that I wanted to buy it when it first came out, and I expected it to cost $60, so I saved that up. I was relieved to see that it was $50, so I wouldn't have to blow all my money on the game. This game had the best plot and the greatest "new" Pokemon at the time. I think that the hype was the best part of the game, and I know that a lot of people don't like things just because of the hype. When there is hype, there often isn't a very good game soon to come out, and it is all "karma." I loved this game. I told you how many hours I played of it, and not many people remember the hype. Hype, hype, hype! It was great. When it came out, I headed to GameStop, and it was filled with people in there. I realized that the only thing they were buying was Pokemon Black. There was actually a security guard that day, and he had a taser on him. I heard later that day that someone actually tried to smuggle one out of there, but there was a shoplifting signal, and the guy got tased. I was pretty scared that there was a... more

8 Pokémon X

This game is nearing its 10th anniversary, and I must say, despite its easy difficulty and forgettable characters (The Elite Four is a perfect example of this), coupled with an evidently rushed development cycle, this was perhaps the last time we saw the main series Pokemon in its former glory. The Kalos region is vibrant, boasting impressive graphics for 3DS standards. The French-inspired locales further enhance its beauty. There are also references to French culture, such as place names, cafes, and fashion. Lumiose City is essentially Paris. I highly recommend choosing the female character since clothing options for males are limited. It's the small details that make the game enjoyable, just as with the minigames. I fondly recall playing with my Fennekin, Bongo, in Pokemon Amie, and creating PR videos was always fun. Overall, Pokemon X&Y was a delightful experience for me. I'd love to revisit it sometime in the future.

9 Pokémon Yellow

Ah, Pokemon Yellow. It's honestly a classic, and for a Game Boy game, there was just so much on it. I appreciate the extremely unfriendly rival who's always one step ahead of you, and an evil team that's essentially the Pokemon Mafia. With colorful characters and a catchy soundtrack, this game holds a special place in my heart. Red, Blue, and Green were all pretty good, but Yellow feels like a slightly more complete version to me, and the addition of Pikachu is pretty adorable. I love the little dance he does if you leave him above a ledge after you jump off of it.

Yellow is not only my favorite Pokemon game but also my 13th favorite video game of all time. It was just pure awesomeness from the start. This was my second Pokemon game (Blue was my first), and after owning almost every generation, Yellow is still my favorite due to the newness of the concept at the time, the replay value, and of course, the nostalgia. I even like how glitchy the game is! Aside from that, I think that Yellow and Crystal should be much higher.

10 Pokémon Crystal

This is hands down the best Pokemon game ever, with a great storyline. I adore how it's like you have to prove yourself to the legendary dogs (really Suicune), but the story doesn't prevent you from easily getting through the gyms, like in Black and White. My one peeve is how easily Typhlosion can walk through the gyms, and how easy Victory Road is. That doesn't mean that this game is not challenging. The Ice Path can be very tough to figure out. Another plus to this game is access to two regions! Sixteen badges of awesomeness and epic battles vs. Red packing level 80s. Pokemon Crystal is hands down the greatest Pokemon game of all time!

I have to say, this game was the first Pokemon game that I really played through as a kid. But after a little while, I lost it and couldn't play it anymore. I was heartbroken. When I saw it again at a yard sale, I bought it in a heartbeat. It starts off with the best story of any Pokemon game and also has one of the largest Pokedexes to boot, during the time when it came out. It was the first to incorporate moving Pokemon, which I thought was awesome. It probably has the longest story out of any Pokemon game ever. What other game lets you fight Red? Sure, Silver and Gold come close, but this is a step ahead of even those games. If you are a newbie to Pokemon, I suggest this one as a starting game.

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11 Pokémon White

My game says I've spent more than 999 hours playing this game and I think it might be true. I love this game and everything about it. I could have played it for hours even during the night. I remember battling with my friends during nights at my house. It was great, and I love the sequel even more for its gameplay and Pokemon. I've played all Pokemon games and I'm like an expert, and this game is in my number one place. (Just with Diamond, Emerald, White 2, SoulSilver, and every other Pokemon game from the main series and Explorers of Time. Yeah, I have more than one game in my first place.)

Man, I love White version to death. Poor Unova isn't the most loved region in the franchise, which I think is a little unfair. Yes, a few Pokemon were a little uncreative, but that has been the case starting from Pokemon Red. I mean, do poor Vanillite and Trubbish deserve all the hate? Yet, this one definitely had an amazing story, soundtrack, characters, and a lot more Pokemon look cool than people give Gen 5 credit for. I love this game.

12 Pokémon Black 2

This game is below Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? That's a disgrace, in my opinion!

This is one of the best Pokemon games of all time and just because it's a sequel and uses the same region, it doesn't mean this has to be at the bottom. Just look at Pokemon Silver. That was a sequel that reused the Kanto region and it's No. 3 on the list.

