Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Villains

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1 Darkstalker

Darkstalker is best, people. He's the most powerful and he's got brains, which I like. To be fair, his dad wasn't evil. I do have evidence that he and Darkstalker cared about each other. I think that Arctic just never got over Foeslayer's capture.

But yeah, Darkstalker should always be on top. Here's my list: Darkstalker, Scarlet, Blister, Albatross, Othermind, Wasp, Diamond, Vulture, Chameleon, Icicle.

Darkstalker is such a great villain. He didn't appear to be evil in the first nine books of the series, but then he turns evil in book ten. Well, he was sort-of evil at the end of book nine. Darkstalker is the best villain because he disemboweled his father, who was going to take Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom. He also put a love spell on her so he would be accepted to come back to the palace.

But Darkstalker stopped him since he took the earring that prevented him from doing animus spells on him. He sent a bug to rip that off. He also sent a dagger to go straight through his foot. Once Artic had landed to take care of his foot, Darkstalker caught up and was able to take Whiteout home with him. - Moongazer the Mindreader of the NightWings

2 Queen Scarlet

Scarlet is SO evil, I can't believe she isn't at the top! I mean, guys, she literally kidnapped Winter's brother Hailstorm, makes her prisoners fight to the death, made poor Peril kill hundreds of dragons, and made Tsunami kill her own father. That just SCREAMS evil. Darkstalker really? He did all that stuff for revenge, but Scarlet, on the other hand, did all those things for no reason whatsoever. I love Scarlet but also hate her at the same time because she did all those bad things, but that just makes her a better villain! Scarlet forever!

3 Princess Blister

Would you consider her as a villain? It's tricky.

She wants what she was born for. "Never give up," that's what people always tell me. She never did. She fought desperately for it.
But she had a "way" of getting it. Being sly and desperate. Being intelligent is her way of winning. Should taking away from others to improve your own tribe be considered selfish?

If Blister is a villain, all the queens should be.

Blister is a pretty good villain, but everyone says she's smart, and she is. However, the Dragonets of Destiny were literally the ONLY dragons in Pyrrhia she actually needed to like her to become queen, and she made them hate her.

4 Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp is currently my favorite WOF character. I voted for her because she made a partnership with Cottonmouth/The Breath of Evil, stabbed unhatched dragonets in their eggs so that she can control them, and destroyed all the trees except for the Poison Jungle. She lied about the Book of Clearsight and nearly wiped out the entire LeafWing tribe. However, in her earlier queen years, I agree that she may have been another Snowfall, but without a Lynx to help her. She may have thought that the only way to go on/survive was to be the most evil and control all other threats.

5 Orca

Well, I guess she just wanted to be Queen because her mother has been the Queen for such a long time. But she's literally like Blister! She's a Princess who wants to be Queen! And like, she literally made a statue that's been killing the female heirs for YEARS! Then she challenged her mother for the throne and thought, "Oh, I'll win this!" Until, you know, the tail stab. But no one can be something forever... but maybe 4 dragons? Anyway, maybe if she met Tsunami or Anemone or Auklet, she might've changed. Anyway, this is my opinion.

6 Albatross

Okay, this guy has got to be my favorite villain ever. He's a complete rebel! So he's going insane from his animus magic, but then his sister, Queen Lagoon, says she doesn't need him anymore because now she has a newer and better animus, Fathom. Albatross is just like, get wrecked, and enchants a knife and stabs her! This guy has no rules!

BUT THEN, he looks at the knife he just stabbed his Queen with and is like, 'Oh, this could be a fun game.' So when the Skywings try to escape, he just stabs them as well! And then he decides to go on a killing rampage and kill his whole family! Lagoon and her sister Sapphire were complete jerks to him when he was younger, so in my opinion, Lagoon deserved it. I never liked her anyways. Albatross deserves to at least be number 3.
-Darkshade The Nightwing and Rainwing

7 Morrowseer

I do not understand how Orca is above Albatross, Morrowseer, and Vulture. He made a fake prophecy just for territory, and that is the only thing he cares about. The rainforest, the rainforest, the rainforest! He helped ruin a little over a dozen innocent RainWing lives for this reason, and he deserved to die in the volcano.
-Vitality the NightWing

Morrowseer is a liar, and he is unfriendly (the last dragon fit for the word "friendly"). He also does not appreciate Glory at all, just for her not being a SkyWing (as if it was Glory's fault). And the prophecy, which he and Queen Battlewinner totally made up. ALL THE DRAGONS THEY LIED TO! Just for his reputation? He put "the dragonets of destiny" in danger, fallen in so many evil talons. Getting caught in a war they aren't supposed to be.

8 Vulture

He placed a ton of bombs and brought in Chameleon, one of my other votes, disguised as a MudWing to blame it on that tribe instead of him. He tried to replace Thorn with Onyx, who would repay him in some sort of power in return, and got rid of that plan when he found out that Darkstalker was King of the NightWings. Can you even imagine King Vulture of the SandWings? NO! Vulture made his whole family suffer as well.

