Top 10 Best Gatorade Flavors

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1 Glacier Freeze

As mentioned by another, it's mild and closer to water, making it my favorite for years because it's easy to drink. It's also the only one I can make in very weak strengths to encourage me to drink more water without all the sugar, and it doesn't taste bad like other watered-down flavors or the disgusting G2, even in weaker strengths than the G2 version. You'll have to work your way down to half, to quarter, then lower strengths to get used to it. Then it just tastes really good with barely any sugar at all, and I'll chug it.

I use the 32 oz bottles, buy the larger canisters, and use between 1/5 and 1/20th (I haven't busted out my caliper yet) of a scoop (a full scoop is normal strength for 32 oz). It depends on whether I've worked out or am just ensuring that I drink enough water daily. Watered-down Glacier Freeze tastes better and is much "healthier" than any G2, which has more sugar and disgusting artificial sweeteners.

2 Lemon Lime

Any other flavor is just because you didn't have lemon-lime available. Not only does it taste the best, but it also happens to be the most thirst-quenching.

That makes it the best flavor to have when you're actually playing sports.

When I tried this flavor, I was shockingly surprised by how it wasn't super sour to the point of being undrinkable. I literally thought it would have tasted awful.

For me, it's not the best, but it's the perfect lemon-lime drink.

I like the yellow Lemon Lime flavor. To be specific, I love the minor citrus twinge along with the hydration it gives me. This is by far the best Gatorade and the only one I drink.

3 Cool Blue

I tried Gatorade because I drink way too much soda and I don't like water, so I had to find an alternative. I like drinks with a lot of flavor, unlike water, which is why I hate Glacier Freeze. I've tried Glacier Freeze, Cool Blue, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, and some purple one that I forget the name of. Cool Blue is by far my favorite and the only one that I can finish quickly.

When I was in kindergarten, my mother and I went to Minnesota for a week or two to visit my cousins. On day two, I caught the stomach flu and threw up all day. After I drank some Cool Blue, I began to feel better. This flavor has been my favorite because of how, when I was little, I thought Cool Blue was the cure to everything, even cancer.

4 Orange

Please bring back Orange G2! That is all my husband and I used to drink! It was always in such high demand that we could hardly find it on the shelves... then it was discontinued... I don't get it!

This Gatorade flavor is beyond the best. I drink at least one every single day. It helps get tasks done. This also cools off the body on a hot day.

This is the thirst quencher beverage!

At first, I thought it was orange juice because it looks the same. One of the best flavors of Gatorade, as well as the blue one.

5 Fruit Punch

This is THE best flavor, hands down! Something about this drink, this flavor works the best against fighting a hangover.

EVERY time I've taken this flavor, I feel revived and back to my old self in record time! It really does replenish your energy! Keep up the good work, Gatorade!

It is a simple fact that Red Gatorade, aka Fruit Punch, is by far superior to other flavors. There is no dispute on this matter.

It is a fact that people, especially eighth-grade boys, must come to accept.

6 Riptide Rush

This is the ONLY Gatorade flavor I will drink. All the others are too chemically tasting, overpowering, and honestly make me feel more thirsty. When I drink Riptide Rush, I feel quenched, and the flavor is subtly akin to Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid. It tastes good. It's the only one I will ever drink. If they do away with it, I will just eat more bananas and stick to only H2O. Sad.

The newer light purple flavor tastes like chemical pineapple. It's too sweet and gross. I bought it by mistake and it got poured straight down the drain. Boo.

7 Ice Punch

This is the best of all the flavors! Extremely refreshing and sweet, but not that easy to find. I don't see how Fruit Punch, Orange, and Lemon-Lime are in the top 5 unless they're just old-school voters. Maybe in the 1980s or early '90s, but there are just way too many other flavors that have come out since then. Branch out and live a little.

This flavor is really awesome. Yeah, it's only at my school, too. But I think it is really cool. It looks like water, but with an extra zing to it.

I drink this EVERY day, literally. And I drink it at lunch, breakfast, and I buy one and bring it home for dinner! This Gatorade should be #1.

