Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Parents

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1 They think you're lying even when you're telling the truth

Bro here's a story:

When I was 5 years old, I had a play date with my friend who is crazy like me. Me and her were playing truth or dare and ate candy then after that, we played tag and she ran as fast as she could. She accidentally knocked over a huge bag of candy that was open on the floor. My mom blamed it on me but I was telling the truth.

So my mom gives me 200 pesos a day for my allowance. So that means 1000 a week. Sometimes she gives the whole 1000 to me on Monday, sometimes only 400 then gives me the rest on Wednesday. Last week (Actually, I'm not sure when), she gave me 400 on a Monday. I had a journalism contest then so I took it like normal. The contest lasted till Wednesday. That Wednesday morning, I was feeling depressed because I found out that I wasn't in the rankings so I ate my breakfast quickly, took my allowance and left for school to attend the awarding ceremony, which by the way, totally sucked. But the things is, the allowance I took was only 200 pesos. I didn't question it because in total, I received 600 pesos which was the norm for me in three days. The next day, Thursday, she didn't give me any and I took it in stride because I still had some allowance that the school gave me from the contest I participated in. However, come Friday and she still didn't give me the rest of my allowance, I ...more

Jeez, where do I begin?

Thanks to my older brother being autistic (he is, but I know it's bull cause he is stupid and most autistic people are smart), my mom overprotects that retard and he accuses me EVERY DAY for doing something I didn't do. What's worse is that he is nosy and won't mind his business. I can't count how many times he broke into the bathroom, screamed at me while I was taking a shower and tells my mom I'm not wearing clothes. Seriously, I get grounded just because I was taking a shower and I actually did lock the door, the clown breaks the door down with his fat belly (he's 5 times heavier than me). My mom says,"Ross, you keep breaking the doors down you ass, you're grounded." I'm seriously misunderstood. My brother keeps beating me up everyday and slaps my butt for no reason, I tell my mom and my mom just says "he wants to marry you." Also, his hearing is excellent and he can hear me whisper and that's the reason I am nowhere near my brother.

Also, the ...more

I know, my mom does that all the time, she'll think I'm reading on my tablet at night and then get mad in the morning, and the whole time, I'll just be there trying to convince her that I was actually sleeping, because that's what I was doing! She did the same thing today. I was at school, and my younger sister was at home because she was sick. When I came home for lunch, my tablet was right there on my bedside table, but when I got home after school it was gone! I still don't know where it is and everyone else in the house is sleeping. So I don't even know IF my mom really took it, but it has to be her because even the charger isn't there.

2 They say "because I said so"

Me doing homework. The mom comes. I look at her. She looks at the homework. "Do this part." She says. I tell her "That's not homework". "DO IT." the mom says. "The teacher didn't say." I say. "But I said." mom says. The agruement goes for a long time. Finally me do it.
Before handing in Homework-I rub it out. The teacher looks at our homework. "Sam. Come here." teacher says. "You are not meant to do this part". "He tells her "Mom told me to.". "Didn't you tell her? " the teacher says. "I did" Sam says. "Are you sure? " Me put me hand up. "That's what me mom said." "Really? " she says. "I rubbed it out before I handed it." I say. "O.K. I will talk to your parents at the parent/teacher interview." she says. Interview is a long time away.
A homework later. Me get homework. The mom looks. "Didn't you do this part? " Me say "No". She see's note left by the teacher. "O.K. I understand." The note says that parents shouldn't force what's on the homework because they are not up to it. A ...more

! One time my grandma made me some tomato soup and grilled cheese. I grabbed a bit spoon and she was like "No! That's a dinner spoon (since she labels them) we are having lunch! ". I said it wasn't a big deal and she said "Fine! Then I'm not serving you! Besides your too lazy anyways! " I went to go get it but then my brother knocked it out of my hands ( he's 8). It got all over her floor so she told me to go clean it up. I asked why and she said because I said so! I know she isint a parent but we basically live at her house!

I don't care what kind of authority figure you are, this will never EVER be a valid reason for anything. If you have a good reason for telling your kid to do/not do something then why not just tell them? And if you don't, why would you tell them to do it? You can't be a good example for your kids if you keep your motives a big mystery, so just explain stuff. It won't kill you.

I HATE THIS SO MUCH! So I was at my niece's house and I had my phone to do my Spanish homework. My niece was helping her mom cook their food for their New Year's dinner and I wanted to go there with my phone. My mom stayed in my godmother's house (which is on the other side) and made me keep my phone with her. I asked why and she said because I said so. She said I was going to bother my niece and I said that's why phones exist to go on it while you're waiting for someone. My mom made me give her my phone regardless. I love my mom, but sometimes she is too much for me to handle.

3 They say you're getting an attitude when having an argument or just talking

Usually I'm talking to my father but then he thinks I'm "debating" or "getting an attitude". My mother is the same way but she's a little more... aggressive. So anyway today he thought I was debating and she jumps in. It was all because I had on pajamas but I wasn't going anywhere so why would I put in clothes? She jumped in and said pajamas. I was already wearing some so I was confused. She got mad at me because she thought I knew what they meant when I really didn't. I was trying to explain that he didn't specify at first and he told to stop talking. He was like " If you know the answer, why are you still talking? " Then they did something I really hate: talk at the same time. They both said, "If you don't want to wear, stay your ass upstairs! " Well I'll be damned. At least I had the decency to wear a bra under my pajama shirt!

Always. I told my mom that I was going to be starting my new seasonal weekend job and yelled at me about it. She said I complain about not having enough time for everything, and that it is to far from home. She is the one who told me to get a seasonal weekend job in the first place, and this one is a little closer to home than the one she made me apply for, and I haven't even been contacted about that one. I recently quit my other job, so I would have more time for my homework and pass all of my classes. I still have to pay for my car, insurance and save money for life though. Then a half hour later she took my dad and little sister out somewhere to eat, thinking I wouldn't know they were leaving because I was doing some homework, and didn't say anything to me. I had just left my room to get a little snack and heard my parents talking abut me. My mom said she didn't say anything to me because she was tired of me having an attitude, but I haven't had an 'attitude' with her.

