Call of Duty is Awesome!

Alpha101 I play these games all the time!

Modern Warfare is about you and your squad take out enemy soilders but your main target is Zackheave. He leads all the enemies in the game. It's awesome! It has my 3rd favorite player too! MacMillin!

Modern Warfare 2 is about USA's General Shepard betrays the US army without them knowing. Ghost and Roach go out on a mission where they give a DMC to Gen. Shepard. When they finally get there, Shepard takes the DMC, shoots Roach and Ghost with a .44 in the stomache. Then the soilders poor oil on them and the General smokes a cigar then throws it in the ditch where Ghost and Roach are in flames. On the last level you throw a knive and it lands in Shepard's left eye, killing him instantly.

Modern Warfare 3, my favorite, is where you kill many targets but your main one is a man named Makarove. In one of the levels, Makarove blows up a building that Soap is in. Before he dies he states that Makarove knows Yuri. Then Price kicks you down the stairs and asks why the bloody **** does Makarove know you. Then it shows a flashback when before Yuri joined the army he was a terriost. Makarove was his leader. In the last level Makarove kills Yuri but Price kills him. Then while the police shows up Price quietly lights a cigar.

Black Ops starts when you, Alex mason finds yourself strapped to a chair being interrigated by an unknown person. Then you play through all the levels trying to kill Dragovitch. then on the final level, your friend starts punching dragovitch but Dragovitch wins. He then walks over to kill you, but Woods stabbs him in the back. Litteraly. But Dragovitch pulls a grenade and pushes himself and Woods off of the building where Woods is supposidly dead. Then at the last cutscene you find the person interregating you walk up. It's Woods. He's survived.

This is just the Modern Warfare and Black ops games. There are more like Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, well, you get the idea. I hope you play these.

Well, got to run. Alpha101 out!


Call of Duty ROCKS! - visitor

Call of duty ghost is the most awesome Call of Duty game ever all the hats that hate it is just jealous that its better than the rest - visitor

Top 3
1. Ghosts
2. Call of Duty 4
3. Black Ops - visitor

I did not enjoy Ghosts at all. The story was bland and boring, the multiplayer had many problems, and extinction is NOT as good as zombies. Still debating if I should get Advanced Warfare or not. Not really in the mood to get it after playing Ghosts, but lots of people are telling me that it's an improvement. I'll still probably wait until the price drops down to get it in a few months. - Alpha101

Top 3
1) Black Ops 1
2) MW2
3) Black Ops 2 - McKing1003

Call of Duty is... Ok. - Pony

In my opinion the series is boring but it's your opinion - TheKirbyCreeper999

Love Call of Duty - visitor

Call of duty,Grand Theft Auto,halo,destiny > Adventures of Lolo - visitor

Your right, it is a good game. - visitor