8 Lemonade

I would like to know where I can buy this flavor of Gatorade in Knoxville. I drink nothing but Lemonade Gatorade in Mexico and haven't noticed it in any stores in Tennessee. I must say, this is one of my top favorite flavors of Gatorade. I like it better than Lemon-Lime and equally to Fruit Punch. I drink Powerade as well, but Gatorade is my preferred daily beverage.

Hands down, this is the best flavor of Gatorade! It has the perfect balance, not too tart or sweet. It's difficult to find, so I have to seek it out.

I wish all stores would stock this flavor. I have to watch carefully so as not to pick up Lemon-Lime because they are so close in color!

9 Fierce Grape

Fierce Grape is amazing. It has the taste of grape but a lot sweeter. It's the only kind I drink. It has a tangy taste but again, it's very sweet. It's at the very top of my list! It never gets old at all. Haha, I'm watching the evil monkey. Laugh out loud, off-topic, but you get the point.

Grape is fierce, all right! I used to like Fruit Punch, but that's so yesterday to me now!

I LOVE Fierce Grape because it's the only Gatorade with a natural flavor. Fruit Punch tastes so artificial, don't you think?

Yum. Grape is definitely my favorite. I also like Fruit Punch, but I have to say Grape definitely beats Fruit Punch. This is my opinion, please don't hate.

10 Fierce Strawberry

Fierce Strawberry is the best. I bless this holy drink. Even though it's rare, it's still the best drink there is. I enjoy the drink both for its taste and color. I think this drink should be more common in certain stores like Walmart or your corner gas station, rather than just certain 7/11's. God bless Fierce Strawberry.

I've always been a die-hard Fierce Grape/Cool Blue sort of guy ever since I was little. But the moment I tried Strawberry two years ago, I was hooked, and it became my new favorite flavor!

It tastes similar to strawberry Nerds candy in a beverage!

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11 Glacier Cherry

I was requesting my mother to bring Rain Berry Gatorade before she went to the store. Instead, she came home with Glacier Cherry, a flavor I had never tried. She said they were out of Rain Berry. The next day, after I completed my daily exercise, I decided to drink it. I thought it was so delicious that I couldn't stay away from it! I absolutely love it!

It has topped my previous favorite flavor, Rain Berry. Since I love it so much, my mom brought me two more bottles the following day.

12 Lime Cucumber

This is so good with a cup of water, half a cup of Lime Cucumber, and a shot of Ketel One, Tito's, or your favorite vodka! It's my new favorite drink in the world and great when on the lake in the sun. Very refreshing!

I used to drink orange Gatorade and vodka on the lake, but now I drink this and have all my friends addicted to it as well. It was hard to find last year, but much easier to find now. Every convenience store in the DFW area has it now. My second choice is Riptide Rush, which is also good with vodka and water. You just don't need as much water with any of the other Gatorades as you do with the cucumber-flavored one.

13 Grape

So good! Why can't I ever find it? I only ever find "Fierce Grape," which clearly is not as good!

So much better than Fierce Grape! One of the best flavors for sure.

It is the best. All other flavors are crap!

14 Raspberry Lemonade

Love it and wish I could find it. I usually get 4 to 6 eight-pack 20 oz bottles every couple of weeks. It's so good. Where can I get it now?

My favorite, but it's getting harder to find. Guess I will find another drink.

15 Strawberry
16 Berry

I love this flavor, although it's not the most popular. It's gotten me through my childhood. Whenever I'm sick, it helps me feel better.

Whenever I'm thirsty, I go to my fridge in the garage and get a chilled bottle of delicious, tangy, thirst-quenching Berry Gatorade.

Gatorade normally has three ingredients: sugar, water, and some strange fruit flavor. Rain Berry eliminates one of those variables.

It is just sugar water. Although, it could probably be better described as nectar.

This is the only flavor I'll drink. It's getting harder and harder to find! Please make it easier to buy this! I add additional sea salt and a hydration packet of Normalyte.

17 Strawberry Kiwi

Since my 81-year-old mother started drinking this and incorporating it into her daily liquid consumption, she's been more energetic, refreshed, and renewed.

But she's almost always running out of this drink. It seems like there's not much supply of this flavor.

