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1 Darkstalker

Darkstalker is a murder monster, who killed dragons no matter what they did, what age they had, whether they deserve it or not. He didn't have to kill Arctic ( who was trying to save Darkstalkers mother!) and yet he did. He enchanted Indigo into a statue, EVEN THOUGH he knew how much it would hurt his "friend". And didn't Clearsight have visions were he killed her? You know, HIS SOULMATE. Personally I think he deserved every bad thing he got, especially being turned to Peacemaker. But that's just my opinion.

Darkstalker at first had good reasons for the bad things he did, like how he killed the icewings for torturing his mother and disemboweling his dad for being cruel to him, his mother, and his siblings. But then he comes back with a chance of a fresh start but decides to be manipulative and evil and start an icewing plague after hundreds of years, so at this point, that COCKROACH needs to GROW UP. Don't vote him he should be second cause Scarlet is WAY better at being a favourite evil character.

Darkstalker is mad. He is bad. But hearing his story makes me sad. Tehe..! My rhyme. Anyways, I actually kind of admire Darkstalker. He's not that bad... it's like he doesn't realize how evil he it though. He's funny, cunning, cool... Darkstalker would make a good friend. I'm kind of like Moonwatcher to be honest. He's cool, and he got overboard with the IceWings. I can't believe he still hates them! I have a secret crush on Winter by the way. And Turtle! And Qibli! And everybody! (Not the last part)
- Silversnow (IceWing and NightWing hybrid)

1# Wof villan! (at least to my point of view). He is a monster! Aftter reading darkstalker legends I knew that this was the ultiment villan and to see him retern in the second arc, just made me feel so good. He dose have a reason for doing these things but still, should have done them. I feel so bad for Clearsight and all that she went through. He has a sad backstory and a good backstory makes a good villan. On the topic of backstores I'd love to see one for scarlet!

2 Queen Scarlet

Queen Scarlet is one of my favorite villains! She's slightly diabolical but you gotta love her as a villain ya know? Also I love her choice of jewelry.

We all know about her making a arena so she can watch dragons fight to the death because it's "thrilling" and making Peril her slave/champion when she was probably only a year old does any body remember the fake Glory head?!?!yah kinda a jerk
Honeycomb the leaf/hivewing

Queen Scarlet was a queen that liked to be entertained by seeing dragons in her arena killing each other. She would put her prisoners from war in the arena. The prisoners would then fight for freedom, but after a few wins Queen Scarlet would send out her champion, Peril to kill them. Queen Scarlet wasn't like Burn, Burn would just stab the dragonets to death with her poisonous tail. While Queen Scarlet on the other hand would want to play with them, torture them, slowly, and painfully. After Glory used her venom on Queen Scarlet, Queen Scarlet went into hiding, planning to kill Glory at any chance. We see Queen Scarlet in book 1 and then she comes back in book 8, flaming that she killed Queen Glory. Something about Queen Scarlet is different from Darkstalker, but I just don't know what.

She is one of my many favorite villains all because of her personality. For one, I do think she 100%(spoilers) should have died and got hit with venom. But I like her evilness, even though she lied to Peril about a lot of things. She's a nasty dragon user, which makes her top.

3 Princess Blister

Blister is one of the most sinister, manipulative dragons in the series. And yet, you can't deny she was very, very intelligent.
I'm not saying she's a good dragon—she's not, Pyrrhia would have been at ruins if she had succeeded as queen. She had no emotional attachments, and this would have made her more dangerous than ever. (Think about it, how many times have dragons in the series stopped crimes or showed mercy because of those they loved).
Many times I find myself regretting the fact that Blister died. I would have liked it if she'd been more reasonable and found a peaceful solution. But alas, things don't always go the way we like them to, and I know that Blister would never have given up the chance to be queen. Her determined ambition and cunning is part of the reason she's my second favourite villain.
~Shadowspeaker of the NightWings

I really like Blister to be honest! She is my favorite villain, I love how smart she is! Also, if anyone forgot she killed Burn! If Blister Isn't a villain, I don't know who is.

