Top Ten Best Ben 10 Aliens

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1 Diamonhead

Diamondhead has been awesome since day one. When I watched the original series as a kid, I always saw him as the best one. Most of the others were cool too (though I personally never got Four Arms' appeal), but Diamondhead always stuck out the most to me. He had some of the best fight scenes (Vilgax's Robot, Sixsix, Kraab & Tetrax, the Chase Scene in A Change of Face, The Mummy, the Lenopan Ex-Boyfriend & Eon), and even when the sequel shows did things with him that I disliked (I still loathe his UAF design), I still enjoyed seeing him in action.

Honourable Mentions: Cannonbolt, Rath, Way Big, Gravattack, Atomix, Ditto, Blitzwolfer, Frankenstrike, Brainstorm & Eye Guy.

Diamondhead is the best! He is made of hard diamond and can make as much as he wants! He can detect any kind of crystal under ground! He can regenerate any body part. Even if he exploded by a bomb, he would still be able to regenerate back together. He can take large boulders of diamond from under ground and launch them at people. This guy is crazy, not to mention that he can turn his diamond hands into long swords or guns that shoot lethal diamond blades

I have never heard of Toe Pick. Who the heck is this guy? I think Swampfire should be higher and that Diamondhead should be either 1 or 2. I would say that Swampfire deserves to be number 3; Waybig, number 4; Cannonbolt, number 5, and Toe Pick number infinity (you see, I looked up a picture of Toe Pick and he looks like a bad guy, so get him out of the Codon Stream, Azmuth! ). This is just my opinion, everybody, so if your don't agree with me then so be it.

Diamond head is just badass, He's extremely durable, strong, proficient in ranged and close combat, and he can create multiple tools out of diamonds and control them. I'd say this is pretty good placement. My top ten in order would have to be Atomix, diamond head, Four arms, swamp fire, Kicken hawk, wild mutt, Astral dactal, Ghost freak, Grey matter, and Rip jaws for any underwater issues to deal with.

2 Xlr8

Xlr8 is an amazing alien because he can move at speeds so fast that it seems like nothing is moving around him. He could definitely beat heatblast just by run around in circles so fast that heatblasts looses all of his oxygen and burns out! His long black and blue striped tail could smash enemies if he ran at you real fast! His hands are like little blades that could slice you in less then a second! This guy is strong!

This guy is really fast and strong! He can run 500km in an hour, run over the water or walls, make tornados... And what about the way he kick?! His kick is such a hiper speed and awesome! And his tail is really strong and fast too... He can beat bad guys so easy! Also he chop things with his claws! Plus, he can recover really fast! And most of all, his voice... Is so sexy to me... I can't breathe when I heard him...

XLR8 is definitely the coolest. Think about all the great things about his design: the retracting visor, the very recognizable speed blur, the whispery voice, the wheels. His powers are also simple yet cool and powerful. I always love watching him do his rapid kick move.

"Awesome features they have added, not only have they made it look fast but they have made it be one of the best looking aliens. To sum it all up xlr8 is just the coolest."

3 Heatblast

Heatblast is my favorite alien. He deserves to be the first in the list. He could so beat Xlr8 in a fight. Diamonhead may be a challenge but I think Heatblast could still beat him. He could even fly and his moves are more fatal than most aliens. This alien is Ben's first and most used alien. He is also the one Ben has most control with. Also who doesn't think an alien who could use fire or no be fire isn't cool. This reason is why I think this alien is most strongest and the alien that is Ben has the most experience with.

I think Heatblast deserves to be number one in the list. He could so beat Diamondhead. I bet he could blast Xlr8 out of the way. This doesn't make sense that he is third. Heatblast has been my favorite alien since I was three years old. Heatblast is awesome. If you've throughly watched Ben Ten (CLASSIC) Heatblast was his first alien he ever changed to. Also Heatblast is the coolest classic alien and both Xlr8 and Diamondhead are classic aliens. So I think Heatblast could get through to the top easily passing both aliens.

