Aladdin Movie Review

MegaSoulhero The third film that Clements and Musker directed was Aladdin! It came out in 1992 and was a huge hit! It won 2 Oscars, got it's own show at Disneyland, and it currently has it's own Broadway show! Everyone really seems to love this movie, and I must admit, I really love it too!

The movie is about a poor street urchin named Aladdin who steals food since he doesn't have any money. He meets a girl named Jasmine who is revealed to be the princess of Agrabah and he falls in love with her. Later on, we see the villain, Jafar, trick Aladdin into getting the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders so he can rule Agrabah and we are introduced to the Genie who helps Aladdin be with Princess Jasmine. This movie is just amazing! The characters, the story, the imagery, it's all just wonderful! The character of Aladdin is really great! In the beginning, we see him stealing some food. Most people would think that he should be locked up for that but then we see him giving some bread to two starving children making us realize that he's a nice guy! I really Jasmine! She's not like other princesses! She wants to be able to live a life like a normal girl and doesn't want to live in luxury all the time! Jafar is such a great villain! He wants to become the ruler of Agrabah and doesn't let anything stand in his way! He is very ruthless and intimidating! I also really like his bird Iago! He's not just there for comedy purposes, although he is pretty funny, but he also helps out Jafar with his plans! And of course, the best character in the movie is the Genie! Voiced by Robin Williams! I can't watch this movie without tearing up a little. Genie has gotta be the funniest character in any Disney movie! Most of his lines are ad-libbed by Robin which makes it even funnier! He does a lot of pop-culture references and in this movie, it works since he's a genie and has magic powers so we wouldn't question how he knows some of that stuff!

The animation in this movie is very breathtaking! There is some CGI used (Cave of Wonders, some of the buildings) and it looks very convincing! That whole scene where Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the carpet is my favorite scene in the whole movie because of how gorgeous it looks! The chemistry between Aladdin and Jasmine is very well done! Even though Aladdin was pretending to be a prince just to be with Jasmine, their relationship was very believable and in the end, Jasmine didn't care that Aladdin wasn't really a prince, she likes him because of his noble heart and bravery! As for the songs, all of them are great! Alan Menken is a musical genius! If there was only one little negative thing I had to say about this movie, it would be that I don't know how Jasmine didn't recognize Aladdin while he was pretending to be a prince. He was wearing different clothes but she would've recognized his face from earlier. Other than that, I love this movie!

This is one of the best Disney movies I have ever seen! It is absolutely amazing! Clements and Musker did an excellent job! If this one was so great, then the next one that they worked on must be great too... Oh, wait. Never mind.

Score: 10/10


I loved Aladdin growing up, I used to go over my grandma's house before she died in 2013 to watch the movie in a room that nobody owns. Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess and I'd like to see Moana too. Moana looks like me a little bit. I used to sing along with the songs also and the thanks intro! UGH! So many memories. :D - visitor

I think you could have talked more about the settings and characters like Abu or The Magic Carpet more. - iliekpiez

I seriously thought this was about the Live action version until I saw this was made 2 years ago - UltraIsBack