Best Bedwars Blocks and Items

Just a list ranking items in Bedwars from most useful to least useful (until people vote on it and it changes), and what I use them for. Some uses may surprise you!

Please note that this list does not include enchantments, and they are only items you can buy. Things like diamonds and emeralds are not included. Also, this list is for Hypixel Bedwars, and Hypixel Bedwars only. Yes, there are similar modes on other servers, but this is based on Hypixel Bedwars.

If you are going to add items, please only add items that are in Hypixel Bedwars.
The Top Ten
1 Wool

For 4 iron, you can buy 16 wool. I think this is the most useful because you can't get anywhere else unless you buy other blocks at a much higher price.

It can be used to defend, bridge, or even PvP. It is a very cheap transportation option.

2 Stone Sword

For 10 iron, you can buy 1 Stone Sword. It is a solid weapon for early-game attacks and defenses and is quite cheap.

When sharpness is added to it, it becomes a menacing tool.


For 4 gold (8 gold in 3s and 4s), you can buy 1 TNT. It is a great item that can damage other players, destroy bed defenses, boost you across gaps, and more.

It can also be used to destroy bridges behind you while running to save yourself from pursuers.

4 Shears

For 20 iron, you can buy a permanent pair of shears. This means you won't lose them on death.

Shears can be amazing when breaking bed defenses or getting through a wall of wool an enemy may have placed. I also use them to spleef people (break the block under them, causing them to fall) just to be funny. It is quite a spectacle when done right.

There's even an achievement called "Shear Luck" that you can earn by eliminating an enemy player using shears!

5 Iron Armor

For 12 gold, you can buy one pair of permanent Iron Armor. It is great armor that has amazing damage reduction and is fairly cheap if you save.

6 Fireball

For 40 iron, you can buy one fireball. Fireballs are excellent ranged weapons because they don't have projectile drop-off and are fairly accurate.

They can be used to annoy others or hit them off bridges. Additionally, they can be used to boost you across gaps, just as TNT can. This technique is called fireball jumping.

7 Silverfish

For 40 iron, you can buy one silverfish (called "Bedbug" in-game). Please don't hate on the silverfish. They are terrific when used correctly, and I owe my life to them on multiple occasions.

They are great in a 1v1 final fight since they can be annoying in numbers and break an enemy's sprint. If you are in a pinch and trying to run, you can use them to slow the enemy down or distract them altogether.

8 Telepearl

For 4 emeralds, you can buy one ender pearl. They are great for throwing and saving yourself from the void, escaping pursuing enemies, or quickly attacking a team.

They are very useful but can be deadly when used incorrectly. A lesser-known use is to throw a pearl straight up when trying to escape. If your enemy doesn't see it, you can teleport behind them and temporarily confuse them.

9 Pop Up Tower

For 24 iron, you can buy one pop-up tower. These are really helpful when used correctly.

They can be used for camping and making a fort or creating an instant barrier when trying to block into someone's bed defense. They are also funny to annoy people with.

10 Punch Bow

For 6 emeralds, you can buy one Punch Bow. This is another useful spamming device.

You can annoy people very effectively with it, and it is quite funny to use. It can also be helpful when you are having a ranged battle with another player.

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