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1 Zuko Prince Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is a master firebender and his younger sister is Azula . He is the son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa .

I remember when I first saw him I was intrigued, but I didn't really like him. In the first two episodes he's just the person who wants to capture the avatar. but in the third episode, I realized he was my favorite character. I always found myself rooting for him, even before season three. He's both strong and smart and awkward with funny moments. in the one episode where his ship exploded, I looked at my sister and I was talking for the next five minutes, saying "WHY WOULD THEY KILL ZUKO?!" He's just such an amazing character with an amazing redemption arc and character development. They didn't rush anything with him, they just took it super slow. He is an AMAZING character.

He's just like Keith from VLD, so I love him so much, I love his character, and his hair XD
He is the most precious and pained character, from an angsty teen to an amazing friend, he's my second favorite character, after Keith, on my list of favorite characters of all time, someone tell him he's loved, I'm about to cry.

Zuko would probably have to be the most dynamic character on the show. He faces poignant struggles that are both internal and external, and the strengths and wisdom he discovers through his struggles are significant to many people's lives- the importance of family, the meaning of honour and of leadership, and the ever-important struggle between doing what is right and what is wrong. The last probably being the greatest struggle Zuko faces, as he finds out that what he thinks is the right thing and what others (his father, his uncle, his friends (old and new)) consider to be the right thing is not always the same. Also, he's and entertaining character that is fun to watch throughout his development. On a personal note, I love his flashbacks and his relationship with Uncle Iroh is probably my favourite in the series.

Zuko is most likely one of the most well put together characters I've ever seen in any show in general. He has a very good backstory and is a very heroic person but seems very brutal and tough to try to hide it. He was never evil, even in book 1. He was just confused in life and vulnerable with no guidance and hiding it by acting stubborn and brash when on the inside he was crying for help. All he had left was his uncle Iroh and he was letting his outer personality get the best of him by making him constantly deny the love and compassion Iroh was attempting to give to him. Zuko was allowing his father's teaching of "respect" force a destiny upon him causing him to believe that he had to restore his honour when he had the answer right in front of him the whole time. He constantly let the judgment of his father get the best of him. He had to live with a broken, unhappy family with a father that treated him like a stranger and a sister that treated him like a ragdoll and a punching bag. ...more

2 Iroh Iroh is a major character in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as an minor supporting character in The Legend of Korra.

Iroh: "This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!"
Zuko: "That's what all tea is, Uncle."
Iroh: "How can my own nephew say such a thing?!"
Uncle Iroh is amazing, powerful, and sooooo funny. He is a talented Firebender and the one who shows Zuko paternal love. Also, if you read The Promise Issue #3 comic, you'll find that he invented milk tea and boba (referred to as tapioca pearls in the comics). He says he is a 'man ahead of his time' as a response to Zuko and Aang disliking his invention, and while I'm not a big milk tea fan (no offense to anyone who is), I think that was really funny. Go Iroh!

Iroh is my favourite character because he's not like his brother (Ozai) who wants to conquer everything; he gives anyone advice and tea, even if they are considered an enemy. He sees the positive in everything and gives lots of wisdom. I love how he never really forces anyone to do what he wants, he tells them to find their path and to believe in themselves. He is so kind and wise that it makes me emotional sometimes. He cares for Zuko, and I think that Iroh would make a great Fire Lord. Unfortunately, his son died, and he gave up the throne. But he gave the throne to Zuko after Ozai was defeated instead of taking it back. He thinks more about other people rather than himself and wants to make everyone happy. He truly is the best character.

I love Iroh! He is very supportive of Zuko. Also, who didn't cry during leaves from a vine? If you didn'tt cry then you are emotionless.

Uncle Iroh is someone who I actually would like to have as an Uncle. He's smart and wise, not too overbearing, forever loving and compassionate - even when the other doesn't express the same feelings, and he always knows what to do, whether to speak in puzzles that become revelations or just to make some tea (Even if it gives him a rash). He is such a role model to Zuko (also one of the best characters, both in my mind tied at first) and to be honest me. He leads by example even if he isn't leading, and can't take the throne. He can always keep his cool, even to his brother who stole the kingdom from him, the rightful heir. He finds the best in everyone, even a crook who tries to mug him (good luck on that bud) and turns mistake into a learning experience. Just for some people to know, Uncle Iroh never truely dies, as he goes into the spirit world and lives among the spirits which basically slows down his aging (to a halt? No one is sure, but he appears the same in an episode of ...more

3 Toph Toph Beifong is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.

If I were to start anywhere with Toph, it's her introduction. She's introduced as a total beast, then we get more background as she's actually a member of the Beifong family, which adds more exploration in her character as she doesn't want to be seen as a helpless little girl, but as the best in her field. Then she joins Team Avatar, when they start making the blind jokes & I gotta say, the blind jokes are funny. She soon became the founder of Metalbending, which at that moment, was low-key one of the most badass scenes in the show. She's low-key one of the best if not THE BEST character.

