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1 Darkstalker

It's really sad because he loved Clearsight and I don't consider him a villain he's misunderstood. He's doing it for a reason he doesn't mean to be evil if you looked at the last few pages in book 10, you would see his reaction to the soul reader when it said he was evil he was sad and mad and frustrated. I don't consider evil

I mean he is very evil but what is really confusing to me is that he didn't sound so evil in book 5 he just sounded desperate to be free, but as time went on and he was free by Pearl he was a lot more terrifying which leads me to the fact that maybe he doesn't care who he hurts because if he killed only one dragon and than 2,000 years past and than you come back and killed more than a lifetime...right?

He is an evil, manipulative villain but he is also a sad character as his girlfriend literally betrayed him, sending him to sleep for 2000 years. He tries frivolously to bring her back. So he looses hif soulmate and his mother and eventually all the people he loved

He killed Glacier and tried to get rid of the whole IceWing tribe. I understand that he turned evil because of the loss of his mother, but I think he took it way to far. In his legends book, he tried to kill Vigilance for the throne, and made his own father disembowel himself.
-Vitality the NightWing

2 Queen Scarlet

Scarlet is SO evil I can't believe she isn't at the top! I mean guys she litterally kidnapped Winters brother hailstorm, makes her prisnors fight to the death, made poor Peril kill hundreds of dragons, and made Tsunami kill her own father. That just SCREAMS evil. Darkstalker really? He did all that stuff for revenge , Scarlet on the other hand did all those things for no reason whatsoever. I love Scarlet but also hate her at the same time because she did all those bad things, but that just makes her a better villain! Scarlet forever!

Queen Scarlet deserves the 1rst place. I like how she killed Osprey. And I like how she killed Dune. I also like how she made Gill crazy. She's my favorite charechter in Wings of Fire. I'm sure, all villain lovers have a fantasy that Queen Scarlet won. If I was a SkyWing, I would have told her where are the talons of piece, and that she should kill Glory because she's an animus dragon. I would've murdered all the talons of piece before Morowseer delivered the dragonet prophesy! I would've killed Peril, Albotros, and Glory even before they hatched. It will be THRILLING to watch how Queen Scarlet wins.

Scarlet definitely wins the award for the worst WoF parent ever. She literally BRAINWASHED her kid. Plus she also killed TONS of dragons. She killed, Dune, Osprey, a random MudWing, and was also pretty much responsible for all the deaths in her battle arena.

I'm actually surprised Scarlet isn't at the top. Ok Darkstalker wasn't all bad, but he did end up pretty bad. Scarlet is just pure evil. She kills dragons for fun, is horrible to her kids, makes Peril think she's a villain, and even looks evil

3 Princess Blister

Would you consider her as a villain? It's tricky.
She wants what she was born for. "Never give up" that's what people always tell me. She never did, she fought desperately for it.
But she had a "way" of getting it. Being sly, and desperate. Being intelligent is her way of winning. Should taking away from others to improve you own tribe, be considered selfish?
If Blister is a villain, all the queens should be.

Blister is a pretty good villain but everyone says she's smart and she is, but… the dragonets of destiny were literally the ONLY dragons in Pyrrhia she actually needed to like her to become queen and she made them hate her.

I actually really like blister. I think she is kinda funny. I guess she did evil thing though like sting webs with her tail and started the war. -Darkscar the ShadowClan medicine cat who wants to be on here

Blister is my favorite villain. She started the war, killed Kestrel to get everything she wanted, hurt webs, evil-ish type of smart, kills lots of dragons, kills her sister burn, and try's to kill blaze. AND Ashe was working with Morrowseer. EVIL! - sundew-is-the-best

4 Queen Wasp

Wasp is so evil she is bassically another Cottonmouth. She injects poor eggs so right when the dragonets hatch they are under Wasps command. She also keeps flamesilks in a cavern to work the rest of their lifes! And you can shut up Admiral it is not nice down there. I hate Wasp and that is what makes her a great villain.

She's so evil. Wasp always thinks that Silkwings and Leafwings are evil and that the only way to survive is to be the evilest.
She doesn't even care about the dragons' feelings that she controls.

... I cannot believe she is not at the top three. I feel that she should be above Blister on the list. She mind controls her whole tribe, imprisons flamesilks, separating families, tried to make the whole LeafWing tribe go extinct, and more. One out of two true villains of Pantala.
-Vitality the NightWing

Queen Wasp was probably the best villain in Wing's of Fire arc 3. Although most of her power comes from the othermind (her hivemind power) she is still a pretty good villain.