You don't even know! One time I was discussing the matter of a sims 4 game (outdoor retreat) with my dad and he had promised as soon as it was released he would get it for me. I had been waiting SO long for it and then it finally came out. I asked my dad if I could get it and he said no! I mean, why promise me that I could get it then say no?! Anyway, I asked him why and he said 'you are getting an attitude' I mean, no, no I am not. I simply asked why because you promised me the game! But, yeah, because you are having a bad day, take it out on me so that I have one too. my dad is annoying me more and more these days. But yeah. I still don't have the game.

I can't even discuss simple topics without it turning into an argument. My mother will be full on yelling at me about having an attitude when I'm the one trying to calmly explain. And then when I try and politely tell her she is being slightly outrageous she will pull one of those "I'm the mom" things. I never know what I say so I just always go with "yeah I know I've seen my birth certificate, your point? " And it infuriates her but if it gets to the point where I have to say that, most of the time I don't even care if it is rude, I hate it when she uses the whole "I'm an adult so I'm automatically right".

4 They get mad over small mistakes

My abusive Mum hits me very hard with a very big rolling pin on all my body this morning & I have bruises everywhere for no reason. She took my phone away so that I don't call the police on her.

I am grounded (as of this Post) for forgetting to clean the kitchen sink my stepdad is very strict and even the little things will get me grounded for months.

My Mum is very abusive (especially physically) to me because I have Autism:

- She hits me with a HUGE rolling pin.
- She threatened to kill me with a knife.
- She wished that I was dead.
- She choked me very hard on my neck.
- She sends me outside for no reason.

Story of half my life. My mother refuses to apologize for any of it, too. For example, I own a small speaker for my phone to listen to music. I'm in the basement, listening at a semi-quiet volume. Mind you, my mom is upstairs doing laundry and you can't hear yourself think in there. She supposedly yells at me 3 different times to help her. You CANNOT hear a damn thing between the upstairs and the basement. So, instead of coming downstairs and simply asking for my help, she screams at my lazy ass step dad to get me out of my room. So he yells at me because, instead of finding the facts first, they assume I'm ignoring them. I tried to explain the problem and what really happened, but then they just sat there and ignored me. Even though all day I cleaned the ENTIRE 5 bedroom 3 bath house for them, and not even because I was told to. I did it to be nice. But they still tell me I'm being an arrogant prick because I couldn't hear my mom ONCE. I can't wait to find a job and leave. I'll ...more

5 They want you to be honest, but when you are they get angry

My dad recently joined church these past 2-3 years and changed. He turned from getting angry and shouting all the time to being angry and then having sudden moments of smiling and niceness afterwards (which is harder to deal with and more confusing! ). This month, he started to have us have family meetings every Saturdays to talk about rules (don't like it but unwillingly agreed), but before that we must listen to him pray before we review our household rules. I'm 17 and I've been raised an atheist (besides going to church for Christmas and such days) my whole life. We are an Asian family so we're not allowed to talk back to parents no matter how wrong they seem to be. So, for Saturday meetings, he said we can speak freely---whatever we want. I spoke honestly and told him I wasn't comfortable with him speaking about religion because I wasn't raised like that here and at school either and then had a fit. I literally had a panic attack, but afterwards both of my parents got angry and ...more

So true! My mom wants me to tell her about my school day and so I used to do that everyday last year. So last year there was this one really funny guy who did at least one funny thing everyday along with his friends, so when I come home I would usually tell her about what funny thing he did today. After like the third day she got mad saying I'm thinking to much about boys and not enough about work. I mean how is that eve possible, I have awesome grads, and me and that guy were just friends, it's not like I liked him or anything!

YESS! My mom says I never tell her anything... Huh, I wonder why? Maybe it's b/c every time I do tell you anything you either interrupt me by saying "why are you telling me this? ", "And your point is.. ? ", or right in the middle of me talking and I say something she doesn't like, she'll interrupt me immediately and start lecturing and yelling at me. then say I started the argument. hey, I was just talking you're the one that won't the time of day to finally let your daughter say something after you say you want her to. REALLY?!

Oh my God this is the story of my existence in my family. They get mad and come talk to me and ask why I never share how I feel and what my opinion is and then when I finally do, my mom starts screaming like a maniac telling me how disrespectful selfish brat I am. Sorry I have a mind of my own and don't agree with every dumb ass ignorant point of view you have.

6 They turn the littlest things into a huge deal

Then rant about it for 30 minutes or more. The same old nonsense. Same old exaggerations about we messed up when we didn't. Ear plugs help

Once, my dad wanted to pick me up and I thought my mom was in the car with him because I didn't hear her in the house for the whole day. So I was going to the front door and my mom was laying on the couch and said "why didn't you say goodbye before going off?! " And I simply said "well I thought you were not home or in the car with dad... Ok so bye mom" and while on the road my mom called my dad thru the speaker phone and said "why the hell didn't *my name* say goodbye to me?! " My dad just explained everything but my mom still thinks I was lying.
I just don't get why parents make a big deal about small things. I just didn't see her when going out and didn't say "bye" what the hell is the problem?!

Let's say you draw nudity and whether it is in a oh so sexual form or not, it was drawn within highly artistically purposes and which the drawing shows as well. Your parents find out about this, you get a talk (you know which kind) and explains the beauty of your art, yet they are blinded by perversion and therefore can't see the true beauty of your artwork. This has happened between me and my mom. But I continued to draw nudity, even showed to different people and annoyed her with it, and yeah, continued life.

