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1 Ronnie O Sullivan


The rocket is the most natural talented player

This is easily the most accurate list I've ever seen. It's almost as if mine has been copied. It's not just a balanced opinion it's a gracious one as well as Grizleybear has a lot of positive things to say about all of the top ten contenders. Of course it can never be completely accurate as young players mature like for example Judd Trump who would not be at 10 now. Also older players lose their form as people don't realise that a player walks many miles around the table in a long match and has innumerable mental decisions which are tiring. Add to that the psychological hammering they have to endure and this is the reason why to some extent it's a young mans game. When Joe retired he was so frustrated with his game that he said he couldn't even make a 14 break. Yet in his heyday he made the first 147.

Absolute enigma, more genuine talent than anyone else but sometimes I question his heart for it, alas the greatest

2 Stephen Hendry

"The best player ever to pick up a snooker cue" - Ronnie O'Sullivan

Stephen hendry is the best all time snooker player I don't rate ronnie at all

Best break builder = best snooker player in my opinion. He is the most gifted player with the best snooker brain. Entertaining as hell and a genius. The greatest of all time, always will be

A cut above O'Sullivan both in quality of play and his professionalism on and off the table.
He invented the, now much-copied, shot of opening the pack as soon as possible. An all-round class act.

3 Steve Davis

The greatest ever won more proffesionnal titles than any one else by a mile 28 of them ranking, I understand that ranking events are what people count and hendry has 36 but if you don't even count the other tournaments at all what's the point in having them and that goes for any of the sports also in davis's day the balls were heavier and the cloths were thicker making it a lot harder to make big breaks the fact that the balls and cloths did change made it possible to change the way the game was played ie hendry taking advantage of a new style of play the attacking game leaving the old guard including davis who was getting older at the same time having to change there game they had been brought up on after saying that davis still made over 300 century breaks on old style tables and hung in with the new guard into his fifties given all this info and the fact he was untouchable in his pomp means he is in fact the greatest player ever no question

Greatest player ever, total legend, did a lot to popularise snooker with his style & is also an avid record collector, like myself!

Could have won more ranking titles if they had them the first original Pioneer of the game to take the game to the next level a true legend of the game.

Steve would have won more titles then Hendry and is the greatest original pioneer snooker player to take the level of the game it is today, that in itself is the ultimate tribute to this all time great player to play the game.

4 Joe Davis

15 times world champion and arguably its greatest ever promoter; a man without whom it is doubtful Snooker would have survived as a pastime, much less become a global sport. It is also worth remembering that had Joe Davis not stopped competing in the world championship - which he himself invented to begin with - in 1946, the evidence is that he would likely have won another 20 times. The game was different then, largely because the equipment was much more unreliable, and the techniques relied upon by modern players were simply impossible. In addition the modern player benefits from the experience of earlier players (and most notably one J Davis) and professional coaches. Add to that the fact that Davis wasn't just a snooker player - he was Billiards champion for years as well - and the case is still strong for Joe Davis to be #1. Certainly if any modern player had played him on the older (pre-1973) equipment, they would likely have been trounced. On modern tables I think he would have ...more

The past players were also good and my father always ranked Joe Davis. Both are now dead and my father also ranked Ronnie O Sullivan. He, Joe was at his time the best and was nearly unbeatable from what I have heard or read about him I have noted that the list is mainly close or nearly past Players. Please do not forget the past invented and obviously again also played snooker.

Only 3 people in the world championships when he was winning it. Consistent yes but his record can't really be compared seriously with modern players

He would have destroyed the new easier tables and was 2nd best billiard player ever too!

5 Alex Higgins

Higgins was blessed with more natural ability than he knew what to do with. He played snooker like some unique style of performance art. Aside from him only one other player can be classed as a genuine genius and that is O'Sullivan. Whilst his chaotic lifestyle and self destructive tendencies meant he didn't win as much as he otherwise would have done he did nonetheless win all the snooker 'majors' and was a double masters champion as well as a double world champion. His recovery from 0-7 to beat Steve Davis 16-15 in the 1983 you. K championship final is one of the most astonishing comebacks of all time. His 69 break to level at 15-15 in the 1982 world final is arguably the most famous break of all time but it is sometimes forgotten that in his next match he secured his second world title with a 135 total clearance.

