Full-fledged List Analysis: Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents: Part 1

NuMetalManiak Time for another list analysis, but I've decided to do things a bit differently because of there being 709 items this time around. You see, a lot of these I can tell are duplicates, so instead of talking about every single item at once, I'll group them all into similar categories and go from there. This was inspired by my own personal life right now. Also this will be part 1, as I do the first 360 items and will comment on the categories in a comment below.

Exertion of superiority: They always think you're lying even when you're telling the truth (1), When having an argument or just talking, they say you're getting an attitude when it's really just you trying to be neutral about it. (2), They get mad when you prove them wrong (6), They always think they are right (8), They think that they hold your future (11), Your decisions don't matter but theirs do (14), They deny half of what you say even when they know it's true (17), They take your things regardless of your permission. (21), When they ask a question and you try to answer and they tell you to be quiet. (24), They keep forcing you to talk to them although you literally have nothing to say (29), They don't let you buy something with your own money (35), They force you to go everywhere with them (38), When the come in your room without knocking, then don't bother to close the door when they leave (43), They make you do things that aren't important, regardless of your will. (44), They force you to do something you don't want to do (68), After they yell at you they tell you to do something (73), They never mind their own business. (90), Invading your privacy (103), They tell you to do something and expect you to do it instantly (105), When one parent twists your words to another and then no one is on your side. (117), They threaten you that they will destroy something you love (119), When they just take your phone for absolutely no reason at all. (123), They can do everything just because they are adults (127), They make you do things they know you hate doing (155), Look behind the computer to see who are you chatting with (161), They steal your handphone (162), Tell you to get off your devices (182), Try to take your phone to look at social media, messages, etc. (183), They control you (184), They make you do things you don't want to do (186), They think that you can't do that job, work, etc (210), When they bum in on your Skype and delete contacts (217), They're abusive (220), They don't knock before entering the bathroom (223), When you are going somewhere like your bedroom and during that, they look everywhere in your search history (228), When you are enjoying yourself at the playground and your parents force you to try something else (235), They ground you instead of talking about the situation (240), They force you to go to church (247), Keep piling up the chores (248), When they tell you what you can and can't wear (257), They're overprotective for no reason at times (260), They steal (262), They ignore you when you try to talk (264), They treat you like a slave. (265), They hate when you talk back (277), They tell you to pause an online game (278), When they butt into your conversations like they know everything (285), Keep telling you to do things non stop (290), They open your curtains then tell you to get changed (301), They always control our hair stylé so we can't look good. (302), They tell you what to do. (310), When they tell you to do your homework then say to get of your computer now! (324), They say come do this or come over here honey bun (326), They work you too hard (327), When they tell you to clean your room (328), When we get in the store don't ask for nothing (342), When they force you to go outside (344), You want to do something fun and they say no because there will be older kids and you're'too young' (348), When they yell at you to clean your room (349), They claim that you are on bad websites when you aren't and they look at your search history (357), They are trying to make sure you can't go into private mode and check your browsing history all the time (359)

Stupid things they always say: Because I Said So (3), Who are you texting? (20), When they say when I was your age... (32), Because I'm grown (46), What's for dinner? Food (69), I looked through your computer history… (77), Blame video games (85), "Don't argue with me" (106), What are you doing still up it's seven o clock! (110), They always say that without us, you would not be born, survive and live (120), Where_you going? What time are you going to be back? Who are you going with? (126), I'm going to check edline today (156), They say you got to live life and enjoy it (163), When they ask "what are you doing?" (172), They say if he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? (176), "I'M AN ADULT!" (181), You are too young to know anything (211), You can do better. (245), They say you're always on your phone (258), When they always say "School is always number 1" (267), They call you kiddo (271}, "I’m the parent, you are the child" (281), I'm doing this for your own good (291), They claim anime and American cartoons are the same thing (358)

