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1 Damon Salvatore Damon Salvatore Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series.

Damon Salvatore is the highlight of Vampire Diaries. He is very attractive and his personality is very sarcastic, funny and relatable. He has gone through immense pain in his lifetime (or three) and lashes out in pain and anger. Again, I can relate. He owns every horrible and flawed part of himself and hides the best side of him. One of his quotes, 'The best way too not get your heart broken, is to pretend that you don't have one,' relates to me so much and I can see how he hides his pain in anger and humor, I do the same. I never hated him, even from the first episode, even from the first person he killed in cold blood. I'm not denying that he was cruel, manipulative and a shameless serial killer, I just relate to him so much and don't think there is anything wrong with a little bit of cruelty and manipulating. Despite what everyone thinks, the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Damon is very protective having lost so much and seen the best and the worst in people for 178 years. ...more

I'm also going to say Damon. He's so interesting. Not just because he's extremely attractive, but I like how he's got that whole anti-hero personality to him. He's gone through such an immense amount of pain in his life time and I completely understand why he's want to shut his emotions off. He seems at first to be this cruel character, and I'm not saying his reasons justify his reasons to killing people, but everything he does is mostly out of love. He doesn't do something to get a car or a house but out of love. I personally sympathized with him the most out of everyone. He seemed so alone and so unstable that at times I wanted to grab him through the screen and give him a giant hug. I probably wouldn't watch The Vampire Diaries without him. He's so relatable, interesting, and again very attractive. I wish I had myself a Damon.

He is the man with the purest soul, He always did the goos works but never takes any credit,
Never like stephen and also the most selfish girl Elena, who only uses our stud..

Damon has held my interest the most since day one. He is deeply flawed but Ian plays the character as so vulnerable it is hard to hate him no matter what he does. It becomes clear his swagger and humor are to cover his pain. Then as we get pieces of his back story we can relate to him even more. Like Damon, I have made bad judgement calls and been embarrassed. I have lashed out in anger and then regretted it. I have felt rejection and can relate to Damon's pain when Stefan won't trust him or anyone believe in him. Sure, I haven't killed like Damon but he is, after all, a vampire. Damon is fiercely loyal and protective even when clearly misunderstood and unsupported. Plus Ian plays him in such a way we feel the actual push and pull of wanting to just enjoying the blood lust like a vampire would and being human like people want him to be.

2 Katherine Pierce

She is one of the best character in the show. She pops when no one expects her to and she is WAY better than Elena. Elena literally had Damon and Stefan when Katherine had no one... And she got an unfair end :/


Best character no doubt amazing story line and are above all the rest! Go Katherine Pierce! Whoo


3 Stefan Salvatore

Best character - Joe_Stark

The best

He always sacrificed himself for everyone

I hated Stefan at the beginning, he was such a sanctimonious hypocritical faker. Super annoying. But then he became the most interesting character in the show. Like I knew he was horrid beforehand, but boy oh boy this guy is the worst. Even Klaus is impressed. As a character he is a a complete mess: Am I really supposed to believe that a sadistic mass murderer is pure-hearted? But leaving aside the authors screwed up writing he is a piece of work. Lying, manipulative, self-deluded, cruel, sadistic, cold-hearted. I love sassy sadistic Stefan the most.

4 Klaus

Firstly, Joseph Morgan's acting is just on point. He plays every layer of Klaus with such intensity you actually feel every bit of those emotions yourself. Joseph is so intelligent and creative that having so little materiel from the books to go on he made Klaus into a complex character to begin with. And he is the most attractive man I know of, I don't think after watching Joseph anyone would be able to take that place.

Secondly, thanks to first Joseph's portrayal (Julie herself admired that the first bit complexity to Klaus was brought on from Joseph himself) and second TVD writers Klaus is an extremely complex and layered character. He is not a bay boy just for the sake of being bad. his actions are driven by one force or another. He is both highly intelligent and deeply emotionally flawed (for entirely understandable reasons: when you meet his parents, so much is explained--including why his brother Elijah is so keen to emotionally redeem Klaus). being so smart, so cunning, ...more

Klaus is more relatable than any of the Vampire Diaries characters. And Joseph Morgan's acting make it so that we feel along with his character almost every time. There are rarely any characters that are relatable on so many levels.

I love how he cares for Caroline and how even though he has done terrible things in the end he tried to make up for it. I love how much Nik cared for his child and never gave up on her. his accent and his looks really truly make him the best character in this show and the Originals.

