Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 RainWings

Rainwings definitely deserve first place because they were a scary tribe once (Read Darkstalker it refers to that) but they eventually started to be titled as lazy. But then Glory comes (vote for Glory in the top ten characters) and fights for them until she is queen, so now they are becoming far less lazy and far more fearsome. They also have the best abilities. (everyone says Nightwings do but those powers are a little creepy and they only get them from the moon, but what if it is a cloudy night?) I mean, what could be better than camouflage scales and venom spit. Well? Anyone? No? That's because there are no better abilities, and if you think there are, wright it in the comments please. Anyways, in conclusion I think that it is great that they can solve problems without war. People ( and dragons) try to act tough like war and people/dragons dying is no big deal. Well guess what? IT DOES! SO VOTE RAINWINGS AND VOTE GLORY! GO RAINWINGS GO!
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

RainWings are the best tribe(tied with IceWings). They have magical death spit, prehensile tails for climbing, Camoflauge, and are smart. There used to be awesome and the most feared tribe in all of Pyrrhia but became more lazy over time. Then Glory comes and wants to make the RainWings more fierce and get back the stolen RainWings since Magnificent won't do anything. She becomes queen and whips the RainWings into shape making them more fearsome then they were with Magnificent. Queen Glory forever.
-Frostfruit (Ice/RainWing hybrid)

I love rain wings so much! I think that glory should have melted all the night wings faces that took the rain wings and did tests. Also, rain wings have the most abilities in the books.
1. Prehensile tails
3.Color changing scales
4.Magical death spit (Sorry glory)
I think there should be other sassy rain wings out there like glory, and I hope she teaches them to read and write.
-Solar the sky night wing

The rainwings are one of my favorite tribes . They have camoflage scales and venom spitting teeth . so what if the nightwings can read minds and see the future . the rainwings have better abilities that make them the best tribe . Their home is better too. the nightwings live on a smelly overheated moons blasted volcano . the rain wings are peaceful in their rainforest . They are not starving or SNEAKING OUT AND KIDNAPPING DRAGONS FOR THINGS THEY WANT ( did I mention the kidnapped tweleve rainwings and stole their venom ) another thing. do you remeber that three of the rainwings died because of dumbheaded mastermind and stupid strongwings

2 SeaWings

SeaWings are such an amazing tribe! They have such an interesting backstory and live in such a cool place, plus they've had the most animus dragons! SeaWings are amazing artists and authors, they've built the best palaces, and they have the coolest history! Also, I LOVE the element water, so that might be part of it. They have some of the best ships ( Ripnami, Fathomgo) and Turtle is my favorite character! He has such an interesting personality and he's a totally sweetie! SeaWings also have a very beautiful and unique design, with amazing glowscales that have been described as beautiful by MANY tribes, and I love their colours and the webs on their spines and between their claws. SeaWings even created their own under water LANGUAGE with their glow scales, which is amazing! SeaWings have always been my favorite tribe, ever since I started reading the series, and they will always be number one for me!
-Lazulite the ReefWing.

A major part of why I love them is probably because water is my favorite element. I love them because they aren't very powerful, yet still have some of the strongest dragons in the series. Tsunami, Indigo, Riptide, etc. (They also have Fathom and Turtle, but I left them out since they have a special power.)
Other tribes, such as Nightwings, get their fame through power that they were born with- Darkstalker, Peril, Moonwatcher, etc. (Don't get me wrong, I love these characters). When the Seawings only get one. No fire, no venom, no frostbreath, they have to win their battles by claw to claw combat, a major disadvantage. Yet, they are still a strong, large tribe. They were still great fighters in the war, even though they probably had the smallest army.

Okay seawings may not have any crazy breath weapon (ice, fire, venom) but the could DESTROY any other species of dragon in the water because fire breath and venom spiting won't really work underwater they also have hooked claws to grip on a dragon, secondly seawings are built for the water for example seawings are the longest tribe and have huge powerful tails that could easily knock a dragon unconscious as well as GILLS and I know for a fact no other tribe has gills. This tribe is my favorite tribe and I would never choose another tribe over them.

SeaWings are my favourite tribe (I don't even like the element water but I still like them). They are portrayed as weak and cowardly just because of 3 dragons: Turtle, Fathom and Webs. What about Tsunami? And Anemone and Orca and Gill and all of the other amazing SeaWings. Everyone says RainWings are beautiful and they probably are, but when I first saw the books I was instantly drawn to Tsunami because she was beautiful (I didn't think that Glory looked nearly as pretty). They have glowscales that GLOW and imagine that at night time, in the dark you wouldn't be able to see any other tribe. The only time that was acknowledged was in the 8th book with Peril saying 'it was kind of beautiful, in a weird fishy way'. They definitely deserve more than that.