- Vitality the NightWing

Vulture should have been used slightly more, maybe as a pre-villain before Darkstalker as he only appears later in the arc, but I still think he is a very good villain, especially because he's connected to Qibli's past.

9 The Othermind

How can he not be? First, he takes a literal dragon egg!! Then, he attacks dragons who come to Pantala, just for trying to survive! Like, what is wrong with him?! Oh, I forgot to say that he tortured Lizard/Freedom.

- Ocelot the LeafWing-RainWing hybrid

Took over Pantala, conspired/took over Wasp, blah blah blah. If anyone takes over anything without a good reason, they are automatically a villain at this point.

Why is this THING so far down!? For starters, it's a murderer. It tried to kill Cricket and was also going to kill Willow. Secondly, it mind-controls dragons into doing what it wants! It takes away dragons' futures and turns them into what it wants. I mean, look at what it's making Blue do in The Dangerous Gift!

Also, when the tribes first came to Pantala, they obviously needed a new home. They tried to settle in, but then the THING turns bugs feral to attack them. They dig into their scales while they're sleeping, and then it sends wasps and bees to sting them, crows to peck at their eyes, and more and more creatures.

And you're telling me that this THING is seriously number 6#!? It should AT LEAST be higher than that grumpy old jerk Morrowseer!

- Darkshade of the NightWings and RainWings

10 Icicle

Icicle is the coolest (pun intended). She's very determined, and everyone should really love her.

My cool (pun intended lol) awesome icy gal. I used to hate her, but seeing why she was the way she was is what made me change my mind about her. She wasn't evil, just desperate to save her brother and please her family.

9/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings

Icicle is not evil! She just wanted to get her brother back!

The Contenders
11 Princess Burn

TERRIFYING, but she's a collector, and I collect rocks. I bet I would end up the only live thing in her tower, as my personality is a bit weird.

So much personality! So unique! She does so much in so little time. Really, she feels like the mark of a well-developed character, having their own little quirks outside of jobs and roles in the story. Everyone can make an artist who likes art, but it takes a truly good character to reach outside of their job and role as a character to develop hobbies and personality. I never really liked Burn that much, but they are just so much more convincing than a lot of the characters in these books.

12 Whirlpool

Whirlpool isn't exactly evil, but he's extremely selfish. He wants to be king so badly, so all he does is ooze over how AMAZING Queen Coral's work is. I hate him. He's got a stupid goopy personality and a stupid goopy face too.

- Sunrise (Rain/Sand Hybrid)

OMG, I hate him so much, and he is the worst at teaching aquatic. He is stupid and wants to be king when he doesn't even deserve to. He is so gross. I was very happy when he died!

...If you look up "the definition of zero hygiene" on Google, Whirlpool will literally pop up as one of the responses. Coral needs to get her eyes checked, or maybe she just likes SeaWings that are green. Anyway, he is SO GREEDY. He tried to kill Tsunami in hopes to "be with a more... agreeable princess." He tries to blackmail Anemone as well, and I was happy when he died.
-Vitality the NightWing

13 Queen Coral

I don't understand. Is she a villain or what? I know she doesn't care about her sons, only her daughters because they're next in line for the throne.

I think she is secretly a villain. She cares NOTHING about her sons. Maybe she cares a tiny bit about Turtle, but only because he's an animus. She has like 36 sons, but she could care at least a little. She gets away with not caring about her sons by saying, "They will never take the throne, so they don't matter." Next, she won't care about her people.

In my opinion, she is the worst queen to be alive in WoF. She murders every dragon that fails to protect her eggs. She is technically a hybrid with IceWings, and I hate IceWings, so... And in my opinion, she is just straight stubborn.

14 Anemone

She has a very interesting mind. If I were an Animus RainWing, I would've controlled her. What I would've done is sound charming, like Darkstalker, and then ask her a lot of questions. Would she want to challenge her mother and kill her sisters? If the answer is yes, I would've told her that I would help her challenge her mother for the throne if she served me and Queen Scarlet until Queen Scarlet killed Ruby and Glory.

I enjoy controlling other people, and my characteristics are most like Darkstalker's and Queen Scarlet's. You should put me as the best villain in first place because my evil soul is super evil!

15 Mastermind

He's not that bad... but still, he never once questioned his orders. He never once went, "I shouldn't be hurting other dragons like this."

Mastermind isn't bad. He was just doing what he was told, like Peril was. And plus, he was expanding dragon knowledge. There's nothing bad about that!

People: He only did what he was told! He's not bad.

Me: Ahem, Queen Wasp, Morrowseer. They were both just doing what they were told. Why is Mindreader any better than them!

16 Fierceteeth

I totally agree. Fierceteeth is just jealous of Starflight because he's in the prophecy and she's not. Also, she makes this clear in the beginning of Dark Secret.

