Important Update

Well, this month so far has been rubbish. School was crap and at it's limits, I've been getting spam messages by SevenLizards and I have coming to this moment that might shock you, I don't know but I've been thinking about it and now is the time to say it...

I'm discontinuing Controversial Corners and there's no reasons of why it shouldn't. When I began making this blog, it was very informal and smart and had so much potential in them to call myself a ranter but now, all that stuff has been gone. On other blog posts like In A Nutshell and Tragic Stories, they were fun to make because I enjoyed making them but Controversial Corners was just a black sheep.

I had no passion for it and it just felt lowbrow because all it was was just be trying to just see something I don't like and rush it out before even doing time to research. It was a homework for me because they weren't at all interesting. Besides, it's not like it's noteworthy at the only time I felt proud of it was the Why Is That #1 blog because it was well needed and very meaningful, all the other rest just felt recycled and was just a mere shadow that was once an enjoyable blog.

So here you have it guys, my update...

Hope you guys understand and for some of you who will try to persuade me to just continue with it, I'm sorry but it won't happen.