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1 Newt

Newt was amazing. He didn't deserve to die the way he did or even die! he could of made it to safe haven if they just waited for 1 minute and he's be alive. I loved him so much and I cried the so hard when he died in the movies and books. I've never cried over a character in a book before nor have I cried so hard for a character book or movie I loved him so much he was so close on surviving. He made Thomas kill him which I don't know how much pain Thomas had and all his guilts. We know that he tried to kill himself in the glade which didn't work which made my heart hurt. When Thomas read the letter in safe haven I cried even more I felt like my heart was shattered which probably did.

2 Minho

I love Minho his sassiness is amazing. He was great off the start. Him, Thomas and Newt were amazing. You can see that Minho is a great survivor and thinks quiet well to survive. I was so happy when he survived (which I suspected) if Minho died I would of bawled my eyes out I think everyone would. He was so funny and his jokes even in the book made me laugh. I like how he likes to make up vocabulary for swear words just makes his personality better.

Minho was awesome throughout the entire series, he always helped Thomas no matter what happened, and he's hot(added bonus). Also he was one of the runners even when Thomas wasn't in the glade, so he discovered most of the maze and helped the most in terms of what they knew.

3 Thomas

Ugh...okay, so he was fine in the Maze Runner. And he was good for the first half of the Scorch Trials. But then he started treating Teresa like literal garbage, even after everything was explained about her "betrayal." And even though I get that things could never go back to how they were between those two, Thomas was acting like a big baby and deliberately going out of his way to say nasty things to her.

Thomas is my favorite character in the Maze Runner series and one of my favorite characters of fiction period. Why? Let's not forget how heroic this guy is. He's saved his friends on multiple occasions throughout the series. He's extremely intelligent which helps him survive throughout his journey. He's a caring guy, and he's the most 'down to earth' there is. How could you not love him?

4 Chuck

Chuck was amazing he was such a sweet kid he didn't deserve to die. You know when someone would die for you when they do die for you which I think Thomas would of thought. Him and Thomas had such a close bond. The way Thomas and Chuck had a good bond made me cry when Chuck die. The poor kid.

Chuck was my favourite in the first book. Then I started to like Minho and Newt.

How Maze Runner should have ended: Newt and Chuck reach Paradise with Thomas and Minho.

Chuck is the only kid in the glade and he died because he saved Thomas form being shot by Gally. Chuck is great!

5 Winston

Not a lot of people care for Winston he didn't talk that much in the books but I like how they added some more lines in the movie considering Thomas helped him in the book unlike leaving some of the others. I would of rather Winston's death in the movies than the book it wouldn't fit well with the movie. I hated how Winston killed himself in the movies that made me cry.

Winston is one of the most underrated characters in my opinion. I don't fully understand why, but I immediately felt a connection to him in the movies. He was a slicer in the glade, and I'm a vegetarian. It doesn't make sense, but I don't care. Also, the way he died in the book was so interesting to me. And his movie death made me cry so bad. :(

6 Frypan

Frypan was amazing! he was kind hearted although he didn't get much lines in the movies he had his fair share int he books. It was nice how he survived. We all need that one cook in our life to make our days better and brighter.

Frypan is a great cook! Frypan has a warm heart of gold and brings a little magic in his food.

7 Gally

I love Gally most people would hate Gally due to the fact he killed chuck but in the books he explains that wicked took him under control and made him. He wouldn't of done it is wicked made him. I would of probably said the same as Gally when Thomas took most of the surviving gladers to escape. no one would like to leave their home. Especially if they have been there for 3 years memories are made and no one likes to leave those memories behind locked away in the past.

Gally has always been my favorite character since the first movie & book. I think he's a very brave, and headstrong character, painted in a bad light at first. He deserves more recognition. I especially loved his redemption in The Death Cure. Gally is the best character, in my opinion.

8 Brenda

Brenda was so much better than Teresa. I feel like if Brenda was switched with Teresa everyone would be happier. I don't want to make Teresa seem really bad but Brenda was just better. Even if she was bribed to go with Thomas and them she ran trying to save Newt although she was too late. You could see it in her eyes the guilt. All the guilt she'd have to live with. Brenda was a much better character and James Dashner made sure of it.

Brenda is simply the best. She was the much better counterpart for Thomas than Teresa. She was a total badass, who cares immensely about her friends and Thomas, and is undoubtedly the best character in the films and books

9 Teresa

Everyone is always hating on Teresa but after all she has been through we should not hate her for doing what she thought was right. She loved Thomas more than anything even more than herself as she proves when she sacrifices herself for him! She is my favorite female character and I definitely ship her and Thomas. I have never believed that Thomas loves Brenda I think that it was just a way to mask his hurt over Teresa. But anyway she just doesn't deserve the hate she gets

Honestly, I hated her at first, but when her real goal came into view she became my favorite female character. Brenda was like this holy character who never did anything wrong and Teresa, who did make mistakes and tried to fix them, had to die. Brenda should've died she is a pretty much useless character. Teresa wanted to find a cure, not kill the kids. I think Ava Paige and Teresa had the right goal and the wrong ways of getting it.

