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Beast Quest is a collection of book series with the same story consisting of over hundreds of books and over twenty book series overall. Each series consisted of six books until the fourteenth series when they changed it to four books per series. It's also one of my favourite book series of all time and I felt like wanting to make a Beast Quest related list now. I have read all the books that have been translated to swedish since the summer of 2016 and have always read new books of the series. Unfortunately they seemed to have stopped after the tenth series to translate books so I will only be able to do lists of the first ten books which are also the only ones I have read. I will be comparing these ten series now and make a list of the best series, so with that being said, here is the list, of the best Beast Quest book series
The Top Ten
1 The Lost World (Series 7)

The Lost World is my favourite Beast Quest series. Honestly, it's one of the best book series of all time. It is incredibly different from the other series, and the beasts of Tavania are better than most others.

First off, the land here in this series is basically Avantia, but all the names from Avantia are transposed. For example, the country here is called TAVANIA instead of AVANTIA. And there's more.

Here's the best part about this series. In other Beast Quest series, Tom had to either kill the beasts if they were fully evil, or try to remove the curse on the beasts if they were cursed. That's not the case for this series, luckily. We are greeted with originality. Here, the beasts are good, but they have been teleported to areas they don't belong, and they get crazy and mad. Tom needs to calm them down so he can send them back to their habitats. That is super clever because I've been tired of Tom doing the same things over and over again.

The only slightly below-average book, I guess, was Krestor, the Crushing Terror, but even that one's kinda enjoyable, I suppose. This series also contains my three favourite Beast Quest books of all time (Ellik, Convol, and Carnivora), so that's also why this is number one. The other two books I didn't mention, Madara and Hellion, were simply great books for me.

2 Master of the Beasts (Series 10)

Oh yeah, the most recent of the books that are translated into Swedish is definitely great. It's one of the most original as well, I must say. This one has roots from the prequel series known as "Chronicles of Avantia." In this book, Malvel, the main villain, has brought back six dead knights to life, and he turned them into beasts they once fought in their lifetime. These knights are former knights of the town of Forton, the hometown of the main character of the prequel book series, Tanner. It's awesome how a modern Beast Quest book series takes inspiration from the prequels. I mean, that's awesome.

The books do not disappoint at all. The weakest book, Noctila, is a B+ book for me, and that's saying something. And it just got better as it went on. The rest of the books are all A books. Especially Lustor, a GOAT book, and Tecton, which has one of the most emotional sacrifices in the series. They are some GOAT books. The other three books, Voltrex, Shamani, and Doom, are highly excellent books as well. It's one of the most original Beast Quest book series as well.

The only reason The Lost World is higher is because I still think that one has more charm, and it has three GOAT books, while this one had one, plus Tecton, I guess. Even though this series has more good books, that one just had more charm.

3 The Warlock's Staff (Series 9)

The Warlock's Staff was definitely a series to remember. It's not super original like The Lost World or Master of the Beasts. However, I think it consists of more good books than The Lost World. However, The Lost World had three of the GOAT Beast Quest books and was more original, so yeah, that one's still better. However, this book series isn't too far behind.

The worst books, Ursus and Minos, are still great books, in my opinion, that are a joy to read, even if Minos doesn't have the best setting, but eh. It gets better as it goes on. Spikefin, Koraka, and Torpix are probably some of the best books in the series, in my opinion, although I think only Spikefin would be put in the GOAT category. Koraka and Torpix, while not GOAT-worthy, are still very excellent books with excellent settings and stories. Silver is also amazing and the most original of the six books here.

4 The Golden Armour (Series 2)

My favourite of the classic book series (Series 1-4) is definitely the second one, The Golden Armour. Not only does it have the best books of the four series, but it has a lot of nice settings.

With the exception of Stix, one of the worst Beast Quest books of all time, the rest of the series is pretty solid. Zepha is, yes, just a rehash of Sepron from the first series, but not only did I read this one before that one, I think this one was overall done better. And to be honest, beach settings always work, so I don't care. Arachnid and Soltra are two amazing books as well that I'd classify as excellent. The other two books, Vipero and Trillion, are simply great and good books for me.

5 Beast Quest (Series 1)

The very first Beast Quest book series deserves a mention here. While it's nothing too spectacular compared to a lot of the other series, it's a pretty good series still. And by the way, it started Beast Quest. That's a fact as well, obviously.

