Inspecting Long Lists #11 ''GamesRadar's Top 100 Video Game Weapons''

htoutlaws2012 As you may recall yes I looked at a video game weapons list, but that was IGN. This is a request by SionicRelations that was made back when the month first started, and not sure why I delayed it for this long, but hopefully this is all solved by now with that let's start the countdown ladies and gentleman.

#100 Jarate - Team Fortress 2: We start off with a more comical weapon if anything else. It already beats the gunblade from Final Fantasy just by entertainment value... fair enough.

#99 RC-XD - Call Of Duty Black Ops: Back when killstreaks were worth a crap in multiplayer pretty much. Probably one of their last gold inventions next to the Nuke.

#98 The Pulse Rifle - Alien 3: Also known as this is in a lot of other shooter games. Unless they included it because its the gun from the film right in that case you could of put better defense for why its here.

#97 Plastic Bag - Manhunt: So... a bag beats a gun, and killstreak okay it might as well of been 99 would of been better, but whatever tiny bit high.

#96 Smart Pistol MK5 - Titanfall: I'll be honest, and say I never played Titanfall for something that has an original concept.

#95 Valentine - Soul Calibur Series: Ivy's sword can be deadly if you max it can wipe out the entire health of the opponent I can kinda see this being here.

#94 Chuck's Head - Decap Attack: I have never heard of this... like at all next!

#93 The Beserker - Panzer Dragoon Zwei: I heard great things about Saga, but barely much of Zwei unless its basically the same concept rolled into all of them as a masterpiece. Assuming it has the word berserk then yeah it must be powerful to represent this list in hindsight.

#92 Pipe Bombs - Left 4 Dead 2: Ugh... naw I would have Duke Nukem 3D's pipe Bombs instead. Its still good to use, but not as effective as the other.

#91 Quad-Barrelled Shotgun - Bulletstrom: Coming from a heavily underrated shooter... this has to be the most powerful shotgun in all of Fist Person Shooters I have ever witnessed.

#90 Gold Melter - Super Stardust HD: So you use 3 weapons to destroy an asteroid... not very sure if I have any interest then if I want to see the weapon myself.

#89 Hellfire Missiles - Desert Strike: The same Desert Strike that's from Action 52? You can't possibly think its that effective coming from a terrible wide range of ''complete games.''

#88 A Spade - Condemned Criminal Origins: Well if any melee weapon can take this spot then you can easily take this one off the list like some other choices.

#87 The Jetpack - Jetpack JoyRide: Ugh... not sure what JetPack they refer to in the picture, but even if so I wouldn't not have this one this list because its not that good.

#86 Road Signs - Mad World: Other than being one of the more violent games on the Wii... the weapon I have much to say.

#85 The Glaive - Dark Sector: Oh this thing again... I still have nothing to say bout it since.

#84 The Electrodriver - Painkiller: Also known as the Shuriken gun has two attacks electrocute, and a tooldriver killing machine essentially. I say it deserves to be slightly higher.

#83 The Chicago Typewriter - Resident Evil 4: A fully automatic gun that is not nearly as good as the TMP.

#82 Edgar's Tools - Final Fantasy VI: Don't know... and I feel like I wish not to acknowledge any part of it.

#81 Dragonbane - Skyrim: Well everyone has said the Dragonbane is a massively great weapon... seeing it in the high 80's a bit interesting.

#80 The Tihar - Metro 2033: Pretty much a fancy way of saying a hybrid like assault Rifle.

#79 The Mortar - Battlefield 2 Bad Company 2 Vietnam: Its pretty much a killstreak with a much better handled deal of a guaranteed kill.

#78 The Crossbow - Bioshock: Yes! The Crossbow is fairly good weapon from the first game its about fair where it is.

#77 Force-A-Nature - Team Fortress 2: Also known as the FaN is a deadly scatter gun that is another version of a shotgun. Decent at best I wouldn't put higher than Bulletstorm one.

#76 Bombs - Metroid Series: Okay... its just a generic bomb what makes it so special exactly?

#75 Double Flamethrower - Gunstar Heroes: Alright the flamethrower made it good since that was one of the few I thought maybe I would be lucky to see the fortune of.