Toph is #1 to me. She's funny, strong, knows how to take care of herself, created metal bending, but has a disability in which no other characters have even a slight disability. She can't see, but she even jokes about it, & isn't used as a handicap most of the time & she mostly jokes about it with the other GAang. But she isn't all OP though. She can't really fight on sand or attack people in the sky without help, & she can b pretty rude at times, so she isn't like a Mary Sue at all. And then we get into her family problems where even when she proves herself, they feel the need to protect & baby her. So she's a well rounded & fun character.

Toph isn’t just on the show for her blind jokes and fighting moves. Toph is someone I can relate to because I have a hard time dealing with emotions sometimes too. She likes or ignore things emotional, but then she realizes that she has to face them, which is even stronger than earth ending,

Sokka and toph forever..

Okay, who doesn't like Toph? Anybody? Nope everyone likes Toph. Toph is my favorite character because while she may seem a bit self absorbed she has a reason too. Her parents were incredibly overprotective and she never even was allowed to make a friend. Imagine this, your whole life you are blind and you were trapped in the house. Then you find a way to show off your abilities and gain confidence so you don't always get stuck with nothing to do. But no matter what your parents will not accept you for who you are. This is Tophs life and everyone ignores her backstory in favor of Zukos. It's so annoying! Toph went through a lot and everyone ignores that! By the way I don't hate Zuko I just think it's ridiculous the amount of attention he gets. Okay now onto Tophs personality, she is hilarious! All those jokes she does are funny and I laugh at them all the time. Another good thing is while she doesn't show it she does care about the gang. Also the mini crush she has on Sokka is great! ...more

4 Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

As great as Zuko's arc was, Aang's arc was also incredibly huge. Not only does he learn all 4 elements, he learns forgiveness, responsibility, and the courage to stay true to himself. Aang is also a fantastic combination of goofy and serious, which I don't think I have seen a lot in most characters.

Aang is the best character not zuko( not that I don't like him), some say he is eazy going boy and he love to avoid violence, they says his character is not deep, like that of Zuko. I can Annalise how aang character is better than Zuko.
1. Aang has the most sorrowful background story than any character in the series, yet he didn't let it get the best of him. Unlike zuko dwelling much about the past.
2. Zuko comes from harsh family or non-understandable family but I want you to that aang was taken away from his family right from his early age and raised in a temple, u should know much he should have felt but letter he got all the love he needed from gyasto. Also zuko got his mother love but when she was banished, he was alone but not until his uncles arrival, yet he don't want his uncle love but that of his father.
3. Aang didn't want fame, glory or the avatar but want a simple life. Unlike Zuko who want the throne and glory
4. Despite not what he ever wished for Aang ...more

Aang isn't the most well put together character, he doesn't have much personality depth he has flaws but no weaknesses that are criticized by the narrative, his psyche isn't explored well enough for this shows standard, his dark side is ignored. He's charming and like able but has so much untapped potential so he is the most unintentionally static character.

However, Aang has the same enneagram personality type I have which is a 9. That means Aang is a super relate able character but it's a shame that Aang has little personality depth and has almost none of the 9 personality weaknesses and the weaknesses he does have is never explored with care it is all shallow and boring. Like, every time Aang gets angry he immediately feels bad about it and continues to hide his anger until all that anger bottled up explodes and manifests as the avatar state but that is never explored at all.

He is also agreeable to a fault, when training with Katara, Aang picks up water bending ...more

Aang was a great main character, they made sure to explore a lot of his personality so that he wasn't bland. I was very glad that they added parts where he wasn't his usual self... It helped him be a much better character.

5 Sokka Sokka is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra.

Sokka is a super funny sarcastic character, and he's also a generally good person. I loved the desert episode where he drank the cactus juice, and it was so sad when he lost Space Sword and Boomerang! He's selfless and knows when he has to give up to help his friends. He really cares about Katara and Aang, and then Zuko when he got to know him. He's definitely in my top ten favorite characters.