When I first saw this alien I immediately went crazy! I mean look at it! It's a living fire alien. Also heatblast has the most badass moments and many screen time and it's Omniverse design is way cooler! And let's not forget he's the first ever alien to be introduced in the whole been 10 franchise!

Heatblast is Ben's possibly one of the top two best aliens in the classic version of Ben. Of course first comes Four Arms but he likes Heatblast right after Four Arms.

4 Wildmutt

One of the best designs of a character I've seen! It's also different from the others and it's mare likely to exist in real life (not all beings are humanoid! ). Original powers too that are awesome kid of make me remember daredevil! Classic alien deserve better ranking

Why isn't Wildmutt in the top 10? He just looks awesome, for starters, but he has superior smelling and hearing abilities that make up for his lack of sight. He can climb well, jump high, bite things to death ( if he wanted to) and much more. Yay Wildmutt!

It actually looks like an alien! Nobody speaks English in space, and there aren't enough nonverbal aliens! Imagine the potential conflicts and storylines that could've propped up!

He is a very cool alien with very cool powers that I feel is a little bit underrated. His design and personality makes him unique among Ben's aliens as he can't speak and isn't humanoid.

5 Ghostfreak

Ghostfreak is creepy, moves his eye in the black lines in his body, and was awesome.

Of course, the whole "true form" thing, and him becoming a villain was dumb, but still the best alien.

He's very strong in his true form he can shoot a laser he has awesome tentacles he can phase through anything he can scare anyone just so long as za'skare minds his own business he's the best alien.

He's awesome for a start, the most complex and he became a villain. He's easily the scariest and one of the most deadly Ben 10 villains.

No one can touch him and he has tentacles, sharp claws and energy blast. He can possess enemies and control them. He can levitate.

6 Rath

I love Rath more than any other. He may be non-stop anger and yelling and fighting but he's funny as hell and he still care about thing like his premier episode. Plus he's just funny and kicks ass.

I don't know of any other alien that has as many things as Rath. He has a catch phrase, talks in the third person, and knows every wrestling move in the universe!
... Whats not to love?

Rath is awesome. He's so funny. He makes the show more entertaining. Also, I like when he says "Let me tell you something." I like when characters are stupid and aggressive.

Yo Rath is like wolverine X's a million. He is also a tiger looking dude and has a very short temper. Who wants to mess with such a strong balistic character?

7 Alien X

Ben's strongest alien is alien-X. In episode"the forge of creation" kevin mentions that it can just blink an you will be gone so it deserves to be the strongest.
It is so strong that it doesn't have an ultimate form because it can do everything even make a copy of the entire universe and everything in it.
It doesn't have an ultimate form because there is nothing else that can be added to it it can already do anything.

He is by far the strongest alien that we know of. He can wish to have people unexisted just by blinking, has tanked an atomic bomb meant to destroy the universe, and is literally a God. And because the Omnitrix has Ben turn into the strongest version of it's race, we know that Alien X is basically the strongest of it's kind.

His mere thoughts can become real and he once recreated the universe when it was destroyed, he is omnipotent and can warp space and time to however he wishes, but 2 voices must agree to do it.

Alien X is the most powerful alien that can create the whole universe as seen in the episode of omniverse. He is the only living being who had withstand the blast of annialarg. His power is also seen in the the episode "Universe vs Ben"

8 Four Arms

Ok, let me be honest 4 arms in Ben 10 ultimate alien looked like some kind of dumb greek god.

R you kidding me? He must be at number 1 or 2. He is super cool. Ooh-yeah!

He should have been higher up on the list. He can lift things several times his weight

He deserves to be at rank 1.He can defeat any alien.He is so strong in all aliens.

9 Upgrade

Upgrade may seem to be only of any use around technology, but his stretching allows for him to, like goop, dodge attacks and get through small places. Upgrade may not be invincible like goop, but goop relies entirely on his anti-gravity projector. All in all, upgrade is an amazing alien.