5 Orca

Well I guess she just wanted to be Queen because her mother has been the Queen for such a long time but she literally like blister! She's a Princess who wants to be Queen! And like she literally made a statue that's been killing the female heirs for YEARS! & then she challenged her mother for throne & thought "oh I'll win this!" In till, you know, the tail stab. But no one can be something for ever… but maybe 4 dragons? Anyway maybe if she met tsunami or anemone or auklet she might've changed, anyway this is my opinion.

Ok, Orca didn't want Coral to rule forever. she made the statue then challenged her mother, expecting to win so that SHE could rule until she died natually.

Orca is like Blister, she was a princess who wanted to become queen. She isn't a villain, well she is kind of because of Coral's eggs. But nobody is really a full villain.

She isn't evil. She just wanted Coral to rule forever. If she met tsunami, anemone, and auklet maybe she would be different. She deserves a bit of love.

6 Albatross

Yeah, yeah, build a castle, become crazy, get killed. This is typically how all Animus dragons die but I don't care about you Albatross because you are extremely evil.

Albatross was Queen Lagoons brother. At the feast, Queen Lagoon and two SkyWing guests come and visit. Albatross uses his animus powers to use a knife to kill Queen lagoon. The two SkyWings try to fly away, but ends up killing them to. Queen Lagoons daughter, splash, grabs a spear and try's to kill him, but he makes the spear stab splash in the heart. He is very evil. -sundew-is-the-best

Albatross is not exactly evil. The only reason why he became evil is because his sisters were really mean to him and Lagoon forced him to do a lot of spells.-Wings of Fire Nerd

Okay, this guy has got to be my favourite villain ever. He's a complete rebel! So he's going insane from his animus magic, but than his sister, Queen Lagoon, says she doesn't need him anymore because now she has a newer and better animus, Fathom, so Albatross is just like, get wrecked, and enchants a knife and stabs her! This guy has no rules! BUT THAN, he looks at the knife he just stabbed his Queen with and is like, 'Oh, this could be a fun game.' So when the Skywings try to escape he just stabs them as well! And then he decides to go on a killing rampage and kill his whole family! Lagoon and her sister Sapphire were complete jerks to him when he was younger, so in my opinion, Lagoon deserved it, I never liked her anyways. Albatross deserves to at least be number 3#
-Darkshade The Nightwing and Rainwing

7 Morrowseer

I do not understand how Orca is above Albatross, Morrowseer, and Vulture. He made a fake prophecy just for territory, and that is the only thing he cares about. The rainforest, the rainforest, the rainforest! He helped ruin a little over a dozen innocent RainWing lives for this reason, and he deserved to die in the volcano.
-Vitality the NightWing

Morrowseer is a lier, and he is unfriendly(the last dragon fit for the word "friendly")He also does not appreciate Glory at all. Just for her not being a Skywing(as if it was Glory's fault). And the prophecy of which he and queen Battlewinner totally made up. ALL THE DRAGONS THEY LIED TO! Just for his reputation? He put "the dragonets of destiny" in danger. Fallen in so many evil talons. Getting caught in a war they aren't supposed to be.

He's such a jerk and evil. He was working with Battlewinner to make a fake prophecy and just trap dragonets under a mountain. He didn't care about the fake dragonets except for Flame and didn't even care when viper dies. I definitely hate him. - sundew-is-the-best

I hate morrowseer. He is SO rude to the dragonets especially starflight in book four. He dosen't even care when viper dies. I was happy he died from the volcano eruption

8 Vulture

He placed a ton of bombs and brought in Chameleon, one of my other votes, disguised as a MudWing to blame it on that tribe instead of him. He tried to replace Thorn with Onyx, who would repay him in some sort of power in return, and got rid of that plan when he found out that Darkstalker was King of the NightWings. Can you even imagine King Vulture of the SandWings? NO! Vulture made his whole family suffer as well.
-Vitality the NightWing

Vulture did loads of terrible things, but he could've changed, but it didn't go that way. Betraying qibli was mean and inconsiderate.

Vulture should have been used sligjtly more, maybe as a pre-villain before Darkstalker as he only appears later in the arc but I still think he is a very good villain especially because he's connected to Qibli's past.