Hypocrisy: When you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you're not other kids...but when they compare you to other people it's okay (4), They always want you to be honest but when you are they get angry (7), They call it arguing but you call it explaining (9), When they treat you like a little kid but expect you to act like an adult (28), You try to tell them how you feel but they don't care (30), When they take your money and never pay you back (41), Being lazy for a day (49), They say and do hypocritical things. (52), Take your PC or phone and say it's for your own good because we love you (54), They say enjoy your future but they are restricting you from having fun etc. (55), You doing the same thing they often do is wrong (58), Cut down your dreams then complain that you have no motivation (59), They choose what is the best for you but actually its the worst (60), When they hit you loads whilst screaming at you to stop crying. (61), They promise something and never do it (62), When they say "Don't carry on" yet they carry on about any wrong thing you do. (66), They can be hypocrites (70), Build a huge house, then complain about doing work all day (74), They get mad at you if you cuss but they cuss (75), When they tell you mean things about yourself and say they only tell you because they love you but then when kids at school do it, its so mean (82), When at a store you ask them if you could get something and they reject saying they don't have enough money but then they buy something for themselves that's more expensive then what you asked for (83), They punish me for what siblings did then reward the sibling (88), They say they will pay you for chores, but they end up not paying you at all. (92), They think that they are helping you but they are not (96), Punish you for doing the right thing (98), They demand respect when they haven't earned it (104), When they yell at you for being anti-social and then when you ask to go to a social gathering and they say no. (108), Tell me I need to exercise (saying I need to lose weight), and then when I say that that's a horrible thing to say, they deny it! (111), They punish you for getting good grades (113), When they say swear words everyday and it's ok but when you say a swear word it's the end of the world (114), They tell you not to cuss but they do it all the time (118), When they hurt our feelings and tell us it's fair (128), When you explain to them something, they understand it completely wrong (136), They think someone you hate is your friend (138), They insult you, then when they realize you don't like yourself they go "oh my god why do you not like yourself?? You're beautiful you're amazing you're smart you're the complete opposite of all the insults I called you" (141), When they act hypocritical (145), When you are hurt/sick, they don't care and think that you are perfect (150), When they argue with you then twist your words by saying your attitude is bad when really the continue to not listen to you when they started the argument themselves (164), When they buy you something expensive as a gift and then bring it up whenever you do something wrong. (165), They told you to not talk to strangers, but then they say you must have friends (169), They make sure you're safe, physically, but don't give a crap about your emotional safety (174), They think hard things are easy (191), They think they can use you and act like it doesn't affect you (193), When they say you can't do something because you're on your phone. (197), They don't let you watch Anime because they think it is violent, leaving you watching crappy channels, when your parents actually watch shows that are more violent than Dragon Ball Z and they like that type of shoẃ (206), When they tell you to be a doctor and then when you say you don't they say oh it's your choice but if you decide not to they will be sad (213), When my parents argue with me then after decide that they want to speak to me normally about something acting like I'm not angry over what they said (214), When you really hurt yourself and they say stop overreacting (226), You are not allowed to know their secrets, but they are allowed to know yours. (227), When they say they're doing all the work and we are lazy then boss us around. (236), They think they are smarter then you. (243), They say you lost something when they lose a lot of things themselves (249), When they give you the same punishment over and over, when it clearly is making no difference. (250), They say that they will buy something for you but they don't actually buy it until two or three months later and that's only if you pester them (256), They say they like things you make or do but then don't actually like them. (261), When they don't buy you something for 1 dollar and then they buy something for 1000 dollars (266), You tell them about your problems and they just think you're being dramatic (279), Tell you to not do something, yet they do it themselves (296), You can't eat junk but they can. (298), They say you're old enough to do boring stuff but still too little to do cool stuff (299), When they tell you you're too old to be watching this but then they are too old to be wearing leopard prints and acting young (303), Tell you to do something, but they do it straight afterwards! (305), They ask a question you don't know the answer to and get mad at you for not knowing (307), They promise something then don't do it and say they never promised (309), When they say they have no money but it's obvious they do. (311), They blame you for things (315), When they tell you that you're always upset, but really you feel fine or they just forget all the cheery times (319), When they supposedly told you to do something but they never actually did (322), When they don't tell you things and say it's no big deal or you can't handle it (323), Say I'm unhelpful but I'm always offering to help (329), They don't let you have an opinion or an option when they tell you if you wanna do something (332), They expect respect but don't respect you back (340), Whenever your friends break something they think you did it (353)

Getting away with things: They are big liars (5), They never apologize (36), They can hit you or get physical with you and get away with it (37), Blame everything on you (39), They say mean things to you (40), When they hurt our feelings (48), They beat you (50), They enjoy social occasions too much and you hate because they socialize for almost a year (91), They lie (131), They blame everything on you even when it's their fault (132), When parents do something wrong, they blame it on you (139), Mom being lazy (178), They break promises all the time (189), When they "borrow" your money and when you ask them to give the money back, they say: "I buy you clothes, food etc. (242), They make you get a haircut (306), They want to know your passwords (336)