So, I went on a camping trip for the 4th of July, this one day... My dad and I were about to ride on my uncle's boat and when my dad got on, this is what happened...

My Dad: *gives me the "come here" hand-gesture*

Me: *PS: I was still standing on the dock* What?

Dad: Get in!

Me: What?

Dad: GET IN!

Me: *Facepalm*

So, I got on the boat anyway and ignored him for the rest of the ride. The only reason why I said "what" a couple times was because the motor on my uncle's boat was kind of loud

7 They let your little siblings get away with more than you do

MY little sister! She gets away with everything, and even when she gets told off, she goes all silent and cries, then she sulks forever. Like, my parents feel sorry for her, and she gets off the incident. Like, WHY?

I have asked my parents many times if they have a favorite child and they always say no but I know they do.

They gave me SUCH an ugly name. My name means "star" in Italian. I think my name is ugly. My sister has a BEAUTIFUL French name which is Juliet.

My sister is always so lazy. She doesn't turn the light off and she keeps the sink water running. So I turn it off and get mad at her for not turning it off and my parents are like "Take it easy on her!"

It's so annoying because they let her get away with everything and I get in trouble for it.

This might be offensive, but I feel my 17 year old autistic brother is privelaged simply because he's autistic. When he doesn't want to go to school, he doesn't have to. He has no responsibilities and has a blatant disregard to have feelings for others. He never remembers the important things about thanking others and only does them not because he wants to but simply because he's told to. He's annoying and done nothing about it and most importantly, reminince of his fetish acts are always found in the bath tub and every time I shower I have to power blast the bottom of the tub of the geletain that is found inside diapers. He is making my life so hard.

My brother is constantly hitting, kicking and punching me and he never gets in trouble. I guess its because he does it so often and my parents are used to seeing it happen. Whenever I retaliate I get in big trouble and am told to take the higher ground and not react. Sometimes, it's like I am his personal punching bag. I will complain to my parents and they'll tell me to stop whinging, they don't realise how much force he can actually throw into a punch and how much it can hurt.

8 They never understand

Man, this is pretty true. My parents are so strict with things. When I make a little mistake, they get so mad at me! Also, I get very little freedom. Here's an example. One time when I got a candy cane from my teacher, my parents just let me eat a tiny slice of it and then they promise me that I can have some more the next day, yet when the next day comes, they throw it out! When I find out they always say "Oh sorry, I didn't know. I tried talking it out with my parents, and they still act this way! They also never leave me alone. They need to understand that I'm an introvert and don't like being very social. They tell me to be social to others even after I tell them that. They also tell everyone that they possibly know everything that they can possibly find out about me. I find it really annoying. I don't feel safe around them, and I think I'm getting depression from them. I feel abused, let down, that the future is hopeless. And they don't even care! If you'd like to reach out for ...more

DUDE YES. So I get that it's my parents' jobs to not give me too much privacy, but at the same time I can't stand it when I walk into my room after school, shower etc and find that (insert item) is missing. I tried to talk it out with my mom but she pulled the "Why? What are you hiding?" as well as the "it's my house, I can go wherever I damn want to". Also, in a bout of courage I came out to my mom as bisexual. Now she thinks I don't understand that friends can be just friends and is constantly telling me that I DON'T like-like my friends, which sucks because I never suggested that I did, AND she feels that she gets to tell me who I can have a crush on. I recently found that I think I'm actually a lesbian and the plan is NOT to tell her. Hmm, and she wonders why I DON'T tell her things….

Not to mention that I am apparently lazy, too damn smart to be getting such bad grades, a liar, stubborn and dramatic. I've actually been having frequent depressive episodes because I feel ...more

I feel misunderstood in my family. My parents and other relatives hug and kiss me, but I'm haphephobic. I told my parents them this and that I think it's uncomfortable, but they blow it off. I also have to do what they tell me to do. I just feel so submissive when I do that. This is a reason why I have trouble standing up for myself in front of my peers who are mean and even my parents. I was also really scared coming out as atheist to them, because I thought they'd be super mad. I'm also not allowed to have social media and all of my friends have it. I feel like they like me less ever since I told them that I was an atheist.
Update: I can have social media, but only Snapchat.

Even My classmates that aren't my best friends understand me better than they do. My parents don't understand how I feel when they force me to do a test with little kids. They think that I shouldn't complain because it's "to make me smarter". Seriously, don't only care about education, care about people's feelings too. My classmates, on the other hand, understand how it feels like to be surrounded in little kids and forced to do kiddy things. They know how embarrassing it is

9 They call it arguing but you call it explaining

So true. Like today, I was doing school (I do online) and one said missing because my teacher hadn't seen it yet. So, my mom did her usual 2-year-old temper tantrum, and I tried to explain. That just made her madder and she accused me of arguing. My word.

One time I went out with my mom to have lunch with some other mothers and their kids. I was sitting there being polite. Barely talking, and when I did, I spoke quietly (in contrast with the loud voices of the other kids). I just sat there and ate for over an hour before I managed to get 20 minutes on my mother's phone. 10 minutes after I started to get a headache. I told my mom and said I just wanted to lie down in the car. I even specifically stated that she could still stay: just give me the car keys so I can lay down to rest.

Apparently that was like telling her that I was picking on kids in school or something, because she turned very nasty then. She started rambling about how I was just trying to go home early (despite the fact I said she could stay) and started to blame the fact that I spent 20 minutes on her phone. Even though I've watched videos on smaller phones for 50 minutes before and did not get a single headache, she insisted it was because of the phone. When I ...more

My mom asked me about someone in my class and I told her about them. I was a little annoyed I had to answer this, so when I answered, I sounded a little annoyed. Then, my mom and dad went on for an hour of how I can never be happy and will never be grateful for anything. The explained being grateful and happy to me like it was a foreign concept. They act like I'm the luckiest person in the world just because I'm an only child, and they get me things, which to them is like spoiling me. Then I ran up to my room and cried for a few minutes, then my dad tells me to bring his phone to him like nothing happened!