She is my favorite villain in all of Wings of Fire. Please don't come at me, but Blister is my favorite sister out of all 3 of them. And yes, I am aware she cared for nothing or any dragon. Well, she cared for nothing except being queen. I am quite mad at her for just watching with a smirk as dragons panicked because of her dragonbite vipers she set loose. All in all, she is pretty greedy, evil, and smart. (Pretty evil)

Shes discusting I hate her with all of my life I want her to die in a pit she killed my favorite character kestrel I'm on book 4 and I just hate her so much why do you insane people like her? Yay if you hate her if I could I would make her die the most slowest painful death in the world sorry kestrel I feel bad for her BLISTER DIEE

4 Albatross

Okay, this guy has got to be my favourite villain ever. He's a complete rebel! So he's going insane from his animus magic, but than his sister, Queen Lagoon, says she doesn't need him anymore because now she has a newer and better animus, Fathom, so Albatross is just like, get wrecked, and enchants a knife and stabs her! This guy has no rules! BUT THAN, he looks at the knife he just stabbed his Queen with and is like, 'Oh, this could be a fun game.' So when the Skywings try to escape he just stabs them as well! And then he decides to go on a killing rampage and kill his whole family! Lagoon and her sister Sapphire were complete jerks to him when he was younger, so in my opinion, Lagoon deserved it, I never liked her anyways. Albatross deserves to at least be number 3#
-Darkshade The Nightwing and Rainwing

Your probably thinking why did I not put him higher on my list well how I saw it was that he went mad because of his powers and it wasn't intentional. Also I don't get why EVERYBODY LOVES Albatross he KILLED almost his whole FAMILY. You know I HATE him.

Bruh he literally looked at a knife as his new play toy ?! Sure he went insane from animus magic but that doesn't excuse him for killing most of his family, just because he's insane doesn't mean he didn't kill most of his family he still did it!

DIS BOI! He be the most evil on here only to his magic. I'm not totally siding with him cough cough maybe I am but I can't blame him he had no choice not to use as magic AND stay loyal to the queen without her killing him. But deep inside I could tell he's a good guy :> -TaffyTheSquish òwó

5 Morrowseer

"To late since that's kind of already happened. The volcano part, I mean. He's a pile of ashes now."-Tsunami
"Are you serious? The whole thing was just made up? There's no desteniy, no wings of fire? No reason for us to be trapped in a cave our whole lives? No amazing mythical skywing who's infintiely better then me? Absouletly no need for any of uas after all"-Glory
"Hey I'm mad, too. But-LETS GO BACK AND KILL HIM AGAIN!-Tsunami

I'd love to see that happen. I hate Morrowseer so much but he's a good villan. When I read that the prophy was made up I wanted to do the same thing as Glory and Tsunami.

He made up a prophecy. Because of that, dragonets were stolen from their homes for no reason. Because of that, he wasted more time not fixing the war.

Morrowseer shouldn't be on here. I know he is a big jerk but ha he is a cool guys and anyway he was right about one thing the prophecy he wrote it actually help stop the war.
Darklight the nightwing.

Morrowseer! I know that he may be a big jerk but without him the dragonet prophecy wouldn't be written and I like him why did he have to die he is a cool character.

6 The Othermind

Why is this.. THING so far down!? For starters, it's a murderer. It tried to kill Cricket and was also going to kill Willow. Secondly, It MIND CONTROLS dragons into doing what it wants! It takes away dragons futures and turns it into what it wants, I mean, look at what it's making Blue do in the Dangerous Gift! Also, when the tribes first came to Pantala, they obviously needed a new home, so they tried to settle in, but then the THING turns bugs feral to attack them and dig into their scales while there sleeping, and then it sends wasps and bees to sting them, crows to peck at their eyes, and more and more creatures. And your telling me that this THING IS SERIOUSLY NUMBER 6#!? It should AT LEAST be higher than that grump old jerk Morrowseer!
- Darkshade of the Nightwings and Rainwings

How is this so far down!Morrowseer is just helping his tribe, albatross lost his soul but not this plant-thingy.Blister just wants to be queen but the plant is taking over minds, scarlet just wants revenge.Darkstalker had a bad past and lost his soul but not the other mind and it is 6#!It should be 1st easily.

totally evil because For starters, it's a murderer. It tried to kill Cricket and was also going to kill Willow. Secondly, It MIND CONTROLS dragons into doing what it wants! It takes away dragons futures and turns it into what it wants, I mean, look at what it's making Blue do in the Dangerous Gift!

