Top 10 Best Doritos Flavors

Almost everybody loves Doritos, and these are the ten best flavors.
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1 Spicy Sweet Chili

This isn't just my favourite Dorito chip, and not just my favourite chip ever, and not even just my favourite food ever. It is my absolute, honest, and godly favourite object on the universal plane.

You've obviously never had this flavor if you don't vote it #1. Seriously it's unlike anything. You can get nacho and ranch anywhere, but this stuff... I don't know where it comes from but it's simply the best.

Definitely one of the best! I also love spicy Doritos, and other various types, but this one is the best. Have a party sized bag with ya and some Dr. Pepper, your set. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

2 Nacho Cheese

They're so simple, that they can be eaten many different ways! Unlike the rest.

Taking one bite takes you back to your childhood when you were first dipped your hand into a mysterious red bag and you're taste buds became enlightened by the comforting embrace of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Being described as "the perfect chip" - Fidel Castro

Goes oh so swell with my nachos. Best flavor ever!

3 Cool Ranch

Cool Ranch is zesty and tangy withouth the hotness. It's perfect especially when you get one that's loaded with seasoning. They need to make one called LOADED COOL RANCH!

This is probably my favorite Doritos flavor. It was hard to pick between Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

I like plenty of Doritos flavors but Cool Ranch is just the best. It's such a great flavor.

4 Spicy Nacho

What's great about spicy nacho is that it's essentially nacho cheese, but with amplified flavors. That cheese taste has a more significant punchline to it in spicy nacho, but not too intense for those uninitiated in the realm of spice. The gateway chip to spicier Doritos variants.

I love these. The only ones I like better than these are the Wasabi flavor, and I can't find those anymore. These are #1, followed by Cool Ranch and then regular Nacho Cheese.

It has the perfect hot, cheesy flavor that all Doritos should have. Nacho cheese is OK, but there isn't enough cheese.

5 Zesty Cheese

Delicious flavor that both kids and adults like. Please bring them back!

6 Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch

All time great. Only reason it isn't number 1 is because you didn't have them.

Very underrated. Should be up the top!

7 Taco

It's sad to think that there is a generation of kids that haven't tried taco Doritos. So much better than nacho cheese or cool ranch

All time number one Doritos flavor, right here!

So glad the taco flavor is back!

8 Pizza Supreme
9 Smokin' Cheddar BBQ
10 Chilli HeatWave

Had these in the UK and they are phenomenal. Not spicy at all but sweet, I imagine they are like the Spicy Sweet Chili ones. Delicious!

The Contenders
11 Cool Original
12 Tapatìo
13 All Nighter Cheeseburger

This reminds me of eating one delicious cheeseburger but in one humble chip

14 Poppin' Jalapeño

Green chili and cheese combine to make a superior flavor explosion.

15 Salsa Verde
16 Fiery Habanero

My son and I really loved Fiery Habanero on of the best favorite chips you guys have ever made please bring them back.

17 Flamin' Hot Nacho

Definitely a chip of choice for those who want a much more intense version of nacho cheese.

18 Jumpin' Jack Cheese

I Think this one was very good! lots of cheddar and cheese, to bad they don't sell it no more

19 Jalapeño Fire
20 Sweet Chili Heat

Best Dorito, flavour is on point. The bioaccumulation of the MSG found on the base of the chip is amazing, as athe hydrocarbon fillament found within the starch is... nah I'm just playing. It should be top 10 though.

21 BBQ

This and cool ranch is all I will buy.. sometimes the odd dill pickle flavour.

You open the bag to have a couple, next thing you know you are fishing the crumbs out of the bottom of the bag

22 Doritos 3D
23 Ranch Dipped Hot Wings
24 Chile Limón
25 Blaze
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