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1 Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I always loved and liked this character for many reasons. Then when I finally had the chance to read about him it just made me love him even him more. Knowing that you'll risk it all just to save your little brother and your heart for The Hidden Leaf village is truly amazing.

He's also mighty strong and has many tricks up his sleeve. Not to mention his intelligence is highly better and greater like no others as well is truly something.

His story was tragic but heroic just what you want out of a Legendary character he was.

I have many other characters in mind who are cool and amazing in their own way, but by far Itachi is my most favorable one of them all! Love the Naruto anime. Great show!

Naruto is an anime/manga that is, despite my nostalgic love for the series, littered with poor character writing. By the end of Shippuden, there are hardly any well written characters. Genuinely, not even one. The best three are Itachi, Shikamaru, and Gaara, but even these three have their issues. And Itachi is no exception. People point out, correctly, that he became a walking asspull. Even still, he is by far the best written character in the series, the only one with some level of depth, who doesn't just announce whatever it is they're thinking like an exposition robot, and, most importantly, one of the only characters to actually acknowledge his faults, to have even the smallest amount of self awareness.

Itachi never did anything for himself. He threw away the chance to live a happy life and he selflessly sacrificed everything for the sake of his village and his younger brother. He made sasuke get strong with hatred towards him and made sure to get punished by his beloved little brother for his actions. Even after joining an evil organization like akatsuki he looked out the safety of his village and his brother. Heck even after his death when he was reanimated he showed his desire to protect his comrades from the village by breaking loose from the reanimation jutsu and stopping it. He was, a loving brother, an excellent shinobi, definition of unselfishness, inspiring, wise, honourable, insanely strong, skilled, smart, quite, calm, caring, kind, mysterious, strategic, badass everything. That is why Itachi uchiha is by far the best Naruto character ever. He is L

When I was a little girl I used to watch Naruto and I first fell inlove with Itachi but I started to question that character after he wiped out his clan. I don't understand at first. "why Itachi? " But I keep watching Naruto until I grew up and I finally understand Itachi Uchiha. And I still love him to the very end and no end too. Itachi is a shinobi full of love and compassion. His skills are outstanding and he was very wise. He sacrificed everything for his brother and for the konoha. Even his own happiness. Though it is very painful for him to do that but he still did it for peace. In all of the anime heroes who always receive praises, heroes who posses bad- ass abilities, and beautiful leading ladies or love interests. Itachi differs from them. He choice hatred over love, rejection over honor and yet he still possess a true heart of a hero. A loving self-sacrificing heart. He's a hero in the shadow. Itachi Uchiha gains my respect for him. He is the best character for me.

2 Naruto Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto with his golden hair and orange clothes, he is the literal sun. He was hated and feared by the people of his village - the very village for which his parents sacrificed their lives. Pain did not turn him into a monster who inflicts similar pain unto others. He was kind and understood people's sadness all throughout his life. He was loyal to his comrades and befriended his enemies. He taught us that though we cannot control the things that happen in our lives, our path is for us to choose.

WHAT! Second place! What's Naruto doing in second place! The show wouldn't be called Naruto if if he wasn't the main character. It's not called Itachi. ITS CALLED Naruto. Naruto! I don't know if you have or haven't seen some of the latest episodes of Naruto or not, in those episodes Naruto becomes friends with the Nine tails and the Nine tails allows Naruto to use all of his power. And Naruto does use it multiple times throughout the series. It wasn't just a one time thing. So what I'm saying here is that Naruto is not only the main character of the anime Naruto but he can easily beat the crap out of Itachi any time, any day.

First of all, Itachi could not beat Naruto in sage mode. Itachi is not even close to as strong as Naruto, he's got the nine tails chakra mode and the full nine tails chakra mode which could literally destroy Itachi in the blink of an eye. The only way that you could think that Itachi is better than Naruto is by being a huge fanboy. I mean the show is named, literally named after Naruto himself. Do ya really think the author would let Naruto lose to someone that's barely even been in the series of Naruto. But I do agree that Itachi would've beat Sasuke, if he wasn't half blind during their death battle. And that's all.

Finally, I get to say something about him, our hero. He has always inspired me, whether it be his ninja way or just how he never gives up, never lets down his nakamas, or never gives up no matter what. I had always been cheering for him since day 1, and I still love him even now with hundredfold as much admiration and inspiration gained from him. He has really endured in his childhood and still came out positive and cheerful as ever. Just why he is so successful right now and has gained pretty much what he wanted, except for a certain arrogant pink haired girl who kept rejecting him.

I really love Uzumaki Naruto and I will agree that he is the best character.