People also say that they're not strong. In the Summer Palace when they were getting attacked most of those dragons didn't know how to fight, no wonder they ran away! And the SkyWings were literally dropping fire on their heads. ...more

3 SandWings

Sandwings are just so awesome with their keen senses, heat giving scales, ability to go without food for a while, intense heat tolerance, and poison barbed tails. They also have the largest territory, and have some of the best WOF characters, such as Sunny, Qibli, and Jerboa lll, and to finish it off, they can be completely similar and different, like how some are smart and some are stupid, so they are very diverse. VOTE SANDWINGS VOTE SUNNY VOTE QIBLI!
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

Abilities: poison barb, hearing, eyesight, heat resistance, can go without food and water for longer, fly pretty far, fire, see in bright desert

Weaknesses: Cold, the dark, water

They are pretty well rounded and make good soldiers since they can last longer without food and water. Honestly, It would be the hardest to fight a sandwing since you need to worry about the mouth AND the deadly tail.

Sandwings have good survival skills such as being able to survive without food and water for a long time and having good hearing and sight and being able to withstand the heat of the desert. I also like how they have both venom AND fire unlike Rainwings. If I was a dragon in Wings of Fire I would want to be a sandwings.

SandWings are COOL. I think that's something we can all agree on. They have a dangerous poison tail barb, great hearing, heat resistance, can go without food for quite a while, they have fire, they can see in bright places, and they have great eyesight and hearing. I mean, come ON. Overpowered? Yuh-huh. But aren't they all? No hate please, just a legal opinion.

4 IceWings

IceWings Are THE BEST EVER! Even though they do have a bit (or A LOT) of an attitude, they still have Frost breath that, well, if you think about it, is better than fire because fire would melt frost breath, but if you do it for a while, the place would flood! that brings me to the next reason that Icewings are awesome. What do you mean all the tribe can't swim except sea wings!? they can swim JUST FINE thank you! their ridged claws help them a lot for 2 ways:
1. They can climb glaciers very well and walk on ice
2. they can use it very well in battles if they need to
Does any of these reasons about Icewings change your thoughts?

I like them not because of their powers or appearance (unlike most people) but their culture. They have rankings and gifts that we hardly know anything about. They're very good for fanfictions because we can make up all these gifts for the plot. They're not my favourite tribe, but I do find them very interesting.

IceWings are the best tribe because they have the best queen like Queen Glacier, she said that if any of her daughters challenged her for throne, she would give it to them because she loves them. Queen Snowfall is so brave and will do anything to protect her tribe

Icewings are so cool! they Have Frost breath which can easily beat fire, and they ridged claws which is way better than the regular claws! They easily beat the other tribes when it comes to the most powerful. Also, they have the best queen! Snowfall is the best( sorry Winter, you're close)!

5 NightWings

They are the best. I think they are the most powerful because they're the only ones that actually have a chance of being born with powers (mind reading and foresight). Also because of DARKSTALKER. He literally has animus magic and advanced mind reading. Also because they can blend into the shadows and camouflage in the night sky. They can breath fire which is better than other dragons like seawings, leafwings, hivewings etc.

I don't understand why their so high. I love NightWings, just so you know. However, few of them actually HAVE powers. Other then that, they're just about a normal dragon. If they HAVE all the cool powers then, yeah, that one dragon is immensely powerful. Otherwise? Not so much. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

NightWings are pretty cool! They have mind reading and foresight (well some of them.) And also, black's my favorite color, and they breathe fire, and they have animuses. PLUS, if that's not enough, they have some amazing protagonists and characters! Ex: Moonwatcher, Starflight, Clearsight, Fatespeaker, and Sunny. Well, kind of for Sunny. She's a hybrid.

-Sunspot the SandWing-NightWing

I LOVE NIGHTWINGS! They are so beautiful! I love how they are black and purple (dark colors are the best am I right!?) I also think that their Nightwing powers are pretty cool too! Like it would be so cool to read dragon’s minds and also making prophecies!
~ Thunderstorm Nightwing/Seawing Hybrid

6 LeafWings

Leafwings, still the best tribe there ever is. Full of courage, they fought back when Queen Wasp told them to bow to her. they tried to kill the ENTIRE TRIBE of hivewings, and they hid so well that no one could find them and thought they had wiped them out when they really didn't. silk wings are kind of useless ( sorry, my friend thinks their amazing) and they know it so Queen Monarch gave Wasp her crown. Also if you think Leafwings are useless because they don't have powers, think about this if Sundew could defeat a full grown hivewing in the 11th book using only her leafspeak, that's just awesome. Those are some reasons why Leafwings are THE BEST TRIBE OF PYRRIA AND PANTALA!

