Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 SeaWings

Seawings should be further down the list because they are only good in the water because that is their element. But when they are on land they are an easy target for they cannot move fast.

I mean just imagine going into the underwater world and able to live down there! I wouldn't say they have good queens or anything but there one of my favorites.

They are an amazing tribe! Underwater life must be so cool! Water is the strongest element, tied with air. Water can be calm and gentle, and fierce and strong when needed. Air can be a gentle breeze or a wind gust that can blow you off your feet and sweep you off into the air. And together, they are very strong. SeaWings don't have fire, or ice, or venom. Simply because they do not need it. Instead, they have other abilities: The fastest swimmers of all the tribes (obviously), breathing underwater, POWERFUL tails! And even their glow scales! They've been described as beautiful. Even Peril, who is not known for appreciating beauty (um, sorry! guessing), says it's beautiful in an odd fishy way. They have an entire LANGUAGE that only SeaWings know! I say SeaWings are one of the best tribes, if not the best! Go SeaWings!

I LOVE SeaWings! Well, I love Tsunami and Riptide a lot, but anyway, it's cool how they see in the dark! Also, the glow-in-the-dark lights are SUPA cool! A whole language out of it! I think they'd be a better tribe if they had a queen like Tsunami, (Not saying Coral is bad) I also think they are very beautiful! In the "Pyrrhia guide to dragons," RainWings seem very beautiful but if you ask me Tsunami is MUCH more beautiful than Glory.
Also, Tsunami is my favorite character so ya...SEAWINGS RULE! Well, if ya ask me they're the coolest!

2 RainWings

Rainwings are my favorite tribe. I mean, Rainwings can shoot a deadly venom from their fangs, and nobody knew it for a long time! I also like how Rainwings are gentle and peaceful and haven't invaded a tribe in literally CENTURIES. Rainwings probably have the best and most deadly powers of all the tribes. I also like how Rainwings don't fight for the throne, they take turns! Rainwings can also change into beautiful colors and camouflage if they are in danger. I honestly don't get why people don't like Rainwings. Everybody says they're lazy, but not all of them! There are also hardworking Rainwings. They're awesome and magnificent!

RainWings are the best! Their queen is the best, their powers are the best, and their queendom is the best! What's not to like about them? And they are NOT lazy, yes this is partly because I'm a RainWing, my name is Jewel. And despite them being peaceful, they use their venom and they kept it a secret, also scavengers thought they were they most deadly tribe (which that was SO good) and I also think people should stop putting Tsunami and SeaWings at the top of every darn list.

Rainwings are definitely the strongest tribe. Rainwings and Hivewings, it would be a tough battle but since the rainwings can camoflauge and shoot venom from a distance, definitely Rainwings. The only tribe that would be able to beat the Rainwings in a fight would probably the only extinct tribe, the Beetlewings. They could camoflauge and shoot venom as well. They also have a deadly stinger in their tails. I kinda wish that in the legend Darkstalker, it showed exactly what Queen Crane and Queen Anaconda were doing. I think there should be another book about the other tribes in Darkstalkers time. I want to learn more about Queen Anaconda of the Rainwings. If she died in combat or if they chose to go peaceful.

I like RainWings because of their impressive camouflage abilities, venom, and ability to be quite literally any color (it makes them fun to design, because you can basically make them look however you want).
I loved the RainWing Royal Challenge in Book 3, it seemed like such a cool and fun idea. I would personally love to see some more of that in the future.
Glory is definitely one of my favorite characters, along with Jambu and Pineapple (the gays lol). My favorite part out of the whole series was when Glory (spoilers to anyone who for some reason hasn't read book 1) spat venom on Queen Scarlet's face. I just loved how perfectly timed it was with the "Use your venom! I didn't even get to see it last time!".
I got off topic, sorry. I think the RainWings' prehensile tails are cool too, imagine being able to hang off of a branch like a bat, and being able to swing from those same branches like a monkey; what I'm trying to say is, RainWings are my favorite tribe, and I'd love to ...more

3 SandWings

SandWings are just amazing! They took a very big part in book 1-5 because of the SandWing queen war. Also there are a bunch of SandWing characters that played a pretty big part in the Wings of Fire series such as Blister, Blaze, Burn, Vulture, Jerboa, Thorn. Also there are a couple of good SandWing characters like Qibli and Sunny who is partly a NightWing but still counts as a sandWing too. Plus they have venomous tail barbs that could make them really powerful. Also of course they have fire. SandWings are definitely one of my favorite tribes.