Yes my boy Sokka! Number five! My sister watched this show first, and I never watched it but have seen her watch it sometimes. I'd always be playing keyboard and hear the funniest jokes when my sister was watching Avatar. It was obviously Sokka and I loved him. Of course after that I started really liking him and did realize he was kind of hot lol, and he turned out to be my favourite character! I started watching the show and LOVED him! Obviously he was sexist at first but I knew he would change. Sokka was just very confident and I couldn't blame him! But it's a good thing Suki tought him a lesson (maybe a thing or two of you know what I mean ;)) over the show I started loving Sokka even more. Even though he was a non-bender without him team avatar would be dead! He comes up with all the plans, and has impressive strategy! I was so glad when they gave Sokka an episode about his insecurities and showing how powerful he is even without bending! I loved this character so much! I wish he ...more

The truth is, he didn't give me a first good impression with the sexist talk and everything, but when he learned his lesson I started to warm up to this dude. I realized how underrated people may see him and how people can mistake him as just that funny regular guy in the group. But now I see him as a relatable character because of his doubts and insecurities as the only non-bender in the early parts of the series. But in the end, he finds his purpose as a leader and protector which is why "Sokka's Master" is one of my favorite episodes. Also, he's funny.

This character is hilarious, but I love him so much, the fact that he loses his self worth and finds it again within a sword just kills me, he is the best leader, and can't be more like his father; strong, independent, a leader, adorable, I love him so much.

6 Azula Princess Azula is a fictional character and antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I think she could have become a much better person if her childhood had been different. like, say, Zuko. He started bad, but changed because of his banishment. Azula could have been a much better person. I think deep down she really does care for people, but doesn't want to show it. She's a horrible person at times, but the final battle for Zuko and Azula, with the music and the beauty of the fire, it practically had me in tears. She's such an amazing character, the best female character in both TLOK and ATLA

There were deep psychological themes with her character which made the show much more adult in nature, and allowing for the development of the series in general for an older audience, along side that her character allowed for multiple other characters to use her as a character that forced them to grow (Zuko obviously but also her own subordinates, and to an extent provided a face for her father).
As such while obviously the show could not have occurred without Aang it would likely not have been a cult classic without the character of Azula as the themes that made it great would have been lessened or perhaps even lost.

WARNING: This is gonna be really long,

I felt sorry for Azula, she was a powerful firebending prodigy and a good bad guy, but I wish they could've redeemed her in the series. There's just something more to her than just the badass, sadistic and manipulative bad guy. The writers of avatar were better than that. Azula was a complex person with a complex personality and complex story. I wish we saw more of her in the series. It wasn't her fault she became insane. She wasn't born evil. If only things worked out for her. She had a messed up life and family her mother loved her, but was just concerned for her to the point where Azula thought her mother ignored and despised her. Azula was only shown disregard from her childhood. She thought Zuko was the only one her mother truly loved. This caused Azula to lost her trust.

Zuko wasn't really the 'responsible big brother' that Azula needed. Zuko showed only weakness, hate, and cowardice towards Azula. This might have caused Azula ...more

I love Azula! She's so smart and is probably one of my favorite characters (after Mai and Zuko)! And, she's also so powerful and so intimidating. I feel bad for her though, after she started falling apart towards the end of the show, and becoming mentally unstable, probably built from Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal. I also feel like she acted more like an older sibling than Zuko did. Azula is great!

7 Katara Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

My favorite Nickelodeon character. Katara is a lovely combination of kind, weak, strong, insecure, confident, brave, scared, relatable, persistent, and feministic. I loved her from "The Boy In The Iceberg" to The Legend of Korra. Such a great character.

I saw Katara as a figure of feminism in the very first episode and I think she ended up living in that image. She fought for her place as a woman under the teachings of (sexist) Pakku and she ends up being one of the strongest benders we see in the series. She's not just a fierce and courageous woman, but also a kind and selfless person who ends becoming that mother figure we all know and probably all love. I just love the strength she embodied and I hope more people do too.

Katara is VERY underrated. I didn't know she was hated... When watching the series she was a really good character! I also like the interaction between her and Aang... Definitely one of the best relationships I've seen in cartoons!

WHY IS SHE HATED ON?. Everybody says she talks about her mother too much, but 80% of the time its to comfort somebody else who had a loss. She became so powerful learning almost all the sub bending. SHE REVIVED AANG. shes inspiring.

8 Appa

Awesome. Still not entirely sure what kind of creature he is, but I call him a six legged flying bison with a giant arrow along his head and back.