This thing is easily should be in top three. It has complete control over pantala (except for a couple dragons in hiding) which is more the darkstalker ever did and he has unlimited magic!

7 Orca

We barely know anything about her backstory, and the mystery is part of why she's a great villain. Orca had lots of ambition, confidence, and, of course, animus magic. However evil she was, in her challenge she did want to be fair by not using her animus magic against Coral. And let's be honest…that statue was a smart idea, albeit an evil one.

She's only classified evil because she made a statue that would kill corals heirs because she tried to kill coral for the throne...

Orca because she tried to make sure Queen Coral had no Heirs! A kingdom with no heirs is in danger. I mean okay, my mother, Queen Glory, isn't a quarter as bad as Queen Coral but I vote Orca.- Princess Firefly the NightWing-RainWing hybrid

Pure evil. Before she died she left a final killing machine disguised as a statue. Exactly why she's my favorite villain.

8 Queen Coral

She is pure evil. She killed Tortise, she lets her people die! Mabey she has the same thing as chamelon and hailstorm? And how did Crocdile get there! Mabey she told her to come, or I just have a bad memory. But I belive she is EVIL!

I think she is secretly a villain, she cares NOTHING about her sons, maybe she cares a tiny bit about Turtle but only because he's animus. She has like 36 sons but she can care at least a little and gets away with not caring about her sons by saying "they will never take the throne so they don't matter" next, she won't care about her people

Queen Coral isn't evil! She just let Blister manipulate her. She is very protective of Anemone and Auklet.
-Frostfruit (Ice/RainWing hybrid)

Coral haters: *yellin' insults to queen coral*
Me: Get your fricking butts outta here I may be a hybrid ice sea but I'm first of the first circle you disrespect my grandmother I rip you into shreds.
Coral haters: *screamin' and runnin'*
Me: *advancin' on them*
Coral haters: *all the haters are gone*
Me: *satisfied sigh*

9 Whirlpool

Three moons, he's HORRIBLE. Here are the reasons:

1. He's a yandere. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong.)

2. He has an ugly, self satisfied face. (in the graphic novel.)

3. He tried to kill Tsunami just because he didn't want to marry her.

4. He doesn't deserve Queen Coral treating him so good.

5. He's a stupid, ugly, sea slug that can't even teach Tsunami to say anything useful in the Seawing's underwater speak. (Sorry I forgot what it's called it's been so long.)

-Spring The Silkwing

He is defiantly what I would describe as a slimy worm but it's fun using his disgusting voice whenever his lines come up in the books!

Whirlpool is horrible, He doesn´t want to marry someone? He tries to kill them in order to get the second option. He wants to be royal, but he should become a beached whale.

I shall stick whirlpool the dragon into whirlpool the washing machine and he'll die again! That's another one of my many extremely bright ways of killing Whirlpool.

-Frozencoral the Ice/Sea Hybrid (Also animus!)

10 Vulture

Planted bombs everywhere, said it was the MudWings, almost started a war and tried to make Onyx become queen even though technically she wasn't royal anymore so she wasn't allowed to challenge Thorn. ALSO EXPRESSING MY OPINION ON DARKSTALKER! He only made the disease to protect his tribe and for his revenge, because they kidnapped his mother. And all of that bad stuff he did was because of the effects of animus magic. Same with Albatross!

He is so mean he tried to kill Qibli's mother. And killed a lot of dragons and is covered in skulls tattoos.HISS! How dare you talk about me! Stab! Drop.

Sirocco, Rattlesnake, and Vulture are so mean to Qibli. Qibli is my favorite character.

He started the talons of power and the talons of fire are mean.

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11 Anemone

Anemone's a brat, but she's not entirely evil. I can understand that she'd be furious the fact her entire life was a lie and she was created by Turtle (like how mad Glory was when she found out the prophecy was a fake—she would have killed Morrowseer if he hadn't already been dead).
In my opinion, Anemone was pretty misguided, although she had the full potential to be evil.

