Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 RainWings

RainWings are the best tribe ever, I think that they're the most powerful tribe because they can change color and they can shoot venom, the only tribe that can beat them, according to The Guide to The Dragon World are SkyWings since they can set the forest on fire and they can also fly really fast. But that's the only tribe that can beat them, history also shows that LeafWings are part RainWing witch also means that their powerful too. RainWings are the best tribe because they're also smart enough to not join the war, then they wouldn't have as many dragons die. - Moongazer the Mindreader of the NightWings

Rainwings by far are the best tribe ever. I mean they can change the color of their scales and they have fangs that shoot venom! Rainwings are also the only tribe who have guns with sleeping darts in them. Yes I know Rainwings are lazy but with Glory as their queen they'll improve! No doubt!

2 SeaWings

Seawings got NUMBER ONE! Why do I feel everything I like in a fandom literally almost everyone agrees! So what I was gonna say was that, I personally love Seawings. They have a design that is deferent and I don't know about you but I love Turtle, Anemone, Tsunami- Well let's just say queen Coral's around 35 dragonets, lol. Also Albatross is a type of seagull and soo stay safe from those seagulls! (That seagull statement was really stupid) Hope this speech was fun! (: Stay safe royal seagull familys.

Seawings are NUMBER ONE! Tsunami is the best WOF character and she is a Seawing. I see why people said Rainwings because of their Magical Death Spit(yes I said it again) but Seawings have no natural weapons and Tsunami could beat 99% of the Rainwings in the Rainforest without natural weapons so vote for Tsunami. I mean Seawings.

I love how Sea Wings have 2 palaces, the summer palace, and the deep palace. They can breathe underwater, have their own language, swim super fast in the water, and I also love their scale colors and jewel obsession.

3 IceWings

Used to think this tribe was the absolute coolest but now that I think about it, they're just any dragon with spiky horns and frost breath. Don't mention to super shiney scales, though! Still, Tui obviously made their overall personality a bit too hostile and all the same kind. I think they're interesting and deserve a top place in this list!

IceWings are one of my favorite tribes. They're so shiny and beautiful. Plus, unlike other tribes, they can wield animus magic. And by the way, IceWings should still have animus magic. In the book Darkstalker, Fathom was forbidden from having dragonets because his powers might be inherited by his offspring. But Fathom believed it was unfair because his sister, Pearl, could have animus children. Even if that weren't true, how do NightWings have animus magic?

Arctic and Foeslayer equals Darkstalker and Whiteout. Darkstalker fell into a deep sleep, but Whiteout had dragonets, and over the generations, animus dragons were born. It was also mentioned that Queen Diamond had a niece named Snowfox. It was stated that she had no sisters, so if Diamond's great-grandmother was an animus, then she would have had a daughter who had a daughter and a son. Diamond and an unnamed IceWing. Therefore, NightWings should not have animus magic and possibly not SeaWings either.

4 SandWings

They are just the BEST! They can survive in a harsh environment that no other dragon can. And they have the biggest territory. Why do you think almost all the tribes in Pyrrhia participated in a war to see who would be the queen. They also have a TON of treasure too. All in all, they are the best. - Prince Dust Devil

There are several reasons to like this tribe. Not only do they have awesome abilities, like being able to withstand heat, breathe fire, sting with a venomous scorpion-like tail, and endure conditions with no food or water for extensive lengths of time. As far as abilities go, only Icewings and Rainwings as awesome. But Rainwings are lazy, and Icewings are very strict and unnecessarily... well, cold and arrogant. Their colors are ok, , although I will admit Seawings and Icewings are better when it comes to scales. When it comes to personality, each are all different, like the other tribes, (it seems like there is an exception for Icewings, Rainwings, and Skywings; Sutherland should have infused more varying personalities into those tribes; although perhaps it is because there is only one book for a member of those tribes). Anyways, moving on. The Sandwings play a major role in the Wings of Fire books, from the Sandwing Succession War, to the influential characters put forth. On that note, Qibli, Sunny, Thorn, the three princesses, and Six-Claws, all amazing characters that are important, with varying personalities and interesting backgrounds. Also, Qibli is my favorite character! Have a good day, and hurray for Sutherland, who has made the best dragon books ever!

5 NightWings

Nightwings are my favorite tribe! Sure they have a shady past. But if I remember correctly, in book 10, it said that the Nightwings lost their taste for war. Plus, I trust Queen Glory to turn them into better dragons. Plus, I love Moonwatcher! She is a dragon version of me! Except that I can't read minds or see the future. LOL. But we do have things in common.

Moonwatcher, Clearsight, Darkstalker (Stonemover)! All the best dragons are in this tribe (but I hate Stonemover even though he's Sunny's dad).

NightWings are okay... they are a good tribe and I don't hate them, and there mind-reading and foresight were and now are cool and I think they would be the best if it weren't for Morrowseer, though Darkstalker was fine. And every tribe has evil representatives... or bad ones, like the Ex-RainWings queens, they don't deserve to be higher than the RainWings or SandWings, but I do hate how SeaWings are first, and in there place I would place RainWings, and next would be SilkWings. So, Overall, they're a good tribe and they could be tied with the IceWings since they both have equal representatives, and this way NightWings could be 4th and IceWings could be third, but that would happen if people didn't vote the SeaWings

6 LeafWings

This tribe is so cool, I mean like they hid for a lot of years without being noticed, they survived the fire in their home. I love how they look and I love their sass.