Things that involve other siblings: They let your little brother get away with things and don't believe you (10), They treat you worse than your siblings (124), Child favoritism (133), They buy your siblings things that are worth tons of money and you have to earn the things that you want (229), When they let your younger sibling stay up later than you did when you were their age (244), When they listen to the older sibling simply because they are both sympathetic (284), They shoẃ favoritism to younger siblings (333)

Awful Restrictions: They restrict my freedom (13), They stop you from having privacy (16), Overprotective (45), They ban you from something (78), When you plan something for ages and your parents agree but on the day they say you cannot go anymore (84), They don't let you in your devices on weekdays (125), They shorten your video game time (129), They won't let you date until a certain age (143), When they don't let you watch a specific cartoon (such as SpongeBob or The Loud House) for dumb reasons. (144), They won't let you watch shows that you want to watch because they think they're only for "grown-ups" (148), They don't let you download games (203), They ban you from everything you like the most (276), They forbid you from listening to bands like Slayer and Marilyn Manson (313)

Triggered over little things: They turn the littlest things into a huge deal. (15), They shout at you for a slight mistake even if you didn't mean to do it (18), They see only negative things inside you (22), When they say you don't concentrate on your work even though you are coming back with perfect grades (23), Turning nothing into something (31), They punish you for something you didn't even do (42), They ignore your good (A,B) grades and focus on your bad (C,E) grades (47), When they freak out because of nothing and they blame it on you (53), Compare grades from years ago to your grades now (67), When you do something a little bad but not really bad they ground you for way too long (71), Ask why we do a thing, then get angry when we answer (79), They threaten to call the police on you when you did nothing wrong (80), When you're having fun then they say, HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!? (87), They don't care for anything but school (109), They are bad-tempered and gets angry easily, even when nothing happens to them (121), They hate cell phones (134), Getting yelled at for everything (142), They always notice the one thing you forgot to do. (149), They punish you for stupid reasons (153), They get worried about nothing. (154), They blame video games for violence. (167), They're overly sensitive (175), Nagging you about getting good grades (187), They pay attention to parenting websites that contain false and biased information about M-rated games (195), They get mad if you laugh too loud (205), They compare Hatsune Miku to Holocaust (207), Complaining about sitting on the computer all day (218), When they ignore anything good and focus on anything bad (221), When you have a bad attitude one day and that attitude automatically becomes your personality (224), They claim incognito mode is bad all the time (230), When you get in trouble for something you did not do (252), When you do the littlest tiniest thing and they overreact...a lot (253), They care more about grades than you (270), They are afraid of common things (272), They get mad at you for dumb reasons (275), They freak out when you get in trouble at school (280), Complaining how tired they are even if they work for like a little bit (286), They always bring up how M-rated games are terrible whenever you want any game (308), When you get in trouble and your mom tells your dad just after shouting at you for 3 hours,and they both start shouting at you (at the same time) for 6 hours (317), When they have always been nice and suddenly snap at you (325), When you make one tiny mistake they act like you killed someone (330), They shout at every slight mistake you make (340), Yell at you for little things in public (345), They make you go to summer school even though you passed. (360)

Embarrassment: When they find something out they tell EVERYONE they possibly know (19), They treat you like a maid (26), They make fun of you (33), They compare you to other kids (34), They think you are a loser (51), They say you are not a human because you don't have many friends (56), They always compare you to other kids (65), They call you mean names (86), They bring up an embarrassing moment from your childhood in front of your family and friends (95), They say "You're a big disappointment to me" (101), They pick stupid ugly clothes and make you wear them (146), They choose your name (159), They embarrass you (166), They call you "girl" because you have long hair (200), They embarrass you in front of your friends. (212), When parents think you are a loser! (215), They are so embarrassing (219), They tell people your secret although you asked them not to (225), When they make fun of your interests (246), They rant about how you live in such a pigsty (254), Inviting annoying family members to your birthday (287), They tell you you're a failure (293), They treat you like a kid (294), They kiss you in front of your whole class (295), They fart around you (314), When you are in public or with family or friends and you say one thing and she looks over at you and gives you "the look" (334), They buy clothes you don't like (337), They never see you for you (346), They think that just because someone of the opposite gender said hi to you in public, you're dating them and then they tease you (355), When they stare at you while eating (356)

