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1 Whatever You Like Whatever You Like Cover Art

This songs is crazy, I always go back to listen to this, never gets old. The beat is sick, and the lyrics are beast. That pretty much summons up T. I. He's a beast. One of my favorite rap songs of all time. Keep doing your thing, T. I.!

I love this song. I listen to it nonstop. A lot of people give me weird looks when they see me listening to this song because I'm not a girl. I don't give a crap, vocals, beats, lyrics, etc. just make this awesome. It is perfect.

Incredibly laid back, fantastic vibe and the lyrics show off the swagger that T.I. possesses. Anyone who doubts his quality, or never really listened, listen to this!

This is my favorite song I like every mili second about it I love beat and the lyrics its perfect. His songs are the best I love every one of them! Best artist so far am I right?

2 Live Your Life Live Your Life Cover Art

T.I. Is the king and deserves all of his songs on the top 100 all time list. The meaning behind all of his songs is amazing and this song leads the way

Best song by T. I! I can't stop listening to it.
It has got awesome lyrics. Rihanna makes it even more beautiful.
It deserves the 1st position!

Love this song.. Yet!
It explains everything..
I've been listening to this song since the time it was released..

Song is flat out amazing T.I. has real meaning in the song saying njoy urn life and don't kill urself for the money the verse was str8 fire

3 What You Know What You Know Cover Art

This is T.I. 's defining song, pure and simple. The beyond-epic beat, the triumphant hook, this song fully showcases T.I. 's strengths as an artist as he flows perfectly over the beat with his trademark laid back yet commanding southern flow, exuding absolute confidence and swagger (I know, the most overused word in hip hop right now). What You Know sums up why TI is such a succesful artist (both critically and sales wise) more than any other song he's made

From the beat itself, to the chorus and them verses, one can surely tell that T. I is one of the best if not the best of his generation.
Major hit, sold and is still a banger in the Hip Hop Industry.
Up-and-coming rappers could learn some techniques off this track.
What you know about that shawty...

Potentially the best rap song to have come out in 2006. This is what you call pure, quality rap music. The beat is nothing less than amazing and T.I. gives the song his southern rap touch. "What You Know" is a song that stands on its own. It is unique and cannot be matched.

Anyone who doesn't think this is T. I's best song is an idiot, it can be argued as a top 15 song of all time. It definitely should be rated his best song but a bunch of stupid pop fans that don't know rap decided to vote for whatever you like.

4 Dead and Gone Dead and Gone Cover Art

Just love it... the lyrics... they are so good... the RAP is also awesome and Justin did a great job in the chorus

Definitely one of his bests lyrically, he talks real in this song however its not number 1

Anybody that ever lost someone feels this song. One of my favorite songs not just from T.I.

It has a really deep story and addresses the problem of gangs and unnecessary violence

5 That's All She Wrote That's All She Wrote Cover Art

Ugh this song... IT'S AMAZING! It's just T.I. 's verses are amazing and EMINEM's are AWESOME And the lines are hilarious! "And if you're gonna tell me the A&W isn't the spot with the best hot dogs you can get the "F" on dog. " laugh out loud

It just speaks to me. When ever someone I love dies. Or moves away. Or I get fired. I listen to this. Awesome beat and great meanibg

Both Eminem & T.I. make this song perfect... More you listen more you like.. Amazing hook by T.I. ever..

This song just perfectly describes my life, can rock in in hard times or good times... Just perfect

6 Top Back Top Back Cover Art

When you are looking for a beat to listen to when you're driving through the hood this is it.

Good skateboarding song. Nice beat and lyrics to keep you hyped up for the next trick.

The best song on the list by far. One of my favorite songs of all time.
Way to go T.I.

"I like my beat down low, and my top laid back"

7 Bring Em Out Bring Em Out Cover Art

AWESOME, this rocks. It has a good beat, good raps, and sticks in your head in a good way. I want more songs like this by him. This song is the reason why I started, and kept, listening to T.I.

good feeling older hit that still makes you wanna throw your hands up with a goofy grin and shake your head with a good ole' "Aye! "

best song for "before party". love it to hear it before I go out... is just to get this I wanna party feeling.

8 Big S**t Poppin' Big S**t Poppin' Cover Art

This song is the reason I started listening to T.I... whenever I hear this song I nod my head the whole song... epic epic epic!

This song really shows what TIP is, King of the South toy know.. And its really Royal

it's why I started likein him

This track shows T. I's swagger and he is known as the KING OF THE SOUTH

9 Ready for Whatever Ready for Whatever Cover Art

Rarely do you get a song with a truer meaning than this.
The way he delivers it is just perfect.
And the lyrics just stick in your head.
This is why he is King of the South!

