Best Disney Animated Movies

Disney is a company that most people should know exists. It has created some of the greatest animated movies in history. From the first film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney has been in business since 1937. Here we will list the greatest Disney animated movies ever created.
The Top Ten
1 The Lion King

If you have never seen The Lion King, then you don't have a complete childhood. I remember watching this movie for the first time when I was six or seven, and it is still my favorite Disney movie. Why watch it? The animation is top notch, including the amazing CGI "wildebeest" moment, the characters develop in such incredible ways, there are truly memorable lessons, and the movie combines Shakespeare, the Bible, and African folk legends all to create a fun, emotional movie for adults and children. Oh yes, and the music, thanks to John Elton, is the best I've ever heard in an animated film, from the epic Circle of Life sequence to the hilarious Hakuna Matata. This movie is also the highest grossing animated film in history. The Lion King truly shows how important standing up for yourself, friends, and life are.

This film really blew disney out of the water. I love this movie! I always think of it whenever I see anything related to Africa, and I just was blown away by how amazing it is.

I was a little nervous when I heard that a new lion king was being made, because the first one was truly spectacular! I sat down in the theatre, and quickly ate up my junior mints, and when the movie started, I was already blown away by the amazing animation! Just woah!

The new version was better than I thought, but wasn't even CLOSE to the heart, and spirit of the original. I'm glad they brought back the voice of Mufasa, because that was what made the lion king... well- the lion king!
This hamlet like story is so amazing on so many levels. This is my favorite Disney movie!

There is actually, one disney movie that stands back to back with the lion king, and that movie is the story of a girl who must find herself, who she really is inside. Her reflection. And that movie is called Mulan.

This is a masterpiece, the only movie that I can enjoy in different ways when watching it when I was a boy and when I've grown up. Everything in this is so perfect. One single movie for all kind of valuable lessons in this life.
- The circle of life and Hakuna Matata: don't be surprise, these are the supreme concepts of Buddhism, an Eastern Philosophy of Life, it's about respect all beings because we are all a part of it, nothing is permanent. Live and enjoy the present moment with no worries, that's real happiness.
- Political crisis: a little similar to Hamlet, a brother kill the other royal sibling to claim the throne, the prince is exiled.
- Love and friendships: stay with each other in difficult times, helping each other.
- Family: father and son relationship, a father will love and protect his son by all means.
- Growing up and responsibilities: don't have to say much, the whole movie was about it.
... I'd like to list it more, but can't remember for now, just ...more

This movie is magical. It's my favourite Disney movie so far (there are others I haven't seen yet). The songs are amazing. Circle of Life was a masterpiece, Just can't Wait to Be King was a upbeat and playful, Be Prepared was the best Disney villain song I've ever heard so far, Hakuna Matata is funny and wants to make you sing along, Can you Feel the Love Tonight was romantic, and my favourite Disney love song. The character's names are all unique and fit them perfectly, Scar was a great villain, there was emotion, the animation is breathtaking, and the background music was so powerful and amazing.
Long Live The Lion King. It'll forever live in my heart.

2 Toy Story

Many people sadly think that this movie was a movie who did a revolution in the movies, but don't realize the fact that this movie isn't just that. I had seen several movies from Ghibli to Pixar to Disney, but this is the best in animated movie. What is good about the movie is that it is a movie for people who hates "friendship" or "love", and also for people who like that too. I am more for the "hate friendship theme in movies" side, but it didn't bother me. This movie's entertainment is enough to forget the audience about the theme. This movie is plain genius. IF you don't think this movie is better than the third one (although the third one is a very great movie), I need to have a talk with you. The third will never go over the 1st or the 2nd.

I didn't know this list included Pixar, which for me as to be viewed as its own thing. But, nonetheless, I have to say that Toy Story is my favorite Disney animated movie and my favorite animated movie of all time. I love the chemistry between the characters Woody and Buzz and the cast of secondary characters are also very lovable, well-acted and well animated. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are perfect as Woody and Buzz, respectively and their performance should not be overlooked just because its an animated movie. If in this list we were only talking about Disney animated features and not count the Pixar movies I would have to say that Fantasia was my favorite.

The list should go
1. Toy Story
2. Ratatouille
3. The Incredibles
4. Toy Story 2
5. Toy Story 3
6. Monsters Inc.
7. Wall-e
8. The Nightmare Before Christmas
9. The Lion King
10. Monsters Inc.
Of course, that's only my opinion, and I'm sure you have a different one... But I'm sure we all know Toy Story is number 1!

By the way, I haven't seen Finding Nemo, Up, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and a few other movies on this list... But I've seen the most famous ones like all the ones on my top ten, The Jungle Book, Tangled...

OMG! This movie is the best! My 5 year old friend got me hooked. Now I watch it everyday I can! I even have the little toy peole form Toy Story. This movie is so awesome!
*Did you know the person who plays Ham (the piggy bank) has a part in every 'Disney Pixar Movie'*

3 Aladdin

Toy Story before Aladdin? Really? Toy Story shouldn't even be in the top ten. The animation of Aladdin is far more superior, and the plot is also more interesting with better musical numbers. Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, was amazing in this film as well. Aladdin should be number one.