Planted bombs everywhere, said it was the MudWings, almost started a war, and tried to make Onyx become queen, even though technically she wasn't royal anymore, so she wasn't allowed to challenge Thorn. ALSO, EXPRESSING MY OPINION ON DARKSTALKER! He only made the disease to protect his tribe and seek revenge because they kidnapped his mother. And all of that bad stuff he did was because of the effects of animus magic. Same with Albatross!

9 The Othermind

Took over Pantala, conspired/took over Wasp, blah blah blah. If anyone takes over anything without a good reason, they are automatically a villain at this point.

Cottonmouth is the real villain, not lizard. He causes entire civilization to burn, makes dragons hate humans, tortures dragonets, and even mind controls humans. He At least needs to be in top 5- Wings of Fire Nerd

How is this lower that MORROWSEER. yes Morrowseer was a jerk, but ranking the OTHERMIND below him? No. Just No. Lizard was litte
rally stuck inside her own head, not even technically alive and stuck with someone she HATEs for thousands of years. plain evil.

I hated cottonmouth but I loved lizard. I hate the name freedom though, lizard IS a dragon name, freedom is NOT
-leopardscar from ThunderClan (I'm a really big warriors fan)

10 Icicle

I don't really consider her a villain but as a character she is just perfect, I don't care how evil people try to make her seem she is loyal and dependable and so incredibly grand. Perhaps I love her because I hate winter but regardless of why it may be icicle is entirely justified and I wish her plan worked ✨✨

Icicle is the coolest (pun intended), she's very determined and everyone should freaking love her.

My cool (Pun intended lol) awesome icy gal. I used to hate her, but seeing why she was the way she was is what made me change my mind about her. She wasn't evil, just desperate to save her brother and please her family.

9/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

Icicle isn't a villain, she just wanted to save her brother.

The Contenders
11 Princess Burn

So much personality! So unique! She does so much in so little really, she feels like the mark of a well developed character, having their own little quirks outside of jobs and role in story. Everyone can make an artist who likes art but it takes a truly good character to reach outside of their job and role as a character to develop hobbies and personality. I never really liked burn that much but they are just so much more convincing than a lot of the characters in these books.

Okay so don't hate on me for this, but I think Burn is kind of funny. She just goes around like "ooo severed Silkwing wing! GIMME!" and to her brother she's like, "Hello, peasant." Also if I had to follow a queen, it would probably be her. Also is it just me or is she like one of those cool kids smoking cigarettes on an elementary school playground-? (Just to be clear, that's not cool. Be safe kids. Peace.)

She should be higher on this list. True, Blister is more evil, but Burn should be up closer to her on this list. How did Anemone place higher than Burn, when Burn did basically what Anemone did, but to more dragons?

Pretty sure all I ought to say is: She has a fortress, surrounded by walls, and the walls have spikes on top of them. and on the spikes are severed dragon heads.

12 Whirlpool

Whirlpool isn't exactly evil, but he's extremely selfish. He wants to be king so badly, so all he does is ooze over how AMAZING Queen Coral's work is. I hate him. He's got a stupid goopy personality and a stupid goopy face too.

- Sunrise (Rain/Sand Hybrid)

OMG I hate him so much and he is the worst at teaching aquatic. He is stupid and wants to be king when he does no even deserve to. He is so gross. I was very happy when he died!

...if you look up "the definition of zero hygiene" on google, Whirlpool will literally pop up as one of the responses. Coral needs to get her eyes checked, or maybe she just likes SeaWings that are green. Anyway, he is SO GREEDY. He tried to kill Tsunami in hopes to "be with a more... agreeable princess" he tries to blackmail Anemone as well, and I was happy when he died.
-Vitality the NightWing

So, wait a second is Whirlpool really a villain? Not of course, he just tried to kill Tsunami, But I still HATE him! He's stupid and has an ugly smile with ugly eyes and scales. He's a total jerk.

13 Queen Coral

WHO put her on the list! She just want's everything to it least be ok when the heir to takes her place! So her, the heirs, her family & her kingdom to be safe & ok!.

I don't understand? is she a villain or what I know she doesn't care about her sons only her daughters bc there next in line for throne

I appreciate her much better after blu Jae's "More" MAP, I don't think queen coral is a villain, she never did any actions that were more than her overeacting to the situations and is seemingly a decent queen outside her obsession with the eggs. May coral have more female heirs in the future

Queen Coral isn't a villain, she is a Queen who does what she has to do, she wouldn't have let Crocodile burn down the Summer place, She only kills her guards because they fail her such as Tortoise. They should know to be better at protecting eggs and she doesn't care for her sons because they can't take the throne and she cares about Turtle because.I have know Idea.