My mom got mad at me for making a "disrespectful comment" and so I tried to explain to her what I felt happened, and she ended up screaming at me and telling me I had to stay home from somewhere she signed up for me to go, and that she had already bought stuff to take there, like she's punishing both of us now. I am so pissed right now I have a headache and I've been screaming into pillows for hours now. And the thing is, she doesn't even care. Parents don't understand anything, they only know what they want to know.

10 They are liars

When my brother decided to study music as a major and a career, my mom was supportive of him. She said, "I'll let you chase your dreams" and that "I'll let my kids decide their future". Thus, I had a conversation about my aspirations, and it went like this:

Me: Mom, I want to be an artist. (I'm in tenth grade by the way)

Mom: No. That'll never happen. You MUST become a dentist. Art will just be a hobby for you.

Me: Why?

Mom: You'll just starve and live as a beggar if you are an artist.

Me: But you let my brother pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Why won't you support my dreams? I don't want to become my dentist. I'm not interested in it. I love art, so I want to make it my career. Wouldn't it be great if my career would be something that I love to do? I have no interest in being a dentist.

Mom: Look. Dentists have high salaries. That's why you MUST become a dentist. Since you're my child, you have to listen to me. You won't have a ...more

I was just explaining to my mom how I want to start coding and creating games, making videos and editing them, trying to invent things, designing and acting (I'm 7th grade). My mom says that if you do that in your life, you will never use your brain and therefore you will have a dull life. She also apparently says that you will live the rest of your life poor and nobody will like you. Then I said that it wont interfere with my school. Then, she says that after you retire your job you can start doing those things. My dad totally agrees with me and thinks that it is a great idea and he will sign me up for plays right away. My mom says I can do it after I retire. She says I need to be an engineer and work for somebody but I just want to do any type of art where I can use my imagination and nobody can tell me what to do. I will do it though.

My mom has a secret boyfriend and its obvious. She sings love songs all day, texts all the time, and goes out without a explanation. I read her texts without her knowing at the store once, and she had a boyfriend. I talked to her about it, and she said "its just a friend" even though they were sexting each other. I told her I know she likes him, and she yelled at me that I destroyed her social life, she has no social life, and she still denies it. Once a MILLIONAIRE liked her, and she chased him off without my bro knowing! She told my bro the same things! I never believe her up to this day. She lies every day.

The same thing happened today! I'm on my back porch with the T.V. on and the doors are closed, we keep our ladder on the back porch and her room was next to the porch but apparently she was in the restroom when she claimed she was calling for me but I couldn't really hear her at all. When I try to defend myself politely saying" I couldn't hear you" she tells me to "Shut up and bring the ladder in here! " She always accuses me of lying when I'm really not so I just walked out of the house to avoid saying anything I shouldn't

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11 They compare you to other people, but when you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you're not other kids

Me being a 15 year old boy belonging to the worst family ever need which, everyone keeps fighting with each other can say a lot about it. I feel very bad telling that they are looking after me just because they want to use me. They think when I'll grow up, I'll become their puppet and continue his business. All the hard work I do, and all the credit goes to my dad. My mom thinks that when I grow up, she will convince me and then I will make her famous. I have realised it but what about my younger brother? They have made it out that I have understood their intentions and that's why, I am being tortured and my younger brother is being supported. That is why my brother has forgotten all his manners and is now wicked. This happens with me everyday so I'm voting.

My mom is always comparing me to other people. "Patricia doesn't do this to her parents! Then why do you? " Or "You need to be more like, let's say Melissa, Melissa! She at least gets out to meet new people! " Yeah, well all the times that you've said "I'm not perfect." Or you yell at me when I say I don't want to do my face, Proactive, and I say I like it the way it is. Even sometimes at night I hear her talking to my grandma, we live with her, and saying mean things about me and everything I do wrong and my grandma tries to help, but it's always my fault something's happened... sometimes when I'm at my dads I think she takes that time to do it.

I really hate that! I want Call of Duty so bad and mom doesn't let me play it! She's always like "Ooh, you have to be 17 to play it, you're to little to play it! DUH." Good parents go by MATURITY, not age! (Although they should be 17 to turn the goriness on) I want my mom to stop treating my like a baby and treat me like a man! I wish she would just wake up and realize that I am mature enough to play! And yet my parents say I'm old enough to make my bed, but still "too little" to play Call of Duty.

P.S. My dad's been no help at all. He just takes my mom's side for everything, despite his "manliness".

Getting a phone is not that easy in my family, especially since my sister didn't get hers until she was 16, and it was a flip phone.
So I saw a major outbreak in phones in my recent years, resulting in me begging my parents for one, of course they told me I had to wait and that just because some kids have them doesn't mean that I can get one. Well I didn't get one until I was 12, and now that I'm basically 14, they still threaten me to take my phone and turn it into a flip phone since I don't take my phone to Walmart or public... I have to question life now.

12 They always think they are right

Look, I know my parents might think they know everything because they're adults, but COME ON! Just the other day I was talking to my mom and my dad comes storming into the kitchen yelling at me like "Rachel! You're supposed to be taking the garbage out! Not sitting around the house! " And then I realized it WAS garbage day, so I just went to go put the garbage near the road. But that's when the problem began: I asked him what garbage had to go out, and he answered saying the blue bin, the compost, and the garbage. I wasn't sure if that was correct, because I looked outside and everyone had their black bins and garbage out, so I looked it up on my tablet and told my dad it actually was the black bin and the garbage that had to go out. And guess what he did? He threw a hussy fit right there on the spot! He kept on telling me "No! You're wrong! It's the blue bin instead of the black bin, and blah, blah, blah." So of course my response was to correct him, and he continued with his ...more

I love my mom and everything, I even appreciate when she grounds me and I deserve it. I also appreciate all the life lessons she give to me, but this really gets me angry lot of times. She NEVER recognizes things she say or do to me that are just not right at all, she also NEVER understands certain situations where I think I deserve to be understood (also, considering I'm a teen). You can't argue with her or say a word or you are being "disrespectful" and you have to obey because she is your mother...I always have to be the one that asks for forgiveness, even if it's all her fault or she is overreacting!

