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1 Rodney Mullen

Skated with him from the beginning. I know it's hard to fathom the difference between the exploits of Vert and Street, 2 different disciplines. Thing is, I'm avert guy and it is more dangerous but Rodney does what aliens or computers do. Decades later, like a magician or seeing a UFO, there might be a sighting but people often can't even tell you what they saw afterwards. He'll do ten straight with the camera rolling with no rebates like the tour guys and maloof guys. I was watching the maloof contest and I wished people got to get into "Rodney trance". We were SIMS EAST he was with Walker with Kelly Lynn, Clyde Rogers and Chris Baucom and Mark Lake. In the end, there is Rodney.

Rodney Mullen is number 1. He invented the flat ground Ollie, kick flip, heel flip, tre flip, 540 shove it, 540 double kick flip, Ollie impossible and much more. People are insane, and no nothing about skating when they say Tony hawk is better. First of all a 12 year old kid did a 1080 which even Tony hawk can't do. Rodney Mullen invented freestyle skating, and skated before Tony hawk so shut up when you say Rodney Mullen wouldn't have skated if it wasn't for Tony hawk. Tony hawk also didn't invent the 360 flip Rodney Mullen did. So when you are doing 360 flips, kick flips, dark slides, and ollies, thank Rodney Mullen.

For Mullen skating is more art than sport, he meditates while doing it and he loves it. Even today in his age he skates the streets at night in his neighborhood. He is no self-regarding person, he just is what he does. That makes the big difference why he performed as the best over so many years. No other skater has as many titles, respect and sympathy like Mullen.

He created Streetskating and then permanently modernised it till his retirement without loosing creativity.

I can't believe people are saying Mullen only invented the Ollie. He also invented the kickflip and 360 flip and most modern tricks. Seriously some of the nerve these people on here must be born post 1997. Rodney is the best by a lot. People who say Tony hawk is the best probably don't skate. Any true skater knows he is not. Rodney by far he does that others can not do.

2 Tony Hawk Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk, is an American professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his licensed video game titles, published by Activision.

Tony Hawk has been the best known skateboarder for the last 10 years, but Hawk retired from competing in 1999. So why is he the top skater of this decade?
In 1999, the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game came out. Over the last 10 years, the Tony Hawk video game franchise (12 games! ) has moved mountains in promoting skateboarding, and has dominated the skateboarding video game scene.

Also in 1999, Tony Hawk became the first skater to pull off a 900, the holy grail of vert skateboarding. Over the last 10 years, many have tried to beat it, but no one has yet. I have no doubt that someone will land a 1080 eventually, but in the world of vert skating, Tony Hawk has remained unchallenged, even though he hasn't competed. That's pretty amazing.

This annoys me. I hate it how most of the skating world only likes these mainstream skaters... I mean they're good skaters and all but sometimes it just gets ridiculous. Tony Hawk... Hex bugs. The most annoying advert ever and Tony, it seems now the only thing you care care about is money... Get out there and do what you do best, don't give in to this stuff. I respect Rodney Mullen, basically invented street skating but P. Rod and sheckler... Give it rest. Street league... God damn that is crazy annoying. And also
'No one messes with the 'HAWK' I mean I get it you're a 5 year old with a wal Mart board so that's cool someone to look up to but once you actually skate you will appreciate the talented pros.

No one will ever accomplish the amount tony did during his career. Skateboarding would have died with out him during the time he was present. He not only kept the sport almost all tricks done to this day are variations of the ones he created. Mullen is the best when it comes to street but best ever all goes to hawk hands down. Just read his resume

Best Skater in the World Pretty much made a Name for himself, When I think of Skateboarder I think of Tony Hawk, Who in the World is Rodney Mullen? Average person will have no clue who that is. Tony Hawk is pretty much like Michael Jordan in Basketball, Worldwide known!

3 Paul Rodriguez/P-Rod

P-rod should be the best if anyone says p-rod sucks I will hate them forever. I don't no why he is 6 he should be number 1! I hate everyone who says he sucks I mean why do people not like him like they did a couple years ago.

P-Rod is an awesome skater, I like his skate style, moreover I have drawn in his style when I started to skate.
P-Rod RULES. He is the BEST.
I don't know what other persons think about him and I really don't care, because to me he is an idol.
Switch, Nollie, Grinds, in everything.

