Top Ten Best Scenes in the Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera...a tremendously successful, powerful, romantic stage musical which tells the story of obsession, jealousy and true love. It has wowed audiences from across the globe and it isn't difficult to see why. These scenes are my personal favourites but you may have your own. If you have, feel free to add of vote for an existing favourite.
The Top Ten
1 Act 1: Scene 4: The Labyrinth Underground

I really like this play because it reminds me of star wars.

The Phantom and Christine Daaé take their strange journey to the Phantom's lair underneath the Opera Populaire. This is where they sing their duet: The Phantom of the Opera.

2 Act 1: Scene 10: The Roof Of The Opéra House

Christine and Raoul have run from The Phantom to escape to the roof of the opera house. Christine is clearly scared and Raoul tries to console her. All I Ask Of You is their romantic duet.

3 Act 1: Scene 5: Beyond The Lake, The Next Morning

The boat Christine and The Phantom travelled in turns into a bed; there are candelabras outlining the space. The perfect setting for The Phantom as he sings Music of the Night.

4 Act 1: Scene 1: Rehearsals for 'Hannibal' by Chalumeau

Carlotta is singing Think of Me when a part of scenery falls on her. She loses her temper and walks from the theatre. Christine Daaé, a chorus girl, steps in to sing and immediately becomes a success.

5 Act 1: Scene 3: Christine's Dressing Room

The Phantom's voice echoes through the Populaire for the first time in full force as he expresses anger with Raoul "sharing in my triumph! " Christine is in awe of the Phantom, singing "Angel, I hear you speak, I listen." The Phantom tells her to look in the mirror, singing "I am there inside! " The music reaches a crescendo and the Phantom appears in Christine's giant mirror. He reaches through the mirror and takes her singing ominously "I am your angel of music" while Raoul unsuccessfully tries to enter the room to save her.

6 Act 2: Scene 1: The Staircase Of The Opéra House

There is a New Year party going on inside the Opera House. The guests are all wearing masks and dressed up in extravagant costumes. This is the scene for the rousing number Masquerade which is interrupted by The Phantom claiming that he has written an opera: Don Juan Triumphant. He throws the down the enormous bound manuscript at Monsieur Gilles Andre's feet.

7 Act 2: Scene 5: The Graveyard

Christine seeks solace and comfort in the graveyard which her late father is buried, little knowing that The Phantom has followed her. This is where we see Christine sing to her Father's grave: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again: an emotional and heart wrenching ballad.

8 Act 2: Scene 4: Rehearsal For 'Don Juan Triumphant '

Rehearsals begin for the Phantom's self-penned opera. Christine is terrified at the thought of playing the lead, little knowing what will happen to her. The scene for: Notes / Twisted Every Way.

9 Act 2: Scene 7: 'Don Juan Triumphant '

In this scene, we see The Phantom change places with Signor Piangi to become 'Don Juan'. He is wearing a full-lengh cloak which also covers his face so that he won't be recognised, especially by Christine Daaé. But during the sexual duet: Point Of No Return between The Phantom and Christine, she is horrified to realise who the man behind the cloak is but carries on before revealing the Phantom's face to a stunned audience just before the song ends.

10 Prologue: The Stage Of The Paris Opéra, 1911

Where it all begins. The contents of the opera house is being auctioned off. Lot 666 is the chandelier which figures in the famous disaster and has been restored and fitted with wiring for the new electric light. Once uncovered, a spectacular flash is seen and the Overture to The Phantom of the Opera begins...

The Contenders
11 Act 2: Scene 9: Beyond The Lake

The Phantom is angered at Christine's betrayal and forces her to his lair beneath the opera house. He is pursued by Raoul. The scene with the extraordinarily emotional and powerful: Down Once More. The Phantom forces Christine to choose between him and Raoul - "Buy his freedom with your love; refuse me and you send your lover to his death; this is the choice; this is the point of no return! "

NOTE - For those who haven't yet seen The Phantom of the Opera but are planning to, there is so much more to this scene and I don't want to spoil the ending for you so I will end my commentary here...

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