My pregnant heart is broken that I cannot find this anywhere. I have to resort to the Vitamin Water Strawberry Kiwi, and it doesn't measure up.

This is the only one worth buying. Can't find it. I tried to find a replacement and tried many, but they are all horrible. Please, please bring back Rain Strawberry Kiwi.

18 Watermelon

I miss this flavor. It was the first Gatorade I ever drank way back when, and I literally cried when I couldn't find it anymore.

This needs to make a comeback, not that strawberry watermelon crap. If I ever found it at a store, I would buy it in bulk, it's that good.

I have not seen this flavor in years, but it was far and away my favorite Gatorade flavor. Especially when partially frozen to a slush consistency.

Light and refreshing. The best of them all. I wish they had this flavor everywhere they sell Gatorade.

19 G2 Grape

Great after a late night, even before going to bed. Wake up and feel like you've just come out of a 10-year coma. Refreshed, healthy, and ready to hang with friends. That's if you have friends. If not, at least G2 Grape is friendly. Well, kind of. It's friendlier than the other flavors by at least 40%.

The G2 series is so smooth and light. The grape G2 has the best taste of all other grape flavors out there.

The best, but all of a sudden, I can't find it in the stores! I hope they don't discontinue it!

20 Citrus Cooler

I love all the classics, but when you can find it, I grab a Citrus Cooler. It has a taste that's so unique you will never forget it.

It's super refreshing and just flat out amazing. No other beverage can compare.

This flavor actually beat Orange, the flavor that I had been drinking for years as my favorite. Until I had Citrus Cooler!

This flavor is lighter and more quenching. #1 Citrus Cooler #2 Orange #3 Mandarin/Tangerine flavor

I have not been able to find this flavor in years. How I miss it so much. I still get cravings for it. It is by far the best flavor Gatorade has ever made!

21 Rain Berry

My favorite Gatorade! This one is hard to find because if Walmart sells out, I have to go to Kroger to find it.

Literally, the only reason I ever go to Kroger is to buy this one particular Gatorade! It needs to be advertised more often and sold in more convenience stores!

It was the ONLY Gatorade flavor that I could keep down while I was pregnant with both of my kiddos. Hydration is problematic when you can't keep anything down at all.

I love this flavor!

The best Gatorade flavor. Not too syrupy sweet, not too acidic. It goes down very easily and is especially refreshing. Why don't they make this more available?

22 Blueberry-Pomegranate

This is by far my favorite flavor, and I can never find it. I have actually driven an hour to a store that I knew stocked it just to stock up on it for my house. I get really bad leg cramps, and the only thing that makes them go away is Gatorade. Thank you for making your product, and the G2 is a lifesaver because I'm diabetic.

This is the best of the blues. The flavor is perfect. One step above Glacier Freeze and definitely better than Grape.

I was buying 50 bottles a month during my peak training weeks, and now I can't find it in any store. What's the problem? I think people need a taste bud adjustment.

23 Arctic Blitz

I love this flavor! It's so refreshingly cool and easy to drink, not too sweet. Hands down, it's the best flavor. Plus, it's a really pretty color (teal).

Also, I see pros like Steph Curry drinking it. The only problem is it only comes in one size, 28 FL oz.

There's a huge tie between this and Cool Blue. I'm on an Arctic Blitz trend, and I just grabbed a Cool Blue. I seriously can't decide which I love more!

Tastes like what laundry smells like. I'm addicted to this one, and it's almost always sold out at any Wawa I go to.

24 Strawberry Splash
25 Green Apple

I never really liked any of the flavors until the other day. I had to get Gatorade to prep for a colonoscopy. I stopped by the store, saw the Green Apple, and tried it.

Wow! I love it. Now, I will buy Gatorade if I can find it. I hope I can find it in powder form so I can mix it on long bike rides.

Green Apple is my favorite and probably the only reason I buy Gatorade over Powerade. Sadly, I have not been able to find it recently, and it was only sold in 7-Eleven to start. To be honest, if I am wanting the Green Apple and cannot find it, I do not buy another flavor as there are maybe only 1-2 other flavors that I would even consider.

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