Aladdin is my number one movie I have loved it my whole life, my top ten disney movie's are...
#1 Aladdin,
#2 the little mermaid,
#3 wreck-it ralph,
#4 frozen,
#5 finding nemo,
#6 the emperor's new groove,
#7 mulan,
#8 the princess and the frog,
#9 toy story,
#10 lilo & stitch,
there are a lot of other great disney movies out there but this are my top ten.

I love this movie it's so hilarious especially when Jafar starts laughing it's so hilarious he cracks me up every time with his laugh and oh yeah his face expressions are so hilariously priceless! And the sarcastic jokes are absolutely just funny!

Let's just look at what this film has. A main character you don't hate, his epic monkey sidekick, an admitably hot princess with a personality, and the Genie who flat out steals the show whenever he is on screen. What is not to love? R.I. P Robin Williams.

4 Beauty and the Beast

I have to say that I absolutely adore this movie! I have loved it ever since I was practically a baby! I'd always sing along to the songs and I still do up to this day! It's fun, romantic, and beautiful. Belle is the best Disney Princess because she teaches us several lessons:
1. Don't judge a book by it's cover
2. People will judge you so you need to move on from it and do what you love
3. The nicest people always come from the ones you least suspect
4. Be nice to everyone no matter what
5. Don't follow the crowd, stand out as your own person.
I'm sure that there are some others but this is all that I could think of. If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it! Also if you haven't seen the live action, it's also awesome!

Great in every aspect of animated film making. Beautifully animated, great score and songs, fantastic storytelling aspects that are much deeper than people give it credit for, especially when you realize Belle isn't the main character, the Beast is, it definitely becomes much more than just a love story, it becomes a redemptive story that asks the question 'what does it mean to be human? ' Not to mention a great cast of characters. None of them feel hokey or out of place (I'm looking at you Hunchback gargoyles). I know Lion King is always going to be the forerunner, and even I think that is my personal favorite, but when discerning the best as objectively and unbiased as I can I think Lion King lacks some of the deeper story elements that BatB has, which puts it over Lion King by just a touch.

This is my favorite Disney movie of all time! So when I was 2 my mom put the Beauty and the Beast movie on for me. I was terrified of it! The beast scared me to death! But then my grandma took me to see the new movie and I loved it. My mom has loved this movie since she saw it in the theater as an adult. And now this has just been the type of movie I can watch over and over and over again and never get tired of watching it. The plot to the movie is amazing about how its not about what is on the outside it is the inside that matters. This is just an amazing Disney movie and animation is so perfectly done. I just love Belle's personality and thoughtfulness to the beast. Plus, Gaston is just one of the best Disney villains and so is Lefou. This is the best Disney movie ever! Hands down!

Beauty and The Beast is my all time favorite Disney animation. The beautiful scenes are mesmerizing! I love Belle, because she is a free spirit and loves adventure and excitement, just like me! She is wise too, she knows that Gaston is a real jerk, who comes off as a very handsome wolf in sheep's clothing. The enchanted castle is wonderful to see and I also like all the household enchanted figures that help guide the Beast in knowing that Belle is the..One..that will break the evil witches spell on the Prince of the castle.

5 Finding Nemo

Who doesn't like Nemo?! Finding Nemo is the best and heres why.

1. There is father son love. Not that other love muck.
2.There are so many funny fish in the movie.
3. Its about a man,or fish to be correct, of being able to not be afraid of the outside world.
5.Crush! He is the coolest dude.
6. Vegetarian-ish sharks.
This movie has the best movie written all over it. It deserves to be higher than toy story.

This is like one of my favorite movies of all time -- some bits are funny and some sad. I like how the setting was based in Australia because I have traveled to Australia and it is such a beautiful country. I didn't expect a Disney movie to be set in Australia. I recommend that you should vote for Finding Nemo!

When does Finding Dory comes out? This movie is awesome, and also helped me through my roughest times... This movies like this one, are one of the greatest and should be at least on top with next to Lion King.. It also helped Talia... Remember at your roughest times " Just keep swimming "...

Rest In Heaven, Princess

Finding nemo is an animation wonder! Such beauty and divine, and much work was put into this Jewel of animation! Such imagination was put into this piece of artwork! This is the center of animation! This is the heart and soul of crisp animation, of glorious plotting, and just good storytelling

6 Mulan

A girl, thrown into a position that not only does everyone believe she doesn't belong in, but she herself thinks she could not bring honor to her family this way. A war, forcing her disabled father whom she loves, to be recruited and fight. This girl loves her father so much, she is willing to risk her life to keep him safe. One problem: girls aren't allowed to enter the war. When I first watched this movie, it made me laugh, cry, and cheer on Mulan as she broke down boundaries that divided men and woman, and basically won a war for her nation that forbade girls to do such things. While there is romance, it isn't "guys sees girl, guy falls for girl". In my opinion, Mulan is the best Disney princess, not because she fell in love with someone important, not because something wonderful happened to her. Its because something horrible happened to her, and she was strong enough to overcome it. And yet, no matter how amazing I try to make her, she's still human, she still has flaws. Also, ...more

Love conquers all, but Mulan is the first Disney movie to show that romantic love is not the only kind of love to conquer all.

Mulan is more than just a girl dressing up as a man and do men's stuff; it is about what you are willing to do to save those you love - even if you are putting the family's reputation and honor as well as your own life at risk. In other words: Mulan is about Family Honor vs. Family Love.

