Top 10 Best Types of Pizzas

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1 Pepperoni

The absolute best! No one can "top" this pizza! Sigh… puns.

2 Cheese

How is this not first? There's just nothing like good old-fashioned cheese pizza.

I love cheese pizza! It's the best!

3 Margherita

It's a shame so many people in my grade love this pizza. They are freaks.

Truly the best. It's delicious, I love it.

What the hell nobody except damn alcoholic s like margaritas on the ending pizza

4 Hawaiian

Now, I respect all your food opinions, and I have lots of respect for Italians! I hate pasta and pizza with ketchup, but I think pineapple on pizza rocks! It's the BOMB!

All my friends think I'm weird, but I love Hawaiian pizza! The flavor works strangely well.

Hawaiian is the greatest pizza to have ever been forged in an oven.

5 Sausage
6 BBQ Chicken
7 Meat lovers

It is an absolute masterpiece forged from the ovens in heaven.

8 Supreme
9 3 Meat
10 Chicken and Ham
The Contenders
11 Capricciosa

Capricciosa is the best kind of pizza. From the fresh mushrooms to the artich odpověes to the Italian ham, everything about it is great.

For a picky person like me, this is the best option as it has common ingredients.

12 Buffalo Chicken

I LOVE spicy foods! Buffalo chicken, pepperoni, and cheese pizzas are all the best!

13 Simply Cheese
14 Seafood
15 Mushroom
16 Philly Cheesesteak
17 Sunny Side Up
18 Chicago Style
19 Ham
20 Alfredo, Chicken and Bacon
21 Grilled
22 Broccoli Deep Dish
23 Hamburger
24 Pineapple
25 White
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