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1 Buttered Popcorn

So perfectly sweet and savory... And of course buttery without the butter! I don't know how they do it, but they managed to take the flavor of cheesy/buttery popcorn, make it a little sweeter, and compress it into a bean. Pure love.

I LOVE it! Absolutely delicious! Since I'm not a huge sugar fan, all I have to do is take out a popcorn flavored jelly bean, as it is both sweet and salty! This one is my favorite by far!

I believe buttered popcorn is a "good" flavor in the BeanBoozled games, but honestly I think it is gross. The idea is good, I just don't like it. I know we all have our own opinions, and that is mine.

Love buttered popcorn, even though it shares almost 0 similarities with the original food. The slight saltiness and distinct sweetness make for a perfect combination. Sure, most people don't like it, but I would buy a whole bag of it. It's sweet/salty perfect. ;D

2 Tutti Frutti

So happy Tutti Fruitti is up there! This is, by far, my most FAVORITE flavor ever!
I love how colorful this jelly bean is! It tastes like a mix of bubble gum & island punch!

I always find this tasting more like bubble gum than the actual bubble gum flavor. Loved it! Favorite flavor when I was a child.

I love Tutti Frutti but be warned... Berties botts every flavor beans has a vomit-flavored jelly bean that looks a lot like tutti frutti!

This flavor is like bubble gum and fruit together! Best flavor I had ever had! This should be number one!

3 Dr. Pepper

Taste just like dr pepper best one in the soda mix probably my favorite or 2nd favorite and all it gets is 16th place?

#8 Seriously? Buttered popcorn should be in bean boozled! Dr Pepper should be #1.

Pretty much the only flavor that I look forward to picking.

It's so good and tates just like Dr Pepper!

4 Very Cherry

Delicious and full of flavor, if it's not actually a Cinnamon in disguise. Cinnamon tastes fine too, but it really ruins the moment when you're expecting something sweet and you get something spicy instead.

I think should be a little higher then only seven on a more accurate list than this were more people vote it is number one.

Buttered popcorn is terrible! Why do people like it? This is the best flavor!

What bad is there in these jelly beans? Answer? None.

5 Lemon Lime

Amazing flavor that's all I can say.

So good, can't stop eating them!

6 Juicy Pear

The absolute best jelly belly jelly bean flavor of all time, hands down. The main reason why this flavor taste so amazing is because it has the juices of a pear inside of it which helps bring out the realsistic taste. It's flavor is so juicy, so realistic, so... AMAZING. I'm not sure if they have a whole pack of just juicy pear jelly beans, but if they do, I will definitely invest my money into it. This flavor is always my top pick

I love the Juicy Pear jelly belly. I will buy a whole pack of 49 flavors and start by picking out all of the pear, it has so much flavor, and the Green Apple Jelly Belly tastes like medicine and not even green apple. Pear is one of the only one that tastes real and amazing.

I'm really not sure how anything else even got a vote. This flavor is just simply amazing. I like a lot of the flavors, but this is the only one I can just eat a bag of by themselves.

I love this flavor so much because it is juicy no lie! I pick out all the juicy pears in the 49 flavors before everyone gets it on a daily bases. this flavor is so amazing! I has so much flavor I love it.

7 Green Apple

! I cannot even eat the buttered popcorn one without spitting it out. Oh, and I like Green Apple.

For these flavours you can buy a big bag of them on there website!

So yummy! Even though I don't like green apple so much.

Refreshing, sweet and generally perfect.

8 Watermelon

Watermelon is the best flavor out there. It is a mix of sweet and sour which is amazing. It does taste 47% like a real watermelon (which is better that 98% of all jellybeans that say that they are something; like very cherry) and, it also looks like one too because it is green on the outside and red on the inside! I went to disneyland and got a huge bag of these! It's an amazing flavor!

I like how it is green on the outside and red in the inside and taste really nice to.

Simply delicious!
Why buttered popcorn? Yuck, just yuck.

I bought a 2 kilo bag of just these. I'm in heaven

9 Toasted Marshmallow

It tastes like childhood memories, when the best part of camping was the smores! When I was little this type of jelly bean was like all the good things about camping packed into a little bean. When I see that little spotted off white bean in the bottom of the bag, I still get all stoked like I'm 5.

Toasted Marshmallow is so tasty! Mix this flavor with the Chocolate Pudding one and it would REALLY taste like a S'more!

I'm happy to see this at the top of the list. I always thought it was easily the best one.