One of the coolest tribes! First I'd like to say I LOVE QIBLI! I think sand wings might be very musical because of what Qibli was doing with those drums! Sand wings are one of my favorites! Don't get me started on their weapons! A pointy barb at the end of their tail a great deadly weapon! Just like scorpions!

SandWings are by far my favorite tribe. As of the current day I am writing this, they are ranked in 3rd place. They can withstand extreme heat, and have a deadly tail barb. They are described as strong and muscular, and have the best hearing out of all the tribes. Bottom line, SandWings are amazing, and forever my favorite tribe.

I think that the sandwings should be further down the list. Because in darkstalkers time they were weak and had no treasure. And don't forget they shouldn't be the strongest tribe if queen oasis died to a SCAVENGER!

4 IceWings

I think IceWings are the most greatest tribe in Pyrrhia. And it's because they are so beautiful, even more beautiful than RainWings ( my favorite color is ice blue, so that's why I said that, but RainWings ARE more beautiful ) . Also, Winter is my favorite character in Wings of Fire, then Starflight, then Tsunami, then Glory. ( But not saying Glory is my least favorite character. ) So then, if you still hate them, like Fjord, think about their abilities, and check out the others. If you see a frostbreath it must be the IceWings. See! Most of the other tribes can breath fire, but IceWings choose their own. Like them now?

IceWings are the best because they have super sharp claws and frostbreath, they are also probably the most organized of all the tribes. They also should have animus because remember Queen Diamond had a niece, Snowfox which means that she definitely had at least one sibling who shared Queen Diamond's animus genes, even though her sibling probably wasn't an animus but you don't have to be an animus to have animus genes. Her sibling passed down those genes to her children (we know she/he had children because there's Snowfox) so animus magic should have been passed down.

In my opinion Icewings are the best, they are my favorite tribe, plus I like the cold. They are elegant and know when to get things done. Sure they may have a bad attitude for most of them buuuuut I would say blame that on Queen Diamond. They live in the one place that other dragons cannot stand, so that would be a plus for them for protection, besides the Seawings.

I think these beautiful dragons were the first ones to have animus magic,why? Well albatross was a pale grayish blue and was wrong in a little ways so we must've had a ice wing ancestor annnnnd Ice wings had gifts for generations so more animus dragons before Prince Artic's tragedy if we had more gifts such as Opals gift vision or the great ice cliff! I have no evidence to back this theory up:I think Night wings had animus magic but it got lost in history!

5 NightWings

I think that the Nightwings are the best tribe. After all they do have a connection with the moons. They were also the most powerful because of the powers they can get, even though they don't have them now, they now no from moon how to get the powers back. Therefore they can lay their eggs under the moons and the dragonets will get the long lost powers. I think that the nightwings should be further up the list and this is DEFINITELY my favorite pyrrhian tribe.

NightWings are one of my favourite tribes ever, even though I don't know which tribe IS my favourite. NightWings are so powerful and mysterious, and they have most defiantly a very fascinating scale color, like some with silver, and purple, and bright green that ALMOST silver in case your confused. But yes, this tribe is most definitely a very wonderful tribe in my opinion. Also I'm 100 % a Glorybringer, Moonbli, Thougthout, and more.
Have a wonderful day, those who took their time to read this comment!
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

NightWings are a special tribe with a close connection with the moons. They have beautiful, dark scales with a single line of white scales running down their neck, to their tail. Depending on if their hatched under one full moon or two full moons, they are hatched with mind reading or future sight, or, both. Bottom line, they are an interesting and unique tribe.

Night wings and Sand wings are awesome best tribes I'm only voting night bc they are farther down on the list but they are both amazing! Not all night wings are leirs or terrible remember Moonwatcher?!