In my family, I must listen to whatever my parents say, even if I disagree. Why? Because it's apparently "respectful" and they "worked hard to raise me". Yes, they probably did work hard to raise me, but why am I not allowed to make my own opinions or choices for simple things like the way I hold a bowl?! They say that I'm in debt to them because they raised me. That doesn't mean that they should control everything I do. If I do make a remark or opinion on something like whether passion is more important or a good job, they often make snide remarks about my opinion. If I dare to point out that they're rejecting my idea completely, they just say that I'm too sensitive. It's quite obvious that they are disagreeing with me and trying to passive-aggressively insult me. Well, it's either that or they flat say they disagree and turn into a full-on debate. And then they start insulting my Chinese and how it's terrible and they can't understand it. If I start pointing that out, then they'll ...more

My parents are like, completely overreactive. They also have like, really outdated views. Sometimes I play some games and I haven't even got on the 3-minute mark, they just gone ballistic right on the spot and start yelling at me! The worst thing is that they always think they're right and I'm some sort of trash or something. I play Geometry Dash and MInecraft and my mom thinks they're some sort of R-rated FPS game with maximum level of blood and gore! Can you believe it? We have a photocopier's store and sometimes I try to help them as much as possible and what did I get? A bunch of yelling right into my face even though what I did was COMPLETELY right. Parents should really change their perspective.

13 They demand control over your electronics

My parents took my phone because they told my grades didn't meet their expectations and I got 94 percent and I had the highest marks in my class.
And after 2 months they shaved my head completely without any reason and they said my hair is matted and it was not matted at all. Then I argued with them and they said they are older than me and know what to do . I'm 14 and I think I can make the decision to shave my head or not . But no they don't let me play games on my computer which I bought myself from my hard earned money. They also compare me with my friend but my father got furious when I said that my friend's father's income is twice than his.

My parents do this a ton, and it's so annoying & inconvenient. The put time on my video games on my PC, letting me play from 6 to 7. But dinner usually cuts 20 minutes off of that. I told my dad about it, but he still doesn't want to change it. And I can't even do anything on any electronic except at 3 and 4. I can't look something up, which would be very useful because I am homeschooled.

When I was like 10, My friend told me about discord so I got an account and we started messaging each other. He invited me to a server with a couple other of my friends. Then my mom asked for my account info so I told her. Then I found out she was looking at all of my messages. My friends found out, and they banned me from the server because my mom was also looking at their messages.

When we get/receive our electronics, it implies that they belong to us, and we control them, but even for the slightest things, they instantly become theirs.
"Mom, I got a 86 on the final"
"That's so bad! Give me your phone, NOW! "
"But the class average was a 79! And I had the highest grade in the class. Oh, my stomach hurts"
"Its probably because of that stupid phone. Give it to me before I take it and chuck it out the window! "
Jesus Christ parents are the biggest setbacks to anything you try to accomplish ever

14 They take your things regardless of your permission

Every time my family goes out to dinner, my dad expects me to give him a bite of my food. Sometimes my mom does that and even my sisters. I don't ask them for THEIR food because I don't want it, but why does everyone want bites of my food. One time at an amusement park, my mom took SEVERAL bites of my ice cream and I was mad. Guess what she did, she grounded my because I gave her "a dirty look". I feel like I'm not even allowed to show the slightest BIT of frustration if my parents have wronged me. One time there was this guy in the house and my mom needed money. I had to give her 60 dollars to pay the guy when she could've used her own money. She said she'll pay me back, but she has yet to do it. I just want to make a rule in my family where we only use and are responsible for our own stuff and to not interfere with other people's property.

So I guess my mom though that I was asleep one night and she walks into my room (I don't say anything to her or let her know that I'm awake as I wanted to see what she was doing in my room at 1:30am. I watch her walk around with a flashlight and open my desk drawer and take out my wallet take something out and then put it back, close the drawer and leave. I checked my wallet in the morning and there was more that $100 missing! I asked her if she knew if my sister took it (obviously knowing the answer already) and she said that she wasn't sure and that she would ask my sister later. I then check my wallet again the next day and there was $50 dollars more that there were the previous day. So she had put some money back in my wallet. I ask her about it the next day and she admits that she took the money and that she has been doing it for years. I am now 19 and I have since then moved out of my parents house and have my own now. My mom never did pay me back.

My room gets dead hot in the summer because the sun is in the window 12 hours a day. I came up with a technique that can cool it off somewhat. I just keep my fan on 1 and revolve. I get a breeze. When she does child care she takes my fan and puts it in her much cooler room to keep the single napping child cool she's got her own fan. In the middle of the night I have absolutely NO sheets or blankets on with my fan on 3 and I'm laying in my own sweat. So I go in my mom's room and sleep in there. She gets mad and asks me why when I tell her, she just makes up excuses.

My mom always take my allowance away from me. She says that she'll pay me back by the time she gets a salary. The result is I wanted to get my money back but she'll never give me all her loans to me.

Lucky for her I did not ask her about her loans from me years ago. If I would estimate how much did she loan to me for my entire life, it would reach more than a hundred dollars.