I've been a Pokemon fan since that generation and I think this game deserves a chance. I can understand if nostalgic games such as Red & Blue are at the top of this list, but to me, this is the best Pokemon game to date and deserves to be closer to the top.

Pokemon Black 2 is the best, no doubt, hands down, everyone. Although I must admit, I'm not really a fan of the mascot in the game, Black Kyurem. Besides that, I think it's an absolutely wonderful game. I just absolutely love Humilau City. It's like a paradise island! The gym is just a great experience with relaxing music and all. But besides that, you can even link back to the previous games, Black and White, and have flashbacks, which to me is really awesome. People might complain that since it's a remake, it's basically the same as the previous games. Wrong! Many new things, such as The Black Tower in Black 2, offer brand new challenges that are tough and difficult to face, just what anyone would want. New characters, including Colress and two other gym leaders, Roxie and Marlon, make the game a lot more interesting to play. Also, the Xtransceiver has more features, including being able to talk to some of the main characters of the game and also participate in four-way calls. That way, a maximum of four players can wirelessly interact with each other just like in the game. Also, I think a lot of Black 2 fans will agree that Hugh is the best rival a main character will ever have. Why? For once in a game, you don't get a rival who calls you a total loser or acts like a jerk and is arrogant in every way. Instead, he acts like a total friend. Also, he actually helps out nearly most of the time with your quest to defeat Team Plasma, which in other games, other rivals don't help as much. Ok, so he asks you to watch his back, which is not too much to ask, and he doesn't come up with lame excuses as to why he lost or that you won because you were lucky or things like that. Besides, Hugh's theme song is just awesome. I mean, it really gets me fired up. Also, the storyline is quite different, with new routes and places like Lentimas Town and cool scenes from Team Plasma. There's way more I could say about this amazing game, but I hope you get the point! So please vote,... more

13 Pokémon White 2

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are now 10 years old, and I feel old now because of that. I swear, 2012 and 2013 were the best years of the 2010s, despite all the problems. Anyways, what I like about those sequels is that they make use of the Unova region very well compared to the originals, where it's just straight lines connecting to cities and the occasional big dungeon. It also has an expansive postgame, with the Black Tower/White Treehollow being my favorite out of these games, basically a roguelike, Pokemon-style. You also start out in a city instead of a small rural town, where you can catch a Riolu later at the beginning of the game. It reminds me of the time when I played out mock Pokemon battles with dogs when I grew up on a farm in NY, even though I didn't encourage them to hurt each other. These games are underappreciated in many ways, and yes, I still have my old save file from 2013 and both versions. These games are so good.

14 Pokémon Silver

Ah, Pokemon Silver, in my opinion, is the peak of Pokemon gaming. The reason later Pokemon games pale in comparison is that they lack the depth and backstory that Silver managed to gain from being a sequel to Red and Blue. For example, Koga, a member of the Elite Four, used to be the gym leader of Fuchsia City (which everyone knows, of course). All this backstory could be revealed after beating all the Johto gyms and the Elite Four, and then heading back to Kanto to beat the old gym leaders again. Having two regions was absolutely fantastic, giving Silver the longest post-game content out of any Pokemon game. Going back to Kanto and seeing what had changed since your Pokemon Red playthrough was simply amazing. My favorite example of this is the eruption of Cinnabar Island and finding Blaine's gym in the Seafoam Islands. Silver was strengthened by the legacy of Red and Blue, and vice versa, making both sets of games truly better. Playing Red and Blue was essentially playing Silver in the past, knowing that in the future, you would be standing atop Mount Silver, fighting against your current protagonist, Red, in perhaps the best fight in the entire Pokemon franchise. With Pokemon in the high seventies (and some in the high eighties), Red was the most formidable trainer in the entire series. Not only were his Pokemon extremely intimidating, but you had played as Red yourself, beating the Elite Four and Team Rocket. You knew all his accomplishments, but his activities between your battle with Red and his victory over the Elite Four made him mysterious at the same time. Altogether, Silver has fantastic replay value with two regions and sixteen gyms, and an absolutely fantastic climax against yourself.

15 Pokémon Y

I thought that the original Pokemon games were the best until I played these masterpieces. Such detail, great Pokemon, amazing soundtrack, cool story, fun characters, meaningful messages, awesome legendary Pokemon - even though Xerneas just looks like the Great Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke. Lol, but this game, I think, has a better Pokemon selection than X. Both games are great though. And they definitely should be way higher on this list. I mean, some of these games took so long to even save that they were so hard to play. Definitely my favorite Pokemon game.