I honestly liked anemone better in the second arc and I don't know why I just like when a nice character turns evil I think those story's are exciting, o-o

She is just misunderstood. She became an animus when Turtle willed her to. Then, later, Darkstalker showed up, and since Anemone wants to be able to use her animus powers without going insane, she listens to him.
Great villain anyway! Even though I like Darkstalker better.

Anemone is not evil. She was misguided, like Coral. In the epilogue of Qibli's book, she's fine but I suppose people don't bother with that. :/

12 Queen Wasp

Mind control all your subjects then kill most of the Leafwings and take captive Silkwings. Also destroy a whole bunch of trees.

Queen wasp. Is she a bad guy. Mind control all the hivewings. Wipe out most of the leafwings. Make the silkwings your slaves. Burrow flamesilks away from happines forever. try to wipe out the leafwings again. mind control silkwings and leafwings. I think she classifies as most evil.

She made all the Hivewings look bad. She mind controlled them and made them ALL seem EVIL. She's a very bad queen if you ask me.
~ Thunderstorm Nightwing/Seawing Hybrid

(I've decided to start my nickname at the bottom of my comments from now on.) Queen Wasp was super evil she's a control freak and a psycho and she's just gets mad when she can't control someone. Like Cricket and Lady Scarab and old dragons. I really hope that someone else becomes queen and killed her.

Butterfly Rainwing/ Icewing (and princess to the Rainwing throne.)

13 Icicle

Icicle is the coolest (pun intended), she's very determined and everyone should freaking love her.

Well... she's not that evil
She's just trying to free her brother Hailstorm from ex Queen Scarlet

Her killing crane sucked, I still love Icicle though.

I don't know what to feel about this. Don't think she's evil, but not 100% good either

14 Princess Burn

Okay so don't hate on me for this, but I think Burn is kind of funny. She just goes around like "ooo severed Silkwing wing! GIMME!" and to her brother she's like, "Hello, peasant." Also if I had to follow a queen, it would probably be her. Also is it just me or is she like one of those cool kids smoking cigarettes on an elementary school playground-? (Just to be clear, that's not cool. Be safe kids. Peace.)

Pretty sure all I ought to say is: She has a fortress, surrounded by walls, and the walls have spikes on top of them. and on the spikes are severed dragon heads.

She should be higher on this list. True, Blister is more evil, but Burn should be up closer to her on this list. How did Anemone place higher than Burn, when Burn did basically what Anemone did, but to more dragons?

There's nothing to say really she's just pure evil like not even a slither bit of kindness there was never a future for her...

15 Mastermind

Is this supposed to be like you like the villain or hate the villain? Well I think positive Matermind shouldn't be here..all he did was lie. That's it! He lied to Starflight that he never met Battlewinner.well he did STUDY RainWings but for knowledge! Don't get mad at pleeease! Have a great rest of you day by the way!

Why is he in jail? He did nothing bad? He was just doing what he was suppsose to, would you obay your Queenand if you didn't you would be thrown in to lava GLORY!

Why is he on this list? Also why is he in a pit of quicksand? He was only obeying his queen! Why didn't Glory trap the NightWings who killed the IceWings in Scarlet's arena in quicksand? They KILLED dragons on their queen's orders. Mastermind did not. I like Glory, but I have to say, that was not a very smart decision, imprisoning Mastermind.

Who put him on the list?! He was trying to be loyal to his queen! And yet, he's a nerd! Like Starflight! Why is he on this list?!

16 Fierceteeth

I hated her when I read the Brightest Night, and I hate her more now that I've read Winglets: Prisoners. What a vain, ignorant, selfish dragon.

-Frostflower (Rain/Ice hybrid)

I totally agree. Fierceteeth is just jealous of Starflight because he's in the prophecy and she's not also she makes this clear in the beginning of Dark secret.

Just upset because her mother ignored her after Starflight was born but I don't think she was truly evil.

I hate her. She's the worst. I didn't hate her any less after I read her winglets. Try to change my mind.