If I have a boy he will have his name

5 Caroline Forbes

Best Character (Caroline+tyler=best relationship, screw Stefan)

The last Vampire standing!

She's been almost everyone's best friend at one point or another. I don't mean literal best friend, but the best friend to have in a certain moment of time. She's dealt with always being second best to her mother dying to everyone always leaving her. She's so strong and caring and kind and deserves the whole damn world. She grew from a girl who felt like competition was inevitable to a woman who knew when to pick her battles. By far the best character TVD has seen.

She is the best and strongest female character. She had basically been sexually assaulted by Damon in season 1 and managed to get over it and still be a strong women. She survived turning into a vampire all by herself and looked after herself. She was tortured and still protected her friends. She would be goals for any strong dependent women and she still seems to be overlooked!

6 Elena Gilbert

Here's why people do not like elena. She keeps doing stupid with her excuse that she's only trying to save everyone but 3/4 of THEM end up dying because of HER. And let's not forget how she killed thousands of vampires(good or bad) by killing two originals. Her friends lost their family members or their lovers because of her and she would play all innocent and place the blame on someone else then she ended up forgiven. All also when she turned of her humanity and killed a lot of people and even tried to kill her best friends a couple of times and she wouldn't even want hear any of it after. She also switched between two brothers for who knows how many episodes. She also hurt people's feelings but she's the one acting angry.


She is one of my heroes. She is fearless, selfless, good, strong, protective, forgiving, understanding. She is extraordinary, and that is why, much to her dismay, everyone around her would die for her, because she is loved.

Elena Gilbert is kind and brave. She is hated for things she can't control like when her humanity is off. But she is true.

I honestly don't get why people hate Elena? I mean she is the main character so if you don't like her then why do you watch the show? Also I get how people say that she makes things about herself. BUT FOR REAL SHE didn't ASK EVERYONE TO PROTECT HER! THEY JUST DO. She is beautiful inside and out. She is caring, kind, smart, athletic, and a strong person. She lost so many people and is still kind to people. I was so sad when Nina left! Elena is amazing and haters need to SHUT UP!

7 Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie is an incredibly loyal, lovable and supportive character. In the end, she lost so much and sacrificed so much for her friends. I don't understand how Elena is higher than Bonnie when Elena is selfish and overrated.

She is always ready to sacrifice her happiness for her friends. She is far better than the selfish Elena and I think she deserves a chance of having her own show.

Bonnie Bennet is my favorite character I absolutely loved her she was the most loyal and bravest and lovable person on the show.

Bonnie is the only character in the whole series who, until the end, never did anything that I found annoying, immoral, or wrong. Not only that, but throughout the series, even though she is in it less than Elena and Caroline, she has the most realistic and relatable personality of everyone on the show. Lastly, throughout all of the weird plot lines of the show, she is the only character who I have loved throughout all of it. Bonnie Bennett is my favorite character!

8 Alaric Saltzman

Alaric is by far my favourite 'Vampire Diaries' character. He was really interesting and had great depth to him that not many other characters had. His character was realistic and relatable and above all he was actually a very interesting and moral person. I also love Elijah, Damon and Caroline is aloso okay, especially as a vampire.

Hands down best character after Damon, Klaus and Elijah come close behind

I pity him. First Jenna, then Jo.

He is such a good character

9 Tyler Lockwood

I love Tyler. At first he was the character I hated most but then he really proved himself. Just like Damon they were both selfish,narcassistic and I honestly hated them the most but they both proved themselves and I think that they have come a long way from the beginning. When Tyler died (well Damon killed him) my heart sunk and I really hated Damon for it but it most mostly Sybil's fault everyone in this fandom can agree that she is the main reason that Tyler died. Unfortunately Tyler didn't make it all the way till the end but for me he was a real producer to the show and he will always be my favourite character in the show.

I never liked Tyler. Klaus would have been so much better for Caroline. Tyler was more focused on revenge than Caroline. Klaus would have forgotten the revenge instantly if it meant that he could be with Caroline. Even if it were just for a minute. He would go to the ends of the earth for her.

I liked him since he became a werewolf but that wore off and I STARTED TO DISLIKE HIM. Caroline had done so much to get him free if Klaus and because of her he's still alive but he chose revenge than Caroline and he kept on leaving her.

