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1 Water

This should remain number 1 for all eternity. There is no possible way Coca-Cola could surpass it. Without Water, all drinks won't exist and we would die of dehydration within 3 days. Water is used to make an uncountable number of foods and drinks. I remember moments with water. One time, I found a plastic water bottle by pushing all the water out into my mouth in one gulp and I now do it occasionally (I watch those challenges on YouTube). And if you are at school, drink all of your water bottle before school ends.

I love water its like the best drink ever! But this is a funny story one time I made a drink out of mustard fruit punch wild berry punch and pickle juice! I made my sister taste it and scale it on 1-10 and she said 10! She loved it! But any way water is like the best drink ever I drink it non stop I like don't drink anything else! I am so glad that water is #1! I love this website because it shows me all the latest top ten things! That way I'm always on top! By the way this comment was made by a 10 year old girl... Named Skyler Bridges find me on kik! I'm Minecraft_lover_56 BBTTww love yall! Find me on twitter YouTube and Facebook I'm tatum walsh on twitter and I'm ashlie walsh on YouTube

2 Coca-Cola

Even if water is good for you it is not a good drink. This is about the flavour and how refreshing it is not plain water

This drink is so overrated, everyone seems to drink it but I never could understand why.

I love the taste, the texture, the flavor variety and so much moree!

3 Chocolate Milk

You know those bottles of cold chocolate milk in the supermarket that they sell just like any other kind of milk? That's the stuff. Don't get it much but when I do, it's always delicious. There's something using cocoa powder that just isn't nearly as good as the premade stuff.

Refreshing Chocolate milk is so good and I really love Chocolate milk so very much and it is my all time favorite especially in the morning for breakfast . Back in Shaftsbury Elementary I drink Chocolate milk with Macaroni and cheese . I really love Chocolate milk especially when it is warm because it would be hot Cholate which I love during the holidays

Chocolate Milk is great. It combines 2 things everybody likes. Chocolate and Milk. Together it tastes so good. Water is not better they are equally the same. But chocolate milk is superior to all.

4 Dr. Pepper Dr Pepper Snapple Group is an American soft drink company based in Plano, Texas, and as of July 2018 it is a business unit of the newly formed publicly traded conglomerate Keurig Dr Pepper.

Why are there a lot of people praising over Coca-Cola and Pepsi instead of Dr. Pepper. I used to like both of these drinks but have now moved to Dr. Pepper entirely. Dr Pepper has good flavors, especially Dr Pepper Cream Soda, which is my favorite soda flavor.

It tastes good, and that's why I voted for it. If I was going for health, then that would be a different story, but I'm not.

Dr. Pepper may have calories, but it's delicious!

5 Coffee

Coffee is the best drink I have ever tasted. I a big fan on soda and all ( Coca Cola and Cream Soda and don't forget water! ) but coffee is way better. It's taste can be bad for a lot for people, but not me. Try it. And vote for this!

I am big Coffee drinker especially in the morning ! When I wake up my dad or mom makes a fresh hot cup of coffee to have with breakfast . One of my all time favorite coffee is from Starbucks or Dunkin Donughts

I wanted to try out healthy, sweet, coffee. I'll love it as soon as I drank a cold or warm sweet coffee.

6 Lemonade

What drink is perfect for the summer? LEMONADE is the answer! It's so delicious and it has lemon juice in it and sugar. Drink lemonade during the summer guys!

Lemonade is my favorite drink! I hate soda (because of the carbonation), so this is my go-to drink. If a restaurant doesn't have it, I just get water.

Why is this number ten? Lemonade infinitely beats all other drinks and goes perfect with pizza.

7 Mountain Dew

I like Mountain Dew. It's a citrus drink, yet it doesn't taste like Sprite. I would vote for milk but I don't drink it straight up anymore. Not since I had bronchitis.
Mountain Dew isn't good for you though so when I can (which is never, those cheap 7-11 managers never order it) I get it in diet

The best ever is 100% Water.
But Mountain Dew should be in top 5. I only vote on it cause it taste like Paradise, and I want to take it higher

Amazing. So refreshing and good. I drink it all the time.

8 Orange Juice

I absolutely love Orange Juice so much especially in the morning for breakfast ! Orange Juice brings back fun child hood memories for me I would have orange juice when I kid and I still love it so much

Great fruit juice

9 Tea

Tea is perfect and makes me happy. What is wrong with people saying milk is the best beverage. It's horrible for you and the texture makes me cringe. I would much rather enjoy a cup of earl grey or rooibus.

