Loved Forever: Transformers Prime

Welcome to my new series. You know Scarred For Life. This is the exact opposite. Instead of looking at the things that ruined the franchise, I look at the things that I love, like RWBY, Sonic Generations, Transformers Prime, and so on.

Also, extreme spoiler alert.

About TF Prime:

It is not only the absolute best Transformers show I have seen, but one of the best shows of all time. It actually felt like writers gave a damn and tried to make the show good. It didn’t practically yell, “BUY THE TOYS”. It held nothing back. There was a lot of bloodshed, pain, torture, even death, which other TF shows wouldn’t have the guts to do. Right off the bat, the show kills off one of the main characters, Cliffjumper, which shows what kind of show you’re in for. It never got shy to crack humor, but TF Prime overall had a more mature tone. I mean, it actually killed off characters. Except for Megatron and Bumblebee, but I’m pretty sure we all know why. When Cliffjumper, Dreadwing, Breakdown and Silas died, they stay dead. It doesn’t continuously pull fights and pretend everyone was okay. Bad things actually happened to the good guys and actions do have certain consequences, but Prime makes it charming and enjoyable, unlike the bloody TF live action films. It constantly changes up the story to make it more interesting and never repeated anything in case they never got another season. They also provided a whole lot of fanservice and new ideas, like Ancient Relics like the Apex Armor. The finale to season 3 and the movie were just awesome. Killing Bumblebee was something no one dared to do and TF Prime actually did it. The movie was incredible. The movie was set on Cybertron and Knockout joins the team and there are more Predacons and Megatron was resurrected by Unicron and Megatron ended the Decepticon cause and Optimus actually had a reason to sacrifice himself.

The Characters:

The cast for Prime was small, but they did every character marvelously. Optimus was a wise and caring leader that everyone looked up to. He actually cared about his teammates and his relationship with all the Autobots was just so adorable. It returned him to the kind leader he was, not the violent psychopath and remorseless Killer that the movie Optimus is. Characters that were originally just there turned to some of the most interesting and well written characters I had ever seen in my life. Ratchet, Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Arcee especially, and so much more. And the bests part? They actually made the Decepticons as well written and interesting as the Autobots. Very few Transformers make the enemies as good as the heroes. Megatron was actually threatening instead of calling a retreat every 5 seconds. Starscream was his G1 self cranked to 11. He was absolutely hilarious, and don’t even get me started on Soundwave. He was a quiet Slenderman-like badass. And Knockout? Let’s just say his name fits. The humans weren’t overly annoying, which is good. Each and every single one of the characters have their distinct personality and are likable. Even Miko.


The visuals looked amazing. It looked expensive and looked like someone genuinely cared about the show. Yes, the designs of the characters look extremely different then they have been in the past, but it’s for the better. TF Prime brings them to life. And let’s just admire the fight scenes. The fight scenes were excellently choreographed, brilliantly animated and a thrill to watch. They never had excessive amounts of bullets that do nothing, or a mess of blood and metal that makes it impossible to tell what’s happening. No, these are up close and personal fights that are just as brutal as they were interesting. For example, take a look at Optimus against Megatron, Predaking against the Wreckers, Arcee against Arachnid, Soundwave against Wheeljack and so much more.

The Plot:

Transformers Prime has some of the best story arcs I had ever seen. One is the Orion Pax arc, where Optimus loses his memories and joins the Decepticons, thinking that Megatron was still Megatronus. It was interesting to see the Autobots working to restore Optimus back and just as interesting to see Optimus work with the Decepticons. This arc also showed us a more naïve and innocent Optimus to help show what he was like before the war and the Matrix. There was also the Relic Hunt, where the Autobots fight the Decepticons over relics spread across the world. Each side was fighting desperately for them. The best parts? The good guys don’t always win. The Decepticons have their fair share of wins, advantages and advancement. Stakes were actually present in TF Prime, which make a compelling story.

Negative Aspects:

I struggled to find a flaw. Seriously, when it comes to flaws in TF Prime, I’m brain dead.

My Opinion:

This show is amazing. It definitely isn’t as perfect to other people as it was to me, but TF Prime is still amazing regardless. And it’s the only one here so far, so TF Prime is in 1st place.

Placing Board:

🥇Transformers Prime

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