14 Anemone

She has a very interesting mind. If I were an Animus RainWing, I would've controlled her. What I would've done is sound charming, like Darkstalker, and then ask her a lot of questions. Would she want to challenge her mother and kill her sisters? If the answer is yes, I would've told her that I would help her challenge her mother for the throne if she served me and Queen Scarlet until Queen Scarlet killed Ruby and Glory. I enjoy controlling other people, and my characteristics are most like Darkstalker's and Queen Scarlet's. You should put me as the best villain in first place because my evil soul is super evil!

She's not a villain. She was a little spoiled at first, but she grew up a bit. She was controlled by Darkstalker during her villain arc anyway.

Anemone is a straight up stuck up brat, if you don't agree with me I can bet that you read the dragonet prophecy and the lost heir.I used to LIKE her and now I would happily murder her. In moon rising we start to see her crappiness unfold but in talons of power she is- JUST UGH she tried to kill Tsunami and INNOCENT BABY AUKLET. but Ye kill coral I don't mind.

From a shy dragonet with a complex of never being let free, and being kept captive, and forced to do classes with a dragon that was far older than her, and wanted to marry her, to the spoiled brat who craved attention from how she was raised.

15 Mastermind

He's not that bad... but still he never once questioned his orders. He never once went "I shouldn't be hurting other dragons like this"

Mastermind isn't a villain, he was following orders like Peril. He was doing it because the queen wanted to invade the Rainforest.

Mastermind isn't bad. He was just doing what he was told to like peril was. And plus he was expanding dragon knowledge theres nothing bad about that!

Why is he on this list? Also why is he in a pit of quicksand? He was only obeying his queen! Why didn't Glory trap the NightWings who killed the IceWings in Scarlet's arena in quicksand? They KILLED dragons on their queen's orders. Mastermind did not. I like Glory, but I have to say, that was not a very smart decision, imprisoning Mastermind.

16 Fierceteeth

She just wants to be queen. She just doesn't want the NightWings to have a RainWing queen. She wants to be special; to have a destiny.

I totally agree. Fierceteeth is just jealous of Starflight because he's in the prophecy and she's not also she makes this clear in the beginning of Dark secret.

I hated her when I read the Brightest Night, and I hate her more now that I've read Winglets: Prisoners. What a vain, ignorant, selfish dragon.

-Frostflower (Rain/Ice hybrid)

Just upset because her mother ignored her after Starflight was born but I don't think she was truly evil.

17 Chameleon

I don't care what people say I love him
He's selfish and he just wants to be everything he's not
He's an absolutely terrible person and I love him! He doesn't need to be some over the top op control freak to be a good villain. He has all the power of pyrrhia in his claws and he's doesn't use it wisely! And that's fine because not every villain needs to be some intense psychopathic intellectual. He's a failure and an idiot but he has a place in my heart, his whole being is a masterpiece.

He was a poor lost soul. Still is. I wish I could help fix his life for him! The backstory of him is tragic and always frowned upon. The Rainwings should have never exiled him. Ever. Just because he's a different color and can't change his colors? Racist!

He has kind of tragic story. Betrayed by his tribe because he didn't have a natural ability. He finds Darkstalker's scroll to make himself a different dragon for each tribe and started working for Queen Scarlet. I just think it's cool.

An outcast of all rainwings! He didn't deserve the punishment he got for something he couldn't fix, but perhaps he could've tried a little harder to change his path later on. Such as enchanting the scroll to be a regular rainwing, and to have his tribe treat him normally.

18 Flame

He's really misguided. I don't think he really was evil because he cared about his mother

Look, he was taken away from his family, hurt by a sandwing, and chained up by Darkstalker. He just needs love, that's all.

He scares me. His lines are creepy and he sounds like Voldemolt in the fan made audiobook. Scares me even more.

He just needs love, guys.

19 Queen Diamond

I don't Queen Diamond is that evil. Wouldn't YOU want revenge on your enemy? She was willing to let him back in, even though that would be an unforgivable crime. Queen Diamond told Arctic to kill Whiteout and Darkstalker because she didn't want to give animus magic to the NightWings. She knew they didn't know the dangers of animus magic so they could easily wipe out her tribe.