Paul Rodriguez is hands down the best skater alive. He does every trick consistently and so clean. Have you seen his switch tricks? He pretty much doesn't even skate switch because he skates goofy and regular the same. He's just too good!

P-rod is the best and the should be the number 1. He will top ryan sheckler but people only like him cause he is young. P-rod is so good that nobody can describe how he skates. He's the one how made me want to skate.

4 Ryan Sheckler

My name is Justice and Ryan is my idol! I watched him skate at modern skate park in Detroit Michigan on April 2, 2016. And he is the best! He is the main reason I love skating and why I keep skating to pursue my dream of skating all my life and becoming pro. And even if I don't go pro I will still try to skate every day. All thanks to Ryan Sheckler! And Ryan I saw you tear your mcl and meniscus at modern and I hope you feel better soon and keep skating

I wanted to vote for Andrew reynolds but he isn't in here. First off the reason I voted for him is that he did the maga jump really extreme and I could never do that in my life. I watch his and andrews videos all the time. Way to go Ryan. Keep Skating and become the number 1 on this list

I think is super attractive and is very passionate about skateboarding. He made me want to try it out and it's pretty fun, So thank you Ryan for introducing me to a new way to get great exercise! I love you!

I love how that one guy is like ' who cares is Rodney Mullen made all the tricks' I don't think this makes much sense because if he hadn't created THE OLLIE yes, the Ollie, which is the first trick you learn and the one which skateboarding is based around, I'm pretty sure Ryan wouldn't be where he is now, ngl. Great skater, Plan B is a bit annoying though.

5 Chris Cole

Chris cole is skateboarding in itself, I believe he should be placed in #2 after rodney, for chris cole is the rodney mullen of our generation. He is progression what the sport is all about. Not only is he consistent, but capable of pulling off tricks that have never been done before on some of the biggest and most challenging obstacles. Or even the simplest. His style Is the best I've ever seen for a man of his size.

James Chris Cole is one of the best Skateboarders out there, he did a 720 kickflip and many more awesome tricks, one thing I must admit is that he should stay more loyal.. And stay away from awful shoe brands like DC, I mean why couldn't he just keep rollin' with Fallen Footwear I mean they're shoes are great! And DC sucks.. So James make better desicions.. PEACE

To me chris cole is awesome and is very awesome and very intelegent. He is in a level just for his self. My friend dylen told me that chris cole taught himself how to skateboard and my friend kaiden said chris cole is in 6. To me I think he should be in second place with tony hawk and please don't think I'm crazy for saying this, _ destiny

He is in a level just for himself, both for consistency and variety, respects to Mullen and Hawk and everyone else but this guy has the tricks, the style and the attitude.

6 Nyjah Huston

Ok not gonna lie, Nyjah Huston can skate well. He lands the tricks solid, and he's a great skater. In my mind though I find his skating very boring. It's the same thing over and over again, nose blunt. Board slide, 50 and a TONNE OF KICKFLIPS. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would agree. I get it though, you're starting off skating and you've watched street league ( which is very annoying FYI because it's obvious a lot of those skaters do it for the money, come on! ) and you've probably bought an element complete setup for $70. Stop watching street league and enjoy some true videos- supreme- gangsta
Yardsale- softcore
New York Times
Polar- intro
Chris Copes '66' part

Nyjah you are my IDOL. I started skating about mounth ago because I randomly found you in youtube. I really liked that so I started selling some things to get money. I bought skate and I started learning tricks. Now I can do many tricks like kikflip,heelflip verial flip, 360 flip and everybody are watching me and thinking how the hell when I started skating in the first mounth I was doing only olie. Whatever you are my idol.

Nyjah Huston makes me go skateboarding after I watch his videos. Anything to say? I mean he's so young and I think he'll be the best skateboarder in the whole universe.

He is probably the best street skater right now. Give him 10 yeears and he will be kniwn as one of the best skaters of all time. He already has one of the best parts of allntime (rise and shine) and also a lot of other crazy parts. He was only 11 when his part in this is my element came out.