6 LeafWings

I LOVE LEAFWINGS! They are my favorite tribe. I love there colors and they live in the coolest places there is so much excitement in there wold. I love how fears and revengeful they are the have a vary cool way of living. Sundew Willow and Hazel are my favorite LeafWings. They are all so different but grate friends.

LeafWings are observed as weak, but I think they are still unique. True, only some are hatched with leafspeak, but it's still cool for them to even have that within their tribe in the first place. Adding onto that, they have wide knowledge over all sorts of creatures and plants.

Leafwings are the best
Because they are strong and silent and they can get the power of leafspeak which can strangle their enemies.

LeafWings are the best tribe EVER! They may not seem that powerful, but think about it. They have secret home, which no one could find, and they tried and almost succeeded to wipe out the WHOLE ENTIRE HiveWing tribe! When the HiveWngs queen said to say that she was their queen, SilkWings gave in because she helped them, but LeafWngs fought. You may think that their powers are useless, which is not true. As you read in the 11th book, Sundew defeated the HiveWing librarian JUST by using her powers. LeafWings have courage and they use it. That is why they are the best tribe. Change your thoughts?

7 SilkWings

Useless useless useless they are the worst tribe ever. They are weak, pathetic and everything below bad. All they are useful for is colors and silk, no thank you. They are the outcasts of all the other tribes

So peaceful! And beautiful! And Flamesilks uh hellooo? I love silk wings that are just whoa! I've made more then 10 Silk wonk ocs! Their scales are just amazing! They are a unique tribe due to their peaceful ways and silk! Silk is like well…a..a unique power most people would not think a dragon could have unlike fire,ice,venom ect. Silk wings are just amazing!

The HiveWings needed the Flamesilks for light plus they just look cool and I like how two SilkWings can have completely different patterns.

Vegetarians! Yeah! SilkWings are super cool looking, and it is mentioned that there scales look like sliced gemstones. Also, I love their silk spinning abilities, and one of my favorite characters is a SilkWing! Blue.

8 SkyWings

Personally I think SkyWings are great! They have huge wings, are super athletic, can breathe fire, and are said to be very strong fighters. I personally think that NightWings are basic because they're literally black dragons that can breathe fire. And not all of them can read minds or see the future so if they don't have that ability they are useless. SkyWings at leased have big wings. They are said to be grumpy but that was because of queen Scarlet. Think of cute little Cliff and how kind and fair Ruby is. Also Peril is cool. In Tsunamis book she described how when they were hiding from the SkyWings on the beach, they shot over them faster than any other tribe could fly. I imagine that's like a jet. You couldn't fly away from a SkyWing if you tried. Also their colors are cool.

SkyWings are one of the fiercest tribes. They have the strongest fire out of all ten tribes, and have huge wings, making them very fast fliers. They are excellent at aerial combat, and some are even hatched with a rare feature known as 'firescales'. Overall, SkyWings are a beautiful and powerful tribe.

I love Skywings! They have huge wings and can fly in the air easily. They can also breath fire!

Skywings have huge wings! I wonder why there are these other tribes which don't have wings as big as Skywings? They are so weird, those people who think Skywings are not the best. I would DEFINITELY say that you HAVE to vote for Skywings!

Skywings can also breathe fire! Not all the tribes can breathe fire and I think that is an advantage. So now after reading this you MUST think that Skywings are the best? If you still don't, then I am going to get ANGRY at you ALL!

So that is why Skywings are DEFINITELY the BEST tribe.

They should definitely go up because they are strong flyers and can fly longer distances. The skywings would definitely be stronger if they didn't kill all the firescales and animus dragons.

9 MudWings

Mudwings are one of the best tribes because of their caring personality for their siblings. Sure they might not be the best parents but they are the most caring tribe, besides Rainwings. Others say Mudwings are useless but I think not. 1 they are the biggest and most powerful tribe when it comes to their strength. 2 they can have fireproof scales, big thing for a dragon lol. 3 they're kind of the second tribe to be somewhat aquatic compared to Seawings. They can hold their breath for a long amount of time and they spend a lot of their time in water anyway because of the mud. People shouldn't be so harsh to the Mudwings, they're really not that bad of a tribe. Silkwings are the useless tribe that everyone should go against in my opinion but eh