Me and my mom are big tea drinkers in the family and we both like the same tea PG tips but I also like Constant Comment and Chai . both teas are excellent in the morning or in the afternoon

I love tea. Just because I am not an adult doesn't mean that I can't drink tea.

10 Milk

This should definitely be in the top 3 at least. It's so healthy and it's so good for you, and it's so delicious! It can even work as a tool to help you fall asleep. What more could you want in a drink? GO MILK!

Kids may drink milk these days, but grown ups do to! Milk is healthy and delicious and where does it come from? GUESS!

Only when it's cold though. Warm milk is gross, but cold milk is delicious and feels so refreshing to your throat.

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11 Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi doesn't have a lot of carbonation or too less of it, it's just in the middle. Dr Pepper has way to much! Pepsi has just enough, and it's not as strong as Dr Pepper. It also doesn't rot your teeth out like Coca-Cola!

Pepsi is much better than Coke.

Coke isn't sweet enough and has a foul aftertaste. Pepsi doesn't have those issues.

I love Pepsi, regular, diet, or cherry. It's all good to me. Refreshing!

12 Apple Juice

Yes yes yes; you must have this drink. It's perfect for a tired exhausting day. I cannot imagine living without it. Please vote for this and try it.

I would constantly drink this amazing Juice when I was growing up in Ganger Hollow ! my mom would get the Juicy Juice Apple juice for me and I loved them . I still love Apple juice including apple cider

YUM! Anything that has to do with apples is automatically delicious in my opinion!

13 Milkshake

Girls in their twenties love strawberry ones, right?

Milkshakes are just once in a while treats, but they're amazing.

When I goes to Carl Jr., I might have one.

14 Sprite

Sprite has fizzy water, it has lots of sugar, and it's amazing. You guys should drink it, it's GOOD. If you go into Pizza Hut, Cici's Pizza, Olive Garden, or any other restaurant, you SHOULD get Sprite, it will make your mouth sparkly.

Sprite should be in number one. This drink is the best. Better than Coke. Coke is just second.

Sprite has a unique taste in it. It is the best drink in the world.

15 Hot Cocoa

This should be higher. So good!

Hot cocoa is taste good

16 Root Beer

How is stupid, stupid water one? It's refreshing and essential, sure, but it has no flavor and you drink it way too much! Grape juice and apple juice are OK, but root beer... Wow. Root beer has so many brands, and it's very refreshing. Oh, and 3 words: ROOT BEER FLOAT.

Definitely better than Coca-Cola, dr. pepper, mountain dew, pepsi, sprite and Gatorade. Coca-cola is the most overrated drink and gatorade just plain sucks!

Root beer taste amazing! I won't drink stuff at restaurants if I can't have root beer.

17 Slushie

They are very good. I love them in Coca-Cola flavour!

18 Beer

Tastes horrible, but I always enjoy a cold beer while hanging out with friends. When the beer gets warm however, that's when it's really disgusting.

It's all a matter of perspective to be honest..

How is it so low?

19 Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is my favorite drink. The stronger the better! I always get really energetic afterwards.

20 Pineapple Juice

Hello? How come pineapple juice isn't even on the list!? Pineapple juice is an awesome drink. It has a very flavorful flavor, and is nice and sweet, but not too sweet. I love this drink, but only restaurants that have bars usually have it, which doesn't make a lot of sense.

Love this drink. First tried 2016, loved it in the first sip of it. Lovely flavour. Ain't tried it try it this instant. Drink it over and over again, I could.

Fancy. I really good it.

21 Cherry Coke

Cherry coke is better than normal coke so I think this should be higher

22 Strawberry Milk

I like it better than chocolate.

23 Sparkling Water

I drink plenty of sparkling water when I can , I especially love Seltzer and I really love it especially when it comes in different flavors like Lemon lime , Raspberry lime, Cranberry lime and black cherry

This drink is a really healthy alternative, who the hell needs to drink soda like you will die if you don't get it, when you can actually enjoy the fizz in your mouth.
And this is surprising to hear from, that's right, I'm THIRTEEN!

24 Mango Juice
25 Iced Tea

So good love the texture

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