Worst Things About Comic Conventions

I haven’t been to Comic Con, but I read about people having bad experiences as well as the things about it that are regarded as the worst of it. There’s San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Orlando Florida Comic Con, London Comic Con, many comic cons around the world.

So I decided to make a list of the worst things about comic conventions.
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1 They’re too crowded

Comic Con is important for many reasons, people go to have fun, cosplay, be in conferences, meet celebrities, and be entertained.
But lately, these have been going downhill.

The biggest issue is crowds, we know it's a convention, which is a formal gathering, but Comic Con has been getting more and more crowded lately, with more than 200,000 people attending.

This often leads to extremely long lines, including the line JUST to get into the convention center, even a wristband, and many things.
You have to wait in line to get your band, get into the convention center, go to a panel, buy food, and even go to the restrooms.

Lines for pretty much everything.

Not to mention the lines are pretty long, with hours for pretty much anything.
Crowds have led to safety issues, including crushing and waiting outside in the hot sun to get into the convention center, which results in UV overexposure, massive sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer.
Yet people go every year.

Cancer is bad, but this seems to promote it.

2 The lines, lines, lines

Comic Con is famous, but it's notorious for its long lines.
It's been nicknamed LineCon.

There are lines everywhere at the Comic Con, with long lines just to get into the convention center, including lines to get a wristband, leading to lines to buy food, go to panels, get signed, buy merch, and even go to the restrooms.

How would you like it if you had to wait hours in line just to go to the restroom no matter how desperate you are of it.

Yet waiting to get into the convention center takes many hours on end and it's all in shadeless sunlight, and with rules in place, it's a sufferfest and involves getting sun damage, which increases the risk of skin cancer, which is serious and deadly.

Comic Con seems to be a cancer promoter, which a safety hazard and somehow Comic Con continues every year.

3 Getting a badge sucks

Due to the sheer and crowded nature of comic con, getting a badge will put a huge toll on you.

If you want a badge for Comic Con, you must first sign up for a Comic Con Member ID. Your ID will act as your login to the EPIC online registration system during EPIC Open Online Registration and will also add you to its verified special member 'E-L.

Comic Con will send an email with the Open Online Registration date and time to all eligible members at least 48 hours in advance of the sale.
At least 24 hours before the sale, all eligible members will receive an additional email with their personal registration code and a link to the EPIC Registration landing page.

To guarantee you receive all email notifications from Comic Con, you have to sign in to your Member ID account and click the "OPT-OUTS" option on the "My Account" tab.
You shouldn't check the "Email Opt-Out" box though, and if you selected to leave email notifications from Comic Con, you will not receive important registration announcements.

This means you can't necessarily guarantee what you want.

4 They’re too expensive

Each year, Comic Con keeps getting more expensive, which means not as many people will afford a trip to the convention each time
This happens to be a way to control the number of people building crowds as to keep the event safe.
But it's one of the big disappointments for people going to Comic Con.

5 Overpriced items

It's not your average convenient or grocery store.
Everything's expensive there.
A water bottle costs like $16, Ridiculous.
And you waited in line just to buy something you couldn't afford.

6 The religious protesters

There are protests regarding religion, and not only that, they're taking it out of control.
They even stereotype religion and make fun of it.
It could all go wrong too.
They can even start riots with their religious protests.

7 Only one celebrity signing area

People go to comic conventions also to meet their favorite celebrities and get signed, but the fact that Comic Con focuses more on cosplay means there aren't enough celebrities or signing areas.
There's just 1 and it's isolated amongst the huge building and event where people cosplay and act crazy.

8 Bad cosplayers

Comic Con may be full of interesting cosplayers, but not all of them are good.
In fact, a good fraction of them are terrible and downright ugly, with people dressed up poorly or in ugly character costumes.
Some people dress up in a way that involves indecency, which is rude especially in public.

9 Everyone gets turnt

People at Comic Con are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they just act crazy.
Man, people these days.

10 Too many bullies

Bullying is a big problem with this world today, and Comic Con is full of them.
People who go to Comic Con sadly have to deal with bullies.

The Contenders
11 You have to carry your toys in a cart

Have you wanted to buy toys there and at Comic Con, you have to carry them all on a big cart?

That takes a lot of effort to do especially when you're focusing on a big event and walk miles around each day.

What if you have to eat a meal or go to the restrooms?


Though you can't bring weapons as that fears violence and you can't bring selfie sticks either (selfie sticks got banned from the events).

12 The heat

People go to Comic Con to have fun, see cosplay and celebrate, but they have to deal with the heat when entering.

There are extremely long lines to get into the convention center, and if's all in the heat.
Lots of it.

This leads to heat exhaustion, and even worse, heatstroke, which can be serious and even deadly.
Dehydration and heat combined often are the culprit of heat exhaustion and heatstroke.
There are deaths at places associated with these conditions.
Remember that mail worker who died in 117°F heat from heatstroke on the job?
Heat can be serious.

Think of also the cosplayers in the costumes who also deal with heat, and some have body paint, which can clog pores, leading to heat rashes, and even heatstroke.

Like I said, heatstroke is serious and can be deadly, and people deal with waiting hours in heat when getting into Comic Con.

13 The crappy costumes

This pretty much goes with bad cosplayers, which is already on here.

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