Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 SeaWings SeaWings

They are an amazing tribe! Underwater life must be so cool! Water is the strongest element, tied with air. Water can be calm and gentle, and fierce and strong when needed. Air can be a gentle breeze or a wind gust that can blow you off your feet and sweep you off into the air. And together, they are very strong. SeaWings don't have fire, or ice, or venom. Simply because they do not need it. Instead, they have other abilities: The fastest swimmers of all the tribes (obviously), breathing underwater, POWERFUL tails! And even their glow scales! They've been described as beautiful. Even Peril, who is not known for appreciating beauty (um, sorry! guessing), says it's beautiful in an odd fishy way. They have an entire LANGUAGE that only SeaWings know! I say SeaWings are one of the best tribes, if not the best! Go SeaWings!

I LOVE SeaWings! Well, I love Tsunami and Riptide a lot, but anyway, it's cool how they see in the dark! Also, the glow-in-the-dark lights are SUPA cool! A whole language out of it! I think they'd be a better tribe if they had a queen like Tsunami, (Not saying Coral is bad) I also think they are very beautiful! In the "Pyrrhia guide to dragons," RainWings seem very beautiful but if you ask me Tsunami is MUCH more beautiful than Glory.
Also, Tsunami is my favorite character so ya...SEAWINGS RULE! Well, if ya ask me they're the coolest!

Seawings are OBVOUSLY the coolest! (as I type this, seawings are currently #1 on this page) I think I would be a seawing, I love swimming, and Tsunami TOTALLY matches my personality. If I could speak a second language, I would NEVER get in trouble for passing notes in class and any tattles get a whap with my tail. Team seawing will always be MY team.

SeaWings are such an amazing tribe! They have such an interesting backstory and live in such a cool place, plus they've had the most animus dragons! SeaWings are amazing artists and authors, they've built the best palaces, and they have the coolest history! Also, I LOVE the element water, so that might be part of it. They have some of the best ships ( Ripnami, Fathomgo) and Turtle is my favorite character! He has such an interesting personality and he's a totally sweetie! SeaWings also have a very beautiful and unique design, with amazing glowscales that have been described as beautiful by MANY tribes, and I love their colours and the webs on their spines and between their claws. SeaWings even created their own under water LANGUAGE with their glow scales, which is amazing! SeaWings have always been my favorite tribe, ever since I started reading the series, and they will always be number one for me!
-Lazulite the ReefWing.

2 RainWings RainWings

Rainwings are my favorite tribe. I mean, Rainwings can shoot a deadly venom from their fangs, and nobody knew it for a long time! I also like how Rainwings are gentle and peaceful and haven't invaded a tribe in literally CENTURIES. Rainwings probably have the best and most deadly powers of all the tribes. I also like how Rainwings don't fight for the throne, they take turns! Rainwings can also change into beautiful colors and camouflage if they are in danger. I honestly don't get why people don't like Rainwings. Everybody says they're lazy, but not all of them! There are also hardworking Rainwings. They're awesome and magnificent!

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of RainWings. Yes, they are very cool with their camouflaged scales and venom. But they are also realllllly over rated. They didn't care about the missing RainWing saying, "Well it's great for the rest of us" and "There's plenty of RainWings left" I love Kinkajou but to be honest the only reason she cared was because she experienced being trapped in the NightWing prison. I think that if Glory would have grown up with the RainWings she would have been just as lazy as the rest of them. Though, I feel like they will change. No hate, this is my opinion and I think RainWings could totally wipe out any tribe if they wanted to.

By far the best. How did SeaWings win? Everyone say they're lazy but then there's Glory and Kinkajou. If they were fierce and smart like those two then they could wipe out all the other tribes EFFORTLESSLY. If anyone stood up to them, they could easily melt off their faces. Even if they had defenses, they could go camo and suddenly its face would be melting.

I kind of like that they don't use their powers too much. Also I think the fact that they have pet sloths. If they're relatives aren't there, they have un-curable venom. So cool! Easy survival; these guys live the easy life.

