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1 Darkstalker Darkstalker

One of the most recognizable villains, from his attempts to prove himself innocent, and his warm hearted spells, to slowly descending into a rage over his family and his own troubles. I must say, the slaughter show he put up was quite enjoyable.

Love his character, however he's undeniably evil. He did a bunch of horribly bad things that he thought was right, and he's honestly the best villain in entire series.

Honestly- I feel so bad for this poor dragon.. Tbh I don't know if I like Kinkajou anymore.. At the end of book ten I want to choke Kinkajou like I'm SO MAD and sad he is one of my favorite characters, why do my favorites get killed off? Bring Darkstalker back Tui somehow-

Poor Darkstalker. He had a tragic story, and did very bad things, but he had good intentions.


even Darkstalker fans have to admit he did lots of evil stuff.

2 Queen Scarlet Queen Scarlet

Scarlet deserves it! Wait shouldn't you put it as Ex-Queen Scarlet? Well technically she deserves to be killed by Ruby! She killed many dragons( no offense to peril). She nearly killed a cool character I liked.

I love Queen Scarlet! She is so funny and I just love raging at her! Even though I was cheering for Ruby when they fought I think we all have a fantasy where Scarlet won. I also love how she always says "thrilling" I just love this villain and I think she deserves number one

Ok queen Scarlet needs to be sued she is plain crazy I think she got a screw loose she was so evil to peril and she had a arena for killing dragons. Also she uses glory as art I think she should have died since The dragonet prophecy although that wouldn't leave much plot for Escaping Peril. I apoligize for my spelling I'm 9 ok?

Queen Scarlet was a queen that liked to be entertained by seeing dragons in her arena killing each other. She would put her prisoners from war in the arena. The prisoners would then fight for freedom, but after a few wins Queen Scarlet would send out her champion, Peril to kill them. Queen Scarlet wasn't like Burn, Burn would just stab the dragonets to death with her poisonous tail. While Queen Scarlet on the other hand would want to play with them, torture them, slowly, and painfully. After Glory used her venom on Queen Scarlet, Queen Scarlet went into hiding, planning to kill Glory at any chance. We see Queen Scarlet in book 1 and then she comes back in book 8, flaming that she killed Queen Glory. Something about Queen Scarlet is different from Darkstalker, but I just don't know what.

3 Princess Blister Princess Blister

Blister is one of the most sinister, manipulative dragons in the series. And yet, you can't deny she was very, very intelligent.
I'm not saying she's a good dragon—she's not, Pyrrhia would have been at ruins if she had succeeded as queen. She had no emotional attachments, and this would have made her more dangerous than ever. (Think about it, how many times have dragons in the series stopped crimes or showed mercy because of those they loved).
Many times I find myself regretting the fact that Blister died. I would have liked it if she'd been more reasonable and found a peaceful solution. But alas, things don't always go the way we like them to, and I know that Blister would never have given up the chance to be queen. Her determined ambition and cunning is part of the reason she's my second favourite villain.
~Shadowspeaker of the NightWings

Okay, I know this sounds odd, but I think that she would have been an amazing queen. Because although she was evil and power hungry, she had the smarts and strength to rule over the Sandwings, and plus, all the queens of Phyrria could defend their kingdoms fine from her.

9/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

Blister is the best villain because she was the only surviving sister, but finally died from the Eye Of Onyx. She also had cool diamond patterns on her back. Plus, she was written so well!

She is easily the most interesting Sandwing sister. I NEED a Winglet on her. How did she get involved with the Nightwings? There is so much potential in her.

4 Albatross Albatross

I love how he went from a loving uncle to a crazed bloodthirsty psychopath with the urge to kill the entire kingdom! It seems that all insane animus dragons were once kind.

He is a awesome villain, wholesome grandfather turned homicidal is s pretty cool dynamic. And I love what tui did with his name, albatross also meaning a phycological burden or curse. And I think that applies with anemone, and what happened to her with her magic. He is really cool!

I'm glad his descendant is Tsunami. She has evil blood running through her veins! But he killed most of the SeaWings (not a fan of Seawings honestly hate them but dude) and his family so shocking. I hate pearl!