LeafWings are the best tribe EVER! They may not seem that powerful, but think about it. They have secret home, which no one could find, and they tried and almost succeeded to wipe out the WHOLE ENTIRE HiveWing tribe! When the HiveWngs queen said to say that she was their queen, SilkWings gave in because she helped them, but LeafWngs fought. You may think that their powers are useless, which is not true. As you read in the 11th book, Sundew defeated the HiveWing librarian JUST by using her powers. LeafWings have courage and they use it. That is why they are the best tribe. Change your thoughts?

I love how resilient and tough Leafwings are. they have suffered so much, like when the majority of the Leafwings were slaughtered or when they lost all the trees, and then the jungle burned down, it would be so hard to endure, but they did anyways. I also loved how they all have developed such strong fighting spirits, and how beautiful they look. They also have the amazing ability of leafspeak. They are also the tribe of Sundew, who I absolutely am in awe of. VOTE LEAFWINGS VOTE SUNDEW!
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

Leaf Wings are amazing! Leaf speak is so creative and powerful. They are very strong and brave, brave enough to fight an entire tribe even if they are not many. Its very hard for me to choose my favorite tribe...but I guess its:
Leaf Wing
Ice Wing
Hive Wing
Sky Wing
Sea Wing
Sand Wing
Rain Wing
Night Wing
Silk Wing
Mud Wing
I love them all! But go Leaf Wings!

7 SkyWings

I loves Sky wings. My favorite tribe! They can breath fire, fly VERY fast, have good vision, good cold resistance and good fighters. Why do most people didn't like them? They are awesome! Firescales are soo strong. They (in my opinion) should get the first place. Go Sky wings fly!

Who said they have deadliest fire? anyone tell me? If so, which page in which book? If you can't even prove it you guys shoould stop sending false comments. It only says they breath fire, not hottest or deadliest.

I feel like Skywings are incredibly underrated because they seem like your stereotypical dragon, but are they? no. They look really cool with all their shades of red and orange, plus, some of them are born (but usually thrown off cliffs) with firescales like peril. FIRESCALES. THINK ABOUT IT, SCALES THAT BURN EVERYTHING. OVERPOWERED. Anyways, they also have some great characters like Peril and Scarlet (yeah yeah Scarlet is bad but so are you if you don't like her :). They also are very strong flyers and flyers, so, VOTE SKYWINGS, VOTE SCARLET, VOTE PERIL!
Hurricane the hivesilkskyicewing

Skywings are really cool with the fire and big wings, in my opinion, The one problem is that I think that they should have one more power like fire resistance or something even though they have what they call fire scales but that’s a rare condition. They maybe not my favorite tribe but I still really like them

8 SilkWings

You are wrong. The SilkWings obeyed her because they were enormous cowards and didn't want Queen Wasp to use her mind-controll to destroy the SilkWings. Just that they are cowardly. Only a bit of book of clearsight. But not all of them are cowards.

Examples of coward SilkWings: Blue (Although he changed), Admiral, Pierid (mentioned not to say anything bad about HiveWings) Burnet (Turn your self in Blue! much safer!) Queen Monarch (probably a coward, since she gave her throne to queen Wasp not only cause of the book, but her fear for Wasps zombie army)

Examples of un-coward SilkWings: Swordtail (brave) Luna (fights back) Io (Saves Blue) Danaid (Helps Blue and Luna despite the risk)

I guess that's all.

Amazing wings: Check
Cool antenna: Check
Super cool silk/famesilk: Check
Silkwings are so beautiful and kind and I'm tired of people saying there spineless and cowardly, their beautiful creatures and the only reason they bow down to queen wasp is that they were told that the book of clear sight said that was the best choice for the silk wings.

Only voting for Silkwings to say that they are by far the worst tribe. If I could be born into the WoF universe as any dragon, and I ended up as a Silkwing, I would literally jump off a cliff before my wings have grown.

Imagine having the chance to be a mythical dragon and instead turning into an overgrown butterfly (that has to wait 6 years to even fly) whose only powers are seeing the weather forecast, feel air vibrations, and shoot silly-string from their wrists.

"But wait! You could be a flamesilk!"