Most of the tribe is lazy I will admit that but they are not my favorite tribe. But let's look at the pros: Rainwings who serious and fierce and care and are not lazy: Glory (obviously), Kinkajou, Mangrove, Grandeur and the "serious looking" Rainwing Pineapple who was sent on the secret stealth team. I hope we can see their personality more during book No. 15 of Flames of Hope (April 25 look up on fandom.) But, sorry if I'm wrong, I'm going to assume Pineapple is a girl but if not you can say so but please be kind and respectful and don't swear at me because I am also a person with thoughts and opinions.
Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

3 SandWings SandWings

SandWings are by far my favorite tribe. As of the current day I am writing this, they are ranked in 3rd place. They can withstand extreme heat, and have a deadly tail barb. They are described as strong and muscular, and have the best hearing out of all the tribes. Bottom line, SandWings are amazing, and forever my favorite tribe.

I think that SandWings, are probably the most advance tribe on all of Pyhria. They have whole organized regions of their kingdom, and the best queen ever. They have super cool scales, and tail barbs. And, they are know for being excellent chefs!

SandWings are so COOL! the venomous barb they can survive a long time with out water.(It would be fun to live in the scorpion den if you ask me.) They can withstand extreme heat and there colors and patters are so interesting. They are one of my favorite tribes probably forever .

There are several reasons to like this tribe. Not only do they have awesome abilities, like being able to withstand heat, breathe fire, sting with a venomous scorpion-like tail, and endure conditions with no food or water for extensive lengths of time. As far as abilities go, only Icewings and Rainwings as awesome. But Rainwings are lazy, and Icewings are very strict and unnecessarily... well, cold and arrogant. Their colors are ok, , although I will admit Seawings and Icewings are better when it comes to scales. When it comes to personality, each are all different, like the other tribes, (it seems like there is an exception for Icewings, Rainwings, and Skywings; Sutherland should have infused more varying personalities into those tribes; although perhaps it is because there is only one book for a member of those tribes). Anyways, moving on. The Sandwings play a major role in the Wings of Fire books, from the Sandwing Succession War, to the influential characters put forth. On that ...more

4 IceWings IceWings

IceWings are a very cool tribe, considering they live in the frozen part of Pyrrhia. Jokes aside, they are the only tribe with the ability to exhale ice, known as frostbreath. It is said that they lost the animus gene, but Queen Diamond had other dragonets who inherited the gene, therefore, any royal IceWing could bean animus, but there hasn't been one in an approximate 2,000 years.

IceWings are da best tribe ever, no one can change that. I don't mean they're not good, but they really aren't immune to venom, because remember what happened to Fjord in the SkyWing arena?
ANYWAY, IceWings ARE the best tribe ever, but others might think otherwise, but no offence, the are defineLOOTtely wrong, Icewing are the greatest tribe ever, and that's a fact.

-Glitter of the IceWings

PS. Also, Midnight_The_NightWing, what your saying here is kinda mean, please stop.

My favorite tribe are icewings! love their attitude, and I just like how they look to be honest, I love white and pale of my favorite characters are Snowfall and Lynx (and I love Snowfall x Lynx ship) . They're smart, and protective of their tribe, they are serious about their jobs. I personally respect Icewings.

IceWings have the best warriors like I mean look at Icicle. She is strong powerful and would be a great queen (way better than Snowfall or as I like to say Snowball). Tsunami sucks! I have no idea why people like her. IceWings definitely have the best tribe because they have everything orderly and intense. I mean they do launch their training as soon as they hatch out of their eggs. Go Icicle! All the other tribes suck ( especially the SeaWings) except for maybe the skywings who are great and blaze and burn so deal with it.

5 NightWings NightWings

NightWings are a special tribe with a close connection with the moons. They have beautiful, dark scales with a single line of white scales running down their neck, to their tail. Depending on if their hatched under one full moon or two full moons, they are hatched with mind reading or future sight, or, both. Bottom line, they are an interesting and unique tribe.

They are cool, powerful and mysterious. Since they live in the Rainforest, they are having mor seers and mind readers. I think they deserve to have their own queen.

I love NightWings best of all tribes because they are smart and also because my favorite character, Moowatcher, is NightWing. They are kind of smart because look at the prophecy they made up! They made it up to make it look like they're strong, and I can't say it's the best idea ever, but it's still smart. They have powerful ability such as reading minds or telling the future too. Best dragon tribe ever!