Just being annoying: When parents ask you to do something over and over again that you are already doing (25), Make you feel like a horrible person because of your decisions (57), When they are nosy (76), Everything turns into a lecture (89), They ask stupid questions that are pointless. (94), Just being there (97), When you're watching something and they turn the channel (99), Parents never listen (102), They're cheap (107), They don't know how to close a door (115), They're annoying (130), When you are serious, they laugh like it's a joke (135), When they say you're just going through a phase (147), They think you can do everything alone because of your age (151), They always smack your butt for fun (152), They always think about money and expenses and they don't enjoy life (160), They yell at you for no reason (171), They re-arrange your stuff and you don't know wheré anything is afterwards (179), They ruin your mood (185), They are stupid (190), They smoke (192), They won't leave you alone! (198), They hate you (202), Sometimes they are too affectionate (204), They give you a phone call at the worst possible time. (208), When they read everything out loud (216), They expect you to be perfect (231), They think your social anxiety is fake (233), When they make awful "jokes" and get annoyed when you don't laugh (237), They have an attitude (238), Their long lectures (241), They compare their childhood to yours (251), When you want to get something, but you can't because you know that they will laugh at you (259), They don't listen to your advice (263), They talk with someone for ridiculously long periods of time (269), They give out to you for being 'cheeky' (289), They laugh when you are being serious (292), When you are trying to have a serious discussion and they respond in a way that's so annoying (304), They criticize your beliefs (312), When they provoke your favourite things for no reason! (316), When they tell you about something that happened in their life long time ago (318), They always speak of "history" that happened when you were four (321), They take forever (338), Always on the internet and never communicating verbally (339), Always interrupting/bad timing (351), They complain about republicans if they're democratic or vice versa (354)

Relationships: Every time you have a friend of the opposite sex they are always suspicious (81), They won't accept the fact that you're shy (116), They get into your private lives even after your marriage (157), When they don't like that you have friends that are of a different gender (180), They invite kids you don't wanna have a playdate with (199), They tell you you will get married (297), They think they can control your relationships (300), They don't understand you or your friends. (320), They think everyone is your friend (352)

Music tastes: Their singing (100), When they compare our music to theirs. (122), When they listen to music that annoys you at max volume (168), When they ask you turn off that "emo crap" (177), They disrespect your music (194), To Not Respect Your Music (239), They don't understand your fangirling (350)

Other: They die (12), They never understand (27), They forget what it's like to be a kid/teenager (63), Don't pay attention to you (64), They put you in therapy only because you are not behaving yourself (72), Parents just don't understand!! (93), Their arguments with each other (112), When they are on their phone all day and ignore you (137), They're liberal (140), They have an addiction (158), They are obsessed with shopping (170), They could kill you (173), They accuse you of being pregnant, even if you are a boy. (188), They don't support you (196), They support politicians you hate (201), Special days for them, no special days for children (209), Accuse you of being pregnant every time you don't feel well. (222), They spend too much time with you (232), Making your bed (234), They don't let you be like everyone else in school (255), They always fight with each other (268), They love you (273), They waste money on stupid pets that you want (274), They vote for an uncertain leader (282), They want their son or daughter to have his/her job once he/she retire (283), Your mother takes you to a store just to get clothes every week and weekends (288), She rants (331), When they give you the same option for your dinner every time. (335), You don't pay no bills (343), They think they know why you feel nauseous (347)


Exertion of Superiority: like when parents tell you to do something otherwise they punish you. Should be pretty self explanatory and this is a big category. 61 entries
Stupid things they always say: Should also be self explanatory, though this is a smaller category because this would apply more to things actually being said. 24 entries
Hypocrisy: Is it no surprise this is the largest category? I mean, all the things in it pretty much count. 72 entries
Getting away with things: Ties in with a lot of these. A smaller category because other ones are stronger. 16 entries
Things that involve other siblings: Another small category due to the small amount of things that actually involve siblings, also because some of us are only children. 7 entries
Awful Restrictions: Should be self-explanatory. 13 entries
Triggered over little things: Now this is a big category and sums up a ton of parents. 44 entries
Embarrassment: Obviously speaks for itself. 30 entries
Just being annoying: Anything that is annoying that I couldn't fit into other categories. 46 entries
Relationships: Things that deal with family/friend relationships that I can't put anywhere else. 9 entries
Music tastes: This category is relatively new but speaks for itself. 7 entries
Other: Anything I couldn't put into any of the above categories. 30 entries - NuMetalManiak

Disappointed. I like the old style better. My opinion might change after 3 posts in this style though. - Skullkid755

"They compare Hatsune Miku to Holocaust" Seriously, what the f***k, man! I respect if someone hates Miku, but comparing her to the worst events ever happened was seriously f***ked up! - BorisRule

At least she doesn't kill anyone. But Hitler executed 8 million Jews for no reason is messed up! Comparing Miku to Adolf Hitler was never a good idea - visitor