Mulan is a fun and relatable heroine. She is nothing special and is not portrayed as such either. She does not get her man in the end by being a pushover - she gets him by being herself: a non-ladylike, strong and smart woman with a great deal of courage, bravery and sense of moral and justice.

I really loved Mulan, and still do. She has shown that, just because you're a female, you can still do things that a lot of people think are "male things". Basically, Disney's way of calling everyone who thinks only men are capable of certain things out. She was supposed to be a housewife, but she was a soldier to save her injured dad, loving someone so much that she broke and bended rules even when she, and everyone else, thought she wasn't good enough. She faked being a man, and every day she never knew if she would be discovered, and she was immensely brave. She knew what might have happened if she were discovered, but she still faked being a man. And she tried and tried and never gave up, but Disney also did a great job at showing that she still had flaws and that she was still human. Totally recommend it.

Okay, so I think this is the best animated movie of all time. Don't get me wrong, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tarzan are amazing movies, but no animated movie will top this. It left such an impact on me. Anyone who says this movie is offensive because it shows "women need to have masculine traits to do well" is really missing the point of this movie. The message is that a woman can do anything a man can do just as good. Onto Mulan herself, she lives in a time period (about 500 B.C I think) where women cannot join the army. When her father is forced to fight for China, Mulan knows he would most likely die. So she takes his place, despite the dangers of almost certain death. Mulan goes from one of the worst soilders to one of the best... and ends up saving MILLIONS. Mulan is a very positive role model for all children. This movie is so inspirational and empowering and I rate this movie a 10/10.

7 Up

Now this may surprise most people but I think Up is a bit overrated. This is coming from someone who genuinely loves Up. The first like 10 minutes of the movie is art and film at its peak. The rest of the film is a very fun-loving and hearty adventure ad the twist villain was obvious but at least it made sense. The reason I think it's overrated is because of those first 10 minutes. People act as if those first 10 minutes define what the film was like as a whole, but it doesn't. The rest of the movie doesn't even come close to how spectacular the first 10 minutes were (although it was still good). Yes this I think this is overrated, but I'd say it's overrated for a good reason. This is still one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

I am shocked that Up isn't even in the top 5! What on earth?! This movie is amazing! And beautiful! It portrays actual adventure and friendship! Especially adventure! If you are an adventure-lover like myself, vote for this movie! This movie's incredible! And I love the all music they offer there. Especially the theme song! Whenever I hear the theme song of this movie, I imagine balloons floating up in the blue clouded skies through the sunlight!

Currently 11th on the list, the only way is 'Up' and that is were it should stay. The opening montage itself is a stand alone piece of magic, it's an animated classic, that not only entertains adults and children a like, but it doesn't allow adults to lose site of the child inside them, whilst also allowing children to engage in adult concerns, in a funny, poignant and engaging way. Surely Top 10 worthy.

What? Would think this would be in the top, around 8 or 7, that would make me feel nice. Though...17? This is all wrong. I think we should at least be ahead of Treasure Planet. Anyways, Up is my favorite movie from Disney, and one of my favorite ever. It's just amazing- SQUIRREL.

8 Toy Story 3

This is the best movie I have ever seen in my life! Because the strategy used in this movie is amazing. Very very nice movie.
HATS OFF to Mr. Lee Unkrich!
With this movie Disney Pixar has proved that it is the best company for animation movies.
With this movie I became fond of animation movies!
My favorite character is Woody because he never loses self- confidence and he never gives up on his friends!
I think this movie shall be kept in the first place!
I expect more FANTABULOUS animation movies like Toy Story 3 from Disney!

I love this movie. It has funny moments, but I almost cried because they were trying to get home and sometimes you have that feeling that they might die or not make it. But they made it, and I love all Toy Story movies because they mean, like, you can do it and they push you to do your best. It's really nice. It has a very wonderful meaning to me that I truly understand.

This is something else...
Greatest animated movie of all time... Hard to compete with it...
Very emotional, innovative, a different story line.. And fun story... Everyone's voices... Are awesome... They all created a masterpiece...
=COMPLETE MOVIE... Everyone can loved it...

Why this one is not on the 1st?
At Least in top ten...
Because this is such a great movie!
The toys are so cute and funny!
And the ending is so touching! I think I may cry once and once when ever I watch it again!
A GOOD Cartoon! No, that's even better than some of the movie!

9 Monsters, Inc.

I might have a bit of a bias because this was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater, however Monster's Inc. Is still probably my favorite Disney movie. It probably tied with Toy Story and Wall-E, but I think this should be higher up on this list. Sully is such a cute monster that you just want to hug and so his our secondary protagonist, Boo. It feels like your watching Sesame Street but in a manner more oriented for both younger and older kids and even teenagers, such as me! Anyways, you should definitely give this a shot.

This should be number two. I remeber watching it. It was amazing! I went to Disneyland and I was looking for something to take home. Then I saw Sully the stuffed animal I slept with it for a year. If you have not seen it yet then rent it or wait until Abc family shows it. Anyway it is worth the wait. IT IS AMAZING!

I used to watch this everyday when I was younger and I'd always cry at the end for some reason. This movie holds so many great memories for me and even though Monster's University was okay, it will never measure up to this animated masterpiece.