A song wit true meaning shows how street wise he is and how personal he's willing to go in his music a truly good song.

Great beat to blast when driving through the city. Lyrics that will get stuck in your head for a while

Best one listed. Has good meaning. But "Let My Beat Pound" sounds the best on subs.

10 Poppin' Bottles Poppin' Bottles Cover Art

What?! What is this song doing at 31? This is outrageous! This is my favourite song by him. The beat is just so sick, Drake is a beast, TI's great and the chorus is sick! Vote for this come on! This song probably belongs near 1!

Epic catchy beat + drake
Very good song

This should be in the top 3 at least

The first verse was great but his third verse was recycled from "all night" which just ruined the whole thing for me

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11 No Matter What No Matter What Cover Art

Should definitely be in at least top 5, if not number 1... Probably the song with the most meaning he's done. Inspirational and got me into t. I., although songs like big things popping is what he's best at, this one is the exception

This should be #1 this is T.I.'s realest song and has a good point. T.I. Is my favorite rapper and I look up to him as a father figure. He is finally out and his wight album is coming out next year

T.I. makes a lot of mindless rap (see most of the top 10), but this one has a little different moxie. Second best to Still Ain't Forgave Myself, which of course isn't even an option on here.

This song is worth number 1 on this list but due to it not being typical t. I. It didn't get the popularity it's deserves

12 U Don't Know Me

This song defines T.I.s career, he always goes hard and the beat is beyond sick. he proves why he is the king of the south

Good song its sayn that if you don't know me then don't say nun about me unless ira sumn good

I LOVE THIS SONG BY T.I. I also like You can have whatever you like, and his songs with iggy I JUST LOVE T. I

13 No Mediocre No Mediocre Cover Art

I really like tip but this song isn't my cup of tea... I'm tired of DJ Mustard "hey hey hey" every song. But Iggy did pretty good... I guess we could call this a cut above mediocre but nowhere near "What You Know" or "No Matter What"

LOL No Mediocre has a sick beat (of course, MUSTARD ON THE BEAT), and lyrics are pretty funny. This song ain't mediocre.

14 About the Money About the Money Cover Art

Can't believe this isn't on top

15 Rubber Band Man Rubber Band Man Cover Art

Rubber band gets no respect. This is one of his best songs and one of TIPs first hit.

My jam. I put rubber bands on my wrist and dance like crazy. The beat is so catchy

What classic ti songs way to low

Gotta respecx rubber band man. its like my 2nd favorite song of his

16 No Mercy No Mercy Cover Art

Deep Meaning, T.I. is my favorite Rapper and songs like this are the reason why he's so good. Free T.I. and why isn't Castle walls on here?

Another great TI song that tells a emotional story.

T I is my favorite because most of his songs have a moral

T.I. Gotta lotta good songs but this is my favorite.

17 Memories Back Then

Such a great song all three rappers brought their a game to this one.

Very beautiful song, love it

It's a fantastic song

Its really nice song, worth listinig to.

18 Go Get It Go Get It Cover Art

So underrated, my favorite from T. I, king of the south! Respect from Brasil, I said GO GET IT!

What a nice song, am dissapointed no one notices that

My favorite by far

I like your songs

19 Swagga Like Us

I mean, it's just another T.I. classic and it couldn't have gotten any better that this. He needs to do more work and release another album mad soon

4 of the biggest and best the rap game has to offer, each giving their own individual and unique verses, shame Wayne and Kanye chose to use auto tune, but still awesome song. Song one the 2009 Grammy for best hip hop performance by a group and it's easy to see why!

This here should be the first one! #bad judgement


U mad huh?
just listen to it.O bet u will definitely pump up after listening to this classic.

21 Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Cover Art

I like you T.I rock

22 I'm Illy

The fact that this song isn't on the AT ALL is a problem. I'm illy is 1 of the coldest songs T.I. has ever made. it's definitely top 10!

Get this 1 up more top 10 no doubt

23 Ball Ball Cover Art

This is the another best one from T.I. from his new album which was released in the year 2012

This Song is Featured By Lil Wayne (Young Money) Both Of Them Perfoermed so well and this is my favourite Hip-Hop song

Are you kidding me? 31? Should be in top 5. My 3rd favorite song by him after whatever you like and live your life

This the best of all songs of T.I.

For me the best song! T.I. rules

24 Got Your Back

Great song! Keri hilson amazing voice

Awesome Song and Lyrics! Valentino Blouses, Summer Houses Cash Check! AWESOME! I Love It and its Video!? T.I. 's Looking' great.

25 You Ain't Missin Nothin
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