15 They tell you to be quiet after asking you a question

"So, how was school today?" "Well, I learned about the human-" "Oh, that's great! Now let me quiz you on it! How many bones are in the body?" "Well, counting the femur, there are-" "You obviously didn't pay attention! Are you getting good grades?" "I got an 86 out of 100 on the test last week, but I was sick for half of-" "Oh, okay, but why didn't you get 100? Well, I missed three classes last-" "Sure, sure, okay. Well, I guess your phone, iPad, and all your other electronics are mine until you get your-" "But, Mom, I-" "DON'T INTERRUPT ME, YOUNG LADY!"

This is a big part of why I am such a quiet person. All growing up, whenever I would try to say something, my parents and even other people would tell me to be quiet or ignore me, so I eventually just stopped talking. Then as I got older, everyone would get annoyed or call me a name because I didn't participate in their conversations, usually because I don't have anything to say about whatever it is they are talking about, or because I don't care about the topic.

To the person who got scratched by their dumb cousin, I feel bad for you! Getting scratched with the tip of a correction tape hurts a lot! Your mom doesn't know how it hurts and wants you to be the bigger person and bear the pain.

Mom: "So what did you learn in school today? "

Me: "Well in history I-"

Mom: "Can you save it for later I'm trying to do something! "


Dad: "How was your day? "

Me: "It was good but-"

Dad: "SHUSH I'm trying to save the world here! " *Goes back to playing skyrim*

What's the point in asking if you won't even listen!?

16 They think they hold your future

My parents are Christians and they stand against secular music. I create beats and I love to sing too, both gospel music and secular music. My parents; especially my Dad, would forbid me to go audition for a secular show to be in a secular music industry so I can finally have a life to live and get out my parents home. I made too many excuses why I didn't do this sooner but this time this year, I'm gonna go after my dreams and I don't care what they have to say about anything. It's my life, and I'm gonna live it.

My parents want me to be a musician, following THEIR unreached childhood aspirations. They forced me to take piano lessons.
They yell at me and insult me when I didn't played well and said stuff like If I disagree with them, I'll end up being poor without any way to earn income.
On the other side,
I want to be a doctor. I wanted to help many others. I do well at school and I have a lot of potential to be a doctor when I grow up. But they'll never see it.
Because they keep forcing me to be what THEY want and not want I want.

I think when it comes to parenting, I know that most parents out there probably think that they can hold their child's future by controlling things when it comes to what they should be and what they shouldn't be when they grow up. And I think that's bad parenting because while I do understand there are parents who wants their kids to be a doctor, scientist, mathematician, vet, psychologist, architect, teacher, lawyer, or professor for example, that might not be their passion, and I do think parents shouldn't force their kids to pick one of those professions if they're not passionate or good at it. What if your kids wants to be an actor, professional gamer, YouTuber, musician, athlete, blogger, or painter simply because they're passionate and skilled on one of those professions? It's not like every people wants to pick the same professions just cause their parents force them to. They're gonna be a grown ups, and it's not up to you parents to hold their future. Also, I know this comment ...more

Well what happened today, I had an assignment to do and you all know assignments have a set date.
I was supposed to be with my girlfriend but at last minute I was told she can't come. I asked why, the response was you havn't done your homework, my response assignment before I repeat myself let me explain what an assignment is an assignment is a set of work to do with a subject due on a particular date. But still no you haven't done your homework, so I told dad to stop the car and I just walked home because I have never been so angry in my life (I punched the car door) and no I'm not just a spoiled brat who wants everything I very rarely ask for anything.

17 They restrict your freedom

I know absolutely no one with less freedom than me. They have to know the password to every account I ever make. I'm rarely allowed to be anywhere without my parents there except for school. I've been homeschooled up until now. I'm not allowed to have friends my parents don't about, and certainly not a girlfriend. At night, I'm not allowed to close the door so that I can't masturbate (I go in the bathroom). I'm not allowed to use the bathroom at night either. If I leave my room at night even once, they'll ground me for a week or so. I'm not allowed to use earphones. I'm not allowed to have unsupervised access to the internet.

In terms of religion, this happened to me. I was forced to join the corrupt Roman Catholic Church instead of serving my Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ and following their Word. I was abused for saying no, and it was difficult growing up. Despite this, God looked at me with pity and my friend and mentor, made a lot of great websites, such as Signs of the End Times. I am 22 now and this happened about 10-11 years ago. But other than that, my parents gave (and still give) me TONS of freedom. I've spent days alone at home since I was 11 playing Demons' Souls and they didn't even ask anything, except maybe to check on me every now and then.

It's so annoying. They don't let me get any social media, they let me get a Wattpad account but I think the forgot about it. Last year my friends wanted to go to another neighborhood for Halloween and my mom didn't let me go because she wouldn't be there to watch which pretty much ruined Halloween for me. She hardly lets me out of her sight. Like I'll be upstairs in my room minding my own business and she just yells at me to come downstairs cause she wants to see me. I'm not allowed to say words that are considered bad around her. Like one I said "it sucks" she threatened to put "soup" in my mouth if I said it again and she got all worked up when I said "".

I'm 12 she goes through my phone history always asks what I'm on and she says I can't go to a friends house unless she knows the parents. She won't even let me text to my friends (even though I don't have any... ) and I'm gonna have to delete my history after being on here. She says I can't go outside without asking because someone might "take me away." I'm super smart and can run fast I have watched so many I survived episodes so if anything like that does happen I'll be prepared. Two years ago I had to ask her before eating something. I mean seriously! I'm in perfect health!