Okay, this guy has got to be my favourite villain ever. He's a complete rebel! So he's going insane from his animus magic, but than his sister, Queen Lagoon, says she doesn't need him anymore because now she has a newer and better animus, Fathom, so Albatross is just like, get wrecked, and enchants a knife and stabs her! This guy has no rules! BUT THAN, he looks at the knife he just stabbed his Queen with and is like, 'Oh, this could be a fun game.' So when the Skywings try to escape he just stabs them as well! And then he decides to go on a killing rampage and kill his whole family! Lagoon and her sister Sapphire were complete jerks to him when he was younger, so in my opinion, Lagoon deserved it, I never liked her anyways. Albatross deserves to at least be number 3#
-Darkshade The Nightwing and Rainwing

5 Morrowseer Morrowseer

This guy is shady, a huge jerk, ruined Clay's, Sunny's, Glory's, and Starflight's lives (he technically saved Tsunami's life cause she was a princess and would've been killed, but still, he is a jerk) and I got SO MAD when the prophecy turned out to be not real. He is the biggest jerk there is.

He isn't too bad. Morrowseer allied with Blister, which was a very good idea since she's the smart one. The entire series of events in the Dragonet Prophecy was because of him and Queen Battlewinner.

He's a cool subversion of the wise prophet trope. He's a cold imperialist that justifies his horrible act by telling himself he serves the tribe. A cunning and badass antagonist.

Morrowseer! I know that he may be a big jerk but without him the dragonet prophecy wouldn't be written and I like him why did he have to die he is a cool character.

6 The Othermind

The othermind ( spoilers for book 15) is cottonmouth and lizard. They should be 1! Albatross lost his soul while he didn't. Morrowseer is easily below the othermind. It kills the dragon and forces them to do what it wants and controls Pantala which is why it should be 1!

Gotta hand it to em, pretty cool that they can mind control species. Plus they are just trying to survive, but still they can still do exist with dragons without trying to literally murder all of them.

Honestly, the othermind's pretty overpowered 'cause of the extremely simple way dragons can get infected. I wonder how *they* (I don't wanna give too many spoilers) deal with it in the Flames of Hope...

Why is this.. THING so far down!? For starters, it's a murderer. It tried to kill Cricket and was also going to kill Willow. Secondly, It MIND CONTROLS dragons into doing what it wants! It takes away dragons futures and turns it into what it wants, I mean, look at what it's making Blue do in the Dangerous Gift! Also, when the tribes first came to Pantala, they obviously needed a new home, so they tried to settle in, but then the THING turns bugs feral to attack them and dig into their scales while there sleeping, and then it sends wasps and bees to sting them, crows to peck at their eyes, and more and more creatures. And your telling me that this THING IS SERIOUSLY NUMBER 6#!? It should AT LEAST be higher than that grump old jerk Morrowseer!
- Darkshade of the Nightwings and Rainwings

7 Orca Orca

I find it clever how she enchanted a carved statue to kill her daughters- if she had lived on, and to continue murdering generations of the royal dragonets.

She's I don't know, complicated, but I wouldn't call setting a simple spell on hatcheries evil. Maybe a tiny bit, but she was first-born, and we all know how hard that is. She has got to be my favorite villain slash complicated sister.

We barely know anything about her backstory, and the mystery is part of why she's a great villain. Orca had lots of ambition, confidence, and, of course, animus magic. However evil she was, in her challenge she did want to be fair by not using her animus magic against Coral. And let's be honest…that statue was a smart idea, albeit an evil one.

She's only classified evil because she made a statue that would kill corals heirs because she tried to kill coral for the throne...

8 Queen Coral Queen Coral

She is pure evil. She killed Tortise, she lets her people die! Mabey she has the same thing as chamelon and hailstorm? And how did Crocdile get there! Mabey she told her to come, or I just have a bad memory. But I belive she is EVIL!

I think she is secretly a villain, she cares NOTHING about her sons, maybe she cares a tiny bit about Turtle but only because he's animus. She has like 36 sons but she can care at least a little and gets away with not caring about her sons by saying "they will never take the throne so they don't matter" next, she won't care about her people

In my opinion, she is the worst queen to be alive in WoF. She murders every dragon that fails to protect her eggs. She is technically a hybrid with Icewings and I hate Icewings so... And in my opinion, she is just straight stubborn.

