Easiest Video Game Bosses

The Top Ten Easiest Video Game Bosses

1 Big Bob Omb - Super Mario 64

I used to think he was hard. Then, hello emulators. Due to my slow internet speed, this guy was a cakewalk.

Well he's supposed to be easy. He teaches you how to beat Bowser, so he doesn't need to be hard.

It kills me to say this, but when I was 6, I spent 4 months trying to beat this guy. Nowadays, I could beat him in about 1 minute.

Can you even get hurt during this boss if we don't count falling off the cliff, which has a really chance to happen by accident...

2 Cloud 'N Candy - Yoshi's Story

You kill him by licking, and when you do that, you heal yourself

Need I say more? Need I really say more? - LucasMota

This is the easiest one in this list, but there is one that's A LOT
EASIER: The final boss from The Incredible Hulk (1994, SNES). He does
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The ONLY way you can lose is to turn off the SNES.

The only way to die is to not know how to eat! I think this is easier than sitting down

He's candy. Your supposed to kill him by licking.

3 Lucien - Fable II

One shot = dead

Ridiculous - LucasMota

oh yeah! easiest boss in the world! I mean seriously the game is so easy!

The leader from the incredible hulk is the only one to be easier than Lucien. you can literally beat that guy in 2 seconds.

A boss so easy, even the list creator chimed in about it. It's that bad.

4 Bob the Goldfish - Earthworm Jim

This boss should be #1. In the boss fight you don't even fight him. Just walk right up to him, and boom, you defeat him. No challenge at all. Oh and a gold fish has to be one of the stupidest and least intimidating bosses of I've ever seen. Earthworm Jim can be a challenging game, But this boss fight is nothing.

In the sequel, the fight with him starts off as a mortal kombat match, but that turned out to be a joke to as the only way to defeat him was to just pick him up and eat him. I guess that's what a fight with a goldfish would be like.

Is guy is so easy, all it takes to kill him, is to run into him. Once you do that, his fish bowl will topple over, and he'll be dead; he doesn't even try to attack you.

Bob the Goldfish, can he kill you? Bob the Goldfish, NO HE CAN'T!

5 Baby Bowser - Yoshi's Story

Baby Bowser is just weak. A Fight against him is not as hard as against Bowser. I must agree that Bowser is not the strongest Video Game Boss, but he is seriously bad!

So far the easyst boss this game I finish this game in 1 hour!

6 Topmaniac - Super Mario Galaxy

Even the daredevil comet is pretty easy. - MarioBros11

Oh yeah this guy was waaay too easy (like every other SMG series boss except bouldergeist) - TheInsomniac

7 Golem Overlord - Chrono Trigger

He can't attack you because he's afraid of highs - LucasMota

8 Old King Coal - Banjo-Tooie

You just climb on a rock that doesn't turn into lava then shoot him to death.

Stand on a big rock and shoot him until he dies.

This guy is way to easy and also I don't really consider lord crump from paper Mario ttyd as a boss js

I don't know about most the other games, cause I didn't play all of them but
This boss is weak
All he does is run around and keep talking, the only considered enemy here is the Lava on the Ground :|

9 Tac - Kirby Air Ride

This boss is Unknown.

10 Mysterio - Spider-Man 2 Mysterio is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is most often depicted as an enemy of Spider-Man. He made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #13.

This is unspeakable! Who ever made this game
is retarded! After SO MANY hard chapters, you
get to beat him for the last time. He tries to rob a pizza place, blah blah blah. His health goes up 3 layers, THEN ONE PUNCH, DEAD!

Is this some sort of joke? Mysterio was so badass in this game and yet in the final fight with him YOU BEAT HIM WITH 1 PUNCH! HE DOESN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING TO ATTACK YOU HE JUST STANDS THERE!

The part in the theater was hard, but the other part... - InsertNameHere

This can't not be #1 he doesn't do anything and the battle is over in less than a second

The Contenders

11 Waddle Dee - Kirby Super Star

He's has a boss life bar, but is easy as a regular waddle dee, just suck him up and spit out and he's dead.

As a regular Waddle Dee, Joke Character. As a Bandana Dee, Joke Character. As a Bandana Dee in Return to Dreamland, Took a Level in Badass. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I laugh out loud when this guy comes to the Arena. I just turn my ability to a Helper and eat him. - Garythesnail

Pretty much he's just a Waddle Dee with a health bar.

12 Dark Nebula - Kirby Squeak Squad

I think bandanna dee is easier than this - paskah

He's not hard, but he shouldn't be on this list: his eletctric attack nearly covers the entire screen, and he's quite resistant..

Way to be a Final Boss... Dark Daroach was harder than Dark Nebula...

13 Starman Jr. - Earthbound

This is hardly even a boss fight. I mean buzz buzz does most of the work for you. You don't even have to do anything

He can't even hurt you, Buzz Buzz will take him out no matter what.