I love lion king and all toy stories but monster inc. Is just as good as them both. I enjoy this more than watching the lion kin or toy story because of the storyline and how good this movie is. Everyone I know that has seen this movie loves it.

10 Wreck-It Ralph

I agree that this deserves higher, but because the main character was a white male and another main character was not only a white male but a Southern-fried "good ol' boy", it doesn't have the support of the SJWs. Yes, there are also two female main characters who fit the "strong" bill but they're both white and one of them is also blond. SJWs are the only reason "The Princess and the Frog" and "Mulan" haven't otherwise faded into obscurity, and their praising of "Big Hero 6's" non-white leads caused that movie to instantly overshadow "Wreck-It Ralph".

As much as I love The Lion King, Wreck it Ralph would have to be my favourite Disney Movie. I can watch it over and over again in one sitting, and I never ever get bored of it.
It has a nice story, and I absolutely love all the characters. Fix-it Felix is my personal favourite.
I also think it has a great soundtrack, and the animation is amazing.

When people get over the idea that every movie needs to be a cry-fest to be considered "great", when SJWs stop throwing "The Princess and the Frog" and "Mulan" in everyone's faces, yes and when people get over the fact that it wasn't two hours of old-school game cameos, then and only then will this movie be in its deserved spot.

This movie wasn't all that great. I think that Brave did deserve the Oscar over this. Sorry. I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy this movie but the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope is so forced and it feels unnatural. I love the premise of the movie also. It all sadly doesn't score all that well with me.

The Contenders
11 Tangled

A wonderful movie that anyone at any age or gender can watch, and most definitely enjoy. The animations are beautiful. I really love the story line too. Actually, I love everything about this movie. I've watched it countless times, and it never fails to make me feel light and happy. The movie pulls me into the story so much. I laugh, and the next moment I'm crying. Then I'm melting because it's all so cute and sweet. And the list goes on.

The voice actors were perfectly cast! Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi singing together was amazing. Oh, and have I mentioned Rapunzel and Eugene are so cute?! Every character in the story is unique in its own way. It brings back the original 'Disneyness'; innocent, pure, and sweet. 'Tangled' will definitely stay as my favorite movie for a very long time.

I remember watching this movie at the cinema, probably one of the very first movies I saw at the cinema. Eleven years later I still love this movie so much. It was a very different movie at the time, since we hadn't really seen any Disney princesses who weren't.. well weak. The original ones were to be honest. Rapunzel was a strong, awesome girl for me as a kid to look up to. Once brave came out I preferred Merida but Tangled is a movie everyone should watch whether you're a girl or a boy, kid or adult I feel it's one that every should enjoy.

Finally another classic... such a beautiful world to be immersed into. Ultimately a relatable tale of a girl growing into a woman and finding herself, finding her place- in typical Disney style. The best recent animated film for sure, brings back memories of the other classics I loved seeing as a kid. Rapunzel is so cute and relatable!
- being a 21 year old this movie is for girls of all ages!

I'm a guy and I'm 19 years old. Yet, watching Tangled affected me like no film ever has before. It is without a doubt THE best film of all time and so definitely the best Disney film :) It's a technical masterpiece and an unbelievably romantic story. How can computer generated characters evoke such powerful feelings? When the movie was over I felt like I had fallen back into a world I no longer wanted to live in. There is just no contest in my opinion

12 The Little Mermaid

I've seen all the classic movies, and I absolutely love them all. but it was the little mermaid that really made me pay attention and grow to understand meanings within the movies themselves... not to mention that it is a CLASSIC movie... and it is even written that if it hadn't been for the success of the little mermaid during the era it came out, pretty much none of the other movies we all know and love would have even been made. it set up the potential and the inspiration for the disney renaissance that made so many amazing and memorable movies (I. e. , the lion king, beauty and the beast, aladdin, etc. ). it is and forever will be my most favorite and prized disney movie til the day I die!

This is a classic to me. It's all about a rebel trying to follow her dreams, and sticking it out even when things look hopeless. She rescues the prince three times as well, which is not half bad for a Disney Movie. The story also has strong metaphors regarding biracial love, and how it triumphs over bigotry and cultural differences. And on top of that the music and imagery are amazing. Who doesn't know Part of Your World or Under The Sea? Plus there are not many ginger heroes in fiction, so it was nice seeing a Disney Princess I could relate to visually.

The Little Mermaid has heart, soul, and great traditional hand-painted animation. It single-handedly saved the Walt Disney animation department.

On top of that, it feels like a real movie for adults and children. Not bad for a film made inside a bunch of mobile homes on Flower St.

AMAZINGG! The little mermaid is the best movie ever made, THey will never be able to make a movie to the quality of the little mermaid. The little mermaid was one of the best Disney movies ever made it. It has wonderful voice actors and it appropropriate and good for people and children of all ages. The little mermaid is timeless movie and will always be my favourite movie!

13 Big Hero 6

This movie to be honest made me cry definitely at the end where Baymax had to say good bye to Hiro which made my heart break. In my opinion this movie kind inspired me to choose a path in electronics because of all the tech that was in the movie and the possibilities that could happen in our daily lives. This movie definitely was a movie that had not only good graphics but also the story plot was amazing. I would definitely watch this movie again.