7 Danny Way

Hands down everyone! No questions about it. He revolutionized vert skating. Was one of the most aggressive street skaters ever. Has some of the most impressive footage collection in history. Watch complete videos and Danny always lead the way with speed, air, technically, style and by far the most aggressive/daring. He paved the way for a lot people. Is one of the most influential figures of our sport. This guy is on a whole other league. For all the youngsters that don't know. This guy has been killing it and himself for a long time. No one has come close to his stature or achievements. Best in Vert and best all around! Hands down! He makes everyone else on this look like ams. Ask the pros, this guy gets a ton of respect. He is scary good.

Danny Way, true inspiration! He has done so much, pushing limits and doing the impossible. He is probably on of the skateboarders who has inspired me the most, in my year and a half of skateboarding. I may suck today, but one day I hope to be as good as Danny Way.

He jumped the great wall of China and he never gives up because once I saw this show about danny and he broke his foot when trying to jump the great wall of China... He tried again and did it and just kept doing it over an over again and no other skater has the guts to do that so I think danny way should be number 1

Come on people! He jumped the great wall, lipped the hard rock hotel guitar, landed the first 900 (tony hawk was only the first in competition), and holds the world record for highest air.

8 Eric Koston

Eric koston is the best in street skating by far but a lot of these people have different styles. Hawk skates vert while koston skates street and Rodney Mullen may have invented many tricks koston just had more talent then all of these people. He is the MJ of street skating.

Truly the best skater. Media may hype over others, but Eric Koston is the best, in the eyes of professional skateboarders, which is the only opinions which should matter, in this debate. Who cares what stupid, poser kids think, who can't even identify a nollie frontside from a half cab.

He is a legend because he totally influenced a lot of things in skateboarding. He also created many skateboard companies. He is very successful in his career or dropping out of school at grade 10.

Rodney Mullen is the god of skateboarding and Bam Margera is good but maybe doesn't deserve a spot in the top ten and tony hawk could do any trick that you ask. Rodney Mullen invented more than the ollie look up some of his videos then tell me he isn't a good skater

9 Bam Margera Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera is an American professional skateboarder, stunt performer, filmmaker, musician and television personality.

I cannot believe you put bam before Nyjah. Bams a cool guy and has done lots for the sport but come on. He barely belongs in a too ten of anything. Mullen is dope because he invented most flat ground tricks but that doesn't make him the best. There are so many incredible skateboarders out there with skill levels that surpass any skating legend. And yeah tony pulled the 900 first but Danny way jumped the Great Wall of China.

Bam is arrogant towards skaters I have seen him in person and so have many of my fellow skaters he deserves recognition but never applause ryan sheckler puts him to shame and so does chris cole. If you feel bam is a good skater cool I think he is a bit of a joke rate for him should be 10 just for how he treats people.

Bam is a pioneer in the sport of skateboarding and is definitely one of the best. His skill level and diversity in his skating is incredible. When I think of Bam Margera I don't think of Jackass I think about the huge nollie bigspin he land on the snakerun and the forks park in Winnipeg Manitoba. Thanks for all the tricks Bam and keep it up man.

Bam Margera is good but I don't think he deserves a place on this list. People probably rate him so high because he's one of the more popular skaters because of Jackass, and viva la bam. Theirs a lot of skaters who deserve to be rated higher than him.

10 Rob Dyrdek Robert Stanley Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Rob Dyrdek should be #1. Because he has made skate parks 4 kids who skate & have no where to skate. Skaters every where thank Rob Dyrdek. I'm from N.C. & Rob has made an impact on my skate team. We named ourselfs The Wild Grinders after his new cartoon on NickToons. & we all hope to meet Rob Dyrdek someday. Rob is an AAMAAZIINNG & brave dude. He flip a car 360 degresse, he wresled in the WWE w/ Rowdy rodny Piper. I think the next stunt he should do is to skate off a giant ramp over a LARGE GAP & land it. The gap should be LARGER than when he fliped that chevey Sonic over the world's largest Skatebooard. So make the gap about 4 or 3feet

Rob Dyrdek is an AMAZING inspiration to skaters all around, & to me, a 13 year old girl who skateboards. Most people stereotype skateboarders, they are dirty, no life, do drugs, well, are pretty much nasty. But if you look at Rob Dyrdek... An entrepreneur, who got here on a piece of board & wheels, REPRESENTS a REAL skateboarder. I believe, he is the BEST.