I always saw Appa as some sort of Toothless to Aang. These two should never be apart! They're both 10,012 years old for crying out loud!

The episodes without Appa made me realize how much I loved the big, furry guy! Plus, Aang's anguish over it was absolutely incredible!

Appa should be right after zuko! Appa is the best besides zuko. He has saved team avatat a couple of times and provides them with fast travel. Boo to the sandbenders who captured him and the circus guy who was cruel to him.

9 Ty Lee

Ty Lee is a force to be re conned with. She has taken Katara, Suki, Azula, and many other opponents. Her Agility, Chi blocking, and endless list of skills are great.

She is very sweet and friendly and it was very she’d to believe she was a bad guy at firs.t I honestly just thought she did it because of all the attention she was getting. But when she joined the Kyoshi warriors I was really happy?

While Ty lee isn't one of my favorite characters, I would like to talk about one reason I like her:
She isn't stupid.
I know it sounds like a given that I wouldn"t enhoy a stupid character, hear me out. She's this very perky and nice person, the kind of character that already makes the audience feel like she's on the wrong side. While this kind of character isn't exclusive to ATLA, the fact that she isn't the stupid comic relief of the villain team. She's smart and a good fighter, making her a valuble member of the team and better character.

Wow, she’s just fantastic. She’s pretty, strong, sweet, and just pure kindness. I think she helped Azula because she is the only one who really sees how much she hurt.

10 Mai

Mai is such a baddie, and hands down my favorite character (except maybe Zuko). She saved everyones asses countless times, and Team Avatar would be nothing without her. Some people be arguing, "oH, ShE DOeSn't CaRE aBOuT ZuKO's fEeLInGs." LIKE BRUH. Did your forget when she told Azula, "You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you." Like, that scene was straight up fireee. Also when people say they that Zuko and Mai shouldn't end up with eachother, I'm like, I'LL WHOOP YO ASS, cause they're just so cute together! They both had a crush on eachother since they were kids! Guys seriously, they BELONG together! I SHIP THEM

One of the best things about Mai is that she doesn't fear Azula because that is the one thing that everyone else does. She is also skilled at knife-throwing - you see a lot of benders in the series but Mai is the only knife-thrower. You also see that she cares about Zuko a lot, even though he dumped her (saved him from Boiling Rock, need I go on?)

Shes a ASSASSIN. Nobody gets as many kill chances as she does. she has the most pins, and open kill windows. Just imagine if this wasn't a kids show.

I bet this sack of sighs is me if I ever find myself to be an extremely skilled fighter who would love something to do in life. I'm glad they gave her some time in the spotlight during The Beach because that gave more insight into her character and the person she is. And I just hope people would stop giving her unreasonable hate.

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11 Suki

"'I was treating you like a girl when I should've been treating you like a warrior!'
'I know I'm a warrior, but I'm a girl too.' *kiss*" She is what every woman/girl should strive to be. Not afraid to get your hands dirty, but accepts who you are. Everyone is made who they were, and it's up to everyone to decide who you're going to be, what you decide to master, I love Suki and Katara

Does anybody else remember her spider man scene at the boiling rock. That was epic she along with the rest of the Kyoshi warriors are awesome.

I don't even know why people have a problem with the shipping of sokka & suki. It was the most developed ship, as suki helped him grow, and suki during sokkas stay at her village liked how funny he was and how he was willing to eat his words and wear a dress to get stronger. Sokka & yue where cute, but it really wasn't much better as it was more sokka that seemed to have developed a crush over her. Toph all he saw her as a friend, the crush was a one time thing by toph and she went to zuko once he came in. Azula just plan makes no sense as both showed no interest in each other. Ty lee he seemed more intimidated at her than anything and was fine with telling her that he has a girlfriend.

Despite what you might believe otherwise, it was no out of no where like zumai and they trusted each other and got along better than they did, and it wasn't a confusing half forced mess like kataang. And it wasn't just plan @$$ forced like S1 lok's makorra.

Besides that, taang & sukka is ...more

Suki is one of my top 2 favorite characters, she is so underrated and I wish they had explored her more. In fact, I think they should have made more seasons of ATLA instead of Korra

12 Momo

I just love dis flying monkey. Especially after I watched The Tales of Basingsay 'cause it reminded me that this little guy is still a character of this show who has been there almost from the start.

Momo and APPA are so cute! Momo was so adorable and I felt so bad for him when APPA was gone. He even saved those tigers in Tales Of Ba Sing Se and shows that he is more than just a pet lemur.