I just seriously love Tyler's character. The fact that he is insanely sexy is just a plus. He sacrificed so much for Klaus and he had a bad relationship with his dad. Yeah he was a jerk in season, but to be fair, he was a werewolf so the anger isn't entirely his faul. I loved this babe since the pilot

10 Rebekah Mikaelson

You want to hate her but you can't help but love her.

Rebekah seems to have a list of contradicting personality traits that apply for her. She can act catty, ruthless, selfish, erratic, and vindictive, but deep down, she's a sweet girl who loves her family and wants nothing more than to find love and to be loved, or at least accepted and sympathised with for once.

There are just SO many things to admire about this character and I was intrigued by her by the moment this show started. She is so forgiving towards her brother Klaus, and yes she has betrayed him, wronged him, and shown vindictiveness, but the fact remains that she was willing to put up with his cruelty for over a thousand, remaining by his side and still loving him, and the only reason why she acted this way at time is because he stood in the way of her happiness, acted like he owned her, was cruel to her, used her, and took her for granted. She is an admirably fierce, strong, and courageous character, and I ...more

Rebekah is the most nice pearson and tries to have a neat family but her idiotic brother klaus always gets involved in everything and ruins everything and I'm not even done her stupid father ruined her family and turned into vampires and he also want to kill his kid maybe the little idiotic guy should back off so this is why rebekah should go higher on the list she should be second or first on the top ten list

Rebekah is a great character because whilst she's one of the strongest and oldest characters you still see a little sister in her. You feel sorry for her sometimes. You get to see that she is a nice person she has feelings like everyone else just the perfect combination of them

I have only one word to describe her: QUEEN


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11 Jeremy Gilbert

Cool character

I hate his character and was hoping he would leaving sooner than later. All he does is walk around complaining all the time. He blames everyone around him for his problems.. He is in search of a purpose and when he finds that purpose as a hunter, he is still complaining. He is always when Bonnie was alive always in her business as if he was her manager. He would try and tell her when and how she should use her magic. UGH! I feel as if they were trying to make him into some kind of sex symbol but that didn't. He's either walking around shirtless or working out lifting weights. He walks around as if he is some kind body builder, boy sit down please!. I was hoping he would get killed off and just leave.

Best. Arms. Ever. No one can argue with that.

His character is so boring and so is bonnie's character. I wish they would kill him off again he really is useless

12 Matt Donovan

Matt's one of the more lovable characters to have ever come out of Vampire Diaries although he is a minor one. He is nice and very friendly and a type of person who you could always depend. He cares a lot about his friends and would do anything for them.

It is very depressing that he is not even acknowledged by his friends even though he has stood by them through all their hardships. Rather, characters have hated him for something he wasn't responsible for. Stefan and Damon unnecessarily hated Matt when Elena asked Stefan to save Matt instead of herself. He is also always toyed around by other characters like Katherine, making him seem really pitiful. It really makes me sad to think that he did not have any proper character development in the first few seasons. I bet Matt as a character could have been developed into something much better than what he already is.

Have you watched season six? He was a jerk to pick on Tyler when he was going through up a rough patch (his girlfriend tried to commit suicide! ) Kidnapped Enzo when he killed someone, a loser someone ( why do you care about Enzo killing someone when Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Elena and your sister has killed before! ) He admitted that he hates vampires and has said that they are 'Monsters'

He's gorgeous and also a very good person! He passed lot of bad events, and he deserves the 1 place!

Kinda boring, but he grows on you.

13 Enzo

Such an interesting and deep character... You can relate and understand his pain and rage. He's smart, cunning and angry enough to get what he wants but he's loyal and strong too. You can't decide either you should hate or love him. The best minor character since Klaus appeared.

I loved this character for, like, a season or two. But his relationship with Lily makes me want to slap him, and his affection for her ruined Caroline and Enzo!

I love enzo so much and I think he is so kind but also used to be one of the evil ones which is why I like him so much

How can tyler and matt be higher than enzo...he is a great character and he has a great value on the show than matt and tyler

14 Elijah Mikaelson

Definitely the best character in both the vampire diaries and the originals. He's smrat, loyal and moral
He's just as brutal and aggressive as klaus, but he's using he's power with fine share of thinking. He's an amazing character, all of his actions are coming from an everlasting love. He sacrificed so much for he's siblings and for everyone that he loved, although klaus made his life dark and sad (klaus killed gia and celeste, he constantly ignored all of Elijah's efforts and thoughts). Elijah love his family with such passion, and he dedicates himself to his loved ones and always protects them, no matter how much he get hurt by their actions. His love for hayley is so dip and full of emotion, just like he's love for all of his family. He deserved so much more...