O Queen Coral is definitely evil in fact maybe she is working for darkstalker and the hole thing was just a trap!

9 Whirlpool Whirlpool

Three moons, he's HORRIBLE. Here are the reasons:

1. He's a yandere. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong.)

2. He has an ugly, self satisfied face. (in the graphic novel.)

3. He tried to kill Tsunami just because he didn't want to marry her.

4. He doesn't deserve Queen Coral treating him so good.

5. He's a stupid, ugly, sea slug that can't even teach Tsunami to say anything useful in the Seawing's underwater speak. (Sorry I forgot what it's called it's been so long.)

-Spring The Silkwing

As much as we agree that whirlpool is a jerk, lets admit that its kinda fun reading lines in whatever disgusting voice we imagine him with... (he is my second favorite character in all wings of fire because I have so much fun reading in his voice)

He is defiantly what I would describe as a slimy worm but it's fun using his disgusting voice whenever his lines come up in the books!

Whirlpool is SO HORRIBLE. He is oily and tortured everyone. He is also a horrible teacher and not handsome at ALL.

10 Vulture Vulture

Vulture should have been used sligjtly more, maybe as a pre-villain before Darkstalker as he only appears later in the arc but I still think he is a very good villain especially because he's connected to Qibli's past.

Guess what, first commenter - Qibli is evil. He is witty, true, he is an outcast from society, true, and he absolutely does not predict everything.

Vulture is actually like an evil Qibli. Think about it! Their both witty, are both outcasts from society and predict EVERYTHING!

Planted bombs everywhere, said it was the MudWings, almost started a war and tried to make Onyx become queen even though technically she wasn't royal anymore so she wasn't allowed to challenge Thorn. ALSO EXPRESSING MY OPINION ON DARKSTALKER! He only made the disease to protect his tribe and for his revenge, because they kidnapped his mother. And all of that bad stuff he did was because of the effects of animus magic. Same with Albatross!

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11 Anemone Anemone

From a shy dragonet with a complex of never being let free, and being kept captive, and forced to do classes with a dragon that was far older than her, and wanted to marry her, to the spoiled brat who craved attention from how she was raised.

Anemone is literally the most violent and bad seawing of all Pyrrha. THREE MOONS! She uses her animus power literally to hit Moon my favorite Nightwing. Plus she tries to kill Auklet. PURE EVIL

She's a spoiled brat, and a teeny bit evil. But enough about anemone (her ancestor is evil: ALBATROSS!) I have a theory about anyone's sister... TsUnAmI!
My theory is that Tsunami was secretly a villain. Tui described her as a 'strong and brave character.' I hate Tsunami but (sigh)... it is true! But she is thirsty for blood. She's right! She is like Burn - just as bloodthirsty. Always ready for battle, and Tsunami probably secretly wanted to kill all of the SandWing queens, but her "friends" wanted peace so her plan didn't work out.

Anemone's a brat, but she's not entirely evil. I can understand that she'd be furious the fact her entire life was a lie and she was created by Turtle (like how mad Glory was when she found out the prophecy was a fake—she would have killed Morrowseer if he hadn't already been dead).
In my opinion, Anemone was pretty misguided, although she had the full potential to be evil.

12 Queen Wasp Queen Wasp

Okay, the people who say we don't know Wasp enough so he's not evil. Heck, remember book 14, when we were in blues perspective on wasps perspective. "The only way to survive in a world where everyone is evil, is to be the most evil". "I want to kill all the stupid Leafwings but the plant I'd won't let me". Considering the plant is pretty much saving the entire leafwing tribe and its goal is to not be weaker than other stuff, it's not too evil.

Me: Hey, your majesty, I have someone you'd probably get along with really well. He likes dominating, killing and psychotically controlling his people too.

Wasp: Who?

Adolf Hitler : Me... Yo babe, we have so much in common...