This is not in the top 10? You're kidding me? Do you seriously think Dark Nebula deserves a spot on the top 10? He just sits in depression and suicide. He only does 1 damage. And he drops 3 DAMN EXP!

It's impossible to take damage!

14 Gohma - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

All you do is hit him with a seed then slash his eye two times. He doesn't even do anything, I just would stand there and he would stand there and watch me. Just awful. Pure Awful.

Why are people so critical about Gohma being so easy? DUH it's the first boss, what did you expect!?

15 Gary - Bully

It's like a regular fight - LucasMota

Really easy to beat, not as hard as I hoped it to be. Defeating the Greasers was harder then gary, and he was supposed to be the main person to defeat. Dissapointing but still love the game and ending

Anyone can beat him first try

The hardest part is actually getting to him. He is really easy, but that part is supposed to be easy.
But, if Bully 2 comes out, Gary should reappear and be ACTUALLY hard.

16 Lord Crump - 1st Battle - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Not even possible to die on this, legit not even a boss, should be number 1

17 Phantom Train - Final Fantasy VI

Just use a Phoenix Down and he's dead in 1 hit.

18 The Leader - The Incredible Hulk

How is anything above this boss? All you have to do is walk up to him and push one of the attack buttons. THAT is easy. Also, the leader does absolutely nothing. He doesn't move, he doesn't attack, and this is while it takes one hit of any kind to kill him. All the other bosses on this list do at least SOMETHING that adds a challenge. I assure you, the leader from incredible hulk make every other boss above it feel like you are facing all of the bosses of Dark Souls in one room with no means of healing. IT'S THAT EASY!

I just watched the boss fight on the Internet and I it took 1 SECOND!

If its supposed to be about the Sega Genesis, then I agree, he should be at Number 1

One hit. Dead. Nothing else. Zero Challenge. Hit him once and you win instantly

19 Bianca - 1st Battle - Pokemon Black & White

This is easily more easier than every pokemon battle

Easy first battle!?

It is so easy. same thing for all 1st battles. Its like they make you win in the 1st battle.

20 Whispy Woods - Kirby Series

Have on my NES, beat it on first try, lost hardly any health. - MarioBros11

Ridiculously easy this should 1 the worlds worst gamer (terrible tomy) could do this without even trying unbelievable by far easiest video game boss in history

Dies in like, 4 hits with charged up beam in ssu - PrinceBlu

21 Papu Papu - Crash Bandicoot

Ya that guy is easy as crap despite in the remaster having an extra 2 hits

I nickname my Hariyama Papu Papu after the first boss from Crash Bandicoot

This is the easiest boss ever. His only attack are trying to hit you with his tribal staff and spinning in a circle with his staff sticking out. All you have to do is jump on his head three times and then he's dead. that's it.

He is the obese leader of the tribesmen of N. Sanity Island.

22 Metal Man - Mega Man 2

It's hard to reach him, though - MarioBros11

He dose aboulotly nothing Intel you get in a range plus you can one hit him at Will's castle 🏰

23 Eyerok - Super Mario 64

He Just Shows Fists to attack.

24 Baby Bowser - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Well it depends on which fight. With his bigger self, he's hard. But in the beginning, you are forced to attack... Is it even possible to die in this fight?

25 King Statue - Mother 3

He is hard using pk flash and nye bomb kills this instantly -

26 Bowser - Super Mario Bros. Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first ...read more.

Easy. Just awful. You don't even have to fight him! - nic1997ps3

In the original you just jump over him and boom just crash boom bang but that's just in that game in all the future games he's not the easiest

Really weird? the boss levels sure gets harder though.

This guy was too weak at first but he's even get better as many games pass. He's a legend.

27 Tubba Blubba - Paper Mario

Just play the pro version,
he's got a higher health

Mario: 1HP, 0FP
Tubba Blubba: Let's reunite!
Mario: (uses jump) 12 damage!
Tubba Blubba: (falls onto the ground and rewards Mario star points) - computerfan0

28 Drill Eggman - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I love Sonic 2, but this boss was way too easy. Fortunately, we get awesome bosses from now one like Chemical Plant or Hill Top!

You don't even have to move you can keep constantly jumping up and down and you'll beat him

He explodes in eight hits and I have beat him many times as sonic and knuckles. he escapes when he is defeated.

I mean, come on. Even Tails could beat this boss and Tails is PLAYER 2!

29 Dingodile - Crash Bandicoot Warped

Dingodile is a hybrid between a crocodile and a dingo. He caries a flame thrower with a big tank on his back and speaks with an Australian accent.

All you have to do is jump over his barrier of crystals and hit him three times so that his tank will set off an alarm and will then self-destruct.

