Ghost is Still Alive (Mayby)

Alpha101 Hi. I'm a huge Call of Duty fan! But my favorite guy in the whole series, Ghost, died in Modern Warfare 2. Or did he?

If you watch the video on youtube, if you look at it in slow motion, when Ghost is thrown in the ditch, he has blood on his back. That was an exit wound. That means he got shot in the stomache!

And I know what your thinking. "He got burned by the fire dummy!" But here's the thing. Before the mission, he asked, "Why again do we have to wear these fire proof vest?" Or something like that anyway. So here's the recap: He got shot in the stomache and never got burned.

Now I know the other thing your going to say. "Well he didn't move so why didn't he defend himself?" Well, he mayby passed out on the impact of the shot or played dead. I mean, that stuff happens!

Also I saw a video of someone playing Modern Warfare 3 and he was underwater and he saw Ghost swimming! Mask, headset and all! Don't remember the name though but look up, "Ghost in Modern Warfare 3" and mayby you'll find it.

So I went on youtube and lot's of people are saying he will be in Black Ops 2 which I believe. And because he was my favorite I will definitly get the game now! But people are also saying he will be a villian in the next game. It's true. If you look up the Call of Duty 4 trailer, you'll see this guy talking to Makarove that looks just like Ghost! And in the Modern Warfare 3 trailer Makarove is talking about a villian and there's this guy creeping in the shadows. Can those two guys be Ghost?

Seriously though. Go to youube and look up, "Ghost Not Dead, Returning as Villian?" if you don't believe me. It will show you all the facts including the slow motion moment where you see the exit wound.

Okay now. Got to go! Alpha101 out!


Ghost goodd anyway black ops is rubbish like all Call of Duty games except modern warfare series - visitor

Ghost is awesome! - Alpha101

I want Black Ops 2. - Alpha101

Ghost is in the newest anounced Call of Duty like you might know all ready - visitor

Hey Call of Duty:Ghosts is coming out so we'll just have to wait and see if hi is alive! - visitor

Well, Ghost is dead. If you watch close, he did he get shot in the stomach. However, fire proof vests aren't invincible. The vest is over his stomach, where he got shot. So there was a hole in the vest. So, he got shot. Then burned to death. I've heard people saying "There was no gas poured on him." But they're laying in grass... so... either way he's going to catch on fire. A vest only covers your body. Not your head. Not your legs, or arms. So no matter what, those parts of him caught fire, and he died. Ghost is dead. There is no way any human could live that. Yuri got a pole shoved through his stomach. He lived. But he didn't get his head caught on fire. I loved Ghost, don't get me wrong, but you have to accept it when a video game character dies. They died when you loaded that mission, and then they died again when you got to that part. Ghost is dead. - Number

I agree with Number! - pig123