The Great Mouse Detective Movie Review

MegaSoulhero Moana is coming out pretty soon. It's directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. So I thought it would be a good idea to review the other Disney films that those two have directed! And I will also review Moana when it comes out. The first movie they worked on was the Great Mouse Detective!

The movie is about a mouse named Basil who helps a little girl find her father who has been kidnapped. Basil is basically the mouse version of Sherlock Holmes. He wears the same outfit as him and he's good at solving mysteries. I watched this movie for the first time recently and it actually wasn't bad! In fact it was pretty good! The best thing about this movie is the characters! Basil is such a really great hero in the film! He's very smart and very persistent! He's such a great example of what a hero should be! In my opinion, he's a much better Sherlock than Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch! But the character that really stands out is the villain, Professor Ratigan! He is voiced by Vincent Price and he is such a great villain! I can see why this was Vincent Price's favorite character to play! You can tell he was really enjoying playing the character! There are some pretty dark moments in this film but they're not as bad as the Black Cauldron.

The animation in this film is pretty good! I wouldn't exactly say it's amazing, but for the year it was released, it's pretty nice! I really like the climax that takes place inside Big Ben! They actually used CGI in that scene and it worked out pretty well! I really like some of the details in the backgrounds! I'll admit that the plot is pretty basic and kind of plain but the characters are what make this movie so great!

I really wish I watched this movie sooner! I had a really fun time with it! This is definitely a very underrated film! It's another Disney classic with good animation and likeable characters! The next movie I'll be reviewing, however, has a very horrible main character.

Score: 8/10


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Wait Ratigan was voiced by Vincent Price? THE Vincent Price? No wonder why he was such a good villain. Also yeah, RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch (Cumberbatch especially) are too over-hyped as Sherlocks, half the time I just want the Internet to shut up about Sherlock if I'm going to be honest. - Anonymousxcxc

The animation was fine, wasn't until The Little Mermaid that Disney had better animation again. - iliekpiez