#74 Ballsitic Knife - Call of Duty Blackops 1: The only time the knifing in a call of duty game was not stupidly broken in the later games.

#73 The Rossmore 290 Shotgun - Resistance 3: Not sure if this should outrank Bulletstorm's shotgun since I skipped over Resistance 3 that was when I didn't have that care left in the series.

#72 Radiant Sword - Radiant Slivergun: Its good, but at times delayed which I put it 20 spots lower then where it should be.

#71 Thunderfury - World of Warcraft: Oh the craftily aggressor like sword pretty much you can own with.

#70 Alien Ray Gun - Call of Duty Blackops series: There are two guns you need to fight a swarm of Zombies the Thunder Gun, and most definitely the Ray gun is very powerful.

#69 Plasma Grenades - Halo Series: Weird placement to have this at a sexual position, but ugh... grenades to me are only effective if you get them in good close range royally suck at charging then maybe you could argue for it not even being here at all.

#68 Pandora's Box - Zombies Ate My Neighbors: ''Basically the Pandora's box of doom done right in a video game.''

#67 Mr Toots - Red Faction Armageddon: Oh hey didn't we just see you before... oh that's right incredibly overpowered weapon that's completely weird to use in general.

#66 Shower Head - Dead Rising: I have used this, and I don't get the appeal of it its just a shower head.

#65 Homerun Bat - Smash Bros. Series: Batter Bat Swing, and KO!

#64 Ryno - Ratchet and Clank series: Wow this is pretty low, and way off from where it should be. ''Literally you could fire 100 missiles out of that huge launcher like gun.''

#63 SAW - Halo 4: Well to me it was actually one of the new innovative things in this game that was complete and utter disappointment, all the other new weapons were awful, but this one got it right.

#62 Vibroblade - South Park The Stick of Truth: Heh... you don't say they actually went with the weapon where you have to see Big Gay Al in order to get it oh boy, don't get this twisted it is god, but comical at best.

#61 Super Sheep - Worms Series: Ugh... not sure on this one either I barely played them to know it if that good or not.

#60 Electric Guitar - Fighting Vampires: A Guitar that can put the hurt to Vampires? Never played this game other than that idea summed up.

#59 Magnum - Resident Evil: WRONG! Halo Combat Evolved had the stronger and effective Pistol then this one.

#58 Rocket Launcher - Powerstone: I have played this game only a few times so I'm not very sure if the Rocket Launcher deserves to be near the top 60, or even on the list.

#57 Bombs - Bomberman Series: Oh hey two bombs on the same list what's different them its just a bomb that explodes why does it take 2 spots in the top 100?

#56 Buriza Do-Kyanon - Diablo 2: The long daggers pretty much that are almost instant kills basically yeah I can totally see this one being a great weapon.

#55 Tonfas - Ninja Gaiden 2: The description says Ninja Gaiden 2... by which I was confused considering they have the more recent pictured game that i'm not sure where it came from. I never played the second classic to one of the hardest NES games in history.

#54 Magnet Gun - Red Faction Armageddon: ''The opposite of a Portal Gun'' There is two meaning behind this one it does different creative ways of killing an enemy or its a big flop that should not be here which is it?

#53 Manapult - Saints Row The Third: Pretty much a catapult only a man in it heh.

#52 Drake Sword - Dark Souls: Its a progressively frustrating weapon that sucks at first, but as you do go on it gets much better. Based on improvement of a weapon it qualifies.

#51 Fruitdrops - Bitter Boy:...Okay I have absolutely knowing to comprehend of the picture nor the description.

#50 Morningstar - Borderlands 2: Its a good sniper, but above most of the other weapons i'm not highly sold on.

#49 Comp. Bow and flame Arrows - Tomb Raider: Okay guessing from the picture its from the newer titles which I haven't played them so I don't know if flames are that great enough to be in the top 50, but it improves from the god awful pistol choice.

#48 Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts: Its much better play with than a Gunblade that's for sure kinda high though.

#47 Shrink Ray - Duke Nukem 3D: ''Once hit and shrunken, its all but over (STOMP!)''

#46 Lightsaber: Every Star Wars Game: Well let's be honest when we say a Lightsaber... is by far stronger to play with then a typical gun right?