I love him, he's so funny. I'd prefer Momo over any new Disney Channel show (excluding Gravity Falls), new Nick show, and new Cartoon Network show any day.

He actually does some important things, like on the drill when he saves Aang.

13 Bumi

He may seem pretty goofy at first, but he is actually pretty wise. He taught Aang a few valuable lessons, and taught him how to find the ideal earth-bending teacher, which would eventually lead to Aang discovering Toph. Bumi's wisdom really helped them throughout the show.

Bumi is more important than one realises and is nit just any other side character. He was born just around the birthdate Avatar Aang did. He is Aang's last physical living node which bridges/links his past to his present. He greatly symbolizes childhood and past connections to Aang's life way before. He also is important since he thinks in many other different techniques and believes their are better solutions what seems obvious. In the second book when Omashu is destroyed it shows how Aang is losing his childhood and is moving on to when he left/escaped the Western Air Temple. Man of the other complementary items/attachments allocated with Bumi are usually purely comical. However he is still a huge inspiration that you can always be what you want to be even when it seems impossible while goofing off.

Strictly speaking, Zuko is better character, but a lot of people underrate Bumi. I mean, the guy single-handedly liberated Omashu, in one of the most badass sequences in the show. And he can even earthbend just with his face! Sorry Toph, you're awesome for being able to see without eyes and discover metalbending, but Bumi gets my vote.

Is this Uncle Bumi or Aang's 100 year old friend Bumi?

14 Bolin

This is an ATLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) list. I don’t get why Bolin from LOK (Legend of Korra) is here. They are two different series, they are just part of the same world.

Bolin's innocence just makes me feel so much affection for him. He is very pure and genuine. He is my #1 favorite from LoK.

Bolin is one of the best characters in LOK and one of the few that could've fit in ATLA. He's awesome

He's is hilarious and lovable and super hot

15 Jet

When I first watched Avatar, I met Jet and thought, "Huh, he's a cool character" but then when he betrayed the gaang, I hated him. Even when he showed up later, I hated him. When he became a better person, I hated him. But when he died, I didn't really know why, but I was super upset. Then I rewatched the show and found myself loving him. He had a redemption arc, and made up with the gaang. actually, when I watched the episode with my sister, I paused the part where he died and said, "Did Jet just... die?" I swear I had not watched the Ember Island Players, and I said that. We laughed later when we found out

Jet is a little different comparing to the other characters Team Avatar met. When they first met Jet he seemed like a great leader who want to help out those who suffered with the Fire Nation after his own experience with them. For the most part it's true but Sokka was the only character that knew Jet's plot for revenge making Katara mistrust him when he flood a whole village in an attempt to kill Fire Benders and innocent lives. Jet soon realizes his mistakes and wants to make amends and heads to Ba Sing Se. I think the most memorable moment of Jet is when he met up with Aang and the others again and was wiling to help them find Appa by leading them into the Dai Li base of Lake Laogai. Sadly this was the first and last good thing he did for anybody, he died after getting hit by Long Feng's Earthbending which left him fatally wounded. I guess anybody can agree that Jet deserve that second chance that's why I think Jet is one of the best characters that happened in the series. RIP Jet.

Jet is an interesting character that meets the eye. I'll admit, I hate how they portray him as the cliche good looking guy that starts up as the hero which turns out is not the hero and is actually a villain. What I like about him is his decision to change his ways and become a good guy for once. that's what made him original and a fitting character since he had a horrible past which is by far worse than Zuko's problems. I'm dissapointing that he was killed by Long Feng because he had so much room for a great character development. I wish he could've take his anger out on Colonel Mongke since he was practically cursed by him. Rather than kill him off why not focus on making him a better character, Team Avatar are great and all but the protagonists don't have to be the only relevant characters. Give Jet some attention.

Jet is just like me... Brave, Good looking, complicated. He was my favourite character by far in the series. I can't believe the fact that they killed him off. I could imagine Jet helping team Avatar in the final battle. He could have even saved Sokka and Toph instead of Suki doing it. He was such an amazing character and the best one in my opinion. He definitely deserves the number 1 spot on the list.

16 Roku

Roku is one of the strongest Avatars ever and his fire bending abilities greatly surpass any fire lord. Also he can simultaneously bend the elements. In addition, his lava bending abilities are incredibly strong, so strong than he can bend multiple thick streams of magma at once. Lastly, without even trying he beat Fire Lord Sozin in less than 15 seconds.