3 Kakashi Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

Kakashi has always been one of my favorites. I have always known that Kakashi was one of the strongest characters, not in brute strength, and he doesn't have some tailed beast inside him, but he endured a horrible childhood. Yes, many other characters have too, but I think Kakashi's might be one of the worst. He never knew his mother, his father committed suicide, Obito "died" infront of him, he killed Rin and was forced to live with the shame and guilt when he didn't mean too, and he became cold and distant. He turned down many of the teams because they didn't know one simple thing, teamwork. Then he trained Team 7 into the great people they are today. Naruto is the Hokage, Sakura is a Jonin, and Sasuke is...well, of the most powerful shinobi of his time. Not saying that Kakashi was a Hokage himself. One of the best characters in Naruto.

The most well written and consistent characters of Naruto. Itachi,Naruto,Sasuke are strong characters but they're full of plot holes. Kakashi maynot be as strong as others but this copy Ninja sure has a thick strong character depth.

Kakashi trained Naruto into who he is today. He went through so much in his childhood. His parents died, his teammates died, and he went into a state of depression. But with him pushing his students to the max, he finally found a team worthy of his training. He shaped Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura into the legends they are. He shouldered so much as he took on the title Hokage, but I think he's always though he would make a great Hokage.

He made the main character into who he is today. Yes, other people had an impact on Naruto, but Kakashi was his sensei. He had the worst childhood. His mother died when he was very little, his father commited suicide because he (Kakashi's father) saved his friends, both of his teammates died, and he went into a state of depression. But he stayed good in the heart. He showed wisdom and experiance in his lessons for team 7, to put friends above duty. He is defindenty a character you should look up to as a child.

4 Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Sasuke is the most misunderstood character. For whatever tragic event that happened in his life, we see him dealing with it in a negative way. Yet, there are so many factors that led him along that path. He was always very introverted. As a kid, he had his own goals and he never really even wanted to make friends with the students of his academy. To him, his family was the only people he interacted with. His problems and goals all revolved around them - to make his father proud, to be like his perfect brother, to join the Konoha Military Police like his father. So, when he lost his family, he lost his whole life. When struck with tragedy some people hate themselves. Some hate the world. While Naruto had hatred towards himself thinking he is not trying hard enough or that he is not good enough, Sasuke had given up on the world. And this isolation and contempt made him suffer a lot. His journey has shown me that no matter how high the fall, no matter how far astray you've gone, you can ...more

Even though Naruto was the main character of the series, I found Sasuke's character to be most interesting. In the beginning, I felt as though he was forced to grow up faster than his peers. He was practically the one that made team seven a team. He was the one who taught Naruto and Sakura selflessness and teamwork. It broke my heart to see him leave the village, but I feel as though his departure forced Naruto and Sakura to develop a stronger strength of will. In Shippuden, I felt as though the show got ten times more interesting once Sasuke was brought back into the story line. Even with him progressively going down a darker and darker path. He is a very debatable character. Some people love him, some people hate him, and some people love and hate him at the same time. Some people absolutely loathe him because of his crimes: attempts to destroy the Leaf, kill all the Kage, nearly killed Karin, brought Orochimaru back, and much more. However, some people feel he is justified due to ...more

Sasuke is really a deep character. He is cool, calm and collective and olsa very emotional deep down. He is very goal oriented and can be cruel sometimes. I like him very much because he is a ture anti hero comparing to kind and soft Naruto. In my opinion he is more realistic in a sense.

Sasuke is definitely my favorite character in the series. He is achingly human; a complicated and conflicted character with many facets. No other character went through as much reflection and character development than Sasuke which made him a beautifully layered character. Every one of his words and expressions have a subtle undercurrent. He does not talk for 98% of the time, but when he does, it's like the clouds split open, sunlight hits them in the face and he out-talk-no-jutsus Naruto. He provides a different perspective of the shinobi world than others. Without a doubt the best character in the series.

5 Gaara Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.

Gaara had the worst childhood. Yes, so did Naruto and Sasuke, not mentioning Kakashi, but their parents died. Gaara's dad tried to kill him! His village ignored and feared him, and the only person he thought loved him hated him too. His siblings were kept from him also. That's the most terrible childhood. Yes, he turned into a killler machine, but its vaguely understandable. He was ripped from any love in his life, and nobody went to help him like Naruto and Sasuke. But he pulled through this and became Kazekage. A special character.

He has lost the most out of all the characters, everyone who he thought loved him didn't love him. Meanwhile Shukaku(1 tails) threatened to take over his body while he was asleep. Those 2 things made him feel lonely and have insomnia. So it's not a big mystery why he became a killing machine. He grew up with the philosophy that he was a monster, while also thinking no-one could love him, he only changed when he was fight naruto (another thing I want to mention, he was strong enough to kill almost everyone he saw in his way, so he was pretty strong.)

Gaara is amazing and deserves a good spot for many reasons. Not only is he powerful but he is also tactiful in his fights( except for when shukaku took over). Gaara would have won that fight with deidara if he didn't protect the village but the fact that he did shows his good character. In the beginning he was a bad guy due to his terrible past which is worse than Sasuke's but he changed for the better and worked hard to become kazekage. Gaara got my vote not only because of his powerful and incredible fighting style but mostly because of his story and personality and how he changed and grew.