This book series doesn't have any GOATs at all, sadly, but the best books are some great ones, and it luckily doesn't have any bad books in it. The best books, Tagus and Sepron, are pretty great, although they aren't GOAT-worthy. Nanook and Arcta are pretty great as well, in my opinion. The weakest books are Ferno and Epos because they didn't really have that great settings compared to other series. However, it's a good to great series, in my opinion.

6 The Dark Realm (Series 3)

Now, I'll be honest with you. I genuinely enjoy this series, and I say it deserves to be high on this list.

I remember our old school had a few Beast Quest books in the library, and I noticed them and thought they looked interesting. So, I plucked out the first one I could see: Torgor the Minotaur (the first book of The Dark Realm). I remember reading it and really enjoying it, but I wasn't too sure what it was all about.

We ended up getting many seasons of Beast Quest, starting from the very beginning. After twelve books, when I finally came back to Torgor, I just felt so happy. I read the first ten seasons, but then I stopped. I just didn't feel like reading the next ones, and I eventually decided to forget about it all. I decided to just let the books lie there, gathering dust for a few years.

But after a while of having literally nothing to do, I finally decided to start reading them again. I'm almost back at Torgor, and I can already see my future self smiling, reading on and on.

The other books in the series aren't as memorable, but they're definitely good reads nonetheless. Skor felt great, Narga gave me a sense of actual danger. Kaymon definitely added to the fear factor. Tusk was pretty impressive, and Sting felt triumphant and climactic, the final showdown. I remember while I was reading Sting, I felt everything from all the other books, especially Torgor. Everything came to a satisfying end.

But I won't force you to vote for The Dark Realm. I'm just saying how important it is to me. Congrats if you read this whole thing. Like, jeez.

7 The World of Chaos (Series 6)

With the exception of Muro, which was a bit underwhelming, the rest is pretty excellent. It has one of the better stories in a Beast Quest adventure for me, as Tom and Co. must save his mother from a curse by collecting ingredients for a magic formula, and that's awesome in itself. Not only does this series have two of the GOAT books in the series (Murk and Terra), but the rest is solid as well. Vespick and Komodo were great books, while Fang was definitely a memorable adventure.

I feel like this is one of the more colorful Beast Quest series as well for some reason, and it's probably thanks to the GOAT books Murk and Terra. They are set in a swamp and a forest, respectively, and it truly helps the series have a colorful yet pretty dark tone for an average Beast Quest book series, in my opinion.

8 The Pirate King (Series 8)

Among the more recent book series of Beast Quest, The Pirate King is definitely one of the worse. Now yes, it has a GOAT book (Kronus), and there's Balisk, which is fairly excellent as well, but not the rest.

Now Boar was a pretty good book, I'll admit, but the remaining three are underwhelming. These are Koron, Torno, and Hecton (oh gods!). Koron had good moments and was a lot better than the other three, but it didn't have the best setting. Torno was so boring and overall nothing too good, but it was alright. Hecton is the WOAT Beast Quest book, and that speaks for itself.

9 The Amulet of Avantia (Series 4)

Eh, I didn't really like it that much. The country here is just called The Forbidden Country (if translated from the Swedish name), and it's pretty underwhelming.

The beasts are evil, but they're ghost beasts. Okay, I guess it's creative, but it just doesn't work. Luna, Blaze, and Equinius were amazing, but then we had the mediocre books like Nixa, Rashouk, and Stealth. All three are below decent.

This was the first Beast Quest series I read, but I'm not going to be biased. I don't hate this series as it's still decent, but due to the boring environments and mostly mediocre books, I place it last as a result.

10 The Shade of Death (Series 5)

The one book series that wasn't necessarily needed and started modern Beast Quest, and is the reason Beast Quest books are still churned out today. *sigh*.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the worse book series in terms of Beast Quest. It only has one excellent book, which is Amictus. Hawkite and Trema were pretty good as well, but nothing awesome.

Then there are the very mediocre books of the series: Rokk, Krabb, and Koldo. Rokk is alright but underwhelming. Krabb I used to love, but it's so boring now in terms of setting. Koldo is one of my least favorite Beast Quests.

So yeah, it's super low.

The Contenders
11 Vipero the Snake Man (Series 2)
12 Carnivora the Winged Scavenger (Series 7)
13 Hecton the Body Snatcher (Series 8)
14 Krokol the Father of Fear (Series 24)
15 Murk the Swamp Man (Series 6)
16 Soltra the Stone Charmer (Series 2)
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