The Little Mermaid Movie Review

MegaSoulhero The Little Mermaid is the second Disney film that Ron Clements and John Musker have directed. This is a movie that a lot of people really love and a lot of people claim it to be one of Disney's best films! This is one of the more well known Disney princess films.

First, let me talk about the problems I have with this film. ARIEL!! I hate her so much!! Why would anyone want to relate to a character like her!? She is very selfish! A bad role model for little girls! In the beginning of the film, she skips some performance that her sisters have probably been working on for weeks just so she could explore and add more things to her collection! She later sings about having such an amazing life but even that's not enough for her! She goes up to the surface, sees a boat, and falls in love with the first guy she sees! She wants to be with him so bad that she disobeys her father after being told to stay away with humans! So I guess her dad is pretty racist. She makes a deal with an evil sea witch named Ursula and gives up her voice just to have legs! She didn't even read the contract she signed! Since Ariel can't talk, it makes it hard for her to communicate to Eric. Can't she just write down what she's trying to say? Later, after Ursula's failed attempt of marrying the prince, she tries to take Ariel's soul, but then Triton sacrifices his soul to save Ariel! Even though Ariel didn't deserve to be saved! After Ursula gets defeated, her father lets Ariel keep her legs and she gets to be with Ariel! So after causing all this trouble, she still gets rewarded? Unbelievable!

However, the movie itself is actually pretty good! Ariel is a major problem with the film, but the good stuff in this film is REALLY good! The songs, of course, are very good! My personal favorite is Under the Sea! It's just a very fun song to dance to! The animation is amazing! And as for the characters that aren't Ariel, I really like them! King Triton is the father who cares a lot for his daughter and just wants her to be safe. Sebastian and Flounder are very helpful characters and most of the comedy comes from them. And Ursula is such a great villain! She's definitely one of the more psychotic villains. Despite my strong hatred for Ariel, I kind of like seeing her experience the human world. Does this mean I think she deserves to live up there? Of course not! It still kind of sends a bad message.

So overall, this movie is good! Not great, but good! The animation is good, some of the characters are good, and the songs are good! If they didn't make Ariel so selfish then I probably would've liked the movie a lot more! But for what I got, I was entertained! But the next movie I will review is definitely a masterpiece!

Score: 7/10


"That part of the blackfish she sings"
Body language part of the film!

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