She just wants to be queen. She just doesn't want the NightWings to have a RainWing queen. She wants to be special. To have a destiny.

I hated her when I read The Brightest Night, and I hate her more now that I've read Winglets: Prisoners. What a vain, ignorant, selfish dragon.

-Frostflower (Rain/Ice hybrid)

17 Chameleon

I don't care what people say, I love him. He's selfish and he just wants to be everything he's not. He's an absolutely terrible person and I love him! He doesn't need to be some over-the-top, OP control freak to be a good villain. He has all the power of Pyrrhia in his claws and he doesn't use it wisely! And that's fine because not every villain needs to be some intense, psychopathic intellectual. He's a failure and an idiot, but he has a place in my heart. His whole being is a masterpiece. Underrated.

He was a poor lost soul. Still is. I wish I could help fix his life for him! The backstory of him is tragic and always frowned upon. The Rainwings should have never exiled him. Ever. Just because he's a different color and can't change his colors? Racist!

18 Flame

She's not evil. She just wants to care about her mother, that's all. Nothing else. Her thoughts may be a little bit twisted, but she's not evil.

He's really misguided. I don't think he was really evil because he cared about his mother.

Look, he was taken away from his family, hurt by a SandWing, and chained up by Darkstalker. He just needs love, that's all.

19 Queen Diamond

I don't think Queen Diamond is that evil. Wouldn't YOU want revenge on your enemy? She was willing to let him back in, even though that would be an unforgivable crime. Queen Diamond told Arctic to kill Whiteout and Darkstalker because she didn't want to give animus magic to the NightWings. She knew they didn't know the dangers of animus magic, so they could easily wipe out her tribe.

She's complicated. On one hand, she was a mother who loved her dragonet. On the other, she was a psychotic murderer and a very controlling mother. She's still better than Vigilance, though.

20 Vengeance

He almost killed Glory and kidnapped her, which is Glory's fault for going out looking for a monster. But Tsunami is a better character. But still, I agree he SHOULD BURN IN HELL, but also get a reward for kidnapping Glory. Go TSUNAMI!

- Tsunami of the Seawings

I am a boy, don't hate me.

21 Queen Battlewinner

She's actually kind of cool. I don't like Battlewinner, but some of the pictures in the 4th graphic novel of her are cool. Other than that, she 'protected' her tribe by torturing another. She 'protected' a tribe by planning to invade another tribe's kingdom. She might be trying to save them from torture, but that's not the right way.

She kind of is just overprotective or thinks that her tribe deserves to have everything they want and need. But then she just went overboard.

Okay, I know she's a bad queen and is EVIL! But honestly, she's cool. And sorry people who like Battlewinner, I think she wasn't exactly smart when she heaved herself out of the lava without remembering she would freeze. And P.S., I think sitting in lava is awesome and she is my favorite character AND villain in the books.

22 Prince Arctic

Another edgy ice boi. He's been my favourite villain for a while now, and simply for that, I say that he wasn't evil. He was a kind dragon, changed by the standards of Icewing society.

10/10 Overall

- Lynx of the Icewings -

He is NOT evil. Yes, he started a war. And yes, he fathered Darkstalker. But was that HIS fault? HE didn't start the war. -Nightstalker the NightWing

I basically fell in love with him too. Mostly because he's like Winter, and I like Winter.
Silversnow (IceWing and NightWing hybrid)

23 Queen Magnificent

Wow. I can't even tell why Magnificent was queen. Mangrove came to her every day for Orchid, and every time she acted like it was something new. Once Glory found the missing RainWings (Spoiler Alert), Magnificent was all, "Oh, there are fourteen dragons missing? Why should I care, we've got thirty more dragons that will totally not disappear like those ones." I think she has a mental illness (pun intended).

- Sunrise (Rain/Sand Hybrid)

She's not really evil per se, but what she does in The Hidden Kingdom about the captured Rainwing problem makes me want to strangle her. "What's the matter with you?! Your subjects are captured and you're just sitting on your lazy butt and not doing anything! Seriously, girl!"

24 Cobra

She was an abusive mom to Qibli. Even when he was being nice, she yelled at him. She also shaped Socorro and Rattlesnake.

Just saying, I love assassins. They are so mysterious and mostly live in the Scorpion Den.

Maybe she isn't evil, but I do feel bad for Qibli. Cobra doesn't deserve him.

25 Kestrel

Kestrel is one of the biggest jerks ever to walk the planet. She wanted to kill Glory. She chained up Tsunami and treated the Dragonets like dirt.

Peril's mother (I love Peril!). To be honest, I never hated her, even though she was cruel in battle training.

Only problem is, why is Kestrel even on here? She's not even evil.

P.S. I feel sorry for her, even though she's not one of my favorites.

Kestrel isn't evil. Stupid Queen Scarlet and Chameleon/Soar made her become this way.

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