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1 Ochaco Uraraka

A cheerful girl, without reaching the ''denki girl'' status, and hardworking with a very likeable goal. I would prefer if her character didn't revolve around Midoriya as much as it does now, or change it a bit to be better, like accepting her feelings, confessing and leaving the drama behind. There really is no excuse when shonen stories leave the romance there without dealing with it, action is the base of these stories, romance is not, deal with it as quickly as possible.

I'm sad with how she's been treated for the past 75 chapters or so, but I still love her and have hope for her future development. Her introduction immediately won me over, and I like how she wants to help her parents.

2 Tsuyu Asui

I have so much to say about her but I'd be typing for years! I will at least say Froppy is the best girl!

I love her character design! And her personality is just amazing.

She is such a great person. She is also so cute!

3 Kyoka Jiro

She's the most realistic in the entire anime. No weird proportions, no over the top looks, no loud personality... She's shy but will always impress everyone. She may come off as not so powerful but will help out her team the most. Definitely, the best girl.

She's not the annoying basic anime girly girl, I like alt people, I think alt characters have more depth to them. Also she has a realistic chance of staying in the hero course, unlike certain people.

I literally love her so much, she's so chill and pretty and talented. She might not be that popular because she's mostly in the background, but Jiro is my favorite. I feel like we could just vibe together with some nice music and all that. This girl really deserves more love <3

4 Momo Yaoyorozu

Class 1-A's Big Sister Cure super rich but not bragging about it. So nice and one of the most intelligent and strongest girl in 1-A I really want to erase those people who hate Yaomomo all she needs is to see her own potential and that's all!


You would think because she's rich she would be snooty, but no she's kind, smart, pretty and funny! I also ship her with Jirou.

Cute, nice, and smart. Even though she is rich, she won't brag about it.

5 Mina Ashido

Ashido is my favorite female character. She's very upbeat and bubbly, with a very carefree personality. People may joke about her being dumb, but guys she still scored well enough to get into UA, meaning she's just one of the dumbest smart kid (next to Kaminari).
Anyways her quirk is very dangerous if used correctly, and she's going to be such a great hero. After all, she inspired so many people before she even came to UA (ex. Kirishima).

Only one here that had their breakdance routine animated. The only reason and I think that's enough.

6 Himiko Toga

I love Ochaco and her! They're strong in a cute way, which I loveee! Best girls both of them. Why I like Uraraka? She is a very underrated character. She's really cute and her quirk seems to be weak but when she learns fighting techniques she's not as weak and cute as she used to be! I think she's a great role model for strong girls. Why I like Toga? Personally, I just like Yanderes. I find them interesting and cool for some reason! Toga also seems very cute, adorable and loving, but she has a lot of weapons behind her back when you aren't expecting it hehehe. I love them both equally!

7 Mei Hatsume

A little crazy, but what's life without some chaos?

Hatsume's inventions are so cool!

I feel like she has a great determined personality even if we don't see her as much

8 Toru Hagakure

Is by far the most underrated character in the series. She is so lovable and cute!

9 Camie Utsushimi

I love her quirky (pun intended) personality, it's like an everyday high school girl's.

10 Nejire Hado

Sure she's a bit of an airhead, but she is adorable,stunning, and to be one of the big 3 she is definitely strong and powerful, she won the beauty pageant but she didn't boast about it in anyway, her and the Big 3 deserve more screen time, would love to see her showcase even more of her quirk!

The girl deserves some recognition. The other two members of the big three got big fights, and what does she get? To win a beauty pageant. I want to see this queen to show boys how its done.

So bubbly and full of personality. Love how she calls Tamaki their little kitten.

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11 Nemuri Kayama

I don't know I just like her character design.

12 Yu Takeyama

What can I say? Mt. Lady is just the best! Not just in looks, but also in her skills!

13 Itsuka Kendo

I feel like she's class 1-A's guardian angel.

14 Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura is my favourite One for All user and I think it's quite cool that she's the 7th user of One for All and Nana means 7 in Japanese, which may have been intentional. Or I'm just overanalysing stuff.

15 Denki Kaminari

Human pikachu. I love this dumbass for some reason unexplained.

16 Inko Midoriya

She gave up her entire life to take care of her child. This queen deserves an award for the way she raised midoriya by herself.

Mama Midoriya deserves to be best girl! She's so adorable and kind.

Can I just give her a hug and allow Izuku to stay with her for one single day all day.

17 Miss Joke / Emi Fukukado

Literally her fun personality would make her perfect for Aizawa. Opposites attract after all.

I love that she unironically has a crush on Aizawa, it made the arc that much better.

18 Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)

Mirko is probably my favourite Pro Hero, partly because of her appearance in Vigilantes and partly because of her awesome fight in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc (hasn't been animated yet at the time of writing).

19 Recovery Girl
20 Kaoruko Awata
21 Shoto Todoroki
22 Ibara Shiozaki
23 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.
24 Ragdoll

Super cute character design. She has a very useful quirk, and seems like she's super fun to be around. I love this quirky cat.

25 All Might

All Might is best girl and I'm not joking (OK, I might be joking a little bit I admit). Also, why is he here, but Eri isn't? I think Eri is actually one of the best characters in the entire series.

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