The Top Favorite Philippine Primetime Shows

This is to identify the best among the best shows here in the Philippines when in comes to night time.

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1 Marimar-Philippines (GMA 7)

This primetime deserves the first pot... Don't you know that before I click the "The Top Favorite Philippine Primetime Shows" I already expected that this show will got the first pot and it's true it's the first... In my whole life this show attracts me in the first place because the leading celebrities, marian rivera and dingdong dantes, are both very good in acting and of course the director ms. Joyce bernal, the combination is very perfect... And honestly it is better than the original marimar because they put much effort in this show. I love this show much and because of this show I have known the best actress of all, ms. Marian rivera, and all of there shows I watched... Very good show... Like it very much...

We love watching this drama, marian is very sexy at the same time very sweet and her character as marimar I love the way she dance

No doubt Marimar will forever be the top favorite Phil. Primetime show.. It had the best cast of artists and directors.. The story will never be forgotten & will always be remembered and treasured by all generation!...

The best...

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2 Pinoy Big Brother Edition (ABS-CBN 2)

the so called Big Brother Philippines - hatcher234

I just love PBB! GOD BLESS and still waiting for the next season...

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3 Encantadia

I really really love this show. I had fun watching all the characters, scenery, etc. It's a masterpiece.

I love this primetime show, the whole cast are super B...

Ito tlaga and the best

Too Bad! the fantasy has ended... avisala! but there is SEASON 2!

4 Walang Hanggang (ABS-CBN)

I absolutely love the story, you have to watch this, if you wont you will regret it badly

The BEST AMONG THE REST! GREAT show ever :) THUMP UP! KAPAMILYA shows are really great! *sight

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5 Amaya

True simply then the setting of the scene is very suit to the past ancient times.

Cause Marian Rivera is simply the best

Marian.. Wala na akong masabi))#gma na and gumawa eh..

6 Temptation of Wife (GMA7 Remake)

Temptation of wife is the best! It's almost as good as tr original one. Marian Rivera is a really great actress!

Basta si marian... No one can beat her...

7 My Husband's Lover (GMA Network)

Haha its one and only first show with these type of story ever happen in the Philippine T.V..

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8 The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN)

Great cast, especially to beautiful angel locsin

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9 One True Love (GMA-7)
10 It's Showtime (ABS-CBN)

This is the best noontime show ever! It has the trending segment "Sine Moto, "Bida Kapamilya", specially "Kalokalike"! The Best!

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The Contenders

12 Pangarap na Bituin (ABS-CBN 2)

The Jewel sisters as popularized by ruby as maja salvador, sapphire as rica peralejo/ nikki gil, and emerald as played by sarah geronimo. - hatcher234

13 Got to Believe (ABS-CBN)
14 TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN 2)

anchored by karen davila, julius babao and ted failon! - hatcher234

15 24 Oras (GMA 7)

They are reliable and honest, I am not into any station only I love watching news so I found them so true...

I like watching their news because they're not bias. They would air each side of the issues. What I like most is that they have the investigative reporting method. And through 24 Oras they have helped a lot of needy Filipinos just like the Sendong victims and everythin'. They would see to it that the aid will go directly to the people who need it.. Yes they're really TRUE..

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16 Munting Heredera (GMA7)
17 Makapiling Kang Muli (GMA Network)

Starred by Richard Gutierrez and Carla Abellana

18 My Husband's Woman
19 GGV
20 Ikaw Lamang

Outstanding performance of the cast headed by Kim Chui with a masterpiece story. pang award talaga!

21 Sana'y Maulit Muli (ABS-CBN 2)

the most popular teen-oriented show aired in ABS-CBN, reign as the most watched show ever in the primetime philippines - hatcher234

I love the story of sana maulit muli! this is one of the best shows I ever watched! - niceepinay

22 Mara Clara Remake (ABS-CBN 2)

Mara and Clara is the best soap ever to me. In Tanzania we love it.

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23 Yasabella

The best movie... Really enjoyed it

24 Lastikman (ABS-CBN 2)

As played by the funniest comedian in philippine television, vhong navarro. also starring roxanne guinoo, jake cuenca, iya villa´┐Ża as his love interst! - hatcher234

25 Princess Sarah-Philippines (ABS-CBN 2)

the remake of the movie princess sarah originated in france as played by the star circle kid quest first-runner up sharlene! - hatcher234

cause sarah is so bright child the is my opinion

26 Immortal (ABS-CBN)
27 La Vendeta (GMA 7)
28 Budoy (ABS-CBN)

Starring Gerald Anderson this show is one of the best show ever

29 Luna Blanca (GMA7)
30 Wil Time Big Time (TV5)
31 Juan dela Cruz (ABS-CBN)
32 Zaido-Philippines (GMA 7)

another remake story of three powerful men as originated form japan! - hatcher234

33 Lorenzo's Time (ABS-CBN)
34 Maria Mercedes
35 Honesto
36 My Love From The Star (GMA)
37 Tayong Dalawa (ABS-CBN)

This is considered as one of the best and most memorable teleseryes in the past years... Should be in the top ten...

38 Forevermore

The best teleserye I have watched. It is a combination of drama, comedy, musical and the story is meaningful. I am proud of this teleserye. You deserve to win

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39 Maging Sino Ka Man
40 Pangako Sa'yo (ABS-CBN)

I think this is the best one. It even beat Marimar in ratings! Definitely it's better :))

41 Dyesebel (GMA 7)

Another one of the dramas Marian Rivera leads. It's such a great filipino T.V. series, it showcase the beautiful scenary of the seas in the Philippines. Great acting from Rivera and Dantes too.

43 Mirabella
44 Indio (GMA)
45 The Half Sisters
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