10 Aris Jones

Even though Aris wasn't in the maze with Thomas I feel like if they were they would probably have the same bond as Thomas and Chuck. Aris was amazing how he was portrayed as one of those quiet kids that was brainy. The group needed those brains Thomas and them were a bit on the dumbside unlike Aris. Aris knew where the line was a never crossed it.

"Aris! He's my favorite character overall! I love him so much it's really cool how he didn't even know Thomas and he just showed him what he found!"

Aris is cute in the 3rd movie and I ship him with Sonya (Newt's little sister). Aris helped Thomas and his friends to escaping form Janson in the 2nd movie.

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11 Jorge

Jorge was amazing he is just as amazing as brenda. Even though in the book it says he is a young man I didn't mind that he was older in the movies. I liked how he acted.

Jorge just makes me laugh a lot and he really cares for Brenda as if she was his daughter.

He is the funniest, of course. One of my favorites.

12 Alby

Alby is a brave male character. Alby is a great leader! Alby helped Chuck from dieing from a griever but at the end, Alby died a heroic death to save Chuck's life!

Alby is the leader of the glade in the Maze Runner. He saved Chuck form a griever! Alby is a heroic leader!

I liked him better in the movies.

13 Jack

Poor old jack. Nobody pained attention to him in the movie. I wish he was like it was in the books. Fun fact Minho got him killed in the movie and book. He got him killed in the movie by turning on the generator and in the book by leaving him behind when he got struck by lightning. I also hate how nothing happens to Minho when he gets struck by lightning but jack gets messed up.

Jack oh jack. Nobody cared about you in the movies. You didn't deserve any of this.

Jack is a backround character but he really didn't deserves to die. Jack was the first person to die in the 2nd movie. Jack is a brave backround character.

14 Lana
15 Teresa Agnes

Okay, she tricked on Thomas and the other gladers. I'm honest, I like Brenda more, BUT ladies and gentleman, there's a but.

I think 70% of you guys just watched the movies and read the first 3 books.
Before judging about Teresa, please read first the kill order and the fever code.
I know, what Teresa did was terrible. But I can understand her.
She was that one little kid in this town, where all adults were getting crazy. They all had the flare and they thought that little Teresa ( Deedee, her name before she joined WICKED) is a demon, because she didn't get the flare. A few days later, Marc, Alec, Tryna and Lana were coming. The nice people. Who had died for her life. It's terrible what Teresa is been through. All the things she had done to Thomas and the Gladers are in her mind right. She don't want that the flare is falling about her friends and people, and especially, that Thomas is healthy and save. All what she did in her life was for 5 persons: Lana, Alec, Tryna and especially Marc and Thomas. She just wanted to save them (If you know what I mean).

I'm sooo sorry for my english, I'm from germany.

16 Sonya

Sonya is the little sister of Newt. Sonya is a great character and for losing her brother must have been sad but Newt is in everyone's heart.

She was an amazing character in the movies and cared so much about everyone

17 Jeff

Jeff is a "doctor" in the glade with Clint. Jeff died because a griever killed him because Jeff saved Minho's life! That is what a real doctor does!

He saves minho by risking himself, does anyone realize this?

18 Chancellor Paige
19 Ben

He's a nobody, he's a minor character and there's nothing special about him.

He was the first character I cried about. His death scene was very sad.

He kicked off the book in such a wicked way.

20 Harriet

Harriet is a brave girl character in the Maze Runner series. She is friends with Sonya and Aris because they were in the Maze (Group B) together.

21 Zart

Zart is a backround character in the Maze Runner. Zart's death was sad but at the end of Death Cure, his name was put on the stone wall.

Keeper of the gardens. The way he died in the books caught me so off gaurd.

22 Clint

Clint is a "doctor" in the glade with Jeff. They help people when they get hurt. Clint's death was sad because a griever killed him and I did not know that until a week ago! Clint is a great helper!

Clint was a minor character in the book, but I really liked him in the movie. He died a heroic death.

23 Mark

He was the one who helped save Deedee (Teresa) in the first place, letting everyone know that there are immune people out there, and ultimately contributing to the survival of the human race. I feel like the Kill Order doesn't get enough recognition!

He is a main character in the prequel.

24 Alec

He's a realist but he's actually tough, funny, and he cared about Mark. Not saying he's the BEST character in the series, but he does deserve recognition for his major role in Kill Order.

25 Janson

Guys, everybody is against him, everybody think that he was "wicked", I think that too, but I like the way they call him the Rat Man, I think I like his personality, and how he said that Minho should respect the elders. One of the most importants and funny characters.

I respect him cause he was the biggest shank out of all of the people at wicked

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