NightWings are amazing. They are extremely intelligent, beautiful and elegant. Some of the best characters are NightWings (Moonwatcher, Starflight, Fatespeaker). They do have flaws, like every tribe does, which makes for a good tribe. And who said NightWings couldn't fight? Deathbringer killed three top generals in the war. About 8 or 9 NightWings killed a whole roomful of SkyWing guards. Since they started living where they could see the moon again, they should have more dragonets with mind reading and fortune telling powers. I don't think they deserve living with the RainWings either. RainWings are awesome, but I think the NightWings still deserve to be their own tribe.

6 LeafWings LeafWings

I LOVE LEAFWINGS! They are my favorite tribe. I love there colors and they live in the coolest places there is so much excitement in there wold. I love how fears and revengeful they are the have a vary cool way of living. Sundew Willow and Hazel are my favorite LeafWings. They are all so different but grate friends.

LeafWings are observed as weak, but I think they are still unique. True, only some are hatched with leafspeak, but it's still cool for them to even have that within their tribe in the first place. Adding onto that, they have wide knowledge over all sorts of creatures and plants.

Leaf wings are overall my favorite tribe mostly because of sundew and Willow leaf wings are very tough and that's most of the reason why I like them.

LeafWings are one of the best Pantala dragons! They have amazing survival skills; they've been able to survival near extinction ever since the Tree Wars (I think that was what they were called) and they haven't been discovered by the queen, even though the PoisonWings were living in her greenhouse.

7 SkyWings SkyWings

Personally I think SkyWings are great! They have huge wings, are super athletic, can breathe fire, and are said to be very strong fighters. I personally think that NightWings are basic because they're literally black dragons that can breathe fire. And not all of them can read minds or see the future so if they don't have that ability they are useless. SkyWings at leased have big wings. They are said to be grumpy but that was because of queen Scarlet. Think of cute little Cliff and how kind and fair Ruby is. Also Peril is cool. In Tsunamis book she described how when they were hiding from the SkyWings on the beach, they shot over them faster than any other tribe could fly. I imagine that's like a jet. You couldn't fly away from a SkyWing if you tried. Also their colors are cool.

SkyWings are one of the fiercest tribes. They have the strongest fire out of all ten tribes, and have huge wings, making them very fast fliers. They are excellent at aerial combat, and some are even hatched with a rare feature known as 'firescales'. Overall, SkyWings are a beautiful and powerful tribe.

I love Skywings! They have huge wings and can fly in the air easily. They can also breath fire!

Skywings have huge wings! I wonder why there are these other tribes which don't have wings as big as Skywings? They are so weird, those people who think Skywings are not the best. I would DEFINITELY say that you HAVE to vote for Skywings!

Skywings can also breathe fire! Not all the tribes can breathe fire and I think that is an advantage. So now after reading this you MUST think that Skywings are the best? If you still don't, then I am going to get ANGRY at you ALL!

So that is why Skywings are DEFINITELY the BEST tribe.

SkyWings are SO underrated! I can't stand it and personally I think (not to be offensive Tui) that Tui hates SkyWings. Face it, SkyWings have a bad reputation and they don't have a special power (venom, frost breath) other than fire. And do you know how many SkyWings died in the whole series?! (Mentioned in the book.) 17 SkyWings dead at outpost, Carnelian, all those dragonets that died on the brightest night. I LOVE Carnelian, and I COULDN'T STAND IT when she died. Carnelian's awesome. Okay, so, in short, SkyWings are the best tribe and I think they deserve better.

8 SilkWings SilkWings

Vegetarians! Yeah! SilkWings are super cool looking, and it is mentioned that there scales look like sliced gemstones. Also, I love their silk spinning abilities, and one of my favorite characters is a SilkWing! Blue.

Honestly, if the HiveWings didn't have the SilkWings they would've lost the war. HiveWings have no natural abilities. SilkWings have silk, and are more NightWing than HiveWings! It doesn't matter they had Clearsight a while ago, SilkWIngs are the only tribe from Pantala with any sort of fire, and Pantala would completely crumble without Flamesilks and SilkWings. In case you say, 'well, being a Flamesilk is rare.' then your silk can be used to make books, since HiveWings are scaredy-dragons and are afraid of LeafWings even though they think they're extinct.