His development and progression from a sweet yet abused child to the cruelest person alive and a sadistic, psychotic, completely insane and absolutely TERRIFYING serial murderer to an amazing philosopher and proud leader of his people with hordes of fangirls is incredible, to say the least. If only he wasn't so emotionless and had been able to find love...

6 Hinata Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

What?! This useless selfish stalker is higher than Shikamaru, Madara, Jiraiya, Neji and Guy?! She is the worst character in the show! The only thing she do is stalk Naruto. The reason of her high votes is because of her dedicated Hinatards

What makes Hinata a strong character is something that far surpasses beyond the simple idea her being the kindest of all Naruto characters, which she is. She is among the few characters in the series that consistently demonstrates the ideals and values celebrated by Ninja society: the Will of Fire, and staying true to one's Nindo, their Ninja Way. Hinata, like Naruto and Rock Lee, has always had the most to prove. Naruto was ostracized as the Jinchurriki and failed for years at the ninja academy; Rock Lee was a failure at ninjutsu and genjutsu and faced the possibility of dying from his surgery, or never doing taijutsu again; and Hinata was regarded as a failure as a ninja by her own family, with her father emotionally abusing her as being worthless and her own cousin attempting to murder her. However, all three of them refused to back down, and stuck to their ninja way. All three of them were underdogs who would keep battling even if they were sure they would die. It is these ...more

I was a bit torn over who to chose, Rock Lee is one of my favorites, but I choose Hinata. She's sweet and gentle and caring, but that doesn't stop her from being powerful. she's an inspiring character and one of the only Naruto characters that gets from little to 0 hate. She had a difficult childhood, not as bad as some, but hurtful and undeserving all the same. She saw Naruto as something special and one-of-a-kind before anyone else did. Not as a monster like almost all the rest. A perfect character.

Hinata is the easily best girl and I'm happy to see her in top ten. She taught us that no matter how much people belittle you and no matter how many struggles you go through, even if your own family kicks you out and wants to kill you, always work hard, never give up and never go back on your word and always face the battle no matter how impossible.
And lets never forget she acknowedged the boy who was called worthless and a monster by every single person. Hinata always puts others before herself. She is brave, honest, strong willed, sincere and kind. She has such a pure heart out of them all.

7 Shikamaru Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Shikamaru cool and all, and I honestly have nothing against but I didn't think he'd make it this far up. He's (to me, don't get me wrong) just a tad bit plain and not an overall interesting character. To brush this up, his most likeable arc is the one following on Asuma's death. This upset tend me because I didn't particularly like his character or death in the series. Asuma's a character that they don't pay attention to but when they have the intention of killing him off, try to make him a lovable character before his death (which is a bit rushed). Oops, I ranted about Asuma on Shikamaru section. MY BAD

I wish I could have his laid-back personality. Not the part that I want to be a cloud or anything like that, but I worry about school, and home, and chores, and I wish I could just stop. Shikamaru's not worried about anything. But when he puts his mind to something, you know you're going to win, no matter how long it takes. A wonderful character.

Intellectual, calm, collected and really wonderful. I love his pineapple hairdo.

Shikamaru is interesting because he seems really lazy sometimes (which can be a bit annoying) but behind his laziness; he is formulating endless battle strategies. What a badass character! He is so direct about his feelings for his friends and allies too; a really caring man.

And man, when Shikamaru sets his mind to something; HE DOES IT.

Also Shikamaru and Temari's dynamic is so good

I love shikamaru. He might act lazy, but you know he will get the job done if it is important. Even if he might say things are a drag, you know that out of everyone there he is the one who has the most sense. It's just that you know he is one of the most dependable. I really love the fact that he determined to remain lazy. The most impressive lazy genius. He should be number one on this list, cause in the end you really need brains liked his to get out of a tough situation

8 Rock Lee Rock Lee is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

One of my favorite characters of Naruto. At first I couldn't stop laughing with the funny duet of Lee and Sakura, not mentioning Lee and Guy! And I couldn't stop crying when Gaara crushed him leg and arm. Never ending determination is something we all wish we had, but Lee has it. A spirit of fire will always burn bright in him. Unique in his own way, without genjutsu or ninjutsu, you would think that would make him weak, but it only makes him stronger. My favorite of almost all of the characters, Lee will always be with us.

Rock Lee is a very unique, funny, interesting, and overall powerhouse character. Lee has charm in his personality and he has been my favorite character ever since I first saw him. People like him is why the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover" exists because although he looks weak, he's incredibly strong. He can't use any ninjutsu or genjutsu and he doesn't need to because he is really that strong with arguably being the best taijutsu ninja EVER! Lee was so strong, he was the second strongest genin leaf ninja (he took down Sasuke with ease plus he doesn't count as a leaf ninja anymore since he left the village) Overall, he is an amazing character!

