Top Ten Best Blog Post Series On TheTopTens

We have a number of these now, and I think we have begun a trend with them.
Some of these are ones which I think deserve another chance after failing.
The Top Ten
1 Sarcasm Series - PositronWildhawk

I absolutely love Pos' blogs, especially the sarcasm series. He has an amazing talent for this style of writing. Really, really excellent and a joy to read. Let's keep this at #1 where it belongs!

I think we can all that this series is the best. But I kinda wonder what a Britgirl blog post would be like. Maybe she should make one, she doesn't have any yet.

I hate to put mine in first, but from A Sarcastic Overview of PE to A Sarcastic Overview of Rap Music, my sarcasm series has it all.

Well, this one is obviously the clear winner. One of the finest blog series I've ever seen.

2 In A Nutshell - Superhyperdude

He really has a talent for these. He says it like it is, and there should be many more of them.

3 Puga Rants - Puga
4 Heroes vs Villains - Therandom

I just saw the first episode of season 4, and I was laughing my head off the whole time. BobbyTheBrony, Donald Trump, and my past self were all hilarious.

Danteem was so funny in it. I hope he in Season Two of this Blog Post Series.

I love this series so much now, even if I've only seen three episodes.

The one thing on here I legit think should be on television.

5 Tragic Stories - Superhyperdude

Tragic Stories is awesome! It's even better than Controversial Corners.

6 Turkey Rants - Turkeyasylum
7 Good to Evil - egnomac
8 Fact Check - Kiteretsunu

This only made one, and I think it needs another chance to get off the ground. It's easily one of the best written blogs I can recall.

9 The Conquest - Turkeyasylum
10 WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage/WonkeyDude98 Analysis - WonkeyDude98

Analysis...hmm pretty good. Formal Rage...Now we're talking'!

The Contenders
11 VelitelCabal Rages - VelitelCabal
12 Room 101 - Gemcloben

At least I'm somewhere.

13 TheTopTens:TRAPPED! - DapperPickle

Why can't this be replaced with 'The Ship'? This was such a mediocre series.

This is a good series.

14 Ludicrous Lists - Turkeyasylum

Hard for me to judge as it's only just starting, but a very promising series. Keep it up, Turkey!

It inspired me to make crappy comparisons, thanks Turkeyasylum.

I've got a few planned, and one will come out right now!

He puts effort in these. Keep it up Turkey!

15 Random Challenges 2 - Therandom

I prefer the first one.

16 Puga Polls - Puga

Too sad that it got cancelled.

17 TheTopTens In Cyberspace! - Nintendofan126

This is a good series! To bad it ended:(

This should be in the top ten

One of my favorites.

18 TheTopTens Family

I like this series.

19 Lop-Sided Philosophy - PositronWildhawk

After fifteen months of having had only one running blog series, I now have two.

It's an excellent new series.

20 Toptenners In Prison Life - DapperPickle
21 Total Drama: TheTopTens - Puga and Therandom
22 Top Tens Basketball - Bronson

Used to be so good

23 MADHOUSE - 2storm
24 TopTenners in Tribal Island - DapperPickle
25 Mikey's Game Reviews - GarytheSnail

Thanks to whoever added this one! I really think I started to do better work on them with my Ratchet and Clank 3 review, and more are to come in the future.

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