18 They don't value your choices

So I live in California, and I'm a sophomore in high school. My dad wants to move our family to Tennessee. While Tennessee is a nice place and all, it doesn't feel like home, I'm a California person, I want the beach, and the warm temperatures. Plus, my whole family and friends live in California. The reason why my dad wants to move us over there is only because he is tired of being a teacher and wants to create a record pressing plant. Not to mention, all the places he wants to move to are at least a half hour away from the the city. He isn't even considering me and my brother, or my mom. Its all for himself. I wish that there was some other place that would fit both his needs and my own, because if we do move, we are gonna be lonely, I'm gonna have to start off fresh in a new high school where I don't know a single person. Perhaps, I will adjust to it, and will eventually like it more than California, but its gonna be tough no doubt, our first year there.


My parents are so annoying.

I got grounded for -- as my parents put it-- "ignoring the rules and trying to fit in" ("posting" to Instagram. Apparently I can only have it if I don't post anything. The "post" I made wasn't even a post -- it was a comment. -- And I didn't even make the comment! My neighbor did on my account! -- Plus, I had a private account so if I did a REAL post, nobody would see it except my friends anyway.

Meanwhile, my dad posts every picture he HAS of me to Facebook with embarrassing captions, and despite the pervs who have --multiple times-- seen my photos, my dad still thinks his Facebook is safer than my instagram.

Our house was for sale, and I didn't want to move. My parents asked me if I still wanted to move. I said no (I was madly in love with someone in my school). They told me my descision mattered 2 months before and now they tell me it doesn't matter how you feel. The parents make the rules around here.

Mom said "What would you like for dinner? " when we go out. Dad said "Me and your mom would like satay" My brother screams "PIZZA" while I just sat there because I know whatever I said we're going to eat satay anyway

19 They act like they a 2-year-old when they are angry

Honestly, when I try to explain anything to my parents when they're angry, they just repeat the same thing over and over, just louder each time.

Nice job, guys. As if that makes what you're saying any more right.

I have gotten told that I was acting like a 2-year-old because I was ranting. I get that wasn't the subject here, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

Okay one time my little sister pooped all over her big white teddy bear and my dad yelled at her like a two year old and I could have said something to him but I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want him to get mad at me. By the way typing this was so funny!

YES that is my dad, he acts so stupid when he's mad, and that's like all the time.

20 They're overprotective

WHY do parents have to be sooo overprotective?
Like, I'm just going to go out with my friends, they want to know who I'm going with, where I'm going, what time I'll be back, etc. If I go home a second later than I said I would, they say 'I can't trust you', and not let me go out for the next week or so.

Itskenny, I know it sounds racist, but I have no control over my Asian parents' beliefs. Most are friendly and won't harm us, but they would still make me avoid them due to the stereotype of black people and crime thing. My mom will obviously make me avoid:

-groups of black teen boys
-old homeless black men

There is one exception to this: I have a black friend who used go the same high school as me and sometimes we see each other in public. I'm allowed to say hi to him.

You know Marlin? Nemo's dad? How he didn't want "anything to happen" to Nemo? Yeah, that kind of suffocating, overprotective love that is just too much for our own good. Oh, and let's not forget the famous quote that overprotective parents always use, "It's not that I don't trust YOU, I just don't trust the people AROUND you! "

This is my parents. They're Asian. They literally take overprotection up to eleven. Some of the things they enforce include:

-no school trips
-no cooking because you will bet burned
-no going somewhere alone
-avoid every black person or dog in the streets
-1 bite of dessert=you automatically get diabetes

21 They see only negative things inside you

My mom almost never points out anything good about anyone, if I'm doing something like writing an email to my teacher or something while she's talking to me she'll be all like, "Why aren't you listening to me? I bet you're just getting bored of me. You don't even like me, do you?" And I'll be like, "No, I'm listening!" And she'll just IGNORE that and be all like "God knows best." Like what?

But my mom is pretty great, this is just me ranting, and I know many other people have much worse mothers.

My mom never bothers to talk to me about things that I like, and I like a lot of different things. She always chooses topics that I don't really like and then he gets mad. "you don't like anything" or "you're such a negative person" and I'm just like "oh please just stop".

Then later I get the conversation like "People won't like you, you'll never get a job, you'll have no boyfriend or friends". Says the single woman with 0 friends and a disgusting personality.

My mum thinks I only complain, so when I actually want to say something that has to do with negativity, she complains about how I complain so much. So apparently she thinks I need help cause I talk to myself so much, when she took away all my internet friends, and thinks it's my fault I have no friends and get bullied. Does she even know how lonely I am? Sure I sneak on the internet every once and awhile, but I can't actually talk with anyone anymore. I just want a friend now...just one real friend :(

All the time! Seriously, I have 3 A's in school, I'm really nice to my friends, I work hard, I treat animals well, I'm good with kids, I'm funny, and I act and make short films. However, screw all that, you know what they see? Lazy, selfish, one bad math grade, anger issues. I'm so sick of it

22 They make you feel like a horrible person because of your decisions

Like when you 18 years old (senior year) and you finally find a guy you like, but they hate him immediately and don't even know him, they just judge him by his looks and his friends and they let you know they don't like him every chance they get. Also let me just point out I have never had a boyfreind either. They also always tease me that I will be alone for the rest of my life, if I don't find someome. Talk about confusing.

Every time I want to take a break from their judgmental remarks and from school, they always bother me and then I tell them I want to stay in my room and they're like: WHY?

And then I get stressed again because they don't understand that I like being alone sometimes!

Happens every single time no matter what I tell them.

I'm 13 and I've made some bad decisions I have hit people had the police involved but I know I'm not a bad person I just make stupid choices and no matter how small the incident my parents always start calling me names. E.g I wrote someone is gay on a bin at school get in a days detention tell my mum say I'm sorry. So she calls me a little boy. Now that was last year and it still hurts. Every time I do something wrong my dad calls me a disgrace, an embarrassment says I'm an animal.and sometimes I feel they don't love me

When I was little I didn't want to go to my grandmas house because I didn't feel good. I told my mom and she said "but grandma is lonley a lot, and feels no one loves her. She is also old so your not gonna see her soon, but hey its your decision." And with that said I went to my grandmas house.