This movies is unique. It is the first Disney movie where not one person has a love interest ( even in brave the parents did) and I thought they did a beautiful job with Hiro's character and I was glad he was the protagonist! It is also the few Disney movies where the main character turns into a villan! It's not as predictable as everyone thinks, because how many people thought Tadashi was Yokai? There was also some cliche's, but in it's defense it is a Disney movie, I think this is the best movie Disney ever created. Totally worthy of the top ten.

I love this movie! To those of you saying it was predictable and filled with cliches...maybe so but really, what Disney movie hasn't fallen back on cliches? It's a funny, heart-felt movie packed with action and a fun lot of characters. And the animation is seriously gorgeous. There's something here for both children and adults.

This was such an original, clever, well-animated, shockingly well-made movie. This deserves to be #1. It had an amazing story-I don't think Disney's ever done better. It's got such a deep, dark, and touching plot, unlike most other Disney movies. It's also got clever jokes, good laughs, and even managed to make me cry. I love this movie.

14 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' (1937) remains the most impressive full-length animated film of all time, and no computers were used! In terms of dramatic story development, awesome animation and brilliant color, not to forget eight timeless songs, this movie ranks among the best motion pictures in the history of cinema. I'm always enthralled by the marvelous 'Silly Symphony' sequence; everything about it is superb! It's amazing how each of the seven dwarfs has his distinct personality, and also how endearing the animals are. Snow White herself captures our emotions; we love her innocence and fear for her life at the hands of the evil queen, her stepmother. When the dwarfs morn her lifeless preservation in a glass coffin, we empathize with them. It's incredible how the use of thousands of drawings are able to influence the viewer's mind and heart! A work of creative genius, this film is a gem for all ages. "Walt Disney's Folly" (as it was know) became the most successful animated ...more

Snow White incorporates most of the things that always admired about Disney. The first is the best in this case and it is hard to place it perhaps behind Beauty and the Beast as animation feature. There is absolutely nothing mismatch in the entire animation. Well done, the changes after are not as bad but serious Beauty and the Beast roasts me well nearly as fine.

This movie has something so special...It may not have the best song, the best animation, the best story...But this movie evoques some feelings that no other movie has been able to make in my opinion.
The innocence of Snow White, her values, girls and womans aren�'t like that anymore, now people think that all womens should be strong, brave, confident, rebelious...But is there anything wrong with being sweet, optimistic, caring, innocent? A think I don�'t like about people is that they think that Snow White is annoying and isn�'t brave. She is a role model!
With only 14 years she runs away from her own castle after being abused by her stepmother that wants to kill her, she is alone in this world, with no parents nor no powers nor nobody to help her, but instead of crying of giving up she sings a song, she makes new friend and her life changes for good.
People need to not be prejudicial about things... :s

It's very difficult to choose my favorite Disney movie. I love almost all Disney animations (with a rare exceptions). However, I chose Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs only for one reason: I love the dwarfs! Especially Dopey. He's so, so, so CUTE... Cutest Disney character EVER...

15 Zootopia

Don't get me wrong, I think Nick Wilde is my favorite character in this film, but you had to admit, he has had a tragic childhood that hits way too close to home. He had a dream that he would become the leader of his own scout troop when he was young, but as the big day came when he was going to be the first predator to join the Junior Ranger Scouts, all of the members then turn on him, pin him down and force a muzzle onto his face. And then we get treated to him running away in tears, retreating to a nearby corner, ripping the muzzle off his face, then curling up into a fetal position. It was also implied that his family was raised into poverty, so that explains everything... if you were raised as a sweet and innocent kid during your childhood and experienced that kind of situation (minus the muzzle), then chances are is that the scene can make for a difficult watch.

I love how this movie shows a PERFECT example of the real world. It deserves to be on the TOP of this list! It's amazing how someone could come up with such a story that best shows how the real world is today. It shows a perfect example of how fear could turn into racism. And I loved the plot too, how it's even a surprise villain! This movie so deserves an award. It's very colorful and entertaining, plus, we all love animals don't we? It also shows the great friendship between a bunny and a fox, and how the real world is like. How people are. How everything is made to be messy. How we can solve that. How we are all ONE. I love this movie, and I rate it 5 stars, 100% Amazing Animation too, and great music. Loved it.

The Lion King and Zootopia are by far and wide the absolute best animated animal movies of all time. They are tied. While Lion King provides a breathtaking story with great animation by today's standards, Zootopia brought us a view of world politics with a seemingly innocent kids movie about a bunny following her dreams to become a police officer. The main theme is following your dreams while overcoming adversity. Combine the theme with sprinkles of intentional racism, and you get this. I usually wouldn't recommend racism, or any touchy subject, for a movie like this, but Zootopia does it so well, with the predator/prey aspect. The plot is developed really well, with an unexpected twist at the end, the animation is the best Disney CGI has been, dare I say better than Moana, and the characters, OH THE CHARACTERS, are written and voiced beautifully. Not the best Disney movie to get your kids introduced to (probably Frozen), but this is the best one.