"The one true genius snooker has ever produced" -Steve Davis. Alex is the best snooker player there has ever been. He is the most gifted, the most unique and the most flamboyant. He is largely responsible for what snooker became in the 80's and is definitely responsible for the increase in quality over the last 30 years. Every professional snooker player of today grew up wanting to be Alex Higgins. Jimmy White learnt from him, Ronnie O'Sullivan idolised him and Judd Trump reads about him. He is the creator of modern snooker. He is the reason Steve Davis had to be so consistent, he is reason Stephan Henry came through so young, he is the reason we have Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump. He was a genius, and sadly like most genius in the world, he couldn't handle it. The fact will always remain, if you could play any snooker player from any era, if you could watch any player from any era, it would always be Alex Higgins. Ronnie O'Sullivan made a 5 minute 147, that's amazing but in my ...more

The one true snooker genius. He was the reason many of us watched snooker in the 80's. I remember many late nights watching the excitement he created, especially in the duels with Davis. Rubbed many up the wrong way, but dragged snooker from dingy clubs to a huge audience. Some of the shots and breaks he made were unbelievable. Such a sad end for him, if somewhat caused by his lifestyle. The world of snooker should be ashamed the way it treated one of the greats and by far the most gifted player ever.

A Little guidance and Higgins would have gone a lot further. It was sickening to see so many faces at his funeral of stars who hadn't given him the time of day during his ill health. Still that is the nature of the game. The fact is, Higgins wasn't just trying to beat opponents at the table but in the gentlemens parlour who tried to block the progress of this working class hero at every turn. Only two titles, yes but he had to fight the snobs of the snooker establishment to get them. All power to Alex. The greatest.

6 Jimmy White

Is an injustice he's yet to get the world title but he hasn't quit yet, hope it happens and he'll make the record of the oldest champion!

A crime he never won a world title. Many a lesser player has; but then again, that adds to the romance of a player justifiably tagged "the peoples champion"

The people champion because of his spirit of never giving up on winning the world championship and the charisma and personal life of a once loved young talent and a still loved old talent making him one in a million for the game

Great player. Unlucky at least twice in World Cup finals. Goes without saying, had he been more disciplined in his alcohol intake and a little more lucky, he would have been World Champion, and in my eyes was.

7 John Higgins

The most complete snooker player...

Should be in the top 5 in my opinion. Can't think of anyone who has maintained their performance at the very highest level for as long as John Higgins has. Legend of the sport.

Match Fixed so he can't be in this list sorry my opinion

Top 5 player of all time.. How can you rank him 9th. You have no idea of snooker it seems

8 Mark Williams

Highly subjective but everyone can agree on top 5 more or less from this era. James Stevo

A great champion who had two spells as undisputed number one and then rose to the top a third time after dropping outside the top 40. Possibly the greatest single-ball potter of all time. At his peak (1999-2000 and 2002-2003) the best big match temperament of any player. Won all the biggest titles twice, so why is he ranked below White, Trump, Murphy, Taylor and Doherty, who haven't won them all even once?

Mark Williams is a brilliant long shot potter and on his day he can beat any snooker player on the circuit today and this year after contemplating to give snooker up for good he's come back and won 3 titles (2 ranking,1 non-ranking) well done Mark and he's hoping you can go far in the up coming World Championship.

He was class in his prime 99 - early 00's and won all the major trophies more than once against the top players who were all around their own prime too so I think 11th is a bit unfair. He is certainly a top 10 player. Probably 7/8th on my list.

9 Mark Selby

Selby has been ranked number 1 in world at the end of every season in the last 5 year, he can break build as good as the best of them, his safety/ tactical game is the best in the world, and his temperament is the greatest in the history of the game. He is the ultimate all round player with no weaknesses.

Toughest player the game has ever seen. Even when he is out of form and only playing his B game, he is still very tough to beat. And when he is playing well, he is pretty much unplayable and would beat every player. He's been world number one, for quite some time now and so much farther of everyone else and would take a hell of a lot to take him off the number one spot. Brilliant at matchplay, great safety, can score great as well, and can manage to win even when he's struggling with his form. He's also extremely mentally tough, and also handles defeat in grace (like when he got knocked out of World Championship 2015 in the second round). Great number one to have for the game, and at his best, I am sure he could have beaten even Hendry or Davis or White (who are all excellent too).

He's master of strategy and can adapt the game according to the opponent every time.

A great player, gentleman and also humorous person. One point signs him as an extra player which is his ability to fight in almost lost situations with very good safeplay and positional shots back in a match. I think this may gets more weight when we look a few years further.

10 Judd Trump

Trump and Rocket... Rocket and Trump... Trump is currently my number 1, although Ronnie is more the genius. Trump has been great lately!

He is in my opinion one of the best players of all time and is great to watch but at the same time he loses gracefully

Sorry gents trump should not be in the top ten although I am a fan I am also realistic! And Shaun Murphy should also not be in top 10, Neil Robinson is missing for me " william Delaney

Ludicrous that Judd is as high as this. The seven players below him are all world champions, for a start.