She is the worst and so mean to the SilkWings, she banned trees in the art, and nearly wiped out the LeafWings, she mind controls them, and lets HiveWIngs do whatever they want. She does something to the eggs to mind control them, and I HATE HER, SHE IS THE WORST!

Mind control all your subjects then kill most of the Leafwings and take captive Silkwings. Also destroy a whole bunch of trees.

13 Icicle Icicle

My cool (Pun intended lol) awesome icy gal. I used to hate her, but seeing why she was the way she was is what made me change my mind about her. She wasn't evil, just desperate to save her brother and please her family.

9/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

Icicle is the coolest (pun intended), she's very determined and everyone should freaking love her.

Her killing crane sucked, I still love Icicle though.

I don't know what to feel about this. Don't think she's evil, but not 100% good either

14 Princess Burn Princess Burn

Okay so don't hate on me for this, but I think Burn is kind of funny. She just goes around like "ooo severed Silkwing wing! GIMME!" and to her brother she's like, "Hello, peasant." Also if I had to follow a queen, it would probably be her. Also is it just me or is she like one of those cool kids smoking cigarettes on an elementary school playground-? (Just to be clear, that's not cool. Be safe kids. Peace.)

She should be higher on this list. True, Blister is more evil, but Burn should be up closer to her on this list. How did Anemone place higher than Burn, when Burn did basically what Anemone did, but to more dragons?

Pretty sure all I ought to say is: She has a fortress, surrounded by walls, and the walls have spikes on top of them. and on the spikes are severed dragon heads.

There's nothing to say really she's just pure evil like not even a slither bit of kindness there was never a future for her...

15 Mastermind

People: He only did what he was told! He's not bad

Me: Ahem, Queen wasp, Morrowseer. They were both just doing what they were told. Why is mindreader any better than them!

He's...Okay, to say the least. Not good nor bad, but more neutral, afterall he only did what he was told.

6/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

Is this supposed to be like you like the villain or hate the villain? Well I think positive Matermind shouldn't be here..all he did was lie. That's it! He lied to Starflight that he never met Battlewinner.well he did STUDY RainWings but for knowledge! Don't get mad at pleeease! Have a great rest of you day by the way!

Why is he on this list? Also why is he in a pit of quicksand? He was only obeying his queen! Why didn't Glory trap the NightWings who killed the IceWings in Scarlet's arena in quicksand? They KILLED dragons on their queen's orders. Mastermind did not. I like Glory, but I have to say, that was not a very smart decision, imprisoning Mastermind.

16 Fierceteeth

I hated her when I read the Brightest Night, and I hate her more now that I've read Winglets: Prisoners. What a vain, ignorant, selfish dragon.

-Frostflower (Rain/Ice hybrid)

I totally agree. Fierceteeth is just jealous of Starflight because he's in the prophecy and she's not also she makes this clear in the beginning of Dark secret.

Just upset because her mother ignored her after Starflight was born but I don't think she was truly evil.

I hate her. She's the worst. I didn't hate her any less after I read her winglets. Try to change my mind.

17 Flame Flame

He's really misguided. I don't think he really was evil because he cared about his mother

He scares me. His lines are creepy and he sounds like Voldemolt in the fan made audiobook. Scares me even more.

He just needs love, guys.

You he needs respect

18 Chameleon Chameleon

An outcast of all rainwings! He didn't deserve the punishment he got for something he couldn't fix, but perhaps he could've tried a little harder to change his path later on. Such as enchanting the scroll to be a regular rainwing, and to have his tribe treat him normally.

He has kind of tragic story. Betrayed by his tribe because he didn't have a natural ability. He finds Darkstalker's scroll to make himself a different dragon for each tribe and started working for Queen Scarlet. I just think it's cool.

Oh. My. God. THis guy was amazing, it shows how people aren't always bad because they simply want to be, but rather the way they were treated turned them rotten. He tried to help his daughter, but did it for the wrong reasons, (Also, couldn't he enchant an earing to let him be a normal Rainwing?)

10/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

Okay he was nice when you first met him with Peril. I think it's cool how he can change tribes! MABYE he's only mad and evil because how he was treated as a RainWing and couldn't change his scales. Maybe he just got mad and went crazy to be evil? Just a theory…

19 Vengeance

Evil he grabbed glory!

