Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 RainWings

RainWings may be lazy, but when rallied by a Queen like Glory and not Exquisite or Fruit Bat, they can be very powerful with their face-melting venom (or magic spit) because it can only be healed by a relative and its pretty hard to find a relative, and they can be practically invisible!

RainWings are the best tribe ever. I think they're the most powerful because they can change color and shoot venom. According to The Guide to The Dragon World, the only tribe that can beat them are the SkyWings, since they can set the forest on fire and also fly really fast. But that's the only tribe that can beat them. History also shows that LeafWings are part RainWing, which also means they're powerful too.

RainWings are the best tribe because they're also smart enough to not join the war, then they wouldn't have as many dragons die. - Moongazer the Mindreader of the NightWings

2 SeaWings

SeaWings are NUMBER ONE! Tsunami is the best WoF character, and she is a SeaWing. I see why people prefer RainWings because of their Magical Death Spit (yes, I said it again), but SeaWings have no natural weapons, and Tsunami could beat 99% of the RainWings in the Rainforest without natural weapons. So, vote for Tsunami. I mean SeaWings.

They are an amazing tribe! Underwater life must be so cool. Water is the strongest element, tied with air. Water can be calm and gentle, and fierce and strong when needed. Air can be a gentle breeze or a wind gust that can blow you off your feet and sweep you off into the air. And together, they are very strong. SeaWings don't have fire, or ice, or venom. Simply because they do not need it. Instead, they have other abilities: the fastest swimmers of all the tribes (obviously), breathing underwater, powerful tails! And even their glow scales! They've been described as beautiful. Even Peril, who is not known for appreciating beauty (um, sorry! guessing), says it's beautiful in an odd fishy way. They have an entire language that only SeaWings know! I say SeaWings are one of the best tribes, if not the best! Go SeaWings!

3 IceWings

Let me look at this list. RainWings are very overrated. SeaWings are my second favorite, so I'm not mad about that. SandWings? You're joking. They started the war? Deluded people. IceWings are the best tribe in history, and anyone who thinks not... Prepare to lose your eyeballs. They are so pretty, and they have an awesome history with all the animus magic. Oh, and they have animus magic. Snowfall is my favorite character in the entire series. Can't change my mind about that, or that IceWings are the best tribe. #IceWings4Life

Frozen Drop (daughter of Queen Snowfall, father unknown)

4 SandWings

Sandwings are my absolute favourite. And I feel like they get a lot of hate.
People say things like, 'Oh, the Sandwings started the war, it's all their fault [Insert favourite character] died', or, 'They're sly liars who only care about themselves.'
Let me say two things,
1. All dragons are Individuals, I mean, look at Burn, Blister and Blaze. Blaze is nothing like the other two, even through blood.
2. As we see in the books, a lot of Sandwings aren't exactly in the best well fare (especially in the Scorpion Den). Dragonets whose parents ignore and barely tolerate them, dragons whose hard-work gets ripped-off because of a con or a thief? I hope with our new Queen Thorn things will get better, besides Vulture sabotaging his own tribe. No wonder some dragons turned out like this.
Some of the most important characters are Sandwings. The terrain is absolutely beautiful- I can just imagine myself seeing the sunset over the horizon. Not to mention the awesome abilities and stunning appearance. Vote Sandwings today!

5 NightWings

You all forget that some dragon tribes, such as the NightWings, have an extraordinarily good sense of smell. So, it doesn't help if a RainWing is invisible. I think you overestimate the ability of invisibility.

NightWings are amazing. They are extremely intelligent, beautiful and elegant. Some of the best characters are NightWings (Moonwatcher, Starflight, Fatespeaker). They do have flaws, like every tribe does, which makes for a good tribe. And who said NightWings couldn't fight? Deathbringer killed three top generals in the war. About 8 or 9 NightWings killed a whole roomful of SkyWing guards. Since they started living where they could see the moon again, they should have more dragonets with mind reading and fortune telling powers. I don't think they deserve living with the RainWings either. RainWings are awesome, but I think the NightWings still deserve to be their own tribe.

6 LeafWings

LeafWings are the best tribe ever! They may not seem that powerful, but think about it. They have a secret home, which no one could find, and they tried and almost succeeded in wiping out the entire HiveWing tribe! When the HiveWings' queen commanded allegiance, SilkWings gave in because she helped them, but LeafWings fought.

You may think that their powers are useless, which is not true. As you read in the 11th book, Sundew defeated the HiveWing librarian just by using her powers. LeafWings have courage, and they use it. That is why they are the best tribe. Change your thoughts?

7 SkyWings

I love SkyWings! They have huge wings and can fly easily. They can also breathe fire!

SkyWings have huge wings. I wonder why there are these other tribes which don't have wings as big as SkyWings? They are so weird, those people who think SkyWings are not the best. I would definitely say that you have to vote for SkyWings!

SkyWings can also breathe fire. Not all the tribes can breathe fire, and I think that is an advantage. So now, after reading this, you must think that SkyWings are the best, right? If you still don't, then I am going to get angry at you all!

So, that is why SkyWings are definitely the best tribe.

8 SilkWings

SilkWings are the best tribe. Why are they in 8th place? They should be in 1st place! I honestly love SilkWings because they are so majestic. I also think they are the most unique tribe. I like that they aren't warriors, so they don't fight. I also love how they express themselves. And I hate when people say "SilkWings are weak" because they are not weak. They just aren't the fighting type. Vote for SilkWings and help them get to #1!

I've seen many people suggesting that SilkWings are cowardly for bowing down to the HiveWings. However, if you consider it, Queen Monarch's choice to relinquish her power was smart. First, SilkWings aren't warriors. They don't have powers that would significantly aid them in conflict, and Queen Monarch likely wanted to avoid SilkWing casualties.

Second, even if they joined the LeafWings, Queen Wasp could still overpower them, resulting in more SilkWing losses. Third, if Queen Monarch had chosen to fight and they lost, SilkWings would likely endure worse conditions in the hives, or worse, face extinction, as Queen Wasp would probably attempt to eradicate them, given her actions towards the LeafWings.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that SilkWings aren't overpowered, unlike RainWings. In my opinion, RainWings are overpowered because they possess venom that's nearly instantly lethal, they're good at climbing, agile, and have color-changing scales for camouflage.

9 MudWings

MudWings are the best tribe in history. I love how they are always together and are loyal forever. I also love how they do everything together. They are AWESOME!!! And Clay is super sweet and nice. Whoever doesn't love MudWings has Peril to deal with!

Mudwings are such an underrated tribe and are I the only one who is very sad how there are only like three chapters where the dragonets are in the mud kingdom in book 1 and like two in book five. I've heard people say that mud wings are ugly but the mudding colors are amazing with beautiful shades of brown, amber, and orange. And mudwings are so loyal like the siblings of the queen will not challenge for the throne because of how loyal they are.

10 HiveWings

HiveWings are my second favorite tribe after SeaWings because they look so cool and they have amazing and unique abilities that don't really have any limits as far as we know. They are portrayed as evil and stuff, but they're just normal dragons, probably the most relatable tribe. It's not their fault they're being mind controlled. And before you say how they keep SilkWings as slaves and stuff, that's the only thing they know. They weren't always like that, and who says they're all mean?

They were also probably told things like, Don't worry, SilkWings don't have emotions, or They want to serve us. If they found out what it was like for them, they would probably start to rebel or something. But then they'd all be mind controlled into being peaceful again. In the tree wars, when they weren't all mind controlled, they protested against destroying the trees, but the Othermind took over and stopped them. They are not evil. They are forced into being evil, or don't know better. It's not their fault.