I voted for Rob because he inspired me to skate. I started skateboarding when one time I went to my brothers house. My brother was watching MTV and I saw rob and big and I said this guy is awesome. And then I searched him up and I started skating. Rob thanks you're the best.

This guy was my inspiration to start skateboarding! He is one of my most favorite people in the whole world, and not only that he is inspiration to many things I have tried in life. Keep boarding on Dyrdek!

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11 Bob Burnquist

He's such a good skater, his run at Xgames is the best bit of skating I've ever seen. He's also a very nice guy, one of very few in the skating world such as Tony and P-Rod. Down to earth guy how is great at what he does.

He also has some massive balls to do what he does, he goes down his mega ramp like it's a kids slide and the stunts he's does like the Grand Canyon stunt is mad.

The best skater ever! The most creative and risk-taker ever! No one has more medals in X-Games! People put him behind other guys because they don't know the history. He's the Kelly Slater of skateboard!

Just ask Tony Hawk. He said Bob Burnquist is the most versatile and innovative skater
These days.

It is amazing how he incorporates hard street trick into vert skating!
Amazing skateboarder.

12 Torey Pudwill

T-Pud? Dude is a genius on the wood. Rob Dyrdek or Bam as great skaters? Is this a joke? Lmao have either of them ever won or even appeared in SL? NO. Rob created it because he knows he sucks, would rather make money off the sport than participate. Top 10 Easily Goes 1.R.Mullen 2.T.Hawk 3.N.Huston (Overrated but his tricks are insane) 4.P.Rodriguez 5.C.Cole 6.R.Sheckler 7.C.Haslam 8.D.Way 9.M.Vallely 10.C.Haslam/L.Olivera

Easily the Top 10, maybe mix them up a little for your own personal likes, but all in all this is the top 10 best skateboarders in the world, not celebrities that "Skate".

Torey Pudwill created of grizzly grip tape how is the dude DOWN HERE this is Just boggiest guy is a boss, he does a lot of like switch grinds (example he's doing a board slide goes to crooked grind or something like that. )

What! This guy rips go to YouTube abd type his name he's sick I. Mean hard flip ova a bench abd did it without a effort this guy will be the greatest street skater in the future

Torey is sick as not the best but should be like 14 or 15 definitely better then Bam and Tony Alva. His big bang video is tight. Whenever you see him in team vids its him and p rod who are the gnarliest

13 Mike Vallely

Talk to him at the 2015 Tampa Pro. @ Skate Park of Tampa... He is a awesome person and amazing skater!

Why the heck is the best skateboarder 16th come on he should be above danny way and all those worse skateboarders not that danny way is a bad skateboarder infact he's quite good he's just not as good as mike vallely. Mike v is definitely better than rob dyrdek.

Mike V. Is a hardcore skater I wouldn't recommend messing with him

Skates for the right reasons.
Looks like he's having fun!

14 Daewon Song

He is amaizing at mannys and he is a creative skateboarder like he skates on rocks, trees and pretty much everything he sees! And just watch daewon song dorking around at dvs and you'll see why he should be in the top 3!

Daewon invented a bunch of tricks that didn't catch on because no one can do them. Maybe the greatest of all time.

Go watch his Deca 2nd to none part. Kills MJ's fully flared. MJ stole hella tricks from him. Bunch of kooks voting. Rodney Mullen def. not the best. Sheckler what. Bam? Mike V.?!?! Why is he even on here?

He should be Number 1 with Rodney... most creative and technical skater out there!

15 Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam is the re-incarnation of Mullen, he'll that's probably why he chose Haslam to be on the Almost Team. His style is just so fluid the way he incorporates all aspects of whatever terrain he is riding. You will never see any herky-jerky movements of him sticking a landing. Haslam is always consistent and inventive and that's why is style is so unique. He is just like a giant bearded snowflake 100% original.

Chris Haslam is not just a skateboarder, he is a trick creator! He should be at TOP 5, not at 10th Place. I just don't know why much skaters rate his tricks has stupid tricks, he rocks!