#45 BFG 9000 - DOOM: Why is this not in the top 10, now this list sucks because this thing kill everything possible how do you not have the best weapon in first person shooter history only in the 40's?

#44 Aquila - DmC: Does not deserve to rank above the BFG not as powerful either.

#43 Gunblade - Final Fantasy VIII: Hahahaha!!! You gotta be kidding me this thing outranks the BFG? Even more awful why is it so high on this list even IGN got this one right.

#42 Flaigun - Bulletstorm: ''One hit, and its stuck for the rest of the life span. DETONATE!''

#41 AWP Sniper - Counter Strike GO: This is one of the best sniper in any game period, even when you do not need to aim it is a truly one shot kill weapon of choice by hardcore gamers.

#40 Laptop Gun - Perfect Dark: Its very creative in which you can display as a auto turret trap for the enemy to waltz right in not knowing a thing... nice!

#39 Flak Cannon - Unreal series: In terms of originality, and deign of the gun I totally like, and its also a pretty powerful weapon with good range which honestly fits perfectly near the 40's tier.

#38 Quake Disruptor - Wipeout 2097: Is it really a weapon or just another wannabe San Andreas Fault type attempt? If so odd choice for a quake to just make the race more difficult is to you're advantage no!

#37 Spread Gun - Contra: Okay its now 20 spots lower than where it was... '' It's good, but its gets tough towards the end with damage inflicted on the harder bosses.'' These guys were more accurate with this placement.

#36 Golden Gun - Goldeneye 007: So ranked one spot lower on here... still not high enough for a gun so addicting in Goldeneye no less ''defined a fun aspect of Goldeneye in general. Once you get it your in heaven with the rest of this game.''

#35 Sledgehammer - Red Faction Guerrilla: Now that is one big weapon that will destroy you're ankles, and you won't be playing any sports any time soon once you been hit you're lights will be out cold.

#34 Master Sword - Zelda Series: I'm okay with where this sits... not saying its the best weapons ever, but in terms of swords this is definitely up there in that circumstance.

#33 Combat Cross - Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Awe yes the vampire vanquisher whip that can be great once upgraded, otherwise you maybe mixed on the opinion of this.

#32 Crowbar - Half-Life: If there was one weapon I actually never understood was the Crowbar... granted its just you're typical generic weapon, but I never got the appeal of it like I did with the Gravity Gun though.

#31 Hammer of Dawn - Gears of War: Okay so its pretty much a predator missile only its only effective as long as you hit the target which for the most part you need excellent aim for.

#30 Shotgun - F.E.A.R: I have a hard time believing this is not only a top 30 close ranged gun, but above some of the other ones that are too low even.

#29 Concrete Donkey - Worms Series:I only played one or maybe two Worms games that I can't quite remember... the concrete Donkey was one I never really got far enough to use.

#28 Blades of Chaos - God of War: If I recall I did crap on this weapon back then, but after thinking about it, and reusing it... it actually was good, but not top 10 worthy... this is a more accurate spot.

#27 Mutator - Resistance 3: Again the only Resistance game I took a pass to so I'm not sure of the significance or if it needs to be in the top 50.

#26 HF Blade - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: If you count Grey Fox as well they both equip the same exact weapon. Yet technically you do use it in Revengence... this is a really effective blade of destruction incarnate.

#25 Anal Probe - Destroy All Humans!: Deserves the top 10, even at 25 that's a little bit low for something that basically aims for the buttock, and instant death pretty much.

#24 Hair - Bayonetta: Hmm.. what witchcraft deviltry is this? ''No seriously actual hair, that hair has extreme condition to be that powerful.''

#23 Hammer - Donkey Kong: It is effective against barrels when rolling towards you, but totally of no use if you're in a bad spot for Donkey Kong to get you while unaware of the presence. I'm not saying its not a terrible weapon, but it can mess you up when you half to climb up ladders.

#22 Land Shark Gun - Armed and Dangerous: ''Talk a weapon that could make for a scary Jaws sequel this is it.''

#21 Plasma Cutter - Dead Space Series: ''You can kill creatures one limb at a time.''

#20 Penetrator - Saints Row The Third: Other than somewhat hysterical design of the weapon that is basically a long wielding baseball bat shaped of balls I don't see this being high up other than its a comical weapon.