He may not be the most powerful out of Naruto characters but he has the best spirit that if paired with any sort of ninjutsu or genjutsu would make him more powerful than any sage that ever lived by the time he reached Itachi's age (obviously his taijutsu is enough to make up for it). Based on BEST CHARACTER alone, Lee is a boss. His character is the most unique and extreme among all the characters of Naruto (apart from Gai Sensei (which still has slight differences). He's the most; perseverant, energetic, strong, righteous (which doesn't always make the best character but who in their right mind would want Lee any other way), (not quite fastest but he'll get there)... He's not yet the most powerful but he's the best character even based on unique personality alone and makes 'Naruto' so much better!

He's so dedicated! I mean, he had all the makings of being a total wimp and brooder, but he turned himself around and committed 110% to learning the only thing he really could. And he did a good job of it! He's still one of the strongest characters in the show, despite not having the range of abilities that everyone else does. Not to mention he never lets his disabilities affect his optimism. And the weights are awesome too. A well rounded BADASS!

9 Madara Madara Uchiha is a fictional manga and anime character in the Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He appears for the first time in "Part II" of the manga and the Shippuden anime adaptation, as a major villain.

Why is Hinata, Shikamaru, and Gaara ahead of this guy? I mean, I understand Rock Lee (8 Gates), Sasuke, Naruto, and Itachi, but come on guys. Masashi Kishimoto didn't even know how to kill this guy because he was too DANG POWERFUL! In their most powerful state, Naruto and Sasuke couldn't kill Madara, and Kishimoto had PLOT kill Madara. If you have half a brain cell, you could see that Madara is at least top 3.

Not only is he so badass that Kishimoto had no idea how he was going to kill him, resorting to introducing a goddess, he's a more well-rounded character than most would think.
He grew up in a clan where their rules about what's accepted and what's not were ingrained into him, causing him to be at a loss as to what to do when he found out Hashirama was of the Senju. He warned him of the trap the Uchiha had set, but decided to cut off their friendship and give everything to his clan.
He was prideful, which prevented him rom accepting Hashirama's offers of a truce, which was further cemented after Izuna's death, but accepted that he was weaker, or at not strong enough to protect the Uchiha from the Senju and Hashirama, and accepted the alliance.

And he was an amazing villain too. All hail Madara-sama.

Madara is a powerhouse, he is skilled in hand to hand, knows thousands of jutsu, and was smart enough to plan and predict nearly everything that happened in the Naruto series. He became so strong that the directors had no choice but to get rid of him and introduce someone else because he was getting to strong to fast for them to find a way to get rid of him. Needless to say he's an uchiha bad ass who surpassed the sage of six paths in power and brought the ninja world to it's knees

Queen- okay listen. This man was behind 99% of everything that happened in all of Naruto (minus Kaguya) And he's just one of the GODS of all shinobi.

10 Neji

I love Neji because he is humble, handosme and smart. He has a graceful fighting style. He deserves much more better. His dead could've been avoided
RIP Neji
You will have a place in everybody's heart

Neji is super powerful, she mastered the byakugan, to the point where she has a way to detect things in her blind spot, she easily defeated naruto (and all of her other enemies) by stopping their chakra from being used, and before you say naruto is more powerful, keep in mind that the only reason naruto won is because he has chakra from 9 tails!

He is really strong and even though Naruto defeated him, I know that Neji is still a Hyuga so that makes him a strong character.

And R.I.P. Neji Hyuga...
You will have a place in everybody's heart.

Neji whole skill set level is nothing but pure beast. he dominates in both offense as well as defense and hey not to mention he's a pure genius. Naruto (although I do love him) and sasuke both have extra powers that they can call on where as neji just fights with his God given skill set and is still beasty! Naruto has the nine tails and sasuke has the dark power from that awful orochimaru which gives both of the immense power. neji just has his own skills... If neji would go up against Naruto and sasuke without there extra powers, neji would be victorius. that's why neji reins supreme over every Naruto character! On a side note temari should have been on here. she is the best girl on Naruto hands down!

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11 Jiraiya Jiraiya is a fictional character in the Naruto anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Introduced in the series' first part, he was a student of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and one of the three "Legendary Sannin" along with Orochimaru and Lady Tsunade, his former teammates.

He gave Naruto his name. He was a grandfather for him. He made him the hero. And he came back from the dead to write the numbers on the back. He was the man who trained 4th hokage. And is a player at the age of 50. And he also had to conserve as much chakra as he possibly could because he knew absolutely nothing about Pain, while gathering information about him/them at the same time. And they were his students so he is much stronger than that. He even killed one of them and Jiraiya had not mastered sage mode. And he was like "oh itachi and kisame I will kill you now" and they even ran away. He could have beaten pain if he wanted to. So why is he on 15th place? He was the best.