He can do a kick flip on to a manual pad the land one a nice manual but he nose manual in one one foot the Ollie off.

He can also p darkcatch a manual pad

This dude is sick.

Chris Haslem has to be my favorite skate

Has a good attitude when being around fans. He takes the time to get out into the community, and share a good experience.

16 Mark Gonzales

Anybody who's over 20 and knows anything about skating would say gonz was number one. He's the most influential skateboarder of all time and he rode like the board was literally part of him when he was born. you ask any pro skater who's the greatest Street skater of all time and they're going to say Gonz. him and Mullen are number one and two.

Hey twelve-year-olds, stop commenting. Gonz is top 5 all-time easy and him and Mullen are the greatest Street skaters of all time. It's not even close. sad to see people voting name recognition from who they know from T.V.

How is he not in the top ten? He is inspirational! A true legend. It just doesn't make sense! Krooked for the win!

Dude sucks horse anuses. He can make you cry when he Allie wit an onion shoved up his but. He"s got bulgy frog eyes and a baseball head

17 Chad Muska

How is he not higher on the list he is one of the best street skaters out there, who else can ride a skateboard on its side.

The dude is a boss. He can land the same trick as anybody but the landing is 10 times cleaner

Yes, he is one of the best skateboarder of his generation.He belongs to the elite skateboarders with Tony Hawk.

He was my idol growing up. He should be top 10

18 Andrew Reynolds

Why the Boss don't have a comment yet? And he is not only capable to ollie the bunch of stairs or a 15 feet gap but he is doing nollie kickflips or some other stuff that Sheckler and the rest of that extra-overrated bunch at the top of that list (not to mention Cole, cause he's really awesome, and the duo Mullen/Hawk were great... in the 80s) can only dream of. Look at his Birdhouse "The End" part or "Stay Gold" part to see what the real skateboarding is.

Yesterday he was 7th place now he's 15, that's bull. His part in baker 3 was legendary, he expoldes down stairs like cee lo green gains weight.

The boss should be #1 on this bs list. Everyone who voted bam, or Tory before Drew is just stupid little poser who deserves to die.

What Reynolds is at 18? And gonz at 17? You guys just like actors, when it comes to the gutter/ in the streets skaters Reynolds is easly in top 5

19 Christopher Chann

Why is this kid at 22nd are you kidding? That dragon flip was mad, by far mine and many others favourite skater. His flat ground skills are insane, and not even a pro!

He is so amazing at skating. He can do so many weird flat ground tricks like the 360 dolphin flip. He is one of the best. He beat chris cole in a game of skate he is so good.

He can do amazing tricks... Weird tricks like that... He can beat Chris Cole in the Game Of SKATE... He's in the berrics... He skate almost 7 years... He is the best skater...

Bet Chris Cole and Aaron Kyro in a game of skate. My favourite skater by far.

20 PJ Ladd

Smooth and good lines

21 CJ Collins

I love this kid he skates with the style of a grown man. Yet he is only 13 years old.

This kid is a beast for his age! He's got style

Hi woodward show is life

So good for a kid

22 Chaz Ortiz

He is the best skater alive he should at least top P. Rod he has won 2 dew tours one when he was 14 2nd when 16 and has always been in the street league championship and finals he's really nice freindly and P. Rod sucks he's never been close too winning the street league but chaz is different he is a skateboarder at will! Love him

YO! chaz ortiz at least tops daewon song, chaz is so down with his boarding he can't be stopped!

He is so sick and steezy. He is so consistent and has the smoothest tricks

23 Felipe Gustavo

Felipe is insane he's amazing should be in at least the 20's!

He is one of the best skateboarders alive he should be in the top 10 if not in the top 5

24 Bucky Lasek

He is one of the most talented Skateboarders you will ever meet. He is sponsored by many companies and is great in bowl

Bucky wins everything these days.

My mom knows him

25 Tony Alva

Alva IS Skateboarding. He is the absolute 1st Rock Star of Skateboarding. That is FACT. 27? Get outta here with that.

What? He basically invented vert/pool skateboarding!

Alva 19? The skateboarding world today is a sad place bam is 5 and alva is 19? What

He is one of the original seeds of Skateboarders.

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