17 Flame

He's really misguided. I don't think he really was evil because he cared about his mother

He scares me. His lines are creepy and he sounds like Voldemolt in the fan made audiobook. Scares me even more.

He just needs love, guys.

You he needs respect

18 Chameleon

Okay he was nice when you first met him with Peril. I think it's cool how he can change tribes! MABYE he's only mad and evil because how he was treated as a RainWing and couldn't change his scales. Maybe he just got mad and went crazy to be evil? Just a theory…

I love the fact that he's Peril's dad! Peril was raised by evil. Don't judge her killing dragons
Stellaluna of the NightWings

I bet if he didn't get cased out of the RainWing kingdom he wouldn't be this despicable now.

Oh, great moons. Evil. Pure evil.

19 Vengeance

Evil he grabbed glory!

Terrible queen alert!

20 Prince Arctic

He's NOT a villain! Anyone who says he is clearly hasn't read runaway, or looked close enough at the prologue of Darkstalker! He was a wonderful dragon, and he felt trapped by his mother and the rules. He loved Foeslayer, but when they escaped he used his magic, and it destroyed his soul. So, not a villain, just someone who payed the price of Animus magic. Sure, he did have some nasty thoughts, and he took control of Whiteout, but that was AFTER his soul was destroyed. That's not who he really was, and if he hadn't ever used his magic, I think he would have been a great father.

I basically fell in love with him too. Mostly because he's like Winter and I like Winter.
Silversnow (IceWing and NightWing hybrid)

He is NOT evil. Yes, he started a war. And yes, he fathered Darkstalker. But was that HIS fault? HE didn't start the war. -Nightstalker the NightWing

21 Queen Diamond

I don't Queen Diamond is that evil. Wouldn't YOU want revenge on your enemy? She was willing to let him back in, even though that would be an unforgivable crime. Queen Diamond told Arctic to kill Whiteout and Darkstalker because she didn't want to give animus magic to the NightWings. She knew they didn't know the dangers of animus magic so they could easily wipe out her tribe.

She made up rules to imprison Arctic, she murdered Foeslayer thousands of times, and used animus magic for herself ( she probably enchanted the crown). She is not the worst villain but I still kinda hate her. ( I love all icewings so for me to hate one there has to be a reason. here is an example: I like Narwal.)

I don't think she's evil. I don't get why she's on this list. She grieved for Arctic. What's wrong with that?
Stellaluna of the NightWings

She's complicated, on one hand she was a mother who loved her dragonet, on the other she was a psychotic murderer, and a very controlling mother. She's still better then Vigilance, though.

22 Queen Battlewinner

She was the whole reason the nightwings were after the rainwings. Very smart queen.

Doesn't anyone remember the part where she says "anything, for the tribe."?

She tried to kill starlight I mean she is pretty evil.

She is a terrible nightwing queen. She didn't agree to Clay's plan

23 Queen Magnificent

She's not really evil per say but what she does in the hidden kingdom about the captured Rainwing problem makes me want to strangle her and "What's the matter with you?! Your subjects are captured and your just sitting on your lazy butt and not doing anything! Seriously girl!"

Why is she on here? She's not actually a villain, she's just lazy and would do nothing for her tribe

She isn't evil. She just hates Glory. Geez
Stellaluna of the NightWings

She's not evil

24 Cobra

Maybe she isn't evil, but I do feel bad about Qibli- Cobra doesn't deserve him.

Just saying I love assassins. they are so mysterious, and mostly live in the Scorpion den.

Cobra is a cool assassin

25 Kestrel

Why is Kestrel on here?
She pretended to kill (spoilers if you haven't read Dragonslayer) Sky just so she could live. In Dragonslayer, she literally tried to look for him. She was only mean because she wanted to have her own dragonets. She didn't mean to drop Peril, Peril burned her on accident. Kestrel does not deserve to be on here.

WHAT. Kestrel is NOT evil. She just had a tramatic part, was stuck under a cave for six years, and not to mention her whole JOB reminded her of something VERY painfull! this is so wrong.

Kestrel isn't evil, stupid queen Scarlet and Chameleon/Soar made her become this way.

Kestrel shouldn't be on here She lost both of her kids. Take her off the villain list.

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