He trained for about a decade, then he got married, intimidated and infuriated Sozin (provoking him even more to start the hundred year war), then he saved the inhabitants (by this I mean about 50 people) of a puny little island, and was left to die, THE END. Didn't do anything to stop the hundred year war (which I bet killed millions of people). Real cool Avatar.

I have this theory that Katara is the reincarnation of Avatar Roku's wife - Ta Min.

He's still awesome, even if he still believed in Sozin when he was at his jerkiest.

17 Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.

Korra is an inspiring character and a fantastic protagonist. It's quite rare to see a strong realistic female lead in western animation. Especially in a Nickelodeon show. Although she is at first tomboyish, hot-headed and a bit reckless. She eventually grows into a mature, wise and a charismatic Avatar of great power and spiritual understanding. A worthy successor of Aang indeed.
Her character development is well written and her humanity is accurately depicted and the writers were wise not to focus too much on her as a hero, but rather as a person and also a good role model. For boys and girls alike.

Korra is so underrated as a protagonist. She has so much depth. Her suffering feels so real, her triumphs feel so real, her flaws feel so real. It's just outstanding writing and VA.

Her arc was so good, though I don't like how they wrote off her development in the end as simply being "I had to learn compassion." For me, it was about how she was able to reconcile with herself in the final season. I loved Korra from the start, even though many people disliked her temper. She was fiercely driven, powerful, and unapologetic, and she shined as a character.

She starts off as hot-headed, reckless and a bit selfish. However, throughout the series, she matures into a more wise and spiritual avatar. Korra's flaws is what makes her a great realistic and inspiring female lead.
This generation's kids are lucky to have such an inspiring role model.

18 June

A pretty bad-ass character, when you think about it. That mole she has is actually quite a formidable animal.

Am I the only one who remembers this character and hates her with a burning passion?

A seductive and crafty assassin

I love June. Wifey

19 Asami

Hugely underrated. Asami is the most genuine character in LOK. She is unfathomably honest and faithful, understanding, and supportive. She never fails to find justice and fight for it, even when she's double crossed by her own father. Plus, she's unrivaled in mechanical operation. Varrick may have her beat when it comes down to inventing, but he literally becomes clueless trying to operate anything, even his own inventions. Asami is the best Pilot/Operative in the series. Also, she can keep up with benders in combat with her Future Industry Shock Glove. To top it all off she's gorgeous.

She's just great. Absolutely great. Also, she's Korra's hot/badass girlfriend. Speaking of which, ALOK IS THE FIRST ANIME/CARTOON TO HAVE A CONFIRMED LGBTQ+ COUPLE! At least, as far as I know.

Basically just a character to be shipped randomly. And her most annoying ship actually happened on the show...smh

I love her, she's so cool, and I feel for her. I haven't lost my parents, but I still feel for her.

20 The Duke

YESSS. I love The Duke. The Duke is underrated.

21 Ursa

The biggest question I have about avatar (along with sparky sparky boom man). What happened to her? I have no idea. She was banished...and so?! If anyone had information I would gladly take it.

A beautiful character. She was so brave and kind. It made me cry when I found out that she saved Zuko. Wish she was in ATLA more.

What happened to her is finally revealed in the graphic novel The Search

Ursa was one of my favourite characters on the show. Her unconditional love for Zuko was just beautiful. She even died to save him! I think she’s an underrated character. Plus she’s one of the prettiest characters on the show.

22 Haru

He was an okay character.

23 Piandao

He is so amazing, the fact that he sees Sokka as, not a failure, but a masterpiece to be resculpted into something with more worth and more honor than anything.

My favorite OOTWL member, other than Iroh, cause he's like Batman. No powers, but uses his incredible skill to fight alongside bending masters. He also trained Zuko and sokka very well

He is so hot ugh daddy yes ugu so Kawaii

24 Tenzin

He's like the Iroh of Lok

25 Yue

WHAT?! She’s so low! She may not be perfect for Sokka but that is no reason to treat her differently as a character. She was brave and a perfect princess. OK, so she was basic, but she was a side character. She wasn’t supposed to be so emotionally built. She’s great.

A strong character doesn't have to fight or try and get attention, Yue was a perfect ballence between, bravery and tenderness. She showed love to Sokka but at the same time did what was right for her people and the world. She should AT LEAST be in the top 10!

Okay yes I don't like her because I found her kind of boring but she shouldn't be at the bottom. She did sacrifice herself for the moon spirit after all.

We shan't forget the first girlfriend who turned into the moon. She was really brave to do so!

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