Terrible queen alert!

20 Prince Arctic Prince Arctic

He's not evil. He didn't mean to start a war, he just wanted to be with foeslayer, he loved her so much, why is he on this list? His actions and magic turned him bad.

Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing from quotev

He's NOT a villain! Anyone who says he is clearly hasn't read runaway, or looked close enough at the prologue of Darkstalker! He was a wonderful dragon, and he felt trapped by his mother and the rules. He loved Foeslayer, but when they escaped he used his magic, and it destroyed his soul. So, not a villain, just someone who payed the price of Animus magic. Sure, he did have some nasty thoughts, and he took control of Whiteout, but that was AFTER his soul was destroyed. That's not who he really was, and if he hadn't ever used his magic, I think he would have been a great father.

Another edgy ice boi. He's been my favourite villain for a while now, and simply for that, I say that he wasn't evil, he was a kind dragon, changed by the standards of Icewing society.

10/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

He is NOT evil. Yes, he started a war. And yes, he fathered Darkstalker. But was that HIS fault? HE didn't start the war. -Nightstalker the NightWing

21 Queen Diamond Queen Diamond

I don't Queen Diamond is that evil. Wouldn't YOU want revenge on your enemy? She was willing to let him back in, even though that would be an unforgivable crime. Queen Diamond told Arctic to kill Whiteout and Darkstalker because she didn't want to give animus magic to the NightWings. She knew they didn't know the dangers of animus magic so they could easily wipe out her tribe.

Queen Diamond's an idiot. When Arctic ran off with Foeslayer, why didn't she lay any more eggs? If she had, IceWings would still have animus magic. Boo, Diamond.

She's complicated, on one hand she was a mother who loved her dragonet, on the other she was a psychotic murderer, and a very controlling mother. She's still better then Vigilance, though.

She made up rules to imprison Arctic, she murdered Foeslayer thousands of times, and used animus magic for herself ( she probably enchanted the crown). She is not the worst villain but I still kinda hate her. ( I love all icewings so for me to hate one there has to be a reason. here is an example: I like Narwal.)

22 Queen Battlewinner Queen Battlewinner

Doesn't anyone remember the part where she says "anything, for the tribe."?

She was doing it for her tribe, so, really, not a villain.

She tried to kill starlight I mean she is pretty evil.

She's scary and too scary and poopy. And she died. Terrible queen, she doesn't even TALK to her subjects.

23 Queen Magnificent Queen Magnificent

Evil to the core! When she heard that the rainwings were being imprisoned and tortured by the Nightwings she was all "Meh who cares? I still have other dragons in my tribe." She didn't even care! How is that not evil?!?

Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing from quotev

She's not really evil per say but what she does in the hidden kingdom about the captured Rainwing problem makes me want to strangle her and "What's the matter with you?! Your subjects are captured and your just sitting on your lazy butt and not doing anything! Seriously girl!"

This queen is TRASH! She is lazy and smug and hates anyone who tries to do the opposite of her.

Why is she on here? She's not actually a villain, she's just lazy and would do nothing for her tribe

24 Cobra Cobra

Just saying I love assassins. they are so mysterious, and mostly live in the Scorpion den.

Maybe she isn't evil, but I do feel bad about Qibli- Cobra doesn't deserve him.

Cobra is a cool assassin

25 Kestrel Kestrel

Peril's mother (I love Peril!). To be honest I never hated her, even though she was cruel in battle training.

Only problem is, why is Kestrel even on here!? She's not even evil.

P.S. I feel sorry for her even though she not one of my faves.

Why is Kestrel on here?
She pretended to kill (spoilers if you haven't read Dragonslayer) Sky just so she could live. In Dragonslayer, she literally tried to look for him. She was only mean because she wanted to have her own dragonets. She didn't mean to drop Peril, Peril burned her on accident. Kestrel does not deserve to be on here.

WHAT. Kestrel is NOT evil. She just had a tramatic part, was stuck under a cave for six years, and not to mention her whole JOB reminded her of something VERY painfull! this is so wrong.

Kestrel isn't evil, stupid queen Scarlet and Chameleon/Soar made her become this way.

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