#19 Penetrator (again) - F.E.A.R: You know what this list loves to penetrate my soul by having the name appear twice is just wrong to think, and comprehend sickness.

#18 TMP - Resident Evil 4: Its a sub machine rifle that shoots from one burst, and you can literally save up on ammo more than all the other ones, I can see this being up here.

#17 M490 Blackstorm - Mass Effect 2, & 3: Okay now this gun was one I definitely second guessed why IGN did not have. While I didn't mention this it pretty does a great deal of damage the is a black hole summoner that grabs the enemies to eventually explode next to them.

#16 Farsight XR20 - Perfect Dark: Oh the railgun... not quite the most powerful of them all sense there is another one that I probably did not make the list. It might be high up... I can see it being here but probably much lower than where it sits in the top 20.

#15 Double Barreled Shotgun - DOOM: Now look the Super Shotgun is a great weapon I won't deny that one bit, but above the BFG is completely ridiculous, and you know it.

#14 Taser - Syphon Filter: ''Pretty powerful to just stop any one enemy from doing anything. I'd say it should be higher honestly almost like once its locked in there's staying alive your finished.''

#13 Gravity Hammer - Halo 3: Very surprised to find the Gravity Hammer to appear. Not to say this is a useful weapon, but its quite high up the list above some things it should be lower than.

#12 Shock Rifle - Unreal Series: WAY too high... this should be like near the tail end of the list. Not nearly as like the Flak Cannon that is a cool version of a shotgun up close. This is not even more powerful then its Rocket Launcher counterpart.

#11 Morph-O-Ray - Ratchet and Clank: hmm... well if it is the greatest pistol in video game history then looks pretty weird to labeled as such.

#10 Dual Wristblades - Assassin's Creed 2: Pretty much if you play a good stealthy approach then yeah this a great assassin's choice type of weapon I can get behind.

#9 Proximity Mines - Goldeneye007: This, and the Golden Gun needs to switch... I mean wow I get its grenades, but the Gun was way more effective.

#8 Red Shell - Mario Kart Series: Oh i'm sorry I believe you meant the cheap, but 95% effective, and almost unavoidable Blue Shell now that is a homing nuke you can't get away from when being in the lead.

#7 MIRV - Fallout 3: Like I previously said its a good weapon, but where is the Fat Man in this case? I do find it ironic thought this came in literally at the same exact position at seven.

#6 Bullseye - Resistance series: This is extremely too high for essentially an Assault Rifle that's not even the most powerful gun in the series. Shouldn't be on the list I have played both games there's nothing special about it to me. Actually I take that back because I did mention this on my honorable mentions list, but now that I think about it... it should not be the 6th greatest weapon of all time that's overreaching quite a bit.

#5 Lancer - Gears of War: ''Basically a cooler looking and also effective chainsaw.''

#4 Railgun - Quake Series: Oh yes, now here's one IGN totally screwed up not having Rail Gun. Its pretty one shot laser as long as you aim correctly you can own the other competitors.

#3 Energy Sword - Halo Series: I love the Energy Sword, but above the Master Sword... I don't think so? Do I say its the greatest weapon not exactly, but I still put it near there of the top epsilon. I mean yeah I can own with this more than the Gravity Hammer which i'm shocked that made as high as it did.

#2 Gravity Gun - Half-Life 2: I'm just gonna repeat myself pretty much ''Attracts object, and also kills needless to say one of the most popular weapons in gaming history.''

#1 Cerebral Bore - Turok 2: Okay I can actually accept the Bore being the deadliest video game weapon ever, and why is that? Its a lot like the BFG... only one touch from this thing, and you will die like the plague infested on the creature its game over he ain't getting up once its on you you are down for the count.

and that's the list, and once again where are those Tommy Guns they are insanely powerful in Timesplitters 2. Comparing the two lists neither one is perfect, and shockingly enough i'm going to side with IGN on this, and why is that? You can't do a top 100 list without including the BFG near the top 10 in insane in the membrane. You also had very questionable weapon choices from repeated names, to just not quite sure if its the greatest shotgun of them all. I deeply apologies that it took me this long to get it done from the request that I was sent, but now its done, and now we get the madness rolling woo!