23 They deny half of what you say even when they know it's true

Ya, pretty much. They think they always know what's best, but they don't. I'm missing school tomorrow and I don't want to do my homework. My mom thinks I need to for some nonexistent reason. I can turn it in next week without having it marked late. She won't listen though. Whenever I ask her why, she says, "because I'll ground you if you don't." And also, "so you don't lose points" hello?!?! I already told her I wouldn't lose points. Then she told me it wasn't her fault if I didn't care about my grades. It wasn't my fault that she was too busy planning out her next argument that she didn't listen, like she always is. She needs to actually listen to other people. It's really rude!

So true. They avoid the blame for everything just because they're the adults. This is a minor example but they have done it in more serious situations too: I was at the mall and my dad got me pretzel bites. Since we had just watched a movie I asked if I could bring the pretzel bites in the van. "No," my mom said, "I still need to talk to your dad." Something like that. Then when I finished my pretzel bites I asked "Can I get some more, to-go? " And my mom said, "You should have asked to go to the van if you wanted them in the van." Excuse me!?!?!? I DID ask for that, but nooo, you were so busy talking that you didn't listen to me! Then she blamed ME for not being able to eat pretzel bites in the van. Apparently it's my fault that she talks too much. No, she's just trying to avoid the blame for it, just because she's the adult and parent and I'm just a stupid minor. Grrr...

I am the one who described my family and my pain on no. 3 and various other. This also happens with me when I say negative facts about my brother. Imagine how I'm living.

Yeah, my dad does that every time, such as:

Dad: "Tomorrow morning you're going to work."
Me: "No, I have school."
Dad: "Yes, you are."
This goes on back and forth for like two or three times, then I say, "Dude, I have school tomorrow."
And he goes on with, "We can keep doing this if you want to keep being childish. I said Thursday morning."

Finally, I decide to ignore him, and it hurts my feelings that whenever I try to state my point that is very logical, my parents say I'm wrong, that's not true, etc. I even explained this to my counselor, and they said he was in denial. What? I cried because I'm painted as the villain, and my dad just won't accept my thoughts or my corrections.

24 They get mad when you prove them wrong

My mom just sits in one corner and listens to stupid music and when I tell her she's the one not doing her mother-job she just says I play my computer games too much. Oh really? I don't. And sometimes when she sees something interesting on her phone she smiles and I try to be nice to her (It's hard to see her smiling when you're unhappy) but she just says "Oh I'm not smiling. Probably I did it by accident." And then I said, "Can you please use your earplugs to listen to music, Mom. I don't like your music." Then she gets angry and she says "Then you cover your ears! " I mean like what, whose Mom is as stupid as mine?!

She always try to get on her smartphone to chat with friends or look up stuff but then I sit in a corner always doing my homework. Sometimes I get really fed up. What's more when I complete my homework I get no game-time. Or free-time.

I'm really angry and it's luck I can post this here without my mom seeing I'm using the computer.

On saturday, I'm allowed to play games. This time she let me play as much as I wanted. I asked her if she was going to get mad at me in the middle and she PROMISED me that she won't go nuts no matter how long I play. She gets back from her parent's house and finds out that I played for 8 hours. She gets mad at me and grounds me. I tell her that she let me play as much as I WANTED, yes as much as I wanted. I even did all my homework before I started. And she grounds me and wont stop talking about it. It was only 9 pm and she was shouting and she woke up my dad. My dad was sick.

I completely agree with this one. Once me and my dad were talking about the capital city of some country in Africa, I don't even remember which one, and he said this was the capital. He was wrong so I was like, No that's not the capital dad, this is. When he didn't believe me I even went on Google to prove it, and when I ended up being right he mumbled something about kids nowadays giving no respect to their parents.

My dad just told me today to get something to eat. I told him I wasn't hungry. He came back 5 minutes and told me again, I said the same thing and he got mad at me and kept forcing me to get something to eat. I just marched out of my room and just took my leftover cheeseburger and had that. I just wish my mom would see how bad of a person my dad is so that she would just sign a divorce so I wouldn't have to see him again.

25 They say "who are you texting?"

So so true and annoying. Whenever I'm seen on my phone or any electronic, which I'm barely on, they will snatch it from me and say I'm on it too much. I'm always spending time with them, so when I get alone time, I try to text my friends which is not that much. I purposefully go to my room for a few moments just to text or go on the Internet, but they either barge in and see me and take it away. They say I'm on electronics too much, but they just happen to catch me on them at those rare moments. It's really starting to get to me.

I honestly think that they enjoy seeing all the texts in our phones. I always chat with my friends in our group chat. Mom and dad keeps looking at my phone so they could know who I'm chatting with. When my mom had to go to school to get my report card, she asked my class adviser if I have a boyfriend. I knew that from our class adviser before the last day of school. I mean seriously? Just because I'm texting or chatting with someone, doesn't mean that I have a boyfriend! Really, gosh!

A boy asked for my phone number, and I was kind of put on the spot so I gave it to him. I'm never going to see him again, and whatever "friendship" will blow over in a few weeks. My dad flipped and started yelling, and my mom is like I'm going to be monitoring this. They read ALL my texts, and they go to my dad's phone too. The always are constantly assuming I'm doing something wrong and I'm not doing anything! Ugh

This happens all the time. I was texting a guy friend of mine, keep in mind he's just my best friend I don't think of him in any other way or ever will, and I told her who I was texting. She snatched my phone and told me that I shouldn't be chasing guys. I told her that I don't like himand we were just talking about music. She starts reading my conversation and says I'm boy crazy just for having a long conversation wtih him. Then she called be desperate and now she thinks I sent nudes cause it was just a boy. No trust in me smh.

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