He is so cool

Elijah is very charming in whatever he does. His entrance into The Vampire Diaries initially led me to hate him. But he was not the character I thought him out to be. He really shined when he showed his moral side. He respected Elena and tried to keep peace. The warmth that he radiates is truly comforting to watch.

Elijah has the sexiest accent I have ever heard and that honourable guy act he puts is quite attractive too.

15 Kai

Perfection. And he has beautiful hands.

I love his apathetic nature paired with a wonderful sense of humor. I love how calm he is before going in for the kill so that it's truly terrifying and unpredictable - this is something we haven't seen from a villain on the show at all. Sure Klaus was scary, but his erratic behavior always made it known who he was going to kill next and Elijah while he does have that calm demeanor when he kills it's always clean and calculated taking the element of surprise and thus the scariness out of it. Kai had a way of being unpredictable and yet calculated because who really saw him stabbing Bonnie coming and who thought he was going to kill that cab driver. He made every kill so cavalier that you couldn't quite grasp whether he was being friendly or murderous (which is true to the sociopath MO). Anyways I just absolutely loved his character and season 7 would been a lot better if he was apart of it.

Life would be so much easier if we were all Kai.

I mean seriously, who else?!

16 Jenna Sommers

I loved Jenna, she was and still is my favourite character. I was so upset when she died

Jenna is awesome and hilarious without even trying. Miss her - Organ

She had a good sense of humour and I hate that they killed her off so much DAM KALUS even though I love him

Jenna was great. She will always be one of my favorites on TVD

17 Lexi Branson

When Lexi first aired I knew she was my favorite and when damon killed her I wanted to kill him. I loved how she got Stefan to be happy other than elana When she came bac I literally squeled I was so excited. I love how the actor betrade her Therefor Lexi is my ultimate favorite character

I loved Lexi. She showed us a side of Stefan that we otherwise wouldn't have seen. She was the ultimate best friend and other half of Stefan. And I liked how there was never any romance between them. They were just two souls that looked out for one another.

She must be in the top 10. Though she plays only a cameo in the series, she really completes Stefan's character, and she's pretty cool herself.

I loved her she want one of the only hopes for the boys once they turned of their emotions

18 Kol Mikaelson

I have to say that as Kol's humanity grew stronger, especially in the Originals, I began to completely despise his character. What I loved about him was his careless impulsivity, his charming and playful attitude that could be used both in joking situations as well as right before he's about to rip someone's head off. I love how unpredictable he is and, I won't lie, he's also the most attractive character (to me, anyways) on the show hands down. His personality increases that. But when they start to make him kind and compassionate...blegh. We have other characters for that. They don't all have to be good! I loved the sociopathic younger brother vibe he had going on. Anyways, he'll always remain my favorite character. Truly in love with Kol Mikaelson.

I was actually hoping to see kol in the top 5 after Damon Nicklaus Elijah and Lexi as in his time in the show he causes so much trouble and he's just so amazing his character is played so well and you can't blame him for being a sociopath considering he was in a box for 900 years

Kol was always the best, charming, roughish and just down right unpredictable, he added spice that was just right into an otherwise orderly plan.

Kol has the sexiest accent and he's the tallest Original. He's also a witch, and apparently "crazy." Crazy is so hot.

19 Anna

She was amazing and she was such a strong part of the show how even though she died she stayed with Jeremy when she died I just felt so upset and the fact she went to such long lengths to see her mother again

She was so strong and beautiful and cared about the people around her so heavily that she was willing to do anything for them. I was always the epitome of class and sacrifice and perfectly represented the people around her! Oh R.I.P ANNA

Her and Jeremy we really cute together. It was really sad she died

Anna was stupid for being with Jeremy, and even more stupid for jeopardizing Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship. She's just an annoying character in general. Too dependent and whiny.

20 Marcel Gerard


21 Sheriff Forbes

She was the best mom ever every time they talk about her after she died I tear up😭


She is the best mother in the whole entire series and best human (Matt can screw up sometimes and can be a jerk) She never did anything bad and she made you cry when she died of cancer (you guys should of listened when I said spoilers) No one has ever made me cry like her

She is awesome at tracking vampire's

Damon would ha e news ed, and deserved, a mother like Liz it is not casual ne loves Liz that mich.