Jiraiya is the best character in the Naruto Franchise next to Naruto himself, and here's why: Jiraiya's goal was to train the savior who would bring about peace to the Shinobi world. That means he is almost wholly responsible for the entire series of Shippuden. The only other "secondary character" who could hold a candle to the code of honor and the respect I give this guy is Itachi, because Itachi was so misunderstood and followed his own ninja way. I keep thinking that in a way Jiraiya is, in a lot of respects, Kishimoto himself. It was the ONLY death in Naruto that I even felt any connection to the character. I get that there are a couple others that may be above Jiraiya in popularity, but lets face it: No one understands Sasuke, his "dark side" just makes him look like a whiney baby, and despite all his power, he's really not that cool of a character. Jaraiya carries the most heart and honor in the entire series, has great comedic relief, and packs serious power. He is the man ...more

Jiraiya is below Sakura? This list is really messed up? I would have actually voted for either Itachi, but I saw he's already on top of the list, so I decided to vote for Minato, but that's when I saw Jiraiya below Sakura!

First off, Sakura is stupid, ugly, not mature at all, and incredibly selfish? Which idiot said that Sakura was selfless? All she did in Part 1 was rely on Naruto and not even care about him. Isn't that shouting out selfish towards you? She even is selfish towards Naruto in Shippuden when she played with his feelings. She was also keeping in mind that Hinata almost died trying to protect the one person she loved and respected. Hinata is a true hero and one of my favorite characters. Sakura is also useless. When people say she's not useless because of her medical ninjutsu! HELLO PEOPLE! Konoha is FILLED with medical ninja. Hinata is a natural at medical ninjutsu and is sooo much stronger than Sakura.

Now back to why Jiraiya is AWESOME. He was trained ...more

Jiraya is by far my favourite character. Probably one of the most dedicated ninjas in the village wasn't afraid to die for a vital information that would come to be the main reason they defeated Pain. Funny, Intelligent and Humble, invited to be Hokage twice and refused both times! One of the most introspective characters in the narutoverse he traveled across the world writing and thinking finding himself. Professor to not 1, not 2 but 3 of the most powerful characters, Minato, Nagato and Naruto. Was one of the most powerful ninjas in the world and in full strenght not even Itachi would be a challenge since in Sage mode Jiraya was invulnerable to genjutsu. In my opinion it was the most real character of them all who really evolved as a human being

12 Tobi Tobi is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Obito was so much like Naruto, a knucklehead who had a dream of being respected and aknowledged as the strongest ninja in his village. They were both looked down upon by their village, Naruto for being a jinchuuriki and Obito for being a failure from a strong clan, though Naruto suffered a lot more. They probably would have had similar destinies, if it weren't for him sacrificing himself to save Kakashi and Rin. When Madara saved Obito Obito looked up to Madara like a grandfather, and carried out his requests simply because he was the only one who cared about him. He wanted his dream was for world peace, which he shared with Madara to come true.

He is adorable, and has a very sad story. He had been doing everything in order to bring peace and quite, wished to reunion with his love for life (Rin). And to relieve people from pain, pain from losing their family, love and home. However he was deceived and
confused (by Madara). He wanted to go via shorter way to accomplish his aim (as he told to Naruto during their battle) then eventually he lost his way. But, at the end, he insighted his sins (credits to Naruto and Kakashi) and repented and compensated them, at least by rescuing Sasuke and saving Kakashi's life.

Obito doesn't have the saddest story but one of the best (my opinion) he lives as a villain but dies as a hero. I love his story because it's my story ,(I'm just going to pretend I'm obito rn). Just being in love hurts, especially when the person you love is in love with your best friend. I'm am disrespected by my people and I just can't keep up with my bestfriend. I'm not with my parents, though I don't really know them. I died protecting my bestfriend from being crushed, so people thought I was dead.My bestfriend lived by my words chose not to get revenge and to never leave your friends. I watched the girl I'm in love with get killed by my bestfriend ,though I didn't know what happend at the time. Although it may be one death, her life was worth 100 lives to me. I started to see the real cruel world. I started to lose hope. So I gave up, then I got saved by a boy like me but he had hope. Then I died protecting that boy.

Like Itachi and Nagato, Obito is an example of one of those characters who comes, back from the "dark-side". Though one can argue that Itachi was never on it in the first place, the fact remains that Obito is a deep character with development throughout the time line (not the series). If considering his mental character along with his physical bad-assery, I have no doubt that he should be higher on this list. With Itachi and then Nagato above him, Obito should place at least top five.

13 Nagato (Pain) Nagato (Also known by his alias "Pain") is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

First you must understand pain, then you will realize he deserves to be first.

This guy forced himself to be great just so he could protect the little guys (kinda like Naruto), I really love his personality and devotion. His ideal was strong and effective (insane thou):walk a mile in each others shoes. Forcing pain on people wasn't the best method but all he wanted was peace. He should be top 5 because even though he isn't an uchiha, he could stand and utilize the Rinnegan pretty well, his presence sent fear running through everyone, splitting the paths was a genius idea (not as effective but genius), his shinra tensei is the best, the name Pein/Pain is cool, he is a true tragic hero, understanding that his ideal was too extreme he gave his life to rectify his sin... now that's a hero!