Upgarde can combine with any machine to copy it's form and make it an advanced iece of technology! Not to mention the endless powerful weapon possibilities!

Plus even in his normal form he can regenerate and move aroud like liquid! He even has a laser in his head as standard

Upgrade can take control of machinery, giving it any upgrade he wants, guns, knives you name it, he can also slop through small spaces like Goop.

He is at a good number on the list. He can stretch, get through small spaces, shoot lasers, and best of all he can upgrade any technology

10 Swampfire

He has both pyrokinesis and chlorokinesis, he creates vines from the ground and rings of fire, while releasing a foul stench that knocks anything nearby unconscious.

Swampfire should be on the top 10. He can shoot fire, grow plants, control plants and can regenerate. He is like a mixture of heatblast and wildvine

15? 15!? Whats better than being indestructible, shoot fire, control plants and have incredible strength? By the way swampfire is a mix of wildvine and heatblast.

Swampfire is basically Heatblast but with extra powers. he even can heal his body parts that were ripped off.

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11 Feedback

Feedback looks like a beast first of all. He is ben's favorite alien and is super cool looking an confident. Plus he like an electric ninja. His powers are to absorb, channel, and shoot back energy

The design is great and he took down many villains he is very powerful and is Ben's favorite.

Feedback is a pretty sweet alien, he can absorb electricity through his plugs and shoot it back out, he's also athletic and can move easily and quickly and moves faster on electric wires

Feedback is a BEAST. he can absorb electricity and shoot it out. He is also Ben's favorite and he is confident

12 Atomix

Atomix is Ben's second strongest alien, right next to Alien X. The power to manipulate atoms is, quite frankly, just plain awesome. Too bad Gutrot isn't high on the list though...

I think he is the best he looks so cool to so I really think he should be number one.

I agree He destroyed billy billions tower.And killed the evil version of ultimate spider monkey and fried Him like A piece of toast in a frying Furniss.

Atomic is no. 2. He can manipulate nuclear energy. Even Derrick J. Wyatt stated he is no. 2

13 Way Big

Way big is the strongest and biggest alien for Ben 10!
When way big turns ultimate, he grows twice his size, and is stronger.
Way big can shoot laser by making putting his hands in an L shape.
Way big is also super fast, he is so fast that he can walk on water.
Way big is the best!

Beats Vilgax, does little damage to Dagon but still more than any other alien, and well big. He beats anyone. But it is not good for secret missions and spying, things like that. I don't even think an Anodite could beat him. Maybe only an electrical alien if they attack him head-fin.

Way Big is an incredibly strong alien but very big,100 feet tall actually, this is he's main weakness, since he can't fit in a lot of places which makes him a lot less useful, also if you hit the fin on his head he gets paralyzed.

Way big should be number 1. Xlr8 is fast but way big is so big that with one long stride he can reach where xlr8 is that time. He's so cool!

14 Toepick

People say toepick can defeat alien x. Alien x could beat anyone he can blink and you can die. He can do anything.

Ok an alien that has a locked up box on his head has to be awesome. I can't wait to find out what he is like and what he can do

Toepick is so powerful that he can also lose ultimate way big because of his scary face.

Toepick sucks his only power (isn't even a power) is scaring people. They can just close their eye's

15 Big Chill

Switched from Ghost Freak to Big Chill when I first laid eyes on him. I mean, come on, the dude's intangible, can handle temperatures from both extremes, and his ultimate form is so hot it's cold. Not to mention his design is just so coool

He has the same powers as Artiguana but can fly, breathe underwater is immune to temperature, turn both intangible and invisible, and is very strong, as he can singelhandedly stop a rolling car.
He's basically Ghostfreak and Articguana and Ripjaws combined.
"His Voice Is Awesome

It can turn invisible, freeze things, lower the temperature to absolute zero. And fly.

This thing can become intangible

literally phase inside any alien and kill it from the inside.