Okay, let me say one thing... Mudwings SUCK! They do NOTHING in the Series other than save Sunny once, a show of Glory's spit, and to give Peril ( easily 2nd best character behind WInter ) a boyfriend! They are dumb! Especially Clay who after his own book, literally does NOTHING in the prophecy but talk about how he really doesn't care what is going on around him, but adores food! Also, Clay was an absolutely terrible fighter at the beginning of book 1, but out of know wherein the second part, he just was able to defeat a bigger, more experienced, and, older ICEWING with almost NO problems!. It does not make SENSE! Also, someone tells me what Queen Morehen does in the books. Anybody? Somebody? Like I am Saying, NO one can tell me! She just exists to give Burn an Ally. That is IT! MUdwings design is also terrible! They look fat, not strong, and also Ckay sucks because Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight always talk about how amazing he is when he does nothing! You can have your ...more

Who wrote this terrible-abuse-mud wings-because-of-their-looks comment? The one that says, "Okay, let me say one thing... Mudwings SUCK!" This list is a list of opinions, but nobody should write something that mean to mud wings like that! Oh, it says that you like hivewings. This is how it looks like to mudwing lovers.

Okay, let me say one thing... hivewings SUCK! They look terrible, with vulnerable insect wings, big fat head, and gigantic mega-gigantic horns! (Just trying to be kinkajou). They also abused and enslaved the silkwings, trying to use them as puppets! Also Their abilities suck! It is like insect weapons. And many have no abilities! And these look worse than any other tribe. They have jagged teeth. and boiling stingers sound stupid, and leafspeak is cooler. Also They tried to wipe out the leafwings. By the way my best tribe is IceWings.

What do you feel about that? It feels terrible to see your favorite tribe abused, the way all mudwing fans are feeling right ...more

Mudwings are such an underrated tribe and are I the only one who is very sad how there are only like three chapters where the dragonets are in the mud kingdom in book 1 and like two in book five. I've heard people say that mud wings are ugly but the mudding colors are amazing with beautiful shades of brown, amber, and orange. And mudwings are so loyal like the siblings of the queen will not challenge for the throne because of how loyal they are.

10 HiveWings

Poor Cricket and Bumblebee, they should have been higher than the MudWings, MudWings stink they should be lower than the HiveWings, and what about Bumblebee? Who doesn't like BUMBLEBEE? And Cricket is a lot like Starflight, she loves to read and she turned against her own tribe to save another. And HiveWings are the one of the best tribes and one of the most powerful!-Jewel the RainWing

HiveWings are 10th on this list? Why? They are t as bad as the books made it out to be Yes queen Wasp is HORRIBLE but does that make them all bad? No! We think they are bad because we see the perspectives from two SilkIwings one LeafWing (who hates the HiveWings and wants to kill them all) and one HiveWing although there One LeafWing she wants to KILL all of them! And making her a protagonist does NOT help!

HiveWings have bad reputations for being cruel and selfish, and are severely underrated, I mean- 10th on this list? Last place? Come on. Don't just judge them because their tribe was the main antagonist in the 3rd arc, well, more like the othermind. They are just like all the other tribes, with varying personalities. Remember Cricket? You can't forget this lovable HiveWing who protected her friends till the end, and even turned against her OWN tribe to save SilkWings and LeafWings she barely knew. Malachite, remember when he tried to save the stealth team in book 15 before the otherwind took over? Katydid was the one who stole an egg right out of the hatchery! An extremely brave act, if you ask me! If they had a better queen and weren't infected by the Breath of Evil, they would've been a really nice tribe.

HiveWings have a varying range of abilities! Don't listen to the person in the SilkWing comments saying "HiveWings have no natural abilities", they probably have ...more

I personally think HiveWings are really underrated. I mean, to be completely fair they are as much slaves to Queen Wasp as the SilkWings are! Like, if there were more HiveWings who were like Cricket than who knows, maybe all Wasp's subjects would turn against her and a knew, peaceful Pantala would come true. Also, they are super cool! I love bees, and HiveWings have black, gold, yellow, red, and orange scales just like them! Also, I absolutely just love how many power options they get!
P.S. I love the Hives they live in.