I love pein because he's not just a character but a symbol of pain. To know true pain is his philosophy and he utilizes his god like powers to ensure his enemies are destroyed. Besides that he infiltrated and destroyed a whole village all while fighting some kage level ninja (kakashi, naruro, etc. ) And if that's not enough he resurrected all the ninja he killed afterwards. Plus his essence and aura are almost palpable, I mean you can feel the power from this guy and his voice and his theme mix well together. Pain is also one of the scariest characters and everything he does he thinks is alright because bringing pain to people is what he thinks is fair and righteous and he feels justified for his actions. Even though he is just being manipulated by Nagato, Pain (pein) is one of the best characters and the best villain. P.S. itachi is a good guy

Nagato should be number 1 based on me or at least on the top 5. He is one of the coolest character in the series. His Powers, his abilities, his rinnegan, his sage of the six paths. He has also made Jiraiya believe that he was the one who could achieve world peace. He has one of the saddest stories in the whole entire series. Parents getting killed right in front of his eyes, best friend getting killed right in his arms when he is trying to achieve peace. I think Nagato's Character had a clear mindset, his view of bringing world peace. Common guys, he is the cofounders of the akatsuki. One of the coolest villianous gang in the entire Naruto series. Did all of you guys forgot when he shinra tense the whole konoha village into dust. That was one of the most epic scenes in Naruto history.

Are a lot of people on here girls because I'm pretty sure Hinata being graceful is not cool its kind of lame. I'm fine with Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and those guys but anyone like hinata is stupid. Another thing is rikudou sennin is the sage of six paths and we don't even really know anything about him except that he is the greatest ninja ever. However this doesn't make him all that great cool is not just reputation. Lastly pein is so deep when he talks putting meaning in his word and I have to say this was the best fight by far in Naruto history.

14 Deidara Deidara is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

She's always tries to persevere, she would even kill herself to finish her mission, also she can be extremely powerful, because her clay birds can go over long distances, so unless they have a sharingan, or good reflexes, she can snipe them from a nearby building.

He broke into Gaara's house and dragged him out like a rat!

"Alright, Gaara. You're coming with me!" "No, no! Sand coffin! Sand coffin! Sand coffin!" "Eh, shut up. (Bombs Gaara). Alright, Sasori. Sorry for keeping you waiting for like thirteen hours. I got the desert rat out of its hole. Let's go?"

I love Gaara; he's a really cool character! I just found it funny how an a-hole like Deidara just walks into Gaara's village and steals the latter like there was no tomorrow. Plus, Deidara and Tobi were really funny together!

I like Deidara a lot, and I think he has really cool abilities, but I think he says "Art is an explosion" too much. Also, he helped kidnap Gaara, and he was a jerk towards Sai. Translation: he bashed my all time favorite character, called him a weakling, threw bombs at him, and abusively used his brother as a human bomb. I shall enter the manga solely to kill him in the most slow and painful way possible. I'm sorry, I do like Dei, but I think Sai should be here. Ugh, people are going to hate me.

Art is an EXPLOSION. Anyone that has 4 mouths, blonde hair, blue eyes, and can blow up anything they want are AMAZING. To who ever thinks Sasuke killed Deidara you are wrong it is clearly obvious Deidara sacrificed himself to kill Sasuke (though Sas-gay doesn't deserve it). Deidara gives a whole knew meaning to going out with a BANG! Pyromaniacs for the win UN!

15 Guy

Are you kidding me, might guy at 29
This guy is the reason kakashi never succumbed to darkness
he gave rock lee a purpose in life who then inspired naruto that hardwork can also get results.
He proved that hardwork can beat talent
In spite of having minimal chakra he went head to head with kisame and madara, kisame who was the tailless tailed beast and madara who had all the tailed beasts inside him, plus the rinnegan.
Why on earth is he not number 1, Naruto would've only been half as good as it was without him.
Naruto had willpower, but he also had talent, it's true he really did, might guy on the other hand had absolutely nothing going for him and he'd still give naruto a good fight. Might guy's life and character is the real testament to what can be achieved with effort and persistence, not naruto.

A very funny character, but with depth that some characters don't have. Kakashi's rival (a very deserving one I'd say!), he gave Rock Lee purpose when he felt he didn't have one, and he taught the lesson that you have to believe in your self and that hard-work beats talent. Why do you think Lee dresses and looks like him? Inspiriting to the end, we're lucky we know Guy.

It's sad truly great characters are down here. I can't stress enough how much he embodies the shinobi way. He literally was willing to kill himself to save his friends. I am inspired by this man. A man that looks out with a positive outlook, but doesn't deny there is something wrong. A man who will do anything for others, but also makes mistakes. Amazing.

One of the funniest characters in the series! I love how he trained hard in everything and rivaled (and later surpassed) Kakashi. My favorite part is when Madara, one of the strongest Shinobi to have ever lived, acknowledged him as the strongest Taijutsu user to have ever lived. What an absolute beast.