The Contenders

11 Ray Reardon

1 - Ronnie
2 - Hendry
3 - S Davis
4 - J Higgins
5 - White
6 - J Davis
7 - A Higgins
8 - Williams
9 - Reardon

Six times world champion, and four places behind Judd Trump? Pretty obvious that Dracula - an absolute legend of the game, and one of its great, all-time masters - needs to be far higher than this. Top six, at the very least.

Never saw him play live. Only reruns but it's probably a bit unfair to compare players of different generations. The equipment, tables and balls were much more cumbersome then. Should be higher placed to acknowledge his true worth of silverware

Dominated the 70's and Alex Higgins who despite only winning 2 world titles to Day's 6 is ranked at 4 on this list. JOKE

12 Shaun Murphy

Most underrated player ever but a complete Gentleman! A lesson to others?


13 Ding Junhui

Ding took Judd Trump apart in the 2013 German Masters... Cue ball control was amazing.

One of the most talented players

Just like him

Another top class player of the modern game along with Selby, Robertson' Trump and Co. But still too soon to be considered along with the all time elites. Time will tell for all this generation of players.

14 Neil Robertson

Don't see how trump could be higher than Robertson when comparing their current achievements. Definitely a great of the modern game and can still achieve much more.

One of the greatest Australian sports people of all time, in any sport. Has to be in the top 10 for sure.

Only overseas player to win the triple crown. In the top 10 for sure. Best adaptable player in the world.

There is a reason why he was the first person ever to get 100 centuries! Thunder from down under

15 Dennis Taylor

A real sticker of a player but not overly blessed with talent.

Winner of the greatest match

Won that famous match against Davis in the world final and in doing so probably kick started the massive T.V. audience to the sport. I think he's doing well though to be considered 12th in my opinion.

16 Fred Davis

A lovely man and a funny man too made the world championship semi final in 1978 (aged 64) and lost out to Perri Mans after missing a straight pink( known as "the pink that killed Joe Davis") always loved watching him and his character around the snooker table is missed still today.

Without his brother, Fred would have won many more world titles. Always a smiling gentleman, and utterly gracious in victory or defeat

8 time world champion

Became world champion in the 40's, dominated in the 50's.

Made 10 World finals (or equivalents) in a row - 8 against fellow legend Walter Donaldson, won 8 world championships.

Ranked number 4 in the world when world rankings were first introduced and became the oldest player to make a centuary and oldest to win a World Championship match and the oldest player to make the quarter and semi-finals of the World Championship all in his mid-sixties

In the modern era beat Ray Reardon, Alex Higgins and Dennis Taylor, all whilst he was well past his prime.

Like Ray Reardon, John Pulman, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and his elder brother Joe Davis one of only half a dozen players that can truly be said actually 'dominated' an era.

One of the true ambassadors, pioneers, revolutionaries and legends of the game.

17 Cliff Thorburn

His style of play was effective but nowadays a similar style may put people off the game and ruin the sports reputation.

Only North American to win the World Championship!

The one lasting memory I have of Thorburn is snapping his cue in frustration but doing well to be listed in the top 20 of all time

First perfect game in a world championship backed by several accomplishments

18 Paul Hunter

His life and snooker career cut short! Natural talent that would have achieved so much! River Phoenix of snooker! Lost but not forgotten. RIP.

Allure, prestigious presence! The dandy posing as a gentleman! Exquisite!

Best ever... would have made it all the way to the top RIP

Love you paul hunter

19 John Spencer

Three time World Champion

20 Pankaj Advani

One of the best players of the world

Great billiards player but never transferred it to snooker

Not a very good player compared to the rest of this list.

He is a great player and a good person

21 Eddie Charlton

Should be higher along with Jimmy White most sussesful player not to win World title but got very close.
Qualified for Worlds into his sixties,
but should be judged at his peak years

A legend

Yes should

22 Marco Fu

I some how like him personally a very good break builder right there at the top with the games best

Hong kong independence

Great break builder

Good break building

23 Kirk Stevens

Made a 147 on tele

24 Ali Carter

One of best player with full of determination

25 Walter Lindrum

My grandfather said he had never seen anywhere near walter. He was number one by a country mile

What a crock of crap this table is. Lindrum at 33, he could of used a boomerang and still beat this mob

No one compares in any game played on the table his records speak for themselves. Best sportsman of all time!

More adept at billiards and champion for 20years. Certainly deserves his place in this list as a superb master with the Cue.

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