I just think it has an amazing flavor when I first starting eating jelly bellies I could not tell it and apple pie apart lol but now I see the difference and this is so much better.I also think green apple taste like a medicine and grass smoothie.

10 Orange Sherbet
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11 Blueberry

Surprisingly delicious, didn't expect this one to be any better than Berry Blue but it really is good. Not too much of a bite like other fruit flavors (Green Apple for example).

12 Coconut

Tastes like real coconut

So so good it's my fave

Coconut is alright

13 Margarita

It's sooo good! I had it when I was little when I didn't know what a margarita was but I've had sips of my parents and it tastes like a margarita without that alchohol burn!

I tasted it, and it was awful! I don't know what the heck is a margarita, but I'll never eat something like that again!

This is HANDS DOWN the best flavor! Had it when I was in 6th grade and have fell in love with it ever since.

14 Bubble Gum

The far best next to Dr Peppers! The fruity ones are overrated. I'm more of the other flavors guy. You know I'm typing this while eating a tofu box of Dr P and bubble gum jelly beans.

Bubble Gum is my personal favorite Jelly Belly. Taste like legit bubble gum.

It literally tastes like pink...

It tastes like the real thing.

15 7-Up

Great flavour in general

16 Red Apple

Red Apple has easily been my favorite for as long as I can remember.
It might just be my adoration for sour candy, but I think it has just enough sweet to balance out that perfect amount of tartness. I definitely buy these in bulk- it's a guilty pleasure.

Easily the best Jelly Belly flavor. A gorgeous shining red color with a creamy white center. A nice, round sweetness that tastes exactly like biting into a crisp Red Delicious, without any of the chalkiness of some other beans.

How is this number 28! This flavor is so good. Easily my favorite flavor! Taste so good!

They're so tart, I just love them.

17 Crushed Pineapple

Meh. I think I'd vote anything over buttered popcorn. Interesting flavor, but in a handful of actual legit candy it's like a gym sock down the throat. Licorice and cinnamon I hate too, but at least they're CANDY flavored. Y'all can have mine if you like them so much. I'll ship them to you free

Are you seriously telling this is not number one REALLY.

Love the flavour of the pineapple. Even if I hate eating real pineapples

I think it is great during summer and is refreshing.

18 Cotton Candy

I'm actually kind of disappointed with this flavor. It doesn't even taste like real Cotton Candy (like some spun sugary taste). To me, it kind of tasted tarty.

No one likes cotton candy!? *Go's to corner and cries*
Cotton candy is tasty! I can't decide between marshmallow and cotton candy. Looks like Cotton Candy n needs me! Another day, T M.

Is it just me or does it taste like yogurt?

19 Sizzling Cinnamon

Sizzling cinnamon is just amazing. Every single time I come across a yellow dotted red jelly bean I get so excited. I eat it so slowly because there is just so much taste O. O
Another favourite of mine is Licorice (but that's just personal)

Easily my favorite flavor, but I love ANY cinnamon flavored candy. I just don't get how some people hate it.

Love to share them with those, who don't know what is going after you chew cinnamon bean for a while...

Best flavor jelly belly and quite frankly the best cinnamon flavored candy.

20 Cherry

Mm cherrys I like the flavor of cherries and real cherrys but not in juice or medicences but still I like cherries and in flavors I also like it in jelly beans M.

Cherry should be No. 1 Cherry all the way!

21 Chocolate Pudding

This is my favourite flavour. It's so good, and way better than buttered popcorn. Buttered popcorn tastes like a less gross version of its worst flavour in bean boozled counterpart, Rotten egg, I love anything chocolate, so this is why this flavour is my favorite

Yummy Nummy Chocolate Pudding Bean! When I was playing bean boozled, we got the brown bean, and when I got a taste of that delicious Chocolate Pudding, I can never go back!

It tastes so good it tastes like the pudding you can buy at the store

I love chocolate

22 A&W Root Beer

Best Jelly Belly ever! I love it because it tastes like a sip of root beer! So sweet and peppy, just like Root Beer! I also like green tea and grapefruit but ROOT BEER!

It does not taste like root beer.

It surely is number one!

How is this not number 1

23 Pina Colada

If you like pina colada

24 Apple Pie

Its amazing don't know how they do it but it tastes just like apple pie. Better than buttered popcorn or any of the others on the list. If you where an apple pie fanatic on a diet one of these beans would be perfect for you.

Never had one, but I know how accurate their tastes are to the real thing, and whoever does not love apple pie should be bound up and tickles furiously for hours.

I love pie flavors!

25 Sunkist Orange
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