So unique, DOES NOT deserve to be so low on the list!? I've honestly seen so many movies in the past, but never anything like this one. It gives so many great morals and messages on how the real world is, instead of some being some happy-go-lucky fantasy like all other Disney movies. This movie actually taught us that you'll need to work hard and overcome challenges in order to be who u want to be, but the most important part is to keep believing! I honestly loved the main characters of this movie, showed a great concept of the real world too, and how we should start loving each other instead of developing so much unnecessary fear, hatred and racism

16 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Easily the best Disney film ever. The story, visuals, voices and the music is Disney at it's finest. People think it is inappropriate for children, no it is not. My parents let me watch it and I was two when it came out and my siblings and I loved it, we didn't even pick up on the dark themes as children and children don't notice or understand those elements at a young age, it is visually and musically entertaining and exciting. We did later on as we got older but it made us love the movie even more. The characters are so relatable and realistic, and the voices are perfect. Frollo is the best Disney villain ever and Esmeralda is the first true Disney feminist, she is smarter than Belle and braver than Mulan she is amazing. Disney needs to breathe life back into this movie and start promoting it again at all the theme parks and stores.

This is easily the most underrated Disney film to exist. While I'm not surprised that The Lion King is at the top of this list, this movie deserves more praise. Yes, it's dark. But it is potentially one of the most visually stunning and meaningful Disney movies ever. To add to that, the soundtrack is beautiful and Esmeralda is 100% the most underrated Disney heroine. She deserves more love. Frollo is probably the most realistic villain. It's too bad that people don't show this movie any love. It's one of my favourites.

Okay, maybe I like The Lion King more but it is already at number 1, it doesn't need help. This is easily my second favorite, and this one needs help. Maybe it does have some major flaws, yeah the gargoyles break the mood but everything else works extremely well. This feels like one of those dark plays based on classic books that are so popular nowadays. Combine that with Disney's best animation ever, and you got one heck of an animated feature.

This movie is so underrated. The characters, message, music, art. It's also quite dark compared to most other Disney movies. The storyline is really interesting. Frollo is also one of the most complex and realistic Disney villains. Esmeralda is a pretty inspiring character, she's definitely a heroine. Possibly my favourite Disney character, aside from Pocahontas.

17 The Incredibles

This movie is impressive, I can watch it every day and I would love to see a second part of it. I really think that it is appropriate to give to a child to watch, it make its view of the world different!

Part of the reason I love this movie is because my whole family really relates to it. This should be higher. It shows more serious topics (like suicide and genocide) and turns it into something fun and exciting!

Brad Bird really put a lot of effort on this film, and I like the fact that it's just a bit more mature and edgier than usual Disney fare.

It was absolutely a fantastic movie. Really enjoyed watching it. One of my most favourite movies EVER!

18 Frozen

Why in the world is this ranked 42?!?! This is seriously one of the best movies ever! (And I'm a teenager) I loved Elsa, I think she was definitely the best character. I loved how she was a good person overall but could be bad at times, like a normal person would. Not to mention that she's gorgeous. One of the prettiest Disney princesses so far. This movie had some amazing songs to. I honestly loved all of them. The cast was amazing and had great voices. It wasn't supur over romantic like a usual Disney movie. I loved how at the end Elsa was the act of true love and not Kristoff, I liked how they showed sisters and familial love. And Elsa's ice magic was was amazing. The animation was beautiful. The movie also has a lot of meaning if you really pay attention. Overall this is one of my all time favorite movies, not just Disney, all time! :$

While, the Lion King is a good movie it is FAR from being one of Disney's best. There are huge problems with it. Like the main character, who is the most boring and generic thing in the whole movie. When compared to Anna, the protagonist of Frozen, there's just no contest, Anna is much more entertaining. Another problem is the music, most of it sucks. Be prepared is great, and I like circle of life, but everything else is just annoying. Once again compared to Frozen there's just no contest Frozen wins by a landslide, every single song is amazing. One other huge flaw is the botched up message. So Simba learns to face his past, but when he does he starts to lose, and every thing he was taught before is suddenly working against him. Nobody even helps him or gets backs him up much until they find out he didn't kill his father. So I guess the moral is never take responsibility for what you've done, because nobody will help you unless it turns out you really didn't commit the crime. How is ...more

Why do people hate this movie?! I'm a teen, and I still love it! It has helped me! Sometimes, when I have been angry, I have thrown myself in my room and listened to the song "Let it Go", and the song would REALLY help me. This movie is for more than just 6-year old girls who love princesses, it is for everyone, and I strongly believe that everyone should at least respect what it can do for people. Have you seen the video of the little girl singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman? " through tears to calm herself when her mom was pulling out her splinter? What about the video of the veterans (grown men), cheering for Elsa when she was singing "Let it Go"? Point is, Frozen deserves better than 16th place. I don't understand why people hate it so much. The characters all have both strengths and flaws, rather than just being Mary Sues and Gary Stues. The story has a great message that is good for us all "Don't be afraid of yourself, love yourself! ", and I feel like this message should be ...more

I'm just so sick of all the hate Frozen gets. Sure, some of the fandom may be annoying, but so is a lot of movies. Take the Lion King for example. While I love the Lion King I find it to be way, WAY more overrated than Frozen. Once you think about it, people have been talking about Frozen for 2-3 years, while people have been talking about the Lion King for 22 years. There's a huge difference.
Plus, I don't even think that Frozen gets that much love these days anyways. Frozen received a lot of praise from just about everyone when it came out. But soon, people started hating it because it was "overrated" and "childish". Today, I'm pretty sure the only fans it gets are little girls.
Seriously, whenever I type in Frozen on the TopTens, the things I get are, "Reasons why Frozen is a Bad Movie," or "Things we Should Use to Beat up Elsa." Okay, I'm trying my best to respect opinions, but beating up Elsa is taking it way too far. She's just a cartoon character, stop treating her as if ...more