She's complicated, on one hand she was a mother who loved her dragonet, on the other she was a psychotic murderer, and a very controlling mother. She's still better then Vigilance, though.

Queen Diamond's an idiot. When Arctic ran off with Foeslayer, why didn't she lay any more eggs? If she had, IceWings would still have animus magic. Boo, Diamond.

She made up rules to imprison Arctic, she murdered Foeslayer thousands of times, and used animus magic for herself ( she probably enchanted the crown). She is not the worst villain but I still kinda hate her. ( I love all icewings so for me to hate one there has to be a reason. here is an example: I like Narwal.)

20 Queen Battlewinner

She kind of is just an overprotective or thinks that her tribe deserves to have everything they want and need. But then she just went overboard.

Okay, I know she's a bad queen and is EVIL! But honestly, she's cool. And sorry people who like Battlewinner I think she wasn't exactly smart when she heaved herself out of the lava without remembering she would freeze. And P.S., I think sitting in lava is awesome and she is my favorite character AND villain in the books.

Doesn't anyone remember the part where she says "anything, for the tribe."?

She doesn't deserve to be Queen, she can't even see most of them.

21 Vengeance

Evil he grabbed glory!

Terrible queen alert!

22 Prince Arctic

He's NOT a villain! Anyone who says he is clearly hasn't read runaway, or looked close enough at the prologue of Darkstalker! He was a wonderful dragon, and he felt trapped by his mother and the rules. He loved Foeslayer, but when they escaped he used his magic, and it destroyed his soul. So, not a villain, just someone who payed the price of Animus magic. Sure, he did have some nasty thoughts, and he took control of Whiteout, but that was AFTER his soul was destroyed. That's not who he really was, and if he hadn't ever used his magic, I think he would have been a great father.

I don't vote for him, just voted to comment. He was just trying to be with Foeslayer! He really loved her and he was the only one who saw Darkstalker's real side!

Another edgy ice boi. He's been my favourite villain for a while now, and simply for that, I say that he wasn't evil, he was a kind dragon, changed by the standards of Icewing society.

10/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

He is NOT evil. Yes, he started a war. And yes, he fathered Darkstalker. But was that HIS fault? HE didn't start the war. -Nightstalker the NightWing

23 Queen Magnificent

Wow. I can't even tell why Magnificent was queen. Mangrove came to her every day for Orchid, and every time acted like it was something new. Once Glory found the missing Rainwings (Spoiler Alert), Magnificent was all "Oh, there's fourteen dragons missing? Why should I care, we've got thirty more dragons that will totally not disappear like those ones." I think she has a mental illness (pun intended)

-Sunrise (Rain/Sand Hybrid)

She is a turd queen who doesn't care at all about her tribe. She said "Only fourteen see we have plenty of other dragons in the tribe." She is a jerk.

She's not really evil per say but what she does in the hidden kingdom about the captured Rainwing problem makes me want to strangle her and "What's the matter with you?! Your subjects are captured and your just sitting on your lazy butt and not doing anything! Seriously girl!"

Evil to the core! When she heard that the rainwings were being imprisoned and tortured by the Nightwings she was all "Meh who cares? I still have other dragons in my tribe." She didn't even care! How is that not evil?!?

Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing from quotev

24 Cobra

Just saying I love assassins. they are so mysterious, and mostly live in the Scorpion den.

Maybe she isn't evil, but I do feel bad about Qibli- Cobra doesn't deserve him.

Cobra is a cool assassin

25 Kestrel

Kestrel is one of the biggest jerks ever to walk the plant. She wanted to kill Glory, She chained up Tsunami and treated the Dragonets like dirt.

She shouldn't be here. Kestrel was the closest thing the dragonets and Peril had to having a good mother. Kestrel was the one dragon I would sacrifice for and she did not deserver her pain and misery. She could have had it so much better. Sound this as a cry for her. Because I am crying.

Why is Kestrel on here?
She pretended to kill (spoilers if you haven't read Dragonslayer) Sky just so she could live. In Dragonslayer, she literally tried to look for him. She was only mean because she wanted to have her own dragonets. She didn't mean to drop Peril, Peril burned her on accident. Kestrel does not deserve to be on here.

Are you kidding me! Why is she here she is a Talons of peace she was helping the dragonets of destiny!

- Moonflower the nightwing silkwing

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