16 Orochimaru Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Orochimaru is the og villain. He has all the elements a true villain needs to posess. His cruelty, selfish motives, cool design, epic voice defines his sinister and mysterious nature. Also he is not a chaotic bad character, he is just pragmatist and machiavellian which is definiton of a real villain.

He is the most evil villain in the Natuto series. He has truly amazing abilities and is kind of immortal, as he couldn't be killed hut instead SEALED. He could really stand in battle vs the tailed Naruto, even in a body that had lost an amount of power and health. Sasuke attacked him when Orochimaru was at his weakest, really in a bad health... Maybe elsewise he wouldn't have been able to beat him? Oh and lastly... He killed the 3rd Hokage!

One of the best Naruto villians! No even sure if he is actually a villain or not. Later on the series his intentions become really complex. I really love his neverending ambition to achieve his goals. It really inspires me. For some people he may be twisted and creepy but for me he is just perfect!

I hated when Orochimaru died. But once I saw that Kabuto 'absorbed' some of him then I was a bit happier. Orochimaru was a good character that added contrast to Naruto. He was one of the first villains shown on Naruto. I'm not sure why he is so far down on the list.

17 Minato Namikaze Minato Namikaze was the fourth Hokage of Village Hidden in the Leafs and the man responsible for sealing the nine-tailed demon fox inside Naruto Uzumaki when he was born. Doing so cost him his life, and before dying he asked that the villagers not see Naruto as the monster within him, instead wanting more.

Minato is the greatest because,

From the beginning evrybody had say that he was the strongest shinobi ever lived!
But there were coming every chapture stronger enemyes and even the kyubi did not look that strong anymore. that's why other parts of the story have to be mightier as the 4th should be!

But remember, oruchimaro was calling the first and the third and they were good but even the third was able to seal them away with a jutsu of the 4th.

It makes me sad such a great charakter to se becomming like he did!

Minato was from the first page and will be till the last page
The greatest ever!

Definitely better than Sasuke he protected the village from the 9 tails, and sealed Kurama away, Itachi and all the other leaf shinobi would be dead if it wasn't for Minato. He was the student of Jiraiya and 2 of his own students surpassed him! He mastered sage mode, and CREATED the rasengan! Besides Kaguya, he is the fastest ninja, he saved Kushina from the Kumo ninja, and sacrificed his own life for all of Konohagakure, AND was HOKAGE!

He is quick, my bad, VERY FAST! He beat tobi who can teleport as well, but Minato is faster. Minato dodged 4th raikage's fastest speed attack. The third hokage, fighting against orochimaru, stopped Minato's ressuruction because he would have died in seconds. Minato thought ahead of Naruto and nine tails, and seals 9 tails in his son and put different seals. He OWNED THE 9 TAILS! Could have beat all pain/nagato in way less time than jiraya because of his high intelligence, speed and tactics. Best in taijutsu and analysing. BASICALLY BEST NINJA, and COOLEST!

Minato seems to be one of the most skilled shinobi in all Naruto because he fought the nine-tails and Obito and he even sacrificed himself along with his wife to save his village and his son.
He even got the chance to be a hokage at an early age which makes him the youngest hokage ever been, he's even more powerful than his son Naruto and he is so fast that he can beat the raikage's speed

18 Temari Temari is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I'm not to far into the episodes, but Temari is smart, powerful, and one of the best female characters I've seen! She's not useless like Sakura, she's not stupid like many characters (I'm looking at you Tenten. You were pathetic in the Chunin exams preliminary rounds) and she can hold he own against many powerful characters. She's married to Shikamaru? She just got 100 times better.

Temari was pretty good in her fight with Sasuke, and despite the fact that she was low on chakra, she was killing it, the only mistake she made was that she forgot the substitution jutsu was a thing

Unlike the majority of female Naruto characters, she has a distinct personality that was not to serve as an object nor provider of affection to any of the male cast. Adding to this, she has proven to be more than capable of defending herself against other ninjas whilst being able to effortlessly defeat other (see her fight with Ten-ten).

Overall, she is a breath of fresh air so to speak when it comes to the cast and her tom-boyish personality whilst initially brash and hurtful can become quite addictive over time.

How is she so far down here? A girl who truly can hold her own. She would do anything for her brother, and she is one of the few females who is on par with the males, called one of the best wind style users alive. Why was she so underutilized? It hurts to think about it. Her battles have been great to watch, and she has an enjoyable personality. One of the best female characters in the entire series.