LeafWings are the best tribe EVER! They may not seem that powerful, but think about it. They have secret home, which no one could find, and they tried and almost succeeded to wipe out the WHOLE ENTIRE HiveWing tribe! When the HiveWngs queen said to say that she was their queen, SilkWings gave in because she helped them, but LeafWngs fought. You may think that their powers are useless, which is not true. As you read in the 11th book, Sundew defeated the HiveWing librarian JUST by using her powers. LeafWings have courage and they use it. That is why they are the best tribe. Change your thoughts?

What do you mean LeafWings don't have any special abilities? That's so wrong! Two wrong things.

1. LeafWings can't do much.
This is totally wrong because they hid in the Poison Jungle when cowardly hiveWings could not. Then, they planned so many things to destroy the HiveWings! That's so wrong!
2. LeafWings are like SilkWings.
They are nothing like SilkWings! SilkWings are useless, but Sundew defeated a full-grown HiveWing Librarian, and no silkWing except flamesilks can do that.
3. They may not have special abilities.
Wrong! Deadly tree-growing powers over here! Although not all of them have Leafspeak, it increased a lot because the PoisonWings married two LeafSpeaks to create more. Also they can absorb sun energy, which makes them very strong in fights.

So, you are wrong.

7 SkyWings

I mean they are not bad or anything but They just don't have powers They can fly fast and breathe fire... I just don't think that they are that unique. I mean I really like peril and Ruby and of course We all can't forget about small cute Prince cliff. But I just don't find them that Intriging. And I mean they immediatley just kill all their firescale dragonets which I feel so bad for and I mean Queen scarlet was just so cruel... I mean she literaly just killed 8 eggs just so that they could stop the prophecy I mean Like who Does that?

I love Skywings! They have huge wings and can fly in the air easily. They can also breath fire!

Skywings have huge wings! I wonder why there are these other tribes which don't have wings as big as Skywings? They are so weird, those people who think Skywings are not the best. I would DEFINITELY say that you HAVE to vote for Skywings!

Skywings can also breathe fire! Not all the tribes can breathe fire and I think that is an advantage. So now after reading this you MUST think that Skywings are the best? If you still don't, then I am going to get ANGRY at you ALL!

So that is why Skywings are DEFINITELY the BEST tribe.

8 SilkWings

Why are SilkWings in 8th place!? They deserve to be in 1st. They are the best and its sad that their queen stepped down. Also, they are so cool and unique with wing buds when they are dragonets.

Yes, Silkwings are pacifists, but that doesn't make them bad. They still managed to express themselves even when they were oppressed by Hivewings, and don't deserve the scorn o& being weak. Which would you rather be: alive, living a fine life or having a horrible death?

I've seen a lot of people saying that silk wings are cowardly for bowing down to the hivewings, but if you think about it Queen Monarchs choice to give up her power was smart. Reason 1: Silkwings aren't warriors they don't have powers that would help them much at all and Queen Monarch probably didn't want to lose any silkwings. Rason 2: Even if they joined the leafwings Queen Wasp could still crush them and more silkwing lives would be lost. Reason 3: If Queen Monarch decided to fight and they lost silkwings would probably either have worse lives then in the hives or would all be dead because Queen Wasp would probably try to kill them all since she did the same to leafwings. Also random thing about silkwings that is worth mentioning, silkwings aren't op, unlike rainwings(in my opinion they are op, since they have venom that's basically a instant kill, their good at climbing, their agile, and they have color changeing scales/camouflage)

9 MudWings

Mudwings are one of the best tribes because of their caring personality for their siblings. Sure they might not be the best parents but they are the most caring tribe, besides Rainwings. Others say Mudwings are useless but I think not. 1 they are the biggest and most powerful tribe when it comes to their strength. 2 they can have fireproof scales, big thing for a dragon lol. 3 they're kind of the second tribe to be somewhat aquatic compared to Seawings. They can hold their breath for a long amount of time and they spend a lot of their time in water anyway because of the mud. People shouldn't be so harsh to the Mudwings, they're really not that bad of a tribe. Silkwings are the useless tribe that everyone should go against in my opinion but eh

I love the little groups that Mud wings have. I think it's super cool how they are resistant to fire and can breath it too! So cool.

MudWings are the best tribe because of one particular dragonet: Clay. Clay is a precious cinnamon roll. He's the only significant MudWing in the entire series; their sole representative. Clay is by far the best dragon in the season because of his unmatched loyalty, devotion,

10 HiveWings


I hate them. They think they could control all the tribes and they are way worse then nightwings when it comes to being snobby and stuck up.

Polar the Icewing

Hivewings don't deserve to be tenth on the list. None of the tribes do. Each one is different, unique, beautiful, and horrible in its own way. To say the whole Hivewing tribe is bad just because they had bad rulers is wrong. Hivewings never got the chance to express who they were, and don't deserve to be categorized as mindless beasts. There wer3 amazing Hivewings befor3 queen wasp, and there will be after every character we know is gone.

Deserve better than to be 10th, they can at least be 9th, they should be higher than MudWings, at least! Come on, everyone vote HiveWings until they're 9th, they don't deserve 9th, and their powers are cool, even if some don't have them, and we can't forget about Cricket, Katydid, Bumblebee and Malachite, so there.