30 Scornet Maestro - Pikmin

The concept of the fight is good, but come on! He is so easy! I never lost a single pikmin to this guy! The Armored Mawdad was way harder!

31 Kent C. Koopa - Paper Mario

Just keep using Lullaby. - computerfan0

32 Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth is a fictional character and main antagonist in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square.

After defeating JENOVA and Safer Sephiroth, Cloud Strife finally gets to fight against the One-Winged Angel one-on-one and have the final opportunity to avenge Aerith Gainsborough. So the battle begins, and we have a kickass music to boot, along with epic close ups between two legendary swordsmen from Final Fantasy VII both wielding their swords.

Yes, we all know we can kill Sephiroth with Omnislash in one hit, but nobody actually gets to know this: Sephiroth can be killed by... Anything. You could just slash him, cast a puny level 1 spell at him, just do anything at him and you will eventually finish the game.

Okay Sephiroth fanboys, I know you're fuming with mama's boy worshiping hate, but that's not all. If you do nothing at all, Sephiroth will gain a turn and will slice you with his sword. Most of your HP will be depleted, but no matter what, it will never kill you. Once you get hit, You'll automatically counter-attack and well, Sephiroth is killed in one ...more - hussaintalib

After defeating the One Winged Angel, you now have to face Sephiroth one last time. You can kill him with Omnislash, or a simple swipe. Even a counterattack will automatically be launched by Cloud. Even a COUNTERATTACK will kill Sephiroth. Wow. This was a big blemish on an incredible game. I'm not a fan of Cloud or Sephiroth but I love this game. But a one hit counterattack to defeat the final boss is in insult! This is more of a boss fight than Lucien because Sephiroth can actually attack. Lucien is a close second. But seriously, this is easily the most pathetic boss I ever faced.

If you don't do anything then Sephiroth will attack you but you will live. Cloud will then counter attack and Sephiroth will die

He is easy in FFVII but in Kingdom Hearts man he is hard!

33 Egg Hawk - Sonic Heroes

I honestly don't think anyone has died against this guy

34 Roark - Pokemon Diamond

Crandios can be kinda hard, otherwise its as easy as eating cake. - PrinceBlu

His Pokémon a weakness to two of the starters first types, and the third one you only have to raise to level 14 to gain a new type that all of Roark's Pokémon have a weakness to! Pathetic.

35 Burt the Bashful - Yoshi's Island

This guy is So bad he does no damage at all he just bounces left and right and he is like Bowser (Grand Final) in Supper Mario Galaxy 2

36 Master Hand - Super Smash Bros 64

I know him attacks: fire flick shoot so easy to dodge contact

37 Gooper Blooper - Super Mario Sunshine

To kill him you rip his arms off. Not only is it easy, its torture. - MarioBros11

38 Altair Phase 2 - Bomberman 64


39 1st Boss - Invasion


40 Shadow Mario - Super Mario Sunshine

He's not even a boss, it's a pursuit
but if you talk about the mecha Bowser (a robot which shadow Mario controls), it's not easy

41 Morton Koopa Jr. - Super Mario World
42 Mr. Frosty - Kirby's Adventure

Have not reached him yet, I'm stuck on the boss of Butter Building - MarioBros11

This is not even a boss this is a mid boss

43 Adeline - Kirby 64
44 Bowser in the Dark World - Super Mario 64

All you have to do is go behind Bowser, grab him by the tail, spin him around in the air, and throw him into one of the spiky bombs. That's about it really.

For one of the greatest video games of all time, this battle was extremely easy.

He was hard to throw him at the bombs so I think rank53 is fair

45 Dino Piranha - Super Mario Galaxy

The only semi-challenging part of this boss is when he gets pissed - MarioBros11

All you have to do is jump on his tail 3 times and he's dead. In my opinion, Giga Lakitu was way harder.

I killed him in 16 seconds! - Rumpelteazer

46 Mettaton NEO - Undertale

Agreed. Mettaton NEO is just this.


Lands far away from middle.

Mettaton NEO dead.

Even a baby could kill him.

This boss unfortunately gave many 7-year-olds boners to make the full version. - GodFlowey

Even if he is supposed to be easy, he's still a joke...

What a shame he was so easy

47 Sorbetti - Super Mario Galaxy 2

NOT EASY - MarioBros11

48 Glamdozer - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Who is Glamdozer again?... - MarioBros11

Just barely flip her

49 Electrocutioner - Batman: Arkham Origins

This was the first thing I thought of when I thought easy boss. All he does is taunt you, you only need to press x to beat him. Literally no way to lose. This needs to be much higher on the list. - JoshGerman

For some reason this reminds me of the mysterio boss fight in the spider-man 2 movie game, were they inspired by that mysterio fight?

You just punch him and he's down!

You just beat him in one hit. HE never comes back.

50 Parasite Queen - Metroid Prime
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