16 Stinkfly

He can fly at a fast speed and can shoot out snot. Stinkfly is cool but he should be lover than no.17

He can shoot snot out of his eyes what's cooler then that.

WHY so low people I just wanted appreciation for him!

17 Cannonbolt

One thing about this alien is that it has no special powers. It's an alien that can roll up into a ball and do just about anything a normal ball can do with a hard protective shell that can bounce off certain attacks. Plus, it was the first of the original aliens to get an ultimate form.

Cannonbolt is one of my favorties. He is a giant rolling ball that was one of Ben's strongest aliens. He defeated the giant tick and fought Kevin 11. He is like an unstoppable rolling hamster

Cannonbolt is amazing! I can't imagine a alien better than cannonbolt.
He rolls so fast and flips so well and is so cool! He is brilliant.

There should be an infinity trix like ultimate trix and cannon bolt should be fire cannonbolt...

18 Blitzwolfer

Benwolf is defitely the best alien EVER! His jumps are crazy! He can do that sweet sonic blast thing. He's also strong and fast. He's got built in weapons (claws and teeth), plus he can aim his sonic blast at the ground to jump even higer! This alien is number 0ne or two in my bok, even though ben never really named it yet.

Benwolf is one of my favorites. He can shoot sonic blasts form his mouth, he can climb and is fast, and is good in close combat. He should have appeared more on Ben 10 (same with benvicktor and benmummy) and he got a stupid name, blitzwolfer, in omniverse

Blitzwolfer is awesome because he can jump really far and can make this sonic blast from his mouth.

He was cool, to bad Ben's first crush Kai only liked him as Benwolf (Blitzwolfer).

19 Arctiguana

He can freeze anything with an awesome blast. It was also revealed in Omniverse that 16 year old Ben unlocked him. He can even make useful sculptures out of his ice like a slope!

He breathes ice like a dragon breathes fire, he appeared in ben 10 thousand and can freeze almost anything, including magma.

I think it should be big chill instead of arcticguana because big chill is just as good as arcticguana, but big chill can also fly and phase through things.

I think Articguana is really cool Iguana-like alien! The ice power this species has is really incredible.

20 Rip Jaws

I like rip jaws because in the third episode of the original Ben 10 he actually looked like the krakken in child form I think he is the best he can beat alien x any day.

He's my favourite too and it's sooo sad that ben was rarely ever ripjaws in the original episodes. I think that Goop, Big Chill and Ben Mummy are pretty underrated too.

Ripjaws has always been my favorite and is one of the most underrated aliens of them all.

Rip jaws was forgotten

21 Humungousaur

He's very strong and big, but not too big, he's still small enough to fit in enemy places like ships and bases, he an also grow himself up to 60 feet, but I'm not sure if he can still do this.

He is the best alien to go to when Ben has a tough situation requiring high physical strength.

Most strongest alien in the ben 10.

Hi is my favorite alien

22 Chromastone

Chromastome has the power to absorb and utilize a lot of energy at a time. Beyond this, his other abilities -- flight, extreme, durability, and "energy intangibility"-- make him outclass his other notable energy absorber: Feedback.

Wow I hove wondered

23 Astrodactyl

He's pretty awesome because he can shoot energy beams from his mouth and plasma whips from his hands. His powers are just like jetray's from Ben 10 and Starfire's from teen titans.

He's my favorite alien

24 Goop

He is a puddle of goo, with a hover device that shapes him, he is pretty strong and can squeeze through small places, also when he's hit he can instantly come back and kick ass!

Come on guys, you know goop is a lot more dangerous than swampfire. Goop should take his place

Goop is my favorite alien by a long shot (such a cute baby).

It is the best alien ever! And if you don't think so your horrible

25 Ben 10,000

Ben 10,000 is the best one cause he is better than Ben 10 and Ben 10 transforms to any alien but Ben 10,000 has a variety of 10,000 aliens.

He has 10,000 aliens plus a biomnitrix to mashup his aliens.

Plus he is the most powerful as he has alien x too

Ben 10,000 is like the best.

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