1. It's super rare
2. Wow. So cool. Instead of shooting out normal boogers, it's onfire and can glow. Awesome.

To conclude, Silkwing suck. Even Leafwings are better than them (slightly, they're almost tied for worst tribe).

Bye :D

Totally useless as a RainWing, but less powerful than a RainWing. Because they are wingless until 6 years old and fancy coccon and silk thing and has no natural weapons except flamesilk which is way weaker than fire - breathing and only about 10 dragons have it. So totally weak. - Blizzard

9 MudWings

Everyone knows that they're underrated but no one really makes ocs because they're a very difficult tribe to do things with, since they're all apparently really stupid and slow and don't have too many unique powers. BUT what if they're faking their lack of intelligence? What if they're actually one of the smartest tribes on the continent? We don't know, because we've only been to their kingdom once for about 2 chapters and didn't find anything out about them. We don't know anything about their history or traditions or anything other than the fact they live with their sibs and are loyal and stuff. The only MudWing who's point of view we've properly been in knows pretty much nothing about his tribe. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES

Mudwings are such an underrated tribe and are I the only one who is very sad how there are only like three chapters where the dragonets are in the mud kingdom in book 1 and like two in book five. I've heard people say that mud wings are ugly but the mudding colors are amazing with beautiful shades of brown, amber, and orange. And mudwings are so loyal like the siblings of the queen will not challenge for the throne because of how loyal they are.

Mudwings are So underrated with fireproof scales they are pretty much invincible to most dragons and your never fighting just one mudwing your fighting its siblings to. If your fighting in a muddy place you can't really stop them because the mud will just keep healing them. Also just because Queen Morehen didn't do anything doesn't mean she won't do anything in a later book. The Only time we did see he was in the Dream scape and she was ordering her subjects to "stop dyeing" But that was a dream and she was scared I would take it less as her being a bad queen and more as her caring for her tribe. She just wants the war to end so her subjects stop dying.

PineShade, calm down! I know you are SO mad about this rude person's horrible MudWing comment, but I don't think he actually hates MudWings much. Do you know why I think so, PineShade? Because in the last sentence of this person's comment, it says, "The best tribe is HiveWings." MudWings are currently on number 9, and HiveWings are currently on number 10 on this list. So here is his plan (Possibly):
1. He criticizes MudWings.
2. Everyone agrees.
3. Everyone stops voting for MudWings.
4. While that, he votes for HiveWings every day.
5. HiveWings will topple over MudWings, according to his plan (at least I think that's his plan)
So PineShade, can you see? I am mad at this person too, but he has plans too.So don't be Too mad about this comment, someday it will be erased. - Blizzard

10 HiveWings

HiveWings are my second favourite tribe after SeaWings because they look SO COOL and they have amazing and unique abilities that don't really have any limits as far as we know. They are portrayed as evil and stuff but they're just normal dragons, probably the most relatable tribe. It's not their fault they're being mind controlled and before you say how they keep SilkWings as slaves and stuff that's the only thing they know, they weren't always like that and who says they're all mean? They were also probably told things like don't worry SilkWings don't have emotions or they want to serve us. If they found out what it was like for them they would probably start to rebel or something (but then they'd all be mind controlled into being peaceful again). In the tree wars when they weren't all mind controlled they protested against destroying the trees but the othermind took over them and stopped them. They are not evil. They are forced into being evil, or don't know better. It's not their ...more

I think HiveWings are, honestly, cool! Don't get me wrong, their actions aren't great! But that should determine a WHOLE ENTIRE TRIBE! Think about Cricket and Bumblebee! Yeah, yeah, Bumblebee was raised by Cricket and never got a chance to be evil. Fine, maybe. Cricket, however, was raised by HiveWings. HiveWings that CAN be mind-controlled and don't have their own choices and don't think about going against their queen. On another note, HiveWings are pretty powerful, and, even the Hive-haters, HAVE to admit that they have A LOT of abilites. MULTIPLE choices, to where its RARE for them to NOT have an ability. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

Hivewings are gorgeous with their amber, gold, and ruby colors. People say that hivewings need to be killed because of what they have done, but it was just the breath of evil and wasp controlling them, think of that one hivewing who sundew used the fake cure on they only wanted them and their child to be safe and in the hives.

I CANNOT believe that the Hivewings are #10. Hivewings should be at least #3. I mean, I like Cricket the most, (along with Sundew), but I'm not sure with Queen wasp. Cricket is just the SMARTEST dragon in the WoF. I also CANNOT believe that Qibli is first on the smartest dragon list. Please vote for Cricket