1 Comment
22 Rose

It would've been much easier for the show to let her live so Damon would forget Elena and it wouldn't be do irritating to watch annoying ass Elena not being able to pick between two brothers. She managed to make Damon care for her and show his human side in a very short time and he even cried when he had to kill her. I knew she was pretty with short hair but she was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL when she had that long wavy hair. I love her character because she ended up with a werewolf bite when she protected Damon even though they only met in a short time.

I love her and her story. She's the best character next to Katherine and Bonnie.

23 Silas

The most powerful, and the best among the rest

Vampires are silly perversion of me...

Silas was just a dumb, power-hungry version of Stefan.

24 Liz Forbes

She's certainly a terrific character. The way she looks out for her daughter and her friends, while at the same time taking care of the people of the city, she must be much higher up in the list.

She deserved better. I love Liz - Organ

25 Hope Mikaelson

I Choosing My First Ultimate Favourite Person In Hope Mikaelson

26 Luke Parker

I don't understand how anyone can hate Luke. Defiantly my favorite character in the entire series

I appreciate the diversity of adding in a gay character on the show

27 Pearl

Pearl is a good women - ventspils3

28 Sheila Bennett

Coolest kid in town

29 Mikael Mikaelson

He is Sebastian Roche any reason not to vote for that?

30 Josette Laughlin

Who doesn't love her?

31 Hayley Marshall

Haley Marshall, she's the most loyal loving character in the entire vampire diaries universe.

Best character I have ever seen. So much detail and development. 5x06 left me in tears.


32 Lily Salvatore

I love lily - Organ

33 Trevor
34 John Gilbert

Hate him when he killed Anna and Pearl. They didn't deserve to die because they were good vampires who just want to have a normal life without killing people for blood. And Anna was his nephew's girlfriend for god's sake.

Easily the most annoying character in the series. Tyler Lockwood isn't even half as annoying as he is.

35 Isobel

She is so beautiful, I never saw it but I bet the show is cool and amazing, because I like romantic movie s, and shows, sry my computer is acting dumb.

Yeah I like Isobel one of my favourite characters after Elena Gilbert of course.

36 Abby Bennett Wilson
37 Qetsiyah

She may not have had a lot of screen time but she waited 2,000 years to get revenge, she is the origin of a woman scorned!

Easily the second most powerful witch in the Vampire Diaries universe after Silas. Even powerful witches like Dahlia and Freya don't stand a chance against her. Should have had a lot more screen time.

38 Nadia Petrova

She was my second favrioute character after Katherine she died in such a upsetting way and deserves to be higher in this list and a longer part in Vampire Diaries

Katerina (Katherine) Petrova's beautiful daughter.

39 Wes Maxfield

My drama teacher friend plays Wes

40 Liv Parker
41 Sybil

She is the most evil villain on the universe!

42 Finn Mikaelson

Wish they had used him more

Definitely the most underrated member of the Mikaeldon clan.

In The Originals he's the best villain for me, BUT... He's very annoying because he's helping Esther and I don't like her😑

43 Vicky Donovan

Ugh. THANK GOD they killed her off early. Looked to be in her late 20's, nothing redeeming about her--town slut, stupid, mean, horse faced selfish bitch. No layers.

44 Miranda Sommers-Gilbert

Raised elena to be a self centered b***ch

45 Harper
46 Andie Star
47 Brady
48 Amara

Why do people insist that I should pity this character? Seriously, I don't pity those that fall victim to karmic justice. "But her only crime was falling in love" She crossed Qetsiyah, not just by stealing her fiancé (which is a crime all in its own, but not the root of the problem) but also used her to get immortality. If she was so in love with Silas she could have just ran away with him and lived out uer life blissfully in love, not scheme and manipulate with her boyfriend to cross over a friend (at least I assume since she was the one closest to her). She deserved what she got -- true tragedies stem from an injustice which just isn't in her story. Sorry Nina Dobrev fans, just because you like the actor doesn't make the character likable, they're two very separate entities.

49 Atticus Shane

Introduced Bonnie to Expression magic, we would not have gotten that powerful of a Bonnie without him.

50 Marcos Siege

Marcos the only guy who could have destroyed the supernaturals world

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