19 Tsunade Tsunade is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Tsunade is so strong/strong-willed, powerful, awesome, beautiful and to top it all off she is caring and hilarious too! She has saved so many lives thanks to her impeccable healing skills, where she proposed that every squad should contain a medical ninja. Her character has such a tragic past, however Tsunade has proven that she can overcome this by showing strength and courage, particularly seen when she battled Orochimaru and eventually accepts her title as hokage. For two/two and a half years she trained Sakura to become so much stronger in battle and also stronger in terms of mentality, as seen when Sakura performs medical ninjutsu or is within battle. Without Tsunade they wouldn't have survived the Second Shinobi World War or when Pain striked,since the village would have literally been turned into dust. It's also amazing how much she cares about characters such as Naruto, where she literally gambled everything upon him and allowed him to participate in the Fourth Shinobi World ...more

Love her! My favorite character! Tragic past lots of history and personality. Even though she herself never wanted it she reluctantly accepted role as Hokage and lead the nation through difficult times. Obviously her strength is awesome but so is her healing abilities of others and herself! As proven with her fight with Madara and Pain.

Tsunade has many times been called the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world and the greatest medical-nin. Jiraiya credits her with winning the Second Shinobi World War for Konoha, and she created the entire system of medical-nin that has saved so many lives over the years.

The most badass woman in the series. She can regenerate from practically anything, she's such a good fighter, and has the badass attitude to back it up. Should be 4th or 5th.

20 Kiba

While this might be an underappreciated opinion, I love Kiba and I wish he had more screentime and development, considering he is Hinata's teammate. Amazing design (especially in Shipp┼źden), unique concept, cool abilities... one of the best aspects of fanfiction is that it can finally give Kiba the love he deserves as the incredible character he is.

WHAT?!?!? Kiba? 13?!?! You've got to be kidding me! He should be right next to Gaara! He's so hot! What's wrong with you people! He may not be the best a techniques but he is wild and fearless that's what makes him THE BEST! And he's the most adorable anime character I've seen! Other than Gaara

YAHOO! Let's go Akamaru and all the other kiba inuzuka fans. Kiba should be in the top ten come on he's strong, cute, funny, got cool wolf and dog like jutsu and is just down right awesome! Come on, who doesn't love dogs like akamaru and a ninja like kiba? Awesomest tag team on naruto. Kiba is my favourite!

He is cute... And he is kind strong and I mean come on he has a puppy at the beginning of the story who he always kept on his head and in part two that puppy is a dog he can ride

21 Hashirama Senju Hashirama Senju is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He was a legendary shinobi, who led the Senju clan prior to and after forming Konohagakure with his rival, Madara Uchiha. After the founding of Konoha, he became the First Hokage.

Funny, strong, brave and talented, he's just a really likeable guy. I think his compassion even in great times of adversity is really admirable and I like how he makes time for people and is accomodating when he really doesn't have to be. He's always going the extra mile. Also he's an absolute boss in battle and I love how he and Tsunade are related, as they're both great characters in their own right but their family link just makes them all the more likeable!

I love it when he is happy then all of a sudden when his brother gets mad at him and tells him to shut up, he gets sad all od a sudden, its like he has mood swings

The hero of humanity, without him konoha wouldn't exist, the world of shinobi would have been under the control of evil forces. He is the model of any shinobi in naruto. Even madara almost worship him

He Is just badass. Anyone who can defeat the 9-tails and Madara together can rightfully deserve the title of "God Of Shinobi".

22 Sasori Sasori is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

He became very cruel because of his PTSD. He did very morbid things to people as turning them to pupets. I find his character cool because he did not turn good at the end. His arc tells us that even some people became evil because of their past, they can't be healed at some point.

Sasori should be number 1. He's adorable and badass at the same time! I love him so much! And his parents were killed by sakumo Hatake when he was very young, which is what caused him to become cold over time. But he still has good qualities. And Sakura did NOT defeat him, he chose to die. In fact, if it wasn't for Chiyo, Sasori would have killed Sakura. How can anyone not like Sasori?

Sasori is so cool and hot. And he has a sad background story. He lost his parents at a VERY young age, which is what caused him to become a bit of a psycho over time. But he still has good qualities. And he's very strong and clever. Sakura didn't defeat him, he chose to die. I Love him so Much! Definitely one of the best characters in the anime.

I don't care what anyone says, Sasori is the best written character in Naruto. His story is incredibly sad and you really feel for him. And his voice is flipping cool.
P. S The only reason he lost to Sakura is he left his Minato puppet at home, not to mention the fact he got DOUBLE TEAMED.

23 Suigetsu Hozuki

I love his sassy attitude. His character design is really good. His name fits him too.
Suigetsu is funny and cruel, a perfect combination for a great character

He should be at least top 15 he has Zabuzas awesome sword and he is very cocky which means he has confidence in himself. Also he has awesome water powers. He also collects swords and isn't too weak.

I love his sassy attitude. His character design is AWESOME! I love his pointy teeth and his white hair. Also, his name. His name is perfect!

Whoever said they were in love with him, I agree with. He is so playful and funny. He also is kind sometimes.

24 Sage of Six Paths

He is already in the list. He is Rikudou Senin, currently in 25th place.

25 Himawari Uzumaki

A perfect image of Hinata and Naruto's loving and caring spirits.

Yes she is so cute

She's the sweet Hyugamaki/NaruHina Princess, what's not to love?

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