Best Danny Phantom Episodes

From the same mind that created Fairly Oddparents. Butch Hartman creates another timeless cartoon that connects to all ages. It has many great episodes. All with different meanings and great story telling. Picking the best is like apples and oranges, but let's just see what we'll come up with.
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1 The Ultimate Enemy

The greatest episode in the series due to its unique villain, dark story, and powerful message

I see why people love it and the people who hate this episode are living under a rock

That episode was AWESOME! My favorite villain, Dan Phantom appears in it!


2 Reign Storm

Great pace and interesting dynamics with Valerie, Vlad, and all of the asylum-seeking ghosts. Epic fights and fantastic writing.

The 1st movie episode

3 The Fright Before Christmas

Worst episode ever! I never saw a christmas episode who contain angst. This should be taken off! - ChatNoirFan18

4 Masters of All Time

When Jack transforms into fat Plasmius I couldn't stop laughing

5 Reality Trip

Infinity War before Infinity War

6 Frightmare

This episode deserved the hype of the fandom. We got that amazing prove that sam and danny are extermely in love. It was so cute, to see how much they care about each other, as friends and as boyfriend and girlfriend. Amazing and so cute episode

7 Forever Phantom

It was an episode where Danny stays a ghost I thought that was cool

You can see a Nine Inch Nails poster in Sam's room.

8 Phantom Planet

Though I can see why fans hate it, I thought it was a pretty decent series finale that truly ended the show on a good note. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great way to end off the series

9 Fanning the Flames

This is my most favorite episode and I really love the part when Danny and Sam we're flying together to stop ember and then crash and hit a billboard. LOL!

I think everybody remembered how cute Danny was in this episode, when he was hit by Ember's love spell. And Ember's song "Remember" is just gorgeous!

I never saw this episode as a child, but I just recently watched Fanning the Flames last night and it rocked.

Yes so far it's the only episode with ember in it that I've watched and it's really good I love Embers song!

10 My Brother's Keeper

In this episode, you see that Jazz is the sweetest sister ever! It's nice to see Danny getting over his depression and not letting himself down.

From this episode on Jazz starts her involvement in Danny's life

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11 Bitter Reunions

This was a great episode, where Danny is first introduced to his archenemy. It does a great job explaining why Vlad hates Jack so much.

Introduces Danny's greatest enemy

12 D-Stabilized

Love how Vlad gets his butt kicked by a twelve year old at the end lol. Also showed how much Danny cares for Danielle.

13 Claw of the Wild
14 The Fenton Menace

Danny's trigger happy destruction and the title were hilarious

15 Teacher of the Year

The story with Danny balancing studies with cyberspace battles was awesome

16 Splitting Images

Best animated nerd ever

I loved this episode

17 Control Freaks

This episode does not get as much love as it should. Everyone says The Ultimate Enemy showed us Danny's dark side and blah, blah, blah. This episode was the first one to show us how evil he can be way before TUE. I know you'll say "that wasn't him, he was under Freakshow's control." Did you ever hear the other ghost slaves talk in that episode? The fact that Danny is actually speaking coherent, non-drone sentences despite being controlled shows that a part of him actually thinks of turning to a life of crime. I wish that they had gone further with that idea in the episode. Plus, of all the episodes, this was the one I always remembered the most after the show got cancelled.

18 Infinite Realms
19 Girls' Night Out

Sam, Jazz, and Maddie were awesome in this episode. Hell, the part where Jack saved Danny from one of Skulker's monsters was pretty badass too. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

20 Double Cross My Heart

Jealous Danny is the cutest thing I've seen. My heart just went.

Jealous Danny is so cute

21 Micro Management
22 Urban Jungle
23 Memory Blank
24 Prisoners of Love
25 Public Enemies
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