I've seen a lot of people saying that silk wings are cowardly for bowing down to the hivewings, but if you think about it Queen Monarchs choice to give up her power was smart. Reason 1: Silkwings aren't warriors they don't have powers that would help them much at all and Queen Monarch probably didn't want to lose any silkwings. Rason 2: Even if they joined the leafwings Queen Wasp could still crush them and more silkwing lives would be lost. Reason 3: If Queen Monarch decided to fight and they lost silkwings would probably either have worse lives then in the hives or would all be dead because Queen Wasp would probably try to kill them all since she did the same to leafwings. Also random thing about silkwings that is worth mentioning, silkwings aren't op, unlike rainwings(in my opinion they are op, since they have venom that's basically a instant kill, their good at climbing, their agile, and they have color changeing scales/camouflage)

SilkWings are by far my favorite tribe! They're so underrated and their powers are unique and cool. They can create weavings with their silk and some of them even have flamesilk! They can feel things with their antennae and they come in beautiful colors, like RainWings! Their abilties can be used in battle, but can also be used in art, which I think is one of the most amazing things about them.

9 MudWings MudWings

I love Mudwings and their little sibling system which reminds me of me and my siblings. I am the Bigwings of my little sibling troop and I am very protective of my little sibs even if they sometimes drive me crazy and annoy me. Also Mudwings need to be higher. More Mudwings!
Princess Ashworth of the Silkwings

Mudwings are such an underrated tribe and are I the only one who is very sad how there are only like three chapters where the dragonets are in the mud kingdom in book 1 and like two in book five. I've heard people say that mud wings are ugly but the mudding colors are amazing with beautiful shades of brown, amber, and orange. And mudwings are so loyal like the siblings of the queen will not challenge for the throne because of how loyal they are.

MudWings . . . underrated. I like them, but sorry, they're my least favorite tribe. I hate mud. I don't like their apperance, either, but a lot of MudWing characters are good characters. MudWings are cool.

Severely underrated tribe, by far my most favorite. Should have more point of view. Also about the Hive vs Mud war in the comments, Mud'Wing fans; I wouldn't fight fire with fire. Ignore the haters.

10 HiveWings HiveWings

HiveWings have bad reputations for being cruel and selfish, and are severely underrated, I mean- 10th on this list? Last place? Come on. Don't just judge them because their tribe was the main antagonist in the 3rd arc, well, more like the othermind. They are just like all the other tribes, with varying personalities. Remember Cricket? You can't forget this lovable HiveWing who protected her friends till the end, and even turned against her OWN tribe to save SilkWings and LeafWings she barely knew. Malachite, remember when he tried to save the stealth team in book 15 before the otherwind took over? Katydid was the one who stole an egg right out of the hatchery! An extremely brave act, if you ask me! If they had a better queen and weren't infected by the Breath of Evil, they would've been a really nice tribe.

HiveWings have a varying range of abilities! Don't listen to the person in the SilkWing comments saying "HiveWings have no natural abilities", they probably have ...more

I personally think HiveWings are really underrated. I mean, to be completely fair they are as much slaves to Queen Wasp as the SilkWings are! Like, if there were more HiveWings who were like Cricket than who knows, maybe all Wasp's subjects would turn against her and a knew, peaceful Pantala would come true. Also, they are super cool! I love bees, and HiveWings have black, gold, yellow, red, and orange scales just like them! Also, I absolutely just love how many power options they get!
P.S. I love the Hives they live in.

Honestly, HiveWings are a very well-developed tribe. Some have very unique powers such as the wrist stingers or tail toxin, which, personally, I think is very a very cool thing for Tui to have given them.

HiveWings are my second favourite tribe after SeaWings because they look SO COOL and they have amazing and unique abilities that don't really have any limits as far as we know. They are portrayed as evil and stuff but they're just normal dragons, probably the most relatable tribe. It's not their fault they're being mind controlled and before you say how they keep SilkWings as slaves and stuff that's the only thing they know, they weren't always like that and who says they're all mean? They were also probably told things like don't worry SilkWings don't have emotions or they want to serve us. If they found out what it was like for them they would probably start to rebel or something (but then they'd all be mind controlled into being peaceful again). In the tree wars when they weren't all mind controlled they protested against destroying the trees but the othermind took over them and stopped them. They are not evil. They are forced into being evil, or don't know better. It's not their ...more