It is amazing how much credit goes to other games up higher because they are more popular. Gen is arguably one of the worst Pokemon generations. XY is my favorite entry in the series thus far. While all games in the Pokemon series stand out in some way, shape, or form, I feel XY definitely outshines the rest, being the first Pokemon game with 3D graphics, great starters, interesting travel companions, and one of the best of the Pokemon animes.

16 Pokémon Omega Ruby

Honestly, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are my favorites in terms of memories. I only played a bit of the original Red Version and skipped the original Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. After that, I got Heart Gold and my brother got Soul Silver, so I love them both. After that, I got Platinum and Black and White, but skipped Black and White 2 and X and Y. Although I really want to get X and Y. So when I played Omega Ruby, I was just blown away. Having watched the series as well, I was never much of a fan of Hoenn, but this game made me love it! Technically, it is the best, at least in my opinion, just not my favorite (that belongs to Soul Silver and Heart Gold), but boy, do I love this game!

My first Pokemon game. I'm like a Genwunner, but for Gen 3. It's the only Pokemon game where my team hit level 100 before I got tired of looking for them all. I also got my first shiny in this game before I knew what shinies were. Realizing it was different, I caught it - a Duskull. I love the soundtrack, the stories, the locations, horde battles, the little thing that tells you which Pokemon are in the area, the postgame secret bases, everything. I LOVE THIS GAME!

17 Pokémon Sapphire

At the time this game was released, I was probably 5 or 6. I had no idea they would be releasing another Pokemon game. Before Sapphire, I had finally accomplished my goal of getting my Typhlosion to level 100 and was actually content. But once I started on this game, I doubled and almost even tripled the hours spent on Gold version. This game was so much fun for me, and I spent countless hours on it. I don't think there is a best Pokemon game, but I do think the memories we have of them affect how we think of each of them. This game was truly my favorite not for the story or the game, but because of all the time I spent trading and battling my cousin. It's just not as common these days to battle and trade with friends either because everyone has grown up or they are too ashamed to be themselves. I personally have been playing Pokemon for around 10 years now, and I am not in the least bit ashamed or embarrassed to admit it.

18 Pokémon Red

I remember when there were only 150 of you, well technically 151 if you are counting Mew. But I digress. I guess I spent the best years of my life surfing Cinnabar Island to get 126 Revives. And I miss the Pokemon Center. I miss the music too. And the way that Snorlax looked like Lapras on water. Pokemon, what happened to you? Now legendary means nothing to me, and one-of-a-kind creatures add up to thirty. And I only want three choices for my Eevee. I won't accept your Leaf Green. They'll always be Red and Blue to me.

You can't beat the classics. It gives you three starters (no, one is not Pikachu), and I kind of like that. It gives you choice, and games have been missing that for a while (cough, cough, Call of Duty). It also has the most iconic (and my personal favorite) starters in the game (Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle). And if you REALLY want a Pikachu, you can still catch one in the wild.

I know it's lame, but it's the original and I have too many memories of playing this game to not vote for it. It was one of my obsessions and secrets as a child, and I still play it now. Nothing beats my original team of Charizard, Vaporeon, Dugtrio, Snorlax, Clefable, Mewtwo, and Pidgeot (my one backup), who, because of the wonders of technology, I have been able to save copies of in all kinds of media.

19 Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon ORAS will always be one of the best modern Pokemon games in existence, along with Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sword and Shield (despite its many flaws), and X and Y. It has a good story, with themes of global warming and environmentalism. And the postgame is just awesome. Zinnia is a character that goes through a ton of character development once we learn her backstory, and it ends with you going to space on Mega Rayquaza and fighting Deoxys, who was inside a meteor! And the ending is one of the very few tear-jerking moments in the game. The song didn't help matters at all, as I'm a sensitive autistic person. Well, that's ORAS for you. Probably some of the best Pokemon game remakes out there.

These games made me want to get a 3DS in the first place. I was so happy about ORAS's release that I played 2000s crunk and hip-hop songs for its release, because you know, RSE came out in the 2000s. I had to play 2000s crunk and hip-hop music. I actually got it on the day it came out, because you know, I played the originals when I was a teen in the 2000s. The Delta Episode was pretty good as well. I wasn't expecting a brand-new postgame story after the main game. And I cried during the ending. The music didn't help either... Anyway, my childhood revisited. Let's hope the Diamond and Pearl remakes are good.

20 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Thanks to this game, Grovyle is my favorite Pokemon of all time now, and in every one of my fantasy Pokemon stories, Grovyle is my OC. Actually, he didn't die. He was captured by the evil Dusknoir but defeated him before he could alter the future. Best game ever. One of my first Pokemon games. I actually cried when I beat Primal Dialga and my character disappeared. I rage quit and never played it again. Now I'm older, and I play Explorers of Sky. I beat the whole game, recruited Mewtwo, and beat all the 99-floor dungeons, and evolved my Treecko and Totodile into Sceptile and Feraligatr. Best. Game. Ever.

Just listening to the track I Don't Want to Say Goodbye makes me tear up a little. As a kid, I loved every bit of this game, from the sense of excitement of discovering a new dungeon to the feeling of adventure during the expedition arc, to the way the story can make you see the beauty in everyday life or a simple sunrise, to the heartwarming and heartbreaking parts of the story that I feel really stayed with me. This game influenced my life and got me into video games and made me want to go into game design. It's a huge part of my childhood that I'll remember, and I'll always be grateful to the writers and composers who designed such a beautiful story.

21 Pokémon Gold

Pokemon Gold is one of my favorite games of all time. I spent almost all my time on this when I was younger. Whenever I came home from school, almost instantly, I would pick up my Gameboy Color and spend hours upon hours. It really is sad to see how low on the list this is, considering Silver and Crystal are way higher, when these games didn't have many differences besides the available Pokemon.

I have no clue why Silver is so high up on this list and Gold is so low. These two games were almost identical. This game is one of my favorites of all time. I grew up playing this game and also the Red version. I am completely flabbergasted.

Why is Silver higher than Pokemon Gold? Remember in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer where the miner dude likes silver and gold in the beginning, but in the end, he's like, Screw silver, I want gold.

22 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

This game's music is by far the best of any soundtrack. It brings back the most memories for me and is much more personal than any of the other games. The storyline is the best, as well as the post-game play. The fact that you can get every single legendary is so much more fun because it doesn't limit one to a game, or even a few to a game. You can get any of them throughout the game. Also, this game is awesome to play over and over again, because the gameplay changes each time you play, with each character.

The one I got was a recycled game and, apparently, it was hacked to be a creepypasta cartridge. Everyone I spoke to was like, "Help us... Help us..." and I couldn't delete the save. It also took me to a background with "if you don't like gore, turn back now," featuring dead Pokemon in the background. I swear, I want to get a sledgehammer and crush the damn thing to pieces and throw it off the peak of Mt. Everest so it can go to hell where it belongs. Worst game ever, and it has a bad plot too. The point here is: never buy from a recycled game stock with a game that is a decade old.

23 Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

This game and Colosseum both offered a much darker and grittier atmosphere than other Pokemon games. From the thugs running around in the littered town of Pyrite to the sinister factory of Cipher Key Lair, these games were something else. The concept is unique too. Instead of running around through some tall grass hoping to catch something good, you simply snag powerful Pokemon from other trainers. Yes, you get to steal Pokemon in this game. These games also introduced shadow Pokemon, which are stronger than ordinary Pokemon. An evil organization is using them for wrongful deeds, which is why you steal the shadow Pokemon from other trainers and purify them so they can return to their normal state. Not only that, this game is packed with double battles. About 95% of the battles in this game are double, which opens up many strategy opportunities and is really a cooler battling experience. If you are a Pokemon fan looking for something a little different, then look no further than Pokemon. And just as I mentioned before, Colosseum isn't half bad either. It has the same concept. This is my favorite Pokemon game of all time, and I really hope they do something like this again. It was such an awesome concept, and sadly, it appears they abandoned the idea of shadow Pokemon.

24 Pokémon Moon

Diamond was always my favorite Pokemon game before this, but I've got to say, Moon is my new one. This game is a breath of fresh air for the series. Replacing running around cities for gym badges with exploring islands and completing island trials was a very refreshing take. The music in this game is beautiful, the storyline is amazing, it has good humor, improved graphics, and the characters in this game are, in my opinion, the best set of characters we've seen in a Pokemon game. I loved the storyline and characters so much (especially Lillie) that I was dreading the post-game. I can't remember the last time I was this affected and emotionally moved by a game. Nothing short of phenomenal. A masterpiece by Game Freak.

I love the music, the battle, the region. I know it may be linear, but I absolutely love the aesthetic. My favorite thing about these games and their alternate universe counterparts are all the side quests. It made the world feel real. I can't go back to any Pokemon game after playing this one. Pokemon Sword felt empty in my opinion.

25 Pokémon Pearl

The story is fantastic, and the Pokémon are awesome. I don't understand why people think Dialga is better? I used to play Pokémon Yellow, Gold, and Emerald on emulators on my computer, but Pearl was my first purchased game. Sitting on my sofa the first night I got the game, battling with my Chimchar and watching the day turn to night, was the most magical experience I've ever had in a game. With over 450 hours of gameplay and counting, I'm still not bored. I still feel exhilarated after beating Cynthia of the Elite Four. This game taught me everything I could ever know about Pokémon, and it did so in an unforgettable manner. My team and I were unbeatable. Even when I was unfairly outmatched, I enjoyed the game. I miss my childhood days of playing this game with my friends and stealing each other's flags underground. I'll never forget this wonderful, magical game.

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