19 Wall-E

An actual Disney/Pixar film that isn't about princesses, superheroes, cheesy kid-human characters and random songs popping out of nowhere. The plot is more understandable than most Pixar films. Look at monsters inc, the plot is where some monsters create energy made of screams... And then, plot twist, the leader of the co-operation is evil. The end. And it's my second best Pixar film, but Wall-E takes the top spot. A robot in a time-scarred Earth is sent to rebuild and clean Earth, and the humans are send aboard a space cruiser to survive, and Wall-E's home is a shipping container full of scrap. But then, a large rocket disturbs the peace. A large white and blue robot comes out named Eve (Wall-E pronounces it ever). They then stow away on the human colony ship, with an evil computer controlling its movements...

Better than any plot in an animated movie.

First off how is this not in the top 10 at minimum? Secondly, if you want this list to be about Disney animation, how can you not have the movie that focuses almost 100% on animation and very little on script to tell its story? By far one of Disney's greatest movies of all time. I believe it should be number five. Number one being Snow White because it's what started it all. Number two being The Lion King because it's what started Disney's new era in movies. Three should be Toy Story because of it being the first Disney-Pixar conglomerate and what I believe began Disney's third era in movie making. And then finally, you could argue that either Finding Nemo and Wall-E would be numbers four and five.

This movie is an absolute classic. It forms an emotional relationship between two robots that can't even speak with flair, sends a great and massive message that is still relevant to this day, and has animation that not only holds up, but is actually still incredible watching in 2020. This is a timeless classic that is constructed so well and is something that animation companies in general lack.

WALL-E is the one of the best animated movies ever made. When I was little, I hated it because I didn't understand it, but I watched it again recently and I fell in love with it. The romance between WALL-E and Eve is so heartwarming, and it takes animation in a new direction by talking about something that little kids may not understand, pollution and destroying the earth with our habits

20 Hercules

Why was this movie not on the list until just now? I love love LOVE this movie! (Despite it differing from the actual ancient Greece mythology, but that's really besides the point. ) Prepare yourselves for a rant Here we go...
First, we have the handsome yet clueless and accident prone Hercules as the hero, and we have a Disney princess (Megara) who actually betrays her "prince" and then saves his life BEFORE dying (and coming back to life. ) Not to mention Hades (James Woods- he totally nailed the voice, ) is probably one of the cleverest, funniest villains I've ever seen.
Hades: How sentimental. You know, I haven't been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat.

Although it differs from the Greek myths I enjoyed pretty much everything about the movie. Hercules went from zero to hero and was able to reunite with his birth parents but chose his own path with Meg in the end. And Megara's character was so different from the average 'damsel in distress.' She was sarcastic, witty and able to take care of herself. She may have been working with the baddies at the beginning but that was because of her sacrificing herself for her previous boyfriend. These characters had a lot of emotional depth. I really loved the soundtrack too. It probably has one of my favorite disney songs "Go The Distance."

This is definitely one of Disney's strongest movies. It features unusual characters such as Hercules, who is searching for his place in the world and has to actually work hard to be accepted. The female counterpart of Meg brings a sassy girl into the mix. And don't even get me started on Hades, the best Disney villain ever created. All in all this movie has a great mixture of a journey to self-fulfillment, fun, jokes, greek mythology and some tear-inducing moments.

What's not to love about Hercules.
Strong, Sassy, lead Female charaters.
Sassy Evil character.
Sexy male lead character.
Kick ass songs you can't help but sing along too.
And fire beautiful gospel singing ladies that can narrate my life any day of the week.

And For real, Meg is definitely the best lead Female character in the Disney franchise.
10/10 I would watch this movie every day of the week over and over if I could.
It's the best.

21 The Jungle Book

The jungle book is just the 1st movie that someone has to watch in their childhood. It gives them this message that you should value your friends, and I believe that everyone should take that into account. It's so fun!

I have loved the Jungle Book since I was a little kid. This deffinently should be in the top 10. Knock out some of the computer animated movies. Leave some with origianl type animation. It adds a lot of character to a movie to be hand drawn!

The only thing I don't like is the Hindu portrayed in this movie with the red dot between her eyes. She ugly and Hindu is evil I can't believe they put that in a Disney movie.

My favorite movie ever! I love all the characters. Baloo and shere khan are cool. This is my dad's favorite disney movie. my great uncle leo painted some jungle book drawings on my bedroom wall. His son jonothan helped.

22 Fantasia

Am I the only one who thinks this movie is just okay? Yes, the animation is awesome, but the fact that they use songs from other famous musicians bothers me. This is something Disney wouldn't do. Maybe if they stick to original songs and not use other music from other musicians, this could have been one of my favorites. I get that copyright didn't exist back then, but it still bothers me. Plus the whole live action-animated movie was kind of pointless. Not that it's bad, just pointless.

Yeah, the 'Concert Feature' gets my vote. I didn't even have to think about this one. If I had to pick one with a continuous narrative, it's probably 'Beauty and the Beast' or 'Hunchback', maybe 'Pinocchio'... But 'Fantasia' is simply my favorite Disney animated feature by far. Hell, it's my favorite animated movie of all time, and a top ten film of all time personally. A unique, ambitious film that I enjoy just as much on each viewing as the last, and I find something new to appreciate each time. I still smile at the humor and magic of 'Sorcerer's Apprentice', let my perception of survival be changed by the 'Rite of Spring', laugh raucously at the 'Dance of the Hours', and stare in awe at the 'Night on Bald Mountain'. It's an experience, a film like no other. Gets my vote for number one, unequivocally.

Fantasia is a masterpiece. The animation, as well as the score, is outstanding. This is Disney at its finest. You can tell that there is so much work and so much heart that goes into this film, and the final product is beautiful. Out of all of the amazing films Disney, as well as anyone else, has created, Fantasia is the most creative, awe-inspiring, and imaginative I've ever experienced!

#51? The most ridiculous placing I've ever seen on this lovely and phenomenal piece of art! So much passion put into this feature that it's arguably Walt Disney's greatest film he ever made! Though technically The Lion King is the studio's most inspiring, Fantasia should at least be in the Top 5.

23 Alice in Wonderland

I just had to vote for this because it's an absolute classic, and I have a fascination with weird, trippy things. Oddly enough I never did drugs but I get my highs off of watching movies like this. Things in it don't make sense, it's very dream-like and surreal. I love it. Plus the Cheshire Cat is one of my favorite Disney characters of all time. I could watch this over and over and never get bored of it!

I just really enjoy how weird it was. The animation is beautiful. I'm just a sucker for colors. The characters are amazing too, who doesn't love the Cheshire cat. And it's surprisingly humorous if you catch the jokes. This, brother bear, and emperors new groove have got to be the most popular underrated Disney movies ever, and rightfully so.

It is a world from the imagination of a child's heart. One of the more precious disney movies and always made me think and think. Maybe I will go paint some roses red... :) Alice is also a great main character with smarts, sweet and simply an innocent figure. I love how she wants these peculiar things such as a want for pictures in all her books and not words. I love " Alice in Wonderland"!

Alice in Wonderland is a great movie that I could recommend to any family with small children. By the way, it is so cute and the songs are so catchy. Even when Alice said she wants all books to have only pictures, that line always makes me think back to my childhood days.

24 Pinocchio

I will admit I did not vote for Pinocchio, but I still think this is a great Disney film. It will probably never get the recognition it deserves given the popularity of Disney's later movies, but Pinocchio is in my opinion the best animation seen in a Disney film, especially given the time period it was made. The story, although nonsensical at times with how naive Pinocchio was, really gets the morals of the story right in a frighteningly memorable way that really pushes this film into the discussion as one of Disney's best films. I would put it at least in the top 10, if not the top 5.

I can not believe this is so far down the list! I am 56 and enjoyed this immensely as a girl, but of course children now don't get to see this Disney film as much. They watch the computer generated ones.
It was a little 'dark' with naughty boys being turned into donkeys! But totally agree with the vote below and the drawings are exquisite. Back then they didn't have the technology that we have now and had to painstakingly draw every moment that we see. Agree the clock scene is fantastic and Jiminy Cricket was great sidekick and I liked him as much as Pinocchio!
Mind you I was scared of that Fox and Stromboli (the Puppet man) who put Pinocchio in a cage!
But the film has plenty of more positive moments too.

All you parents please buy this and encourage your kids to watch this great film!

Everyone will learn that lying really doesn't pay laugh out loud

This is the best of the early Disney movies. It's hand-drawn animation is so detailed and beautiful. The opening scenes with all the toys and clocks are just amazing. All the characters are great developed - even the cat Figaro and the fish Cleo. Jiminy Cricket is one of the best side-kicks ever to walk an animated movie. The story is emotional and has some valuable lessons to give. And the songs are great.
It absolutely deserves to be in the top ten!

That's ridiculous how movies like nemo and wall-e came before this. Greatest Disney movie of all time hands down. Wonderful story, characters, etc. Plus it's different, it teaches that good doesn't always prevail over evil. Not many movies let the bad guy get away and in this they did. This aughta move up about 43 spaces

25 Lilo & Stitch

This movie is my favorite and I think it is very underrated. Here are some reasons why this movie is SO EPIC!
1. Lilo teaches Stitch that there is more to life than destruction.
2. The movie is about friendships and family.
3. It was funny.
4. The music was great.
5. Action filled suspenseful moments.
6. Stitch and Lilo both have their own flaws making them an awesome pair.
7. I love how Lilo keeps saying that you don't leave Obama behind.
8. Lilo is bullied by her friends making her relatable for some people.
9. They are both unique.
10. Lilo means broken in Hawaiian and Stitch fixes her.

My all time favorite Disney movie. Has great well developed characters, decent-great action for a Disney film, and the comedy is generally on point and not overbearing. It really is a nice heartwarming family drama with an alien setting and subplot that ties back into its main themes of family.

It's sort of overrated but it was a funny movie from when I was younger. Stitch looks funny and is a blue monster. The best seen with lilo was when she was talking back to her sister and got in trouble. Disney (not Pixar) is a lot worse now and was good until 2011.

Stitch is the greatest cartoon character that has ever been created. He is SO hilarious, and I love the way he talks, in the beginning when he's in that tube, and he shouts "NANAQUEESTA